Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge 2 w/ Funny Satisfying DIY How To Switch Up Game

– Slime dump! – Three, two, one! – Oh no, oh gosh You challenged us to make slime with blenders! (dramatic music) Alright, let's spin for the first blender ingredient

Three, two, one! That is a solid spin – Solid spin, nicely done Good job – Alright, I got white glue – And I got packing peanuts

Wait, dude, you're starting without me? How do I get mine? – Oh, well don't worry, Devan, because I've actually ordered something that should be delivered right about now (doorbell rings) – [Offscreen] Yeet! – Geez, what? – Yes, dude! It's the Key delivery service, number four in America! – Wait, that's my package dude! Why are you shaking my package? – This is my shake, bro, this is my shake – This is your what? – This is my shake! Yeet! Alright, there we go – Dude, what do you keep on talking about shakes for? – These are my shakes, bro I ordered them

– I thought these were my packing peanuts, Collins – Ah, there we go That's my shake – What? No – I'm going to enjoy that

– You only ordered one? How dare you – Don't worry, Devan, I got you bro – Oh thanks man, I appreciate it – Let's see if I ordered one Oh yes, I did, okay

Here you go Cheers – Cheers, yes – And I guess I gotta return this now, so A FLEET! – I still don't have my packing peanuts though, bro – Oh what, you mean these? (both shout) – [Devan] No, no, no! – Well, you know what? I got a couple in mine

That's not good, so yeet! Alright, glue is, ooh, that's a lot, that's a lot, that's a lot Time to spin the wheel for our second ingredient Here we go Three, two, one This better be a good ingredient that we can actually blend in the blender

Ooh I got red, okay – I got green Pink glue – I got shaving cream Alright, I got the shaving cream

And right now, there's a special way you gotta dispense it – Wow, alright (Collins screams) (both scream) – No, dude, my hand! – Touch my horn, it'll go away! – Okay, alright – Oh no, dude, I can feel it building up again I gotta add this quickly

Oh no, dude, it's gonna go! It's gonna go any second It's gonna go! Oh no, oh no, oh no (screams) (plays flute) – Wait, dude, how are you floating? – Isn't it obvious? I have become one with the uni-verse It is now time to spin for our next ingredients Uni-verse, take me to the left

That was great, but just a little bit to the right You're doing great If I could go up and to the side, just a smidge Oh nice try Oh I got it

Uni-verse, take me to the wheel No, you, my wheel! How is this so hard?! Alright well, right now, let's get back to making some slime Oh my gosh, well we're about to spin for our final ingredient And you actually have the chance to win some crazy prize, because this video is sponsored by Honey Nut Cheerios So stick around to find out how you can win, and right now, let's spin

Three, two, one Alright, let's see what this is – [Devan] Mine is activator – [Collins] Green paint Tell me with the green paint, I got my friend Tony the Tiger right here

We're going to feed him a little bit of this green paint Om nom nom nom nom! He's still super, super, super hungry That's why his mouth is still open – Oh no, dude! It looks like Tony the Tiger has a terrible tummyache Oh no, oh no, oh no! – Oh what's going to happen, dude? – Three, two, one (retching) Oh my gosh, Tony

You feeling better? (tiger roaring) Time to spin for the final ingredient, then we get to blend this all up and see, can you really make slime in a blender? So here we go Three, two, one I hope I get a final good ingredient – I'm thinking red – Red? I got green, okay

Yes! Dude, I got an activator! – Oh, nice And I got metallic pigment This stuff is really cool, Collins – This thing is, like, stuck How does this thing work? (object breaking) Well, you know, I guess we have to add some Sta-Flo now

So you know how much I need to add, Devan? One this dude! (rock music) And that's enough of this dude Alright, here we go, the moment of truth! Can we blend this into slime? You ready? Three, two, wait! First, three second like challenge We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds Are you ready? Three, two, one, done! Whoa dude, look at this! It's all green! It's working! – It totally works! – And stop Alright, let's just see how this is turning out, bro

Is it working? – Whoa, whoa – Yours looks so crazy Dude, this thing got blended up like crazy Now let's add it to the bowl for the final part here Let's see if the bottom is any different from the top

What? – Whoa – It came right out! No way – What? – The slime literally broke the blender I can't believe a blender, like, legit made slime Dude, yours looks crazy

– This looks so awesome Dude, this slime has me looking like Metallic Man! (dramatic music) – Why'd you freeze? – Because if I move, it'll go away – No, Devan, we've gotten way better at this You can move around now – Whoa, whoa! – Exactly

– Ha, ha, ha! – You get to comment down below who made cooler blender slime And right now, we're onto the next round! Right now, time to spin for our, oh my gosh! For the first ingredient Three, two, one Alright, let's see what our first ingredient is – Dude, I got a candle

– Dude, I got pancake batter Dude, these are literally instant pancakes – You know, there's a couple steps to it – Yeah, yeah, I know I'll show you the couple steps

You go like this (clanging) So there we go, that's number one, and then– – Whoa Wow! (chicken squacking) – Dude, what are you doing? You broke– – Oh snap! See, it's becoming instant – Whoa, dude, okay (Collins screams) – And now for the final step for my instant pancakes

Here we go Three, two, one, bam! Just like that, boom, instant pancakes – Wait, how did you do that? – I actually got a little bit left Hold on, let me just – What? Alright, I'm going to try putting this in the microwave and melting it down

(rubber chicken squeaking) Alright, it's out of the microwave This stuff actually looks super cool – Dude, that looks like a strawberry puree Alright, here we go, time for the spin Three, two, one

Alright, let's see here What? Okay, I got something, like, very slime-related I got white slime – I got white glue Alright, so I got my, oh my gosh! Woo! – This is looking weird

– Oops, oh no Okay, back in, back in Okay, let's try it again Yes! A little weird (gasps) Could you, like, make a candle out of it? Like a candle slime? – Is that possible? – Time to spin for the next ingredient

Three, two, one Okay, let's see what mine says – I got shaving cream – I got toast? What? Nothing is worse than untoasted bread This is a job for The Human Warmer! Warm on! – You look like just you

– No, I mean, look at my hands Powers aside, give me the toast Here we go I'm going to have to go to a maximum – Hate to say it, it looks exactly the same

– Feel it, just feel it – I mean, yeah, slightly warmer – Dude, okay, I can tell you don't take my powers seriously You know what? I'm done with this, bro Human Warmer out! – Why did he disappear? Okay, well, I guess I'll continue making my slime

– Okay, and I'm back – Whoa, where did you come from? – I came from the pantry I found a toaster I mean I, uh, used my powers – Did you say you found a toaster? – What? Yes, I am the toaster

– So you're admitting your powers are useless – The toast is going in! My aim is not that good (laughs) Time to mix in the toast! Oh, that's crunchy Holy cow, I can feel the burnt-ness It's, like, engulfing my fingertips, bro

Whoa, alright the bowl's going, whoa! Oh my gosh, I got flour everywhere! Time for the final, Devon, come on bro – What? – I hope this pulls it together Because otherwise, mine's an absolute disaster – Yes, I got an activator! – No, I got eggs! Let's add some eggs and hopefully this works You ready? Three, two, one

What? Wait a minute – Is it hard-boiled? – Dude, it's hard-boiled! – Because it's like the mystery wheel challenge! Half of them must be hard-boiled, and the other half must be raw Oh! Let's crack them on your head and find out which is which! – That is a horrible game! – Three, two, one – Ow! – Gonna try another egg Three, two, one

– Ow, ow! – Oh, it's regular – It's regular? I mean, how do you like it, bro? – Oh no! Yes! – It was hard-boiled! – Three, two, one! – Oh! Ow! I think I'm done with this game My head feels like it just got hit with a hundred hammers Alright, here we go Let's go for the final mix

Oh, that feels weird – I'm going to try putting it back into a candle – Let's see if it actually lights – Oh, that'd be so cool Alright, time to light it

Here we go – Dude, it isn't gonna work – Three, two, one Oh! – What? No way – No way

– Dude, you literally made, like, candle slime! So you get to comment down below who made a cooler slime Is it my awesome breakfast slime? – Or is it my candle slime? – Yep, right now, we are on to the next round Time to spin for the first ingredient Here we go Three, two, one

This is kind of unusual I'm already getting, like, a made slime I'm getting blue slime – Really? That's weird Well mine is clear glue

– Blue slime? Bro, this is more like a turquoise It looks closely to Gumby than it does to an actual blue Dude, let's see how far we can stretch him! – I'm so down, I'm so down – Go for it! Don't let go, you promise? – I promise (suspenseful music) – Ah, dude! Devon! – I crossed my toes

– That was, what, how? Let's see how far I can stretch him Step back How is this possible? Oh, he's indestructible! Oh, what is this? – Wait, hold up – I call it! I want it in my slime There, extra bonus ingredient for this one

– Now it's time to add my glue – Alright, let's go for the next spin Three, two, one I hope I get something that's going to make my slime more buoyant – Red

– (laughs) Red Ooh, what? – Ooh, I got an activator, bro! – I got seaweed Well I guess we have to see what kind of seaweed it is because that makes all the difference Bro! – What? – I got wet seaweed! Hopefully, I can use my little star wand to make it better, so (screams) – Dude, it actually worked! – Oh my gosh! The only thing it's missing right now is some seasoning

Just go like this, and oh no! Bro, it's back to wet! A fleet! – Whoa – You know, I just have to go with my hands and I just gotta go for it (groans in disgust) Three, two, one I really hope it's something good and not seaweed again Alright, let's see what mine says

– What does yours say? – I mean, it's decent Shaving cream – No! I got glitter It's a massive canister of glitter Whoa

– Wait, wait Let me see, let me see (sneezes) – Oh my goodness, dude! Your face is sparkly! – Dude, your face too! I can fix it with the wand, here we go Three, two, one! You're back to normal – Did it work? – Yeah

Alright, here we go, now it's my turn Three, two, one – Nope, it got worse – It got worse? – Yeah, it got way worse Try the gold one

– Ow, is it good? – Yep, yeah that worked That worked Here we go! Whoa, bro, there's like totally, like poke your finger down into it I'm sure it'd look crazy – I can't get it on my finger, bro

– All you need is a glove! – Three, two, one! – Whoa! – Dude, what! Dude, what! – The seaweed particles are getting, like, all up in it, man – I need another glove Do you by any chance have another glove? – Ask for one – Can I please have another glove? – There it is! – Wow It feels like sand

This looks insane! – We're about to spin for our final ingredient, and here is how you can have the chance to win an XBOX One X, tablets, gift cards, and a whole bunch more! Basically, the Be Good rewards program is all about doing good And there are three celebrity teams led by Michael B Jordan, Lucy Hale, and Gronk, who have each partnered up with a charity I'm on Team Michael B Jordan, whose charity is Feeding America

Along with my ambassador teammate Koma Sab who I absolutely love And I chose this team because the mission is super important to me It's actually inspired me to donate to our local food bank And now, here is how you can win some awesome prizes! We need a box of cheerios! Ay! Register at BeGoodRewardscom, select your team, scan your Buzzcoin and donate

Join my team and help us win $100,000 for charity by scanning and donating your Buzzcoin Collect Buzzcoins, do good, and right now, let's spin for our final ingredients Here we go Three, two, one I hope I get something good

– Dude, same What? A tennis racket? – I got sand Yours is weirder than mine, though – Dude, I don't know I don't think so, dude

– Give it a try – Okay (uplifting music) – Devan, Devan, Devan! What are you doing? – What, what? – What was that? – I just saw a life I could've had I now know what I must do! (shouts) – Three, two, one – Try it, like, quicker

Yeah, it's like, up Okay, I'm confused – Whoa! – Alright, you know what? I'm gonna add my slime now Here we go – Yeah, that kinda works

– Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait! That looks like an alien – Alright, here we go I'm going to mix in the sand It looks like a litter box You get to comment down below! Let us know who made a cooler slime

Is it my kind, like sandy beach slime? – Or is it my glitter storm slime? – We are on to the next one! Okay, time to spin for the first ingredient Give it a little pinch Here we go Three, two, one – That was a good spin

– Thank you, man – Nicely done – It was a superb spin – A-okay! – Here we go, what is this? – Olive oil? Really? – I got pre-made white slime – Dude, what is this? I thought I was getting olive oil

These are just olives – Those are just pre-juiced olive oil Just try to juice them, bro – How? How do you juice olives? – Come on, you've never juiced an olive? – Can't say I have – Okay, take out an olive and then juice it

– That makes no sense! – It does! – Three, two, one – Whoa! – Right? – And done – That should be enough olive oil (screams) – Alright, now it's time to add it in – Time to spin for ingredient number two right now

So here we go, you ready? Three, two, one I hope I get a good one – So do I Olive oil is not a good start Oh, I got food coloring

– I got cosmetic face mask – Alright, time to add the food coloring – Got it! Ooh, they're not merging at all – No, no, no! – Devan! – I got it on me! – You're gonna ruin the counter – No! – Oh my gosh! – Alright, I have made the smart decision, and I am using gloves now – Alright, so next up, we gotta be very careful

We're going to put on a little hand helmet here Nothing can go wrong, I am fully prepared Here we go Three, two, one Oh, that went wrong

Alright, here we go, let's see how this one goes Get a nice little squeeze on it – What is that? – It's a narwhal, it's like (growling) And now time to commence the second spin! (bells ding) It's like, it's the third spin I think – Oh

– Hey, don't touch my bell Time to spin for our next ingredient Three, two, one You really need something that's going to be good for your slime – I know! – Alright, let's see what we got

– I got filler beads – Well, I got straws – These beads will not help me – Well at least you have beads! Where are my straws at, bro? Oh my gosh, I know where they are I have to charm them out of the Raccoon of Recluse

(muffled) Give me the straws Give them to me! (drum beats) Straws! Oh what's up dude? Yo, give me the straws, fam! I know you have the straws in your belly, fam! Ooh-hoo! Gotta give him the boot Here we go, three, two, one (laughs) He's got a strong neck There we go, perfect! Look at that! All the straws, he was hiding them

There we go, add all the straws in there (grunts) How is this gonna, like, supposed to work? – Dude, I have olive oil, beads, and food coloring – Ooh boy, this is getting kinda funky-looking Three, two, one You better cross your fingers you get a good one, Devan

– I know! – Double cross them! Triple cross, yeah! – Nail polish? – I got rubber band – Dude, I don't know what I'm gonna do with this – I got the rubber bands, let's add them Three, two, one And all I need now is just one final ingredient

– A final ingredient? You already have a ton – Bam! – A painting? – No, no, no An apple – Really? An apple? – An apple – The apple's in the painting, Collins

– Exactly, so hold on to this for me – It's not a real apple – Okay, so here we go I've gotta warm up a bit Gotta use my magic hands to do this

Here we go Three, two, this is going to be tough, one Boom! Just like that, got my apple – It's actually gone! – Exactly You're getting fingerprints on it, bro

That's a work of art – I never touched it! – So I'm just gonna make some applesauce – Oh, that's not how you make applesauce, Collins – This is exactly how you make applesauce How else would you get it into the slime? Oh, oh ow

– Dude, it would be a miracle if this nail polish turned this oil into slime Three, two, one! – Wait, wait! First, five second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel's post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? Here we go Five, four, three, two, one, done

If you can do that, comment down below "Keyper Squad" right now – Three, two, one! – Let's hope it works – Dude, whoa! – It's, like, turning into slime – No way, no way Dude, I don't want to say what this looks like, but I think you know what this looks like – This is the weirdest ingredient slime I've ever made

I made a brand new slime called Trash Can Slime! Because this stuff looks like trash Well, you get to comment down below who made a cooler slime This is really a toss-up on this one, guys And right now, we're onto the next round – Alright, time to spin for our first ingredient

Three, two, one – I got clear glue – I got floral foam Wait, this is floral foam? You know what, Devan? I need to channel my inner kitty Here we go

Wha-cha! (gibberish) And done! Whew, bro, that got dusty Hairball! (retches) – Ugh – We're to spin for the next ingredient, but first, I've gotta soak my foam (gasps) We should do some foam crushing, bro! We got the big bowl right here Oh, I gotta submerge my, three, two, one

(grunting) Alright, now it's time to spin the wheel So, right now, here we go Ready? Three, two, one I'm gonna predict it's gonna land on Devan – What? – I'm landing on Devan! – I got activator, yes! – I got glitter! – Alright, I have my activator here

– You know what? I'm not a fan of the glitter, so I'm going to use this thingy instead So that way I don't have to touch any glitter Uh oh Focus! Oh no! No, no! (screaming) – Yes! – I have to use these gloves, that way it won't get on me at all Yes! I think I'm the first ever boxer to use gloves for this purpose

– Wait, just because you have gloves doesn't mean you're an actual boxer – Oh, let's go! (bell dings) – Okay, you're a real boxer – [Collins] Glad we got that settled I'm going to add some bigger chunks of glitter because– – Does that classify as glitter? Because if so, that's the first glitter I actually like – [Collins] Gonna add a little bit in there like that

– Can't you just open it with your hands? – Okay, fine – But I get glitter on my hands– – It's on you – Yeah Oh no, it's already on my hand Alright, the glitter is in and now it's time for the next spin

Three, two, one I just really hope I do not get double glitter Like, that would be horrible – Wait, you can do that? – Alright, let's see what we got What? – [Devan] Mirror dust? – I got clear slime

Alright, we got some clear slime and this is about to get crazy! – Yeah, but how do you get mirror dust? – You have to go to Mirrorland – Mirror what? – Mirrorland – Never heard of it – What? You're going to Mirrorland right now You gotta grab yourself a mirror, and you have to enter the mirror

– How? – Uh, cannonball Three, two, one – Whoa! Hello? Is this Mirrorland? – Oh dude, it's Mirrorland, bro Now go get the dust – Dude, where? – Dude, it's over by the doors

– Doors? What doors? Oh, those doors Oh, wrong door, wrong door! – Oh geez, I hate that door – I got the dust, Collins Now get me out! Get me out! – Don't know how – Fine

(shouts) (glass shatters) I have conquered Mirrorland and acquired the mirror dust! – Okay dude, relax You just got a little bit of dust You get the slightly wonky helmet of wonk – I don't need it anymore Quite a quest

(tearfully) Hold me, brother! I will make you king of the land! – Sweet, I'm going to wear this thing forever Alright! – Time to add the dust – What does it look like, actually? – I wasn't able to see it – How did you capture it without seeing it? – Dude, it looks like a mirror! – It's a little bit dusty The moment of truth

Some satisfying foam crushing with a sparkle Let's see how cool this thing looks Oh! – Whoa, what! – That was not satisfying at all – Whoa – Well, you get to comment down below who made a cooler slime

We're outside and it's time for the slime dump – It's time to dump it on you – Nope – What? – I have the bucket – I know you have the bucket, but you can't dump it on me, dude

– You know what? I think you lost this challenge, bro – What? – I swept this game, bro It was all mine – See, I thought this might happen, so I brought a backup plan – Wait, wait, wait, what? Devan? Devan? Where are you, Devan? Where'd you go? This is not good

Apparently Devan's somewhere with a– (screams) Oh my gosh! – It actually kind of worked! – That is not fair! – You like my slime? It's mac and cheese slime, bro – Dude, I do not want cheese on my hair at all – Well, I got it Then you give me that bucket, and I won't dump this on your head – Okay fine, you got my bucket of slime

– Alright, there we go Can you hold this a minute? – (screams) Is this even slime? It looks like mac and cheese – I know, it looks like you could eat it But you can't, no – Don't eat this

– Collins, you need to sit down Grab a chair – (laughs) I grab no chair! I grab my throne – I think it's just a chair – No, it's my throne

– Okay well, grab it dude – Okay! Devan, come here, I need your help – What? – Come here, come here quick! – Really dude? Seriously? Alright, fine (regal music) There you go There's your chair

– Oh – No, what? – It's broken I guess we have to cancel the slime dump, guys – No, none of that Look, simply fixed

– How did you do that? Okay well, I guess we just have to go for the slime dump, right? – Yep, that's what I'd say – Oh no, I'm tipping backwards – No, no, no – This is like a rollercoaster! (screams) Ya boy doesn't want to get a slime dump (cracking) – Oh

– I heard it – I nailed my toe! – That's because you don't have shoes on Oh I should not have shoes on That means I've gotta give this a new kind of yeet

We call this one, keet! It's kick yeet! Three, two, one, keet! – Alright, here we go Three, two, you know what, dude? I think we've done this before This doesn't feel like the stakes are high enough, bro I think we need to up the ante Oh, I have the perfect idea! – What? No, Devan, come back! I'm gone! (laughs) Oh, that's heavy

– Now this needs a royal procession, bro! – What? Dude, what? You got a ladder, bro? – Yes I did – That is against the rules – What rules, dude? – There is one rule, no ladders – Well, you made that rule after I brought out the ladder, so therefore it is void Here we go! – You need help at all, climbing that ladder? – No, I'm my own dude, bro! I got this

– Show his stats (rock music) – Alright, just gotta bring it up – Oh my gosh You gotta be super careful with that bucket, bro – I am very careful! You ready for this bro? – Not really, but I mean, like, hey, it's gonna be pretty fun, right? And do not try this at home! Slime dump! – Three, two, one! (both shouting) – Oh my gosh, bro, it is so cold! Oh my gosh bro, that was a direct hit! – That was perfect

– Give me a hug! – Oh no, no, no No hugs! – That was the coolest slime dump we've ever done! And now it's your turn, Devan Here we go! – Whoa no, no, no! – And, guys, we've actually got brand new merch dropping on Black Friday So click the link down below Order at ShopCollinsKey

com right now so you can get in line before it all sells out Click right over here for another video You have five seconds Here we go! Five, four, three, two, one, done! Love you, bye! – No, no, no!

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