My First Vlog

What's Up Everyone It's Collins Key And Welcome to the first ever Thursday Vlog Now this is my first vlog, I've never done a vlog before So please bare with me and

* Silence* I lost you didn't I Moving On Check Out This Sweet Desk Behind me, I'm going to get out of the way Got a star wars helemt A Little Piggy And the Hunger Gamer, Oh Yeah For Shizzle ! Then we got some playing card and some action figures We got this mug Actually I got this because like *blows* That's a lot of dust Hold On Let's Clear that out There is no point to this now but it sounds awesome ! That's a little Mini tour of my desk ! What can make this video even more awesome ? Oh Yeah ! Jumbo Glasses, What Up ! That's Key, Collins Key This has no eye protection I can literally get punched in the face right now Enough With the glasses Oh Snap, They're gone ! A Lot of you have been asking if you can send me stuff ! And the Answer is Absolutely ! I'm going to put the Address of my PO Box down in the Description Now behind me, As you can see this is my fan wall And it's rather empty right now So That's where you guys come in ! Pictures, letters and Postcard and Thumbtacks It's all gonna go on this fan wall I'm gonna leave it to you guys, Whatever you guys wanna send Some things are not acceptable, But for the most part ! Whatever you want, Goes up on that wall You guys and send me anything Except for two things Fruits and Vegetables, Homemade food *Collins amazing Buzzer Sound* The Reason, They'll go bad in the mail And when they get to my house, a giant stink bomb No good for anyone ! I'm gonna open up everything you guys send me Make a video about it, Post it Give you guys shoutouts, the whole nine yards ! How long is nine yards ? It can't be that long This is like a foot How do you even judge nine yards Cos like my front yard is more than Fifteen Feet So nine times fifteen I gotta figure this out Calculator time Oo and a new tweet ! Okay, Stay focused Sorry ! Back to the calculator So let's see, My front yard is fifteen feet And it's nine yards So nine of my yards Times nine Equals It went away fifteen times nine Equals, One hundred and thirty yards No, One hundred and thirty feet Yeah The whole one hundred and thirty feet Was it thirty or thirty five

It's thirty five The whole nine hundred and thirty five, Nine hundred and thirty five ?!?! Did I say that, Moving on ! I am super duper Excited To be on America's Got Talent© Or as we like to say in the business Now if you saw me on the show Hit the thumbs up button show me some love Now I've always watched America's Got Talent© But never expected in a million years Did I ever think I would actually be on the show And to be on the show this season is really a dream come true Cos It's something I've kinda always wanted to do But the magic I perform is not really meant for America's Got Talent© Because more closer magic whilst America's Got talent© uses all the big stage illusions So I thought I was going to get booed off the stage because the audience wouldn't be able to see the close up magic And I was gonna get torn apart by the judges But that's why it was such a shock When I got a standing ovation and the judges didn't have anything to say There's a loud thing over there, whatever it is It looks like some sort of Air conditioning thing that just went off Yeah I gotta go shut that off ! Don't mess with my video homies *muffles* *Turns off Air conditioning thing* *Cheesy Smile* This summer is gonna be amazing, Full of magic On America's Got Talent© Now in addition to my thursday vlog I'm doing Magic Mondays C: Which basically means every monday I'm gonna be doing a new magic themed video Please Subscribe to this channel That means you can get all of the latest videos Now every week I'm gonna be answering a few fan questions, So if you have any questions for me drop em in the comment box Below ! Alright guys thank you for watching I'll see you next thursday Peace *Swears to all them British* *snap* *awkwardly attempts to put on glasses* *snap*

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