Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge! *HOT CHEETOS SLIME* Learn How To Make DIY Switch Up Oobleck Food

– Slime Dump! Three, Two, One You challenged us to the giant mystery wheel of slime challenge, let's go! Time to spin for our first mystery ingredient

Here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one, spin! – Predictions, right now, mine's going to land on yellow I guarantee it – Uh, purple – Oh I was so close I got blue so let's see what this is

– You got blue, so did I I got white glue – [Collins] I got water – Water? – I guess I'm gonna make water slimes? I'm going to use one table, what are you doing? – What do you mean, I'm just a little thirsty – You can't be drinking my water! – Why not? – [Collins] That is not a lot of water

– That's it? How are you going to make slime out of that? Time to add my glue – [Collins] Dude, that's a ton of glue! – Yeah! – Next ingredient, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one – Yay, yellow! – Oh, red Alright let's see what it is

– [Deven] I got shaving cream – Okay this makes more sense White glue Finally, an actual slime ingredient So thank you

– [Both] Oh! – So I'm going to do 1/4 a cup of glue – Smells good – [Collins] Here goes mixing water and glue – Bro, this feels amazing! Oh my goodness! – How'd you get all the birds? Let me try it Yo, this is amazing! (screaming) – Dude you just didn't commit enough man! – Time for the next ingredient so right now let's spin the wheel

Dude, wait you cannot spin the wheel with your hands like that You will ruin the wheels You got your hands clean so let's spin the wheels for the next ingredients Three, two– – I just spun it bro – I'm going to predict that it's going to land on purple

Oh so close – [Deven] I got liquid starch – And I got thermochromic pigment – [Both] What? – I guess this is a thermochromic pigment – A thermo what? – Slime! Dude, this stuff is wild! I can literally see, it might be like temperature changing

If I put a finger in it, I want to see if it'll change colors – [Deven] Alright – [Collins] Put it here – [Both] Oh! – [Deven] Oh my gosh No way! – [Collins] That is so cool! – [Deven] No way! – We're going to add three teaspoons in here, just not too much at all

Yo, this looks super cool! One, two I cannot add any extra Otherwise it will be very, very, very bad So here we go We are going to go there and done! – I mean how bad could it be? – Deven no! Oh my God dude I told you! Not any more! Alright, now its time to mix it around

– Oh snap! – I'm hoping I get some sort of like bonding ingredient to put this together because its not slime Devan, pn the count of three One, two – You were about to say three – Three

– That's not my fault, come on man! – Alright here we go Yellow, let's see what it is – Please, please, please be something good Yes! Liquid starch bro Yes! Now I'm gonna have some slime that will maybe change colors hopefully

And what did you get? – [Deven] I got food coloring – Aren't you like supposed to add the food coloring in not now? – Um – Well that just failed – No! – Aye, aye, aye, let's go! – I was so close – Time to add Sta-Flo! – I got to be super, oh no no no! – What? – Too much, too much! Whoa, that looks super duper cool

I think its my favorite slime I've ever made Dude this is awesome – Bro, this looks so cool – [Collins] Yo, that looks insane – Oh my goodness

– For once I thought I was gonna win – Its like blue marble Oh no I got it on my thumb – Ah I almost got it in my eyeball – Oh snap! – This looks like an alien man

Like look at this, it's like all stuck to the bottom Whoa, this looks so cool! Whoa! Three, two, one Let's see if it changes colors – I can see it already – Is it changing? Yes, a big flip

You ready? Three, two, one We went first Five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel's post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? [Both] – Five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you can do that comment keyper squad right now

You ready? Three, two, one Oh this is so crazy! – What? – There is not enough Sta-Flo This is too slimy – I got you, here we go Oh no I'm so sorry

– That was so much Sta-Flo Devan Oh man that might have been too much I think there is definitely too much Sta-Flo man It was so beautiful! – I'm so sorry! – I think I might have saved it It's like yellow right now but you guys remember how it was all red? This is all due to heat I guess

If it's thermochromic, chrom– – Chromic – Chromic It will literally change– – [Deven] Dude that looks awesome – [Collins] So it's on the table – Alright

– Let's see if it changes colors – Alright – It looks like a giant blob right now Let's sped things up a little bit Yeah see it starts to go back to the red

Now's the fun part I want to take a cool pack and put it on and see if it will change the color – I can see it! – Yo hold up look at this! – What? – Look at this! It's like red because it's changing the color of it – But it's stuck to the pack It's like lava

– Holy cow! Look at it, you can see it changing immediately Alright we'll take a little piece of the yellow Gonna pop it on like this Then look, it's gonna change red Wow that's so cool! – Dude! – Alright now, I've got a hot pack right over here

Alright here we go Let's see if the hot pack can heat it up Kind of at the top and then it goes right back The cold is definitely winning – Alright, now mine might not change color but mine is extremely soft so I bet you if you use this as a pillow you'd be able to fall right asleep

– There's no way dude – Oh yeah there is Just watch (thudding) (snoring) – Collins! – That was like loud in my ear So these are the final slime

But you guys get to comment down below Whose slime do you think won? And right now it's time to make that next mystery wheel slime So right now, let's go Alright Deven, time to spin the wheels again Why would you do that? We need that Alright don't worry I'll get it back

So right now, let's spin the wheels, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one – Let's see what I'm going to land on Green – Red Bro, I got iron

How do you make stuff out of iron? – I got foam beads No, no, no You cannot just handle that regularly Set it down We need to get you some protective gloves

Okay, so let's try this Yo, those look great! – What? – Those are perfect – I'm pretty sure these are not the right gloves – No you'll be completely safe now There is no way the iron is getting through those gloves

– I don't think I can even open up the bag dude – Just open up this for me – I can't but I can punch it – Well I needed that! We'll get you some other gloves don't worry Oh there we go! – Dude that's my glove

– There, two, one Bam, there you go, you got your other glove – You couldn't have put it on better dude? – [Deven] Look at that! – [Collins] Oh my gosh Is that legit iron? – [Deven] Yeah! – Three, two, one – I hope it's something good because right now I have no idea what's going to make this work

– Ooh we've got blue, let's see what it is – [Deven] Liquid starch for me – And I got clear glue Here we go, got the clear glue Just gonna add a whole bunch in

That's gonna be a ton of slime – Gotta be very precise I don't want to mess this up I have a feeling with such a rare item like iron This has gotta be some sort of special slime

– What did you do? – It almost flew out – It kind of reminds me of like DNA strands Like how they are all clumped together like this – Oh yeah – Ready to give it a spin Devon? – I'm ready

– Three, two, one Spin – Ah yellow – Ah, ah, ah Alright I've got cornstarch – [Deven] And I got white glue

– Nice! – Wow! – So time to add in my Sta-Flo – Oh I think I need more glue Okay Alright, there we go Mine's turning some sort of gray

– That's kind of crazy Yo, mine's actually turning out really good! Holy cow! It looks like a slime cereal You know when you run out of milk and then you have to use water instead of milk? I wonder if yours like actually gonna be magnetic? ' Cause its iron dude! – Oh you're right! – Whoa! – This is so cool! – Wait I want to grab some – Oh snap! It's like the longest slime stretch I've ever had! It's stuck to my glove – Get it off, get it off, get it off! It's the infinity gauntlet and I'm Thanos

– Wait dude, it totally is like the infinity gauntlet, bro – Check this out! Oh Devan, Devan, where'd you go? Gosh oh man this infinity gauntlet thing is not for me How do I get him back? I guess the only way is to like use the time stones I got a little green one right here So I'm just gonna turn back time and now

(clock ticking) – Wait dude it totally is like the infinity gauntlet, bro – I think it worked! – What? – Nothing Alright, you're all good? – Yeah, totally good – Knuckles! – Wait no, okay no that was not in the movie How did this one happen? Maybe if I put the infinity gauntlet on my other hand and do it to myself, let's him back

Three, two, one Oh no, it didn't work, hold on! Oh geez! Okay we're good! Wait so from the beginning I could have just clapped and it would have, never mind, welcome back! – Alright I got my magnet Right there So I'm gonna lift it up here – But it's dropping though – Dude, I'm not even

Dude, look at that Three, two, one Whoa! The slime is like turning it off – [Collins] It's just like devouring it – [Deven] That looks so cool

– That is so cool So you get to comment down below who won this round at the end of it, one of us is going to be getting slime dumped all over us– – What? – So right now, we are on to the next round Time to spin the wheel right now Here we go And spin! – No countdown this time? – No countdown

I'm gonna try to count now Wait, how did it stop?! It's like stuck in the middle I'm confused – Oh snap! – Alright, I guess red it is Cornstarch

I've never used cornstarch ever for slime – Interesting and I got No! I got glitter – No! – No! – We are not using glitter – Dude! – It's not happening

So I'm gonna put this in here This cornstarch I forgot from the Oobleck video This should be a good amount I guess – This glitter is gonna get everywhere – There is no chance that's it's going to be contained

– No, I will be very precise! Ooh no, okay – Uno – [Deven] Alright, alright we're good – And now it's time for our next ingredient So let's spin the wheels

Yay! – [Deven] I got clear glue – [Collins] Alright, I got water – So, wait water? – This is gonna turn into oobleck! – Oh! (clapping hands) – I love oobleck! – This is awesome! – Oh my gosh! Alright here we go Gonna add two cups of water because I added one cup of corn starch So here we go

Cup number one and this is cup number two Time to mix it up Let's get funky! (yelling) I forgot how weird this feels – Alright my strategy is gonna add a ton of this clear glue so I don't have any glitter on my hand – Yes, it's turning into oobleck

I forgot how cool this stuff is! Guys, the thing about oobleck is that it's a liquid but if you squeeze it, it becomes solid and then it melts in your hand Like it's so cool! – Or if you punch it, you just Look at that

– Nothing come off – Oh my goodness! – Check this out, if I put my hand in here and then I'm gonna try to pull it up on the count of three and you'll see what happens The bucket will come with my hand You ready, one, two Three second like challenge

We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds Here we go, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one, done – You ready, one, two, three – Whoa! Alright mine is all mixed up Alright, there's yours, there's mine

– What am I gonna land on? – [Both] Red! – What did I get? – Oh I think you might have just messed it up – No, what is it? – [Deven] Food coloring – Yay! Yes, its gonna work – I was just kidding! I got red too dude – You got red as well? – Yep, oh, contact solution

Yes! – Contact solution, okay – Dude, that's perfect actually Oh man, alright so here we go Oh man, how do you I broke my stick! – Haha! – This stuff is super duper strong

Holy cow, well I guess I'm gonna need more sticks Oh there goes a stick I lost a stick in there Stick's gone Oh, hand cramp! Here you have it

This is muh finished 'bleck – Nice! – Devan, yours definitely didn't work – No! – I guess you guys get to comment down below who won this round and right now we are on to the next slime Here we go! And red! – I better put a dig on yellow – [Both] Oh so close! – I got plastic beads

– And I got clear glue I call this one, walkin' the plank! See you just put a little bit of clear glue on the plank – What, that seems incredibly inefficient – Yeah that was way cooler in my head It was gonna be like wooo and then it didn't do it because it sucks

That's loud – What? That's a little more like it (grunting) Having some troubles there? – I got to take the top off of this thing – It's like you sneezed glue bro – Party time, alright clear glue

Now we've got the clear glue Clear glue added in Are you taking some of it out? – Yeah I think I used too much – Yeah probably the best Alright now guys, time to spin for the next ingredient

Here we go – [Both] Three, two, one – You got blue – Hey, wait, which color Ah, different color blue

I got clear glue – [Collins] And I got paint – Oh! – That's a lot of paint Alright so I'm just gonna try to kind of gently mix it together, you know? – [Deven] Alright – Just enough to tint it

– [Deven] My glue is in – Alright let's spin for the next ingredient I'm calling it, blue Oh snap, I got it right! – What? – Alright let me see what I got Baking soda

I got baking soda – And I got water Really? – Alright I'm gonna add my baking soda Oh there we go – You know you could have just opened it beforehand but it's okay

– Got it, bloop Time to take another stick and mix it all together That looks pretty bad Kind of like slushy Alright let's spin again

– Did you just hit your hand? – Yeah I hurt– – It sounded like that hurt – Red, let's see what I got Contact solution – Oh, I got blue And I got, ooh, liquid starch

Just what I needed, yes! – [Collins] I'm gonna do like a teaspoon at a time and see how well it's good – This slime feels really weird It's actually kind of working out man – Is it really? It doesn't look like it – This doesn't look like it's binding to you Collins? 'Cause it does to me

– Look at this It's literally a shlime on a shtick! – I'm gonna try to use this to catch my bucket You ready? (buzzer) (buzzer) (bell dinging) – How about this? We both for the first time get to choose one ingredient to add to finish it off So what do you want to pick Devan? – Um, food coloring – Okay, and you know what my choice is gonna be a little bit random

I'm gonna pick some Cheetos – What? – I think this would be perfect for Cheetos slime Hot and spicy Alright let's get the bag open (sniffing) Alright so I think I'm gonna take a couple of them

Kind of like break them up a little bit and add 'em in like this It'll be kind of crunchy By the way, even though this may look delicious Don't eat it, not good You know I'm gonna take a handful and just kind of like

(crunching) Yo my hand is like all red from Cheetos Wait – Please – It looks like

– No – I've been caught – Don't do it – Red-handed

– Oh he did it Really bro? (sneezing) – I'm gonna add more Cheetos to it 'cause yeah! – [Deven] You got way too excited about that Geez – That's a lot of Cheetos! – Wow – Yeah, this is super crunchy

– It smells like a flaming hot Cheeto in here bro – It legit flaming hot! – [Both] Dude! – This looks so cool! – I got a chip of hot Cheetos under my nail! – Oh no! (yelling) – So you guys get to comment down below who this round and right now we are on to the next one Let's go Taking off and getting our first ingredient Here we go

Three, two, one Oh I got green Alright let's see what I got – I got green as well Clear glue

– Clay Alright, I forgot how cool this stuff feels Don't touch my clay – Oh, I kinda broke it – It's just like a cloud

Oh my gosh Next spin, next ingredient Let's go! Alright, let's see what I got here I got lotion – Lotion? – Lotion

– Huh Oh yeah I got contact solution by the way – I guess I'm just gonna stick it in like this and then just in like the middle of it – How's it goin' over there? – Oh, not good – It looks really gross

– This is disgus It's all slimy, slippery, and lotiony – [Deven] It was so much fun before

– Holy cow It's like it, it's ruining my clay If I get another bad ingredient It's just done So I'm just gonna find some white glue and add it in

– Okay? – Eww! Man lotion makes it really hard to open things Devan, can you open that for me? Pour it right in that little pocket Uh oh, uh oh Not good, not good, not good at all Tryin' to mix it all together

Power time! Alright, whoa, just got, oh no, lost a giant chunk of it Glue me up In the middle, yep, a lot more – A lot more? – Yeah more Oh, that's too much, too much

Oh boy, well this may have just Oh, oh this feels nice! Now the lotion, the glue, and the clay together You have a rather interesting texture It's time to spin the wheel again but Devan I got stuff all over my hands – I gotchu

Three, two, one – Thank you – Thank you – [Deven] Alright you got baby oil bro – Baby oil? – Yep

– What? – [Deven] And I got food coloring – Just gotta add some baby oil and I don't know how much of this I add Not shocking at all but it smells like a baby! Whoa that looks so cool – [Deven] Food coloring just makes everything look way more awesome man – And baby oil just makes it a lot more, I dunno, soft? – Your wheel, my wheel

You got yellow Ooh you have contact solution – Finally! – [Deven] Sponges? – You got sponges? – What? – Alright well let's see how these sponges work – Well I got it open! Got a lot in here man – [Deven] This is weird

I don't know what's going on with this – [Collins] That looks so awesome! How have we've never done that before? – It's making some weird noises man Listen, just listen Dude, it sounds like it's alive – Holy cow! – [Deven] This is getting weirder and weirder bro

– Yeah it's not happy you keep mixing it It's like, stop it! You gonna add all of them? – [Deven] Yeah, it's the best part – That's awesome dude Well I think this is about as good as mine's gonna get – Mine looks interesting

– You get to comment down below who won this round and right now guys it's time for the slime dump So let's go! Right now, we are outside and it's time for the slime dumps We've got the pool of shame The loser of this challenge is– – That guy – Devan, nope, it's you

– What? – You lost – What, why is it me? – I think personally Devan lost this challenge – Well I think personally you lost! – (laughing) Your slimes just not on point, like mine were – Well – Dip it in here

– I still can't believe you're making me do this – Oh I forgot how slimy this stuff is Alright – You better not drop it on my head – Here we go

– Dude you got me so scared You're not gonna drop it right? – Nope – You better not! – Slime dump Three, two, one Oh my gosh! Hold on Devan, stay right there

Slime dump! Comment down below what other mystery wheel challenges (screaming) – No, no, no – If you want to see another video, click right over here right now You have five seconds here we go – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one

– Thank you so much for watching Love you guys! – Oh no!

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