– Whoa! (thumping) Oh my gosh (scream) – Okay, I've done some crazy challenges, but wow, this was outrageous

Make sure you subscribe to this crazy one right here Collins Key, because he brought it (rewinding) – What's up guys, it's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog Now today I am here with Glozell – Yay! – Come to me if you good, 'cause you want to know

Oh (laughing) This slide has gone way too long in the making Oh my gosh, I'm 18, you're good Yeah, she touched me from a distance ♫ From a distance – We're going to be doing a much-requested challenge

It's called the egg roulette challenge – It's the African American egg challenge I'm just wondering – Multicultural challenge For those of you who don't know how this challenge works

– This challenge is racist (laughing) – Half of them are hard boiled, half of them are raw, and we're going to one-by-one crack 'em on our head The moment you touch an egg you can't shake it

– You gonna crack it on my weave? – I didn't really tell her about this part of it, yeah – On my head? – On your head, on your head – Oh my goodness Is it Collins with an s? – It's Collins with an s You just got Collins points right there

High five, don't leave me hanging (clap) If you guys ever see in the comments people like Colin, politely feel free to redirect them – Okay, it's Collins With an s – Okay, and whoa, no touching the egg

Oh my gosh (laughing) – Alright The challenge has begun, and basically (laughing) That was so great Alright Hard boiled – Ow Ow, ow

That didn't break (laughing) – Wait – What is this? – Alright, so the first person to have four raw eggs cracked on their head, they get to experience the Bag of Doom The Bag of Doom (scream) Wait, wait, two at a time? – I missed

– You missed – I missed everything Okay, so I got to do it again What, okay, was it hard boiled? That hurt Alright, I'm going to take one now (ding) – First of all, let me tell you

You are hitting me with your fists I didn't get that You were going like this Okay, I do not feel the egg I feel your bones, okay? I feel your

(thumping) You keep messing up You can't hit me with your metatarsals Carpal

– It's not breaking – You know what, you keep hitting me like this This the challenge Oh, that one was neither – Alright

(ding) – Okay, see, that went, okay (dinging) – They do not break Okay, how strong is your head? – You done yolk leave I'm gonna yolk you up – Let's get it, let's get it

Which one, which one? (thump) – Oh god – You got the raw one, too – Ow – These do not break – Boom

Then these didn't break Boom It didn't break – And I'm told these are invincible eggs Look at it, these are invincible eggs

(triumphant music) It's just danglin' in the weave – Let's see if I can break it on my head (ding) It's hard boiled Ow – You keep

(dinging) – Okay, now you got me New hair styling product – I got liquid chicken in my mouth

One egg left I'm gonna bite this one (crunch) Yay, I'm good I hate that taste I hate that, oh

Okay You know, I think there's some offside violations – That's what you get for hitting me in the head (airhorn) (dinging) – I hate the smell so much So much

– I think it's time to go – Oh, no, no, we got the Bag of Mystery now Let's look in the Bag of Mystery Look at this Check it out

An egg I know, yeah, it's not that big a deal, so watch, I'll put the egg back in the bag Whoa This is an ostrich egg, Glozell – That looks like a dinosaur

It's a real egg? – It's a real egg – Where did you get a chicken that lays something that big? – We have an ostrich farm No one knows – Is somethin' alive about to come outta there? – No, no, no It's like plastered

Look at this membrane, too Look at this I won't bang it on your head – No, no, no, no no No, no, no, no

– Chicken Glozell, you ready for this? Here we go – Oh my god, yo Into the weave, look at the weave It's been destroyed Okay, here

Okay We got another one Knock it (tapping) (thumping) Savage with them hammers, okay, okay She's going to Jurassic Park on me right now

– Oh my gosh How much is in there? How much? Oh my god You know, we actually, we got another one here, too – Where are you getting these eggs from? No, no trick, no We're done with the rubbing the egg yolk on Glozell's weave

We're done with this – Third time, we'll both go, both of us Put our heads together (ding) Yo, okay, you know what? Glozell, you know, just in case Oh, snap Okay, okay Yo, I look like a mess right now Oh my go–, another one? How many of these do we have? – What is happening? What is happening? – Hey guys, this is the ostrich egg challenge

Welcome to it, people They say that one egg is 20 servings – No more No, they're cold – What are you doing? This is disgusting

(humming classical music tune) – You got it in my mouth You got it in my mouth You got it in my mouth You got it in my mouth You got it in my mouth

– Oh my god, there's another one What, okay – What? (stammering) These eggs are the size of a mountain What are you, are you trying to drown me? I can't understand you and your mind Collins

– Alright, this is good for a facial We're going to go faces for our last one Faces up – I can't – Together (dinging) (slo motion sound effects) Oh my god, okay (dry heaving) I can't see anything You're gonna slip

Is there another one? – No, there's no more – Okay, wait, wait, wait Is there a paper towel? Glozell, is there a paper towel anywhere? – No, that's it No, there's one more There's one more

– What? No, wait, wait – There's one more – Wait, this is not working Hold on – There's no more

– Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no – Yes, yes (dinging) – That went down the shirt on that one My bad Oh my god

What have we just done – Just wring it out Just wring it, so much My weave Alright

– Oh my god – I got to milk my – What just happened, guys? What just happened? – Okay, there you good

Is you okay? Because I wanna know (dry heaving) – I don't like you I do not like you anymore – Ew That's disgusting

Ew I mean, I'm weird but hey, that's too far No way – It's in my chesticles – Whoa, okay

I don't want to wear this shirt anymore Okay – Well, take it off, honey (seductive music) I'll be able to see something – Alright, it's the shirt

No, I'm joking – How do I know there ain't no ostrich? – So please give this video a big thumbs up, because this was craziness And also share this video with all your friends to maybe spread some laughter to their day And comment Comment below

To the video on Glozell's channel where we actually forgot that we made the most disgusting smoothies ever made Link is in the bio, so click the face I love you all so much See you again next Thursday Subscribe to this channel

– Oh, it's like in your ears – No, no, no, no, no, no Alright, we're done, we're done Peace out, love you guys, bye (exclaiming)

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