Mixing $20,000 of Slime Challenge #2 & How To Make the Best DIY Mystery Pool in 24 Hours

– [Collins And Devan] Slime dump! – Three, two, one – Oh! – Oh, my gosh! – [Collins] You challenged us to mix together $20,000 worth of slime

This is a part two Let's go! – [Devan] Dude, are you seeing this? Time to mix the first two slimes – [Collins] And you know what? I'm actually gonna grab the next pre-made slimes! Get out of the way! (both screaming) – [Collins] Dude! It didn't even go! Hi-ya! – [Devan] Alright, so let's mix them together so I'm just gonna push it in the middle here – [Collins] I'm trying not to get into it! – [Devan] I thought we were gonna keep it– – [Collins] Ahh! And it's been a 24 hour process for us to pre-make all these slimes Here we go

Big chunk right there – [Devan] I got it! – [Collins] Wooo! I've never seen slimes mixed together like this Especially with this – [Devan] Whoa! amount of slime! – [Devan] Whoa! – Dude! You know I want to go for this bucket next! Here we go! Oh, I dropped another one! Next up we have red! – Oh, man! – [Devan] That looks cool though! – [Collins] That works! – It looks so good! – [Collins] Yeeet! – You should do that more often, bro! – Oh, geez! – Enough with this mixer dude! – This looks so crazy! Oh man, it just comes right off – I think we made some of the best slimes for this video, dude – [Devan] Yes for real! We've never made slimes this cool ever! – Ahhhh there's a chunk of the tub dude! – A chunk of bucket! Oh geez! – [Collins] I'm gonna mix all this up bro

– Woaaaah! – Oh my gosh! Wait, it looks so weird! – [Together] Oooooh! – Dude place it here on the paddle I have an idea You can get even more I want to – It's so stuck – Okay 3, 2, 1 Here we go! Wheee! It hit the pool

– And in this one it (both screaming) – Look at that I'm shielding myself – [Devan] Is it done? – It's on my face – This is so much slime already! (screeches) – I got it from here, bro

You take the next one – Coming in with some lemonade slime! Here we go Gonna prop it up here like this This is called the one-arm slime press! And up and down! (both screaming) – [Devan] The bucket broke! We gotta get it We gotta get it

– Dude the bucket is like beyond wrecked bro! – You got it, you totally got it – This is too much toothpaste slime! The slime now smells really good I have to say – Dude it's so stuck to my hands! (screaming) – It got in my ear! – I'm doing a slide and add And slide! – You broke the bucket again! (screaming) – It's just like ya'll went in hard alright! (silly noises) Yeeeet! (screaming) – I'm so sorry mom – It didn't happen

– It wasn't us – [Collins] Oh, yeah! 3, 2, 1 – Oh wait, I can't grab it

– Devan you're not helping much! That's not teamwork – Dude this is a lot to mix with just the hands I'm gonna get in it bro You ready? – No, no, no, no, bro! We have a trampoline We have more slime to add before we get in the slime

I'm gonna bounce it off of the trampoline into the slime pool (gasps) – Dude are you good? – It's heavy! 3, 2, 1! (laughing obnoxiously) – [Devan] I gotta go one more try though One more try Alright, here we go! Oh, boy! 3, 2, 1! (both screaming) – [Collins] You know what? I have an even better idea! – [Together] 3, 2, 1 Ohhh! – [Collins] I'm gonna bring a bucket to the top of the ladder and then drop it onto the trampoline

– Are you okay? – I got it And then we're going up! High five And do not try this at home! So here we go guys 3, 2 Oh, yeah! 5 second subscribe challenge We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in 5 seconds You ready? Here we go – [Together] 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, done! – Comment down below keyper squad right now! 3, 2, 1! (both screaming) – [Devan] It got stuck! – It stayed right in the same place! Bring it back up! We'll do it again

We'll do it again – Alright there you go – Yep, there we go let's get it up – The slime is just gonna make it stick again, dude We need another trampoline

Double Trampolines – Are you ready? No, you gotta like precisely, Devan Bounce number 2 3, 2, 1 (both screaming) – Dude, we should do a giant slime drip, Devan

Can you find me another really cool slime? – [Devan] What? Okay Yes – [Collins] Yo, look in the blue one over there bro! Looks like another like water slime, dude! – Alright, just grab the sides You got it? – Nope No, no, no, no, no

I missed it, I missed it, I missed it! Let go! And we're up! Alright, here we go Just gonna kind of like hug the bucket Let it just drip over like this

– (screams) You missed, you missed! Get this way, get this way! – [Collins] I can't see anything! I'm sorry, did I get it or no? Oh boy that was bad! – [Devan] Oh my God! – [Collins] It looks so good! It's like a rainbow slime right now, man! – What on Earth?! – It's so good! – This is so cool! We still got a whole bunch of more slimes to add so let's do it bro! Yo, bro, we have snow slime next! Oh my gosh, dude! It's just kinda like falling off! Uh-oh! – Woaaaaah (both screaming in awe) – This is some huge snow slime (both screaming) – Don't let it drop! Don't let it drop! – Sports! (both screaming) – I got it! – [Collins] We did not coordinate that Let's see how it looks now Grab a side Grab a side – [Devan] I got it

You ready? – [Collins] Wait, wait, wait! – Ohhhhh! – Yeeeet! Ooooh! – You bent the trampoline like a taco, dude! – It's in half! – [Collins] Get it off right now – Here we go! – I'm getting jelly cube slime! – Perfect bro (screaming) – Let's get this off of here Here we go Alright, and now we gotta get this outta here so we gotta give it another yeet

Yeeeeet! And dude this slime is looking so cool! Get the jelly cubes outta my side, bro! – [Devan] You want those jelly cubes onto your side! – No, no I will get them away! – These are such good cubes! Some great cubes! – [Collins] Trying to play defense against the jelly cubes! Dude this is so cool! – Yo, dude, we got ocean slime, brotha! It's gonna be so slow! – It's like frozen or something, dude (Collins groans) – I gotta add this one in – [Collins] Dude look at it, it's like sea foam, dude! (Devan laughs) (both screaming) – [Devan] Dude, the chalkboard slime looks so crazy! – Why is this like not coming out at all? – [Devan] This is like some crazy goop – Gotta use my hand to get this stuff out

Here hold on Gotta hold it like this and just oh my gosh Yo, it feels so weird (Devan groaning) These beads might feel really weird on our feet, man, but woooo! – Alright, time for my next one so I'm gonna go for Color changing slime! My voice cracked I meant to say (in deep voice) color changing slime – [Collins] Oh man, the stuff is not coming out fast enough at all – Alright, here we go, dude

Let's see if it can change colors You ready? – No I'm gonna leave the bucket in there and it'll all drip out – Alright, time to see if this works! – [Collins] Let's see how it looks, man – Oh, man! Nothing! It gets so heavy, ugh I almost missed it

– [Collins] Oh, whoa! Yes, but the slime came out though! It actually worked Our plan worked Oh dude, I have an idea for the next one, Devan I'm gonna dump the slime into the net 3, 2, 1

Here we go! – It's gonna be heavy (both screaming) – [Devan] I can't lift it! – [Collins] Here, I'll help you out, I'll help you out – [Together] It's bent – [Collins] 3, 2, 1 Lift

And then let it drip throughOh, man (Both hooting and laughing) Dude, it's gelatinous, bro! That was heavy! Alright, we gotta get the next one – It sounds like water That's the craziest thing

– Oh, it's heavy I'm gonna need some help! We're gonna use, Devan, the wheelbarrow! Here we gotta just kinda help me out And, dump! (both screaming) – We should put another one in here dude – Alright, here we go We got this one next

– Alright, go for it – 3, 2, 1 (both screaming) I got it all over my arm! – It's all over your arm, dude! – What kind of slime is this? It's more like a mush Got the orange slime – Whoa, that is a weird one! – [Collins] Gonna dump it in like this – [Devan] Wait, is that like a butter slime or something? – [Collins] I don't know

It's like a cheese slime almost That's like all it looks like to me – Oh – Try some out, bro – I got it, I got it

(both screaming) Yeah, dude It's totally cheese slime – Oh, man! I'm done with this bucket Yeet! (both screaming) Get it out of my hair! – Dude, this is so watery How did we do this? – I don't know, brother

It's must be the cold or something – Oh, here we go let's see if we can mix it up like this (Devan grunting) – Dude, how are you going to do this? – Oh, man, I can't even balance it right – You need help, you need help? (ominous music) – Geez, okay (both screaming) Oh, no! This little thing It got in my way and I almost stepped on it

So, yeet! Go backwards Gotta get around the corner (both screaming) – Okay, okay, okay – I don't even know how to do this right, man I need a clear a little bit of space

Gotta get this trampoline outta here So, yeet! Ooooh! Well it's stuck though I don't know if you know how hard it is, man to just balance this whole thing on one wheel – Dude, if we're gonna fill this thing, up we gotta get all the slime – 3, 2, 1

– Ooooh! – Did it work? Did it go on in? – Yes! – I totally might've popped the side of the pool Oh, man! – This is actually kind of working – Alright, while you do that, I'm gonna grab my next slime

(both screaming) – Why would you let go!? – Oh, sorry I'm gonna grab the next slime! Here we go Alright, let's see we're gonna grab this one here Bounce it off of this here Here we go! (Collins laughing) I thought it'd actually bounce off the trampoline

That didn't go as planned Oh, no it dripped all out, bro – Alright, here we go it's gonna – Oh, man This is the worst slime, bro Ugh – No, no, no, no, no, no – No, wait Oh, no! We popped a hole! There's a whole big hole! This slime looks like glue to me (mumbles) Oh, wait, wait, wait

Okay, here we go Here we go We just kind of put it like this – I don't think that's gonna work dude – [Collins] Why not, man? Look at it

I think that that works perfectly – I guess we'll find out Getting into some slippery territories Making my way back – Here we go

Just gonna get the slime off – You messed it up real bad – Yeet! – I got this (Collins laughs crazily) – Oh snap, bro! We got popcorn slime! – Gotta big scoop – Okay, here we go

Just gonna dump this in It's going, it's going, it's going Pull it out, pull it out – With the assist! – You got it? – Yes! (both screaming) Oh, yeah! – Oh, this is so pretty! This is like a painting slime! Look at this! Is it sliding down at all? – No, it's 100% frozen Collins – Alright, here we go

Just gonna grab out chunks of this stuff (Collins screams) What?! Look at this slime! – Whoa, it's like taffy! – Whoa! It's got like so many like multi colors in it too! – You did a good job with this I think the frozeness helps out all of our slime – [ Collins] Dude, check this out, check this out You ready? – What? – Oh! Look at this, bro! (both screaming) It's like oobleck, bro

– Alright, I think I got enough cleaned! Time to move onto the next one – Oh, man This one's a red one, bro This one looks super cool Here we go

– Hey! (both screaming) – No! It like wrecked the pool! – [Devan] It'll help you there, man – Dude, it's like look at that, bro It's like a giant slime bubble on the inside Hold on, let me see if I can pop it Oh, there it goes! – You're concerned about the bubble, dude? – Them cleansing is not working

– Dude, I think this thing is popped in multiple places – Yeah – This one pulls out nicely! This is working! Just gotta get it close! – I just picked the slime I think we got breakfast on here Oh no! I dropped it on the side again but I made it in! I made it in though

Ugh, I can smell it Bleh Devan, you wanna catch a ball of slime? – Yes (both screaming) Yeah! – And with the return! – Dude this thing is about to overflow We gotta go quick, dude – Yeah, we gotta scramble, bro! (both screaming) – You made matters worse

– I'm sorry man – Like much worse – I don't do well under pressure Ugh Here we go just gonna add this in – What is this slime? – Bro, if the pool goes this stuffs gonna be all over our backyard

We're going to be mixing every single slime in our back- (glass breaking) yard – Alright, this buckets done! Yeet! – Butter slime, oh! – [Devan] Look at this holographic slime, though! – Bro, look at this butter slime! It's like one chunk of butter! Look at this, man! Fleet! – [Both] Oh! – It's like a big chunk! Weehoo! Yeah! It's slime time! Hey, Devan catch the slime! Ow! It got my head! – This one is literally rock solid on the bottom, bro – Alright we got the butter slime is added in! – [Devan] We gotta get this thing up! – Here we go We got some neon slime! Yo, man dump! Woohoo! – Oh! – Come on out, man! Woohoo-hoo! Yo, the neon slime looks like red lava, bro! – Fishbowl slime, alright! – You know what Devan? I think we've added so much slime we've gotta mix some up now And you guys are the best

Thanks for challenging us to do a part 2 on this thing – Yeah, dude! – This is awesome! Alright, pull this thing over here Oh, man! Oh, fleet! (oar thudding) That was terrible – [Devan] This one adds like a dream, bro – [Together] Ooooh! – This looks like milk, bro! It's like milky slime! – [Devan] Whoa, dude

That looks so cool! – Going your way with this Yeet! – Look at this (Collins screaming) – Aw! I panicked again! – Dude, you gotta get it out – Oh, looks like a sheet! Yo! That looked like a waterfall, bro Yeet! – I need your help with this one, dude

– Alright here we go (both screaming) – [Collins] We gotta get it out Here we go

– [Devan] You jacked the bucket, bro – Looks like another cheesy slime, man Yeet! (both laughing) – It gets better every time – I know! Oh my gosh, bro It's like a pink jelly slime

Hey, Devan, can I get your help over here with this one? – What? Yeah, yeah – This is probably the coolest slime yet, bro Alright, Devan, hand me the bucket, bro? Can you even pick it up, bro? – Yep, my hands are about to go Let's put it down Ugh! Dude, are you just going for it by yourself, bro? (Collins laughing) – Alright, here we go

Just gonna dump it forward You ready? – Yup – 3, 2, 1 Support it, support it – I got it, I got it, I got it

(both screaming) That looks so crazy, bro – Look at that! – And of to the side! Sorry, we can't have an infected pool Oh my gosh, its created like it's own like little crater Now we gotta mix it all in Oh, man! – [Devan] It's like glass slime, bro

– I like mixed it with a butter slime, bro This is so crazy, man – It's crazy how it keeps its form too – [Collins] I know, bro – [Devan] This is an achievement, dude

– It's probably the most amount of slime that's ever been mixed in the entire world, bro Alright, we got a few more to add Let's do that right now! I'm gonna grab the yellow one over here Here we go We got another yellow

You're going in with a yellow Devan, lets mix the yellows Uh-oh! It flipped! – Oh! – No! – Oh, man Okay yellows going outta here Yeet! Guys gotta regrip me there

Alright, here we go! Regrip! Oh! It's on my shoulder! – Oh my gosh! (mumbles frantically) – I got it I got it I got it – [Collins] Got that slime all added in It's a very cool color! – You wanna help me out with this? Alright, here we go

Here we go And – Whoa, I said help not do the whole thin-

– I'm helping you out, though – [Together] 3, 2, 1 – [Collins] What was that? Yes this one's even heavier, bro

– [Together] 3, 2, 1 Oh! – It's so satisfying! – Yes! We've gotten really good at this Gotta get a little bit more Just gotta get a little bit more – There you go

Watch out Devan, I'm gonna give it a good seet – I'm sorry which way is that? – A seet is a side yeet So, you better watch out! Here we go! 3, 2, 1 and seet! Yo, this one's another clear slime, dude! – This has slime in it too?! – Yep, okay! – What?! – Alright, just gonna add big handfuls Oh, man, it's like this clear liquid Oh, boy! And it's gonna mix so weird! – Whoa! Oh-no! Oh no, no, no, no, no

I'm grasping at straws! Oh, man it's like a watery slime for sure – Oh, man! – Whoa! Yeah! – Alright, we got this blue slime here Oh, man this is the metallic slime! This looks like absolutely mesmerizing, bro

Metallic slime is one of my favorites! And we're gonna let fall in right now Here we go And what's crazy is that this is every slime we've ever made! So, if you've seen all of our slime videos you'll be able to name each one It's time to add the final slime, and then we're going to be jumping into this thing So, Devan, I'll need some help with this one over here

You ready? Alright, here we go Give it a lift – [Together] Oh! – [Collins] We're gonna try to get as good of Oh! Uh-oh! – 3, 2, 1 Oh! – What a crazy looking! (both screaming) It came out so clean! – Yeet! – Yes! What a crazy looking slime!? Now it's time to jump in and mix every single slime we've ever made

But, we're gonna do this with a tug n' war Dude, it's spilling out the front! Oh my gosh fast Go, go, go! (Collin screaming) (Devan grunting) It is going everywhere, bro! – I wanna get in! – We gotta keep it in! We gotta keep it in here, bro! – Whoa! – Oh my gosh! I have like a metallic leg! – This is going everywhere, bro – No, dude, the pool is broken! It's going everywhere! – It's completely popped! – We gotta try to mix it, bro! There's so many textures! I got the chalkboard slime! (Devan screaming) – It's gotta get back – I gotta get to (both screaming) – Dude, we were concerned it was going to go backwards, but, it just went forward

– It went all forward, bro It went all over the place Dude, it is literally all over the yard, bro – [Devan] I wanna slide in this thing, dude – Oh, yeah, dude, give it like a belly slide, bro

– Alright, you ready? This is gonna be the largest slime slip n' slide, bro 3, 2, 1! – Wait, wait, wait, wait! If you want to win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word slime to 81800 right now! So, pause the video and text the word slime to 81800 You'll automatically be entered in to win

And, bro, let's see how this goes You ready? – Alright, yep, I'm ready Alright, here we go Ready, set, go! (Devan screaming and laughing) – [Collins] You just like hit and like stuck, bro Wait, dude, are you just going for it? – Yeah

– Alright Well, you know what? I gotta try to get in the slime in Here we go 3, 2, 1 Woohoo! Bro! It's like actually really cool, man

Ugh, it's down my hoodie, bro (both screaming) 3, 2, 1 Just gotta go here and then smile! I feel like I'm penguin right now, Devan Dude, push my feet Push my feet

Push my feet (both screaming) Slide! – I'm gonna boogie board across it – I gotta get out the way Gotta get out the way! – Oh, maybe I can grind on the side of that, dude (Collins screaming) – I'm gonna move over here, then

– 3, 2, 1! – That legit worked though, bro! – What?! – If you can get a clean slide, that would be insane, dude! – I gotta try to do it on my knees Here we go – Oh, boy! – 3, 2, 1! – Oh, you slid right off of it, bro! Oh! And if you become a member of our all new Keyper Club, you'll get exclusive access to live streams, merch discount codes, custom emojis, loyalty badges, and exclusive content you can't see anywhere else! So, click the top link in the description right now to join It's only $499 a month! This is the best day ever! – Oh! It's going in the house, dude! – Oh my gosh! (mumbles) (bouncy music)

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