Mixing Every Sour Candy! *WORLDS SOUREST GIANT GUMMY* Learn How To Make DIY Food Prank Challenge

– [Both] High five! – Oh my gosh Would you challenge us to mix together every single sour candy into the largest giant sour gummy bear of all time, but there's a twist

So, right now let's go All right, Devan, so with your eyes closed, you gotta guess what this is Oh my gosh – Oh, okay – Pop it open

– Sounds like a bag already (coughing) Bro, what? (clapping) – Holy crap, my eyes are literally watering right now – Is it there? – [Collins] Three, two, one – All right, it crunches like a chip, but oh, oh, whoo, oh, it's spicy – It's spicy

– Dude, what is this? (screaming) – What are you hitting? – The sticks of glory – Ow, my lip – Wait a second Open your mouth, Devan – Okay

– [Collins] Keep your eyes closed Three, two, one, here we go – Oh, ah, what was that? That was not the same at all Dude! – Take a bite of it – Ow, my lips burn

Ow, is it a fish? – A fish? – It's a chip It's a Dorito – Yes, but what kind of flavor? – A spicy fish? Spicy tuna – No! – What? – Devan, you can open up your eyes – Okay

– They're Wasabi Doritos – Oh – And I literally put a chunk of Wasabi in your mouth, bro – Oh my gosh Now you can choose a sour candy from the Mystery Bag of Doom

– Okay, got it – I guess we'll have to make this go away, so here we go You ready? Oh, snap So, Devan, now let's see what sour candy you got – Oh! – It's like a clump of gummy worms

Yo, so wait, are you just gonna take a bite of that? – Yeah, I mean, I think I have to at this point – Well, save some though because we need to use this for the giant gummy bear that we're making, so – All right – So I guess, put a little bit in here – Dude, you're just slamming everything around

– And, here we go And take your bite, Devan – All right, here we go Oh, oh, dude, whoa – Make sure you stick around because we will be making the largest giant sour gummy bear in the entire world, but right now, you're onto the next round

He's gone Where did he go? – All right, Collins, close your eyes – Okay – This is the next item – What is that? It sounds like it's gonna chip my tooth

– Oh, it might – Let's see if I can get some flavor – All right, go for it – Oh, what is that? – Let me see this – What is this, bro? – Wait, can you guess it? I mean, it should be pretty obvious by now, right? – I think it's a cucumber soda, which is the weirdest thing

– Dude, you got it! – So, we got the Bag of Doom back, Devan Choose your next sour candy – No, oh, it's sticky It's got ants in it – That reminds me of the liquid glass that we made

– Oh, no – But it has ants in it (laughing) – Oh, really? – Dude, if the ants just wanna crawl away on the table, that would be so freaky – No, don't even say it – But you got it now, Devan

Take a lick of it – Dude, is this even sour? – Yes Yeah, look at it, it's got the malic acid looks like on there – Oh, no, you're right, it does Three, two, one

– You're gonna chip a tooth – Ow, that hurt so bad All right, oh, oh – Are you good? – No, dude, what do you think, it's malic acid – Bam! – Look inside of this

– Dude, you cracked like on an ant All right, guys, so Devan and I, we're gonna do the largest gummy bear ever We'll be doing at the end, but right now, we are on to the next round All right, Devan, close your eyes – All right

– And here is the next crazy, weird, food Check this out – Oh no – Wait a second That is not what was supposed to be there

There's only way to fix it It's called Yeet-Za (laughing) – Oh, dude! – Yeet-Za is not for everyone – Oh, man – Let's just see if it worked

Boom, there we go That's more like it Devan, I'm so sorry – Dude, can I just win this round automatically for that – You literally, hold up, hold, up, hold up, on your forehead

– What? – Nothing, you look great Here we go and remember, a sour candy is on the line – It's a pizza It's like a Pringle and it's a pizza – How did you get that right so quickly? – Dude, you said Yeet-Za

– I'm gonna go with the claw, you ready? Move this off to the side that way – No, no, no – I don't wanna do this These are gonna be terrible This is, hang on, sour pink lemon

Feel likes a pink lemon – It's a grapefruit, bro That does exist – Here we go Three, two, one

– No, you can't pull that all the time, dude You gotta eat it, bro – Okay, fine, okay, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one – Yeah, oh finally

How's it taste, Collin? Really good? Really good? All right, well, maybe try another one Maybe it'll help All right, onto the next one What, I don't, what are you saying? I already said onto the next one – The bowl! – The what? – The bowl! – Oh, got it

– All right, next round, let's go – Collins, close your eyes And this is the next item Whoa! All right, ready? – Yeah – Three, two, one

It's not that bad – It's all like hairy and fluffy – Any guesses? – This is not good – I feel like this would actually be pretty good Really? – Oh my god – Well, do you have any guesses? – Oh, it's got a sweet and kinda salty

Oh, oh, bacon! It's Bacon Cotton Candy! – No, how did you get that? – Yahoo! – Dude, how did you get that? – Sorry, what did you say? – How did you get that? – Sorry, one more time I can't hear you – How did you get that? – Sorry, what did you say? – What, bro, how did you do that? (Collin mumbling) – This one's really cool

– Dude, what? How did you do that? – Magic! Damn, Devan gotta choose one of the Bag of Doom! – All right, fine This one! Whoa, it feels really light What's inside? I don't know Oh, wait, what? – What? – Yo, they sound like they're little maracas – No! – Yes, I've never seen a sour candy like this before ever

– Three, two, one – But first, 5 Second Subscribe Challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done – If you can do that, comment down below "Keyper Squad" right now and Devan, go for it

– Oh! – It's like all the little beads all around your teeth right now He's rocking back and forth – Wow – I don't know how to do this, but this looks like such a weird candy, I want to try it too – Yeah, go for it

You okay? – And next round, let's go Here we go! Next item, but this is not exactly what I wanted it to be All right, hold on, I gotta get it ready, so How it comes in the wild, you know? Perfect! All right, so let's do this – Oh, oh, it's a drink

It's a drink of some sort – You have to take a little sip of it, see what you think – Oh, man – Are you okay? – No – What do you think it is? – It kinda tastes really sweet, like a butterscotch

– Is that your final guess, butterscotch? – Yes – Bro, it's corn – Really? – Yes, it's corn soda Bam, Devan! You are losing this challenge – Oh, no

– Those look almost like a nicer version of Smog Balls – Yeah, all right, well, three, two, one – Bro, they're coloring your teeth – No, really? – Yes – Aw, bit my tongue

– Put them in the bowl – All right, Collins, you ready? – Yep – Close your eyes I am very confident that you're not going to get this next one – Bro, I am a master of taste flavors

I am a master of flavor taster, tasting – All right, here we go Open wide And there – Whoa, this is really good

– Can you guess? – Got it! Pineapple – Pineapple what? – Flavored stick – No, it's Mango Pocky – Man, I do not want to have to eat another sour candy – You missed! – This one

– Wow Great claw, Collins No, no – Worms! – Wow – The little bottles of soda

This looks super duper sour Here we go, three, two, one – Are they delicious? Do you want some more? No, are you sure? – So, for this one, I'm gonna need to prepare it a little bit, and to do that, I gotta heat things up, you know what I mean? Oopsie Devan, stay right where you are – What is going on? – Nothing is happening

All right, step one, done – This is one item, right? – Oh, yes, for sure Gonna pop this over here – Oh, gotta sneeze – And then a finishing touch

(Devan sneezes) – Bless you – Oh, thanks – Now, it's time to roast it! Wow, so cool – It sounds like you're making a fool of yourself Just sounds like it

– What? Stick out your tongue – Okay – Guess it What do you think it is? – Like a graham cracker or something – So we're gonna feed this to you the way it's intended to be eated, you ready? – Eated? – All right, Devan, open up your mouth

Three, two, one, bite down One more thing, open up your mouth What is the original item that this is? – Goldfish? – How did you guess that? – Cause of the shape – Yes, you got it It's Goldfish S'mores

Ah, man, I can't believe you guessed it Oh, yeah, these are – These are not good

– These are rough Three, two, one – I remember these I think I tried these We're grabbing the bucket, bro

Are you good, no? (Collins mumbles) All right, onto the next one What? All right, cool I hope you feel better All right, Collins, your eyes are closed – My eyes are closed

– As they can see This is the next item All I can say is good luck, Collins I'm very glad I'm not doing this one I'm just gonna toss them in there

All right, here we go, Collins Three, two, one – Wait, wait, wait! First, let's do a 3 Second Like Challenge! I want to see if you can like this video in three seconds Ready, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one, done

– All right – Three, two, one I missed some – It's a little bit spiky, a little bit – Any guesses so far? Dude, you dropped one

– Chocolate covered, I don't know, scorpions or something? – What? Chocolate covered insects, bro – No, god – We've got crickets We've got worms, bro – It stuck to my tongue at one point

I was trying to get it off my tongue – You sound like a goose – That was horrible I can't believe I have to have another disgusting thing after I just ate bugs These actually, if they weren't sour, I'd probably really enjoy them cause they're like Life Savers all much

– All much? – But I Let's see how these taste – All right, there we go – One, two – Oh, yeah, has it hit yet? Oh, there it is! – Number three is the charm

– Bro, are you good? Wait, did they get better? – Yep – Nice – So, this is definitely the weirdest one we've had so far I am so happy I don't have to eat this I'm serious

– Weirder than insects? – Oh my gosh – Three, two, one – He counts himself down – It just tastes really fizzy and very sweet – Well, take a bite of this and try to mix some flavors together to give you hint of what this is

What is it? – Well, they taste exactly the same, so I'm going to guess that it's either bread soda or toast soda – No, you didn't get it – What? – It's butter soda – Butter soda? – With some bread Instead of butter, I was gonna put a little bit of the soda on top of the bread and then try the bread now

– I don't think so – Dude, try it – You try it – It's part of the rules I can't eat the item that's not my round

– Oh, so good – Unfortunately, Devan, you gotta get another sour one – I know I choose you! – Let's see what we got – Oh, no

Oh, these don't look good I'm gonna pour a little bit back in All, right, here we go Three, two, one – You went fish lips, bro

Do not spit on me – Oh, man – I need to grab the bowl – Okay – Don't spit on me

– I won't I won't – Oh, gosh, it got on me Yo, all I gotta say is this sour gummy bear is going to be crazy and we'll be making it coming up here shortly, but right now, we are onto the next round – It tastes really good now

And here is the next item – Yay! – Wow, it actually smells exactly like what it is I'm gonna do it, so you can't smell it Three, two, one Just bite, just bite, you can't smell it

– I think I know it! – What? Yes? We're all waiting – It tastes like ketchup – Yes, dude, you got it! – Dude, right, you know what would be even better? – What? – Oh, yeah – What? Oh, dude, what? Where did that come from? Oh, man – Too much mustard

– All right, I'm going for this bag here I think you clawed this one Oh! Oh, snap – Like sour rope – And you know, since you lost the challenge, I think you're gonna have to be the one who eats the giant sour gummy bear, bro

– What? No! Three, two, one – Oh, yo, it's like a guitar It's like the sourest spaghetti you've ever had in your life We'll put these in here and now the moment you've all been waiting for Time to mix all of the sourest candies in the world together and make a crazy giant gummy bear, so right now, let's head to the kitchen

Welcome to our kitchen! So guys, we're gonna be showing you how to combine all of these sour candies into that gummy bear mold to make a giant gummy bear You guys have seen us make Jell-O a whole bunch of times, so we're gonna do this really quickly this time Super fast, check it out (bouncy music) – Devan! Now is the moment you've all been waiting for It's time to take all that candy and pop it into the sour Jell-O

Let's get the candy and I think we're gonna go with some vines first Just kind of sprinkle them – Just a whole chunk of worms, bro – I was going for a handful like this Dude, watch out, are you ready? Hold on, I gotta start mixing it in though

Dude, you're missing like a ton of them – I forgot, bro, the clump! There we go That's the amount that we want! Oh, I'm stepping on it! – All right, Devan, get the gummy bear mold It's time to dump it in This is the moment of truth

Can we get it in without messing this up? Okay – You got this, bro – Oops, a bit of overflow We're good, we're good, we're good One noodle left

Let's go, we gotta go to the fridge Teamwork makes the dream work, bro Let's go, let's go – All right, all right – He's got foot power

All right, great – What? What? What? – Foot action! It's the sourest gummy bear in the world [Collins] Here it is, the big reveal, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one! Dude, it's like they expanded on the inside – What happened? – I don't know! – And they juiced – Don't do that! Don't do that! – Devan, you lost the challenge, so you get to eat it

– I get to? What a privilege! – I feel bad though, so how bout this? I'll take a bite of it as well And comment down below, what are some other giant gummies you want us to make the most sour version of? So, Devan, I guess you should go for it – Here we go Three, two, one – I'm gonna try, I'm gonna take a bite of it now

Here we go Three, two, one (both screaming) Oh my god, he's gonna read us another video right now You have five seconds – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one

– Bye!

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