Mystery Wheel of Food Challenge! *SLIME CAKE* Learn How To Make DIY Sour Switch Up Oobleck Food

– It's a slime cake! – Aaahhh! – And you– – Oh! (glass shattering) – Oh no! – Why? – You killed the mystery wheel of slime challenge – Dude, we were gonna eat that

– What's wrong with the cake? – Why? – Oh no Well, luckily we've got some mystery wheels so right now now, let's make some new cakes Oh my god – What? – So this round you challenged us to do a mystery cake – Eww – So right now, let's spin for our first ingredient

3, 2, 1 Let's see what we got – Alright – Are you kidding me? – What? – I got ground beef – What? Good luck with that, Collins

I got Fruity Pebbles – Dude, look at this – I'm so excited – Ground beef in cake? – Oh, it smells so bad – I guess first we got to actually make the cake

Slow yourself down a little bit – Oh, okay – We've got some water We need three eggs – This is called crack-a-dack with a Mcalice whack with a pick-ack

(crack) – That's like the worst ever – Augh! I'm gonna use the back of my swisk Back of my swisk! – Alright – There we go – Alright, time to add my oil

– Next up, we got to add the batter – In true Collins fashion Oh! Oh! Oh! Be careful – I'm just opening up the box – No

It's already mixed What are you doing? No I know that face I know that- What did I say? – I have not made cake in a very long time Whip it through the sauce, boy

– Whisk master supreme! – Oh! What on Earth was that?! – I'm sure it has to do with Science – No, it has to do with centrifugal force! – Here we go Ooh, uh-oh – Time to add in my feared ingredient: beef Gonna add it, like, chunk by chunk

– Oh yeah Oh it's so colorful! – I'm gonna make the craziest beef cake of all, so I'm gonna add-add-add – Mine is like the most delicious cereal ever! – That looks so good – It, yeah – Time to spin for our next ingredient: 3, 2, 1- I'm waiting for the countdown, here we go – Oh yes! You're not gonna believe it, bro! I got skittles! Yes! – Congratulations, you know what I got? Yellow onions! Oh my gosh, bro, a legit onion! – Oh yeah! Look at that! – I'm gonna use the technique from watching a lot of chefs

– I'm sorry, what chef are you watching? – Well, there's only one other thing to do and that is to get the onion to- open up – You clearly have never peeled an onion before – I just gotta peel this off because this is getting in the way right now You're not helping me! Alright! Time to spin for the next ingredient – I hope I get some good luck! – 3, 2, come on! – What are you waiting for? Come on! – Alright

Got green! – Nooo! Dude! I got kimchi! – Bro! I got Resse's dude! This is the best day ever – This is like the worst day ever! When opening Kimchi, you gotta be very careful Oh no! – Why? – Oh no Alright, there we go, a little bit there, Ugh! – This is just getting better and better all the time, dude – The final ingredient, here we go! 3, 2, 1! – Oh my gosh! Please be something good! – I already know mine's gonna be good! – Dude, I need something good

Let's see what I got! – Blue! – I got- wait you got blue? You get dark blue? I got dark blue too! – No! I got jalapenos! – Wait no! I got switch! How? – Yes! – What?! – I'm gonna pick up this lovely, delicious thing here A couple jalapenos to this delicious cake! Oh! That's all the juice Come on out, jalapenos! Well, these are the cakes and we'll be popping these into the oven to finish cooking them and we'll be eating these at the end of the video, so comment down below right now: who won this round? And we are on to the next one! It's pizza time, so guys, we are going to be making a crazy mystery pizza right now, so uh- – Wait, dude, how did you do that? – I'm actually a pizza master, but I'm just in disguise right now, so let me go back to my true form! Bam! There we go! You look like a pizza chef now, Devin – No I don't! – That's how all pizza chefs dress – No, no, okay, no

I'm not an actual pizza! – Well, if you're not wearing yours, I'm not wearing mine! That's not fair! I think it's stuck So now let's spin for our first ingredient! Here we go, 3, 2, 1! Man, I want a good pizza! Yeah Boy! Dude, red sauce! – And I got Nutella! I'm so happy with mine! This is great! I'm just gonna do one blob in the middle, – There we go! – Oh that looks good You're going all out – This is the proper amount of red sauce – Oh, really? – That looks actually really cool

– Yeah! – Time for the next spin! Here we go! 3, 2, 1! Alright here we go Oh yes! I got cheese! – And I got lettuce! – Lettuce? – That's a little weird So when it said lettuce, I did not expect it to be this – Lettuce boy number one – Lettuce boy number two

– Whoa So I guess we'll just- – I mean, like all of it! Yeah! It's like a traditional pizza – 3, 2, 1! That was a terrible spin – Alright, let's see what I got Ooh! I got Oreos! – I got pepperoni! Mine's gonna be a great pizza! Yes! – This is so good! – About to take my game to the next level

Bam! 3, 2, 1! Oh man, I hope I get another pizza ingredient because this is looking so good! – Yeah, mine could go either way right now – Ooh, I got red again – Pineapple! – And I got Ramen Wait, Ramen That's kind of weird, but alright

– And then you also got some seasoning packets here You gotta add these, too – Whoa, hey, that's my seasoning – Alright so he's gonna add that, and now I got my pineapple, so I'll- – Oh! I just pulled a Collins – Time to add some pineapple

(Buzzer sound) No! Wait I got disqualified?! Oh, I can't put pineapple on pizza, I forgot Oh! I'm spilling the juices Alright, this is just falling apart here Well, I was disqualified, but you can still comment down below if you think that I shouldn't have been disqualified for the pie that one made – No, not an option

– Alright, it's time to eat the pizzas So the back of my pizza got pretty burnt in the oven We've got to cut it so let's- that does not look like a slice of pizza at all – What did you do? – Oh no! I lost the cheese! – 3, 2, 1 – Too big

– Oh, not a fan of pineapple pizza? Yeah, me neither – Mine was kind of eh What's yours gonna be like? – I think it's gonna be very interesting – How are you gonna eat that? – There we go! Ramen right there, got Oreos, got lettuce Alright, here we go! – But wait, five second subscribe challenge! We want to see if you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds

Are you ready? 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, done! Alright let's see how this thing tastes – Alright, here we go Oh! (mumbling) – So this round, you challenged us to make mystery sushi, so right now let's spin for our first ingredient Here we go That was a solid spin

– Mine was not – I got avocado – I got cucumber – So I've heard how you make sushi is you take rice- you're cutting off my rice supply – Yes I am, uh huh

Don't take all of it – There's like, thousands left – You call this thousands of pieces? – You see what we're having here is not quite an even distribution- – Mine is sticking to my hand – You're like Spiderman You're the rice man

Rice just sticks to you, that's just your power – You know what? That would actually be really nice if I was skydiving and my parachute failed, because I'd just land on a ton of rice – I think I got my rice layered, now I just gotta get the little bit off my hands now I call this the rub-a-dub-dub- – Is yours also stuck to your hands? – You're rice man, I'll be rice boy! Now it's time to add my first ingredient My hands are still a little bit rice-y

A little bit of avocado there It's an S Super Rice Boy! Woohoo! – Time to add my cucumber – Time to spin for the next mystery ingredient so here we go 3, 2, 1! Solid spin – Did your rice come off? – I'm no longer Rice Boy, I'm just normal Collins (sad music) – Bro no! I got canned tuna! – How is that bad? – It's not like, you know, normal sushi I don't think they do canned tuna, do they? – Well that's true, it's like a fish

You know what I got? Swedish Fish! I knew we were missing something: the Nori sheets! – Oh! You're right! – We were supposed to put these down first, that way it doesn't stick! – Oh man! I can do it, I can do it I'm gonna put this on the table, and I'm just gonna flip it upside down You ready? 3, 2, 1 Done Perfectly done

– You lost all the cucumbers though – Nope I didn't, you saw nothing Now I just grab my Nori sheet like a taco, and then put it on top, and we're done! Look at that Ha! – Oh no! – Really dude? – I have none left

That doesn't look very edible – Don't complain about my food quality standards Boom! – Collins, do you have a can opener? – Yep That doesn't look like it's opening- you're just making marks on the table, bro! – You should use a can opener, Devin – What, yeah?! – I can get one for you here, here we go

Bam! Got my Swedish Fish back! – What? Swedish Fish? You were supposed to get me a can opener – I'll do it for you, but you gotta get me something in return – I will grant you your powers of Rice Boy – Yeah! Alright check this out I'm Rice Boy again! Boom! Woohoo! – Thank you! Alright! Oh wow

– Alright, here we go So you're gonna put the Swedish Fish all over my sushi – Oh, that looks bad – I was just enjoying my Swedish Fish, and then bleh, tuna! – It's all runny and watery, dude! – I'm just gonna keep this under my nose, it smells a lot better I feel like a scuba diver

– Ew, these chunks! – That's more than enough tuna, bro – 3, 2, 1 I'm gonna hope it lands on yellow – What came off it? – I think I broke it Oh! So close to yellow – What happens if it did land on yellow? – Nothing

Oh no! I got ketchup! The wrong sauce! – I got ginger- – That's normal – But you don't put it in the sushi I'm expected to put this whole root- – What is it? – This is the ginger root! – Oh! That's ginger root! I was like, "Why do you have a branch with you?" – I didn't know it was hairy – Oh wow I suddenly smell it

Let me smell it – Wait, how do you even eat this bro, like? – No! Dude why would you? – That's hot Wow! – Is it spicy? – Yeah – The spatula of wonder! Check this out: 3, 2, 1, Bam! There we go! Got the ginger for you! Cue the music! (Humming) – Is this like a ballerina song or something? I think you've totally messed up the song! Dude, what are you doing? – There you go That's how you- I shouldn't have done that

Check this out: Nori sheet flower – Oh, I like it – It's almost like a flower, but, it is

– Use your imagination – Devin, are you ready? – I'm so ready – Collins, are you ready? Yes, just gotta make sure! – Oh what? Did it fly off? What's your prediction? – Yellow – Mine's green – Oh snap, I got yellow! Yes! Oh! Dude, read them out on the count of three

1, 2, 3, wasabi! – Wasabi! Wait, you got wasabi, too! – Man! Well, I guess we gotta finish it off with like a spice to get things hot! – Yeah, alright – So let's add our wasabi So I'm gonna take a chopstick, put it in a little bit, and then- – What? Oh! – It's a wasabi chopstick! I will eat my sushi with a wasabi chopstick! – No way! Oh man, that's so gross! – Not happy about this! – Mine's not even gonna roll! It just falls out! – Okay here we go We're gonna turn this around I think this can work as a strainer, because I can actually strain out all the ketchup

Oh no! Here we go, just strain out the ketchup – Oh no What are you doing? – I'm actually packing it in tight Look at this! It worked! – But you lost everything in the middle – Not everything

– Yeah – I'm creating a sushi ball The first of its kind – Aw, that doesn't sit well Alright, well, mine's just gonna be a hand roll

There we go! Bam! Rice ball! It worked – I mean it is a ball, yeah, but it's not a sushi roll – I got my rice ball, Devin's got his- – Hand roll! My hand roll – You get to comment down below who won this round! We'll be eating these at the end of the video Right now, it's on to the next round

This round, you challenged us to make mystery pasta, so right now let's spin for our first ingredient Here we go, 3, 2, 1, you went a little bit early again – You know what? I have to, it's part of the good luck, man! – I'm gonna predict it's gonna land on purple – And I'm doing blue Oh! So close

– Alright well let's see what our first ingredient is: cottage cheese Is that normal, or? I don't think- – Well, it's cheese, so I guess it works – Yeah, cheese and pasta kind of goes together So what did you get? – Alfredo sauce – Well, that's perfect

Ew! That's not the type of cheese you put on pasta! – Oh! This is gonna be some good pasta! – Dude, it smells – Oh yeah – Alright I'm just gonna add it in It's so chunky

– Dude Oh man – Time for the spin Here we go: 3, 2, 1 Oh! – Alright

Got it – What is this? Truffles? – I don't know if that's too bad Right? – I think that's good I know there's a certain type of truffles that's really expensive when they add it to dishes and stuff – Whoa, no! I got clams! – People have pasta with clams

– I don't know if I've ever had that though – Wait a second! Chocolate truffles? – This looks so gross! Ugh! Alright, well, here we go Oh, it's just the water – Last truffle This is called off-the-nose trick shot

– Do you see this? – I'm trying to do a trick shot – Really? It looks like you're having so much fun- – Oh my gosh, that looks so disgusting! – It smells even worse – These pastas are coming along weird Like real weird 3, 2, 1

– Yours actually isn't looking too bad – No! What? What? – You go first – I got Parmesan cheese Oh that's so bad – Sardines! That's gonna be terrible! – This is so good, I'm gonna add it all

– That's quite overpowering, what you got going on there, Devin – Ew! Sardine juice is all over, here we go Oh gosh Oh gosh Oh gosh

Oh no! Ew! – Oh, dude You got little bones sticking out of it – 3, 2, 1! Let's see what we got – Oh! I got M&M'S! – I got olives – I need to add all of these to counteract this

– At least you have a sauce I have no sauce Like cottage cheese is the closest thing I have to a sauce You guys can comment down below: who do you think won this round? We'll be eating these at the end, but right now, it's on to the next one Taco time! You challenged us to make "mystery tacos

" in 3, – – I already spun! – Here we go I think it's going to be green – Blue Oh! No! I got hot peppers, bro – I got marshmallow fluff

I don't know if that's good or bad – That's great! – Imagine this is just sour cream There we go, nice No! It just split my taco- – What are you doing? – 3, 2, 1 No look spin

Oh! I got jelly beans! – I got seaweed This is like seaweed, some other kind of seaweed, and a ton of salt – You gotta be very sparing with how you add your jelly beans – Dude, smell this You have to smell this

– If you took your head, stuck it in a coral reef, and just went (sniffing)- – I found a hair in mine And it has a piece of salt on it, too – 3, 2, 1 – I actually waited for you this time You proud of me? – I'm proud of you, Devin

I got red – I got red, too Dude, I got oysters! – No! I got switch! I'm so not happy! – Dude! I'm so excited! That's yours and this is mine – On the bright side, though, you have to actually ruin it because you have to add your oysters to it Ew! Those fancy! – I need this

It's literally stuck! – Oh my gosh! Ah! Geeze! Final ingredient! Here we go! 3, 2, 1! Oh man, I hope it's good! Okay let's see here – Oh, alright – No! – Yes! I got maple syrup! – I got toxic waste! Oh no! I'm using it as a garnish, like as a little finishing for the top of the taco – Mine's like a soup now Here we go, the tacos are done

I am so not looking forward to these tacos whatsoever! – That's so bad – Alright, here we go 3, 2, 1 Oh! Oh! (mumbling) – This smells so bad I'm just gonna go for it

3, 2, 1- – Wait, first three second challenge! We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds Are you ready? Here we go! – 3, 2, 1, done! – Oh! This tastes so bad! – Cakes are out of the oven, so now it's time to get them out of these plate things – Oh man! Oh, it smells so bad! – You're breaking my cake! There we go – Your cake looks so good I bet it smells- – Ugh! – What? What? – At the bottom of it was like this huge wiff of jalapenos! Ugh my spoon! – Did you get some jalapeno in there, though? – None

Alright, bro just take a bite of it – 3, 2, 1 – You took a bite of the onion, bro! – (Coughs) that was the worst thing I've ever tasted! – Dude, your breath is so bad right now This is the one I'm not looking forward to, man – At least mine have M&M'S

3, 2, 1 Oh – Is it bad? – Yeah Yeah – I don't know how excited I am to eat this pasta! – I'll get an olive, and I also want to get one truffle in there, and a whole bunch of cottage cheese

Oh wait, I forgot the best ingredient! I forgot to grab an anchovy 3, 2, 1 – Dude, is it that bad? – It's so many things at once! Oh my gosh! Because of the chocolate, you're like, "Yeah, this is good" And then you have an olive with the chocolate, like, "this is weird!" and then the cottage cheese and the sardine is what really just- oh my gosh! I got my wasabi chopsticks and it's time to eat these- – You put a hole in mine! 3, 2, 1 Oh! (mumbling) – Well that was effective

– I want to take a bite of the whole thing – Ooh! What? What? What? – Okay, it's not bad Comment down below: what are some other foods you would love to see us make a mystery wheel of Click right over here for another video You have five seconds, here we go

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, done! Love you! Bye!

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