Mixing $10,000 of Slime Challenge & Learn How To Make A Pool of Diy Giant Mystery Slime

(yelling) – New challenge has to mix together every slime we've ever made, right now, let's go! I'm kicking off with with $1000 slime – And I'm making metallic slime

– Let's go! – Dude! (thudding) (grunting) Yeet! And this is a competition of who can make the craziest mixed slime of all time In a mini pool – Bro, my forearms are gonna be so tired after this! – All right this one is all done, so Devan you can take that in your bucket – Oh, whoa whoa whoa! – Oh, dude, I gotta add some shaving cream right now! – Bro, what, one glue bottle to go – Oh, sorry, sorry! – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! – Man, this just gonna take like so long

– Boom, last glue done, time to add the metallic stuff! – Yeah, so I got almost all my glue in My final metallic thing is added, oh, wait, that's it? – Yep, that's it, do you see how much that is? I'm gonna add these packing peanuts now, there we go – You have it a little bit on your nose – I do? – It's like right– – No no no no no! – The real question is, I know I have another bucket of glue in here somewhere, so i just got to, there we go! Oop, wrong side, fleet! It's the Aquaman move Devan, I turn into a shark and then I go like that – Oh, that seems like that's gonna get really tiring really fast

– Feels like a wade pool in here, slime wade pool And think, we're only on the first slime, bro! There's so much more slime to be made – You know where we put the mixer, bro? – I don't know, I don't remember, it's in one of the buckets – Is it in one of yours? – Yeah, it might be in one of my buckets – [Devan] Okay! (laughs) Huh? – Ooh, I got one, you ready for this? – Ah, dude! – Oh, dude! – Okay, all right, I think I'm good

– Are you okay? – Yeah, it's just a little slippery, you know? – Whoa, this looks so cool, dude, it's a metallic peanut! (laughs) – Oh, tiny Devan and his metallic peanut (laughs) – I'll let you, I don't have anything to say – All right now it's time to add the Sta-Flo! Now it's time to add the Sta-Flo! That's a lot quicker than the glue – All right, it's completely mixed up and now I'm gotta put the lid back on Dude, what are you doing? – I'm adding my Sta-Flo

– Yeah, but– – Huh, huh! – Whoa! – All right here we go, time to mix up my slime so here we go, three, two, one! – Oh, dude! – Okay, all right – You know what Devan, I think so far I'm in the lead on this competition because my first slime is looking, well, not yet, but it's going to be great! All right, ah! – The inside of the blender looks awesome though, look at that! – Ooh! – Ooh! – Ooh! – Ooh! – Dude, this is so heavy it's like an exercise routine right now, man! – Dude, dude, dude, dude – Welcome to the Key Brothers Fitness routine! Right, left, right left, and then a double circle The double circle, this is great for the shoulders, woo! Tap down, that's my max right there! I thought your slime would look a lot more satisfying but that– – Whoa whoa whoa whoa! – Does not look satisfying! – Get that thing away! – Do not put your metallic, ew, how dare you put your pretty metallic stuff in my slime? – Are you serious, you got green all in my slime! – Get outta here metallic! – Wow, you really did a good job of getting that away (laughs) – Yeah, I'm actually kinda surprised

Now the tough part, time to transport $1000 worth of slime into my mini pool, so let's– – Welp, there's some of it – All right, time to lift up the bucket, here we go, three, two, one! (laughs) What? – I remember that bucket, dude, that was so heavy – Can't tell if it glued to the table or just like really heavy – Oh my gosh, this is like super difficult, you know what? I have an idea, this is gonna be a little bit difficult but I'm gonna see if I can get momentum on my side So let's see if I got this, here we go! – You got this dude! – Three, two, one! – Oh! – Oh! – No way! – Dude, I am an innovator and you know what, because I have so much glue and slime on the ground it's gonna make it easier to push along like this here

Ah, no wait, nevermind – And now it's stuck! This is not easy, all right – You're sliding, does that thing weight more than you do dude? – Yeah, this probably does, all right, here we go Three, two, one! (buzzing) Nope, that's not gonna work, oh I forgot, fleet! Oh, okay, you know what, if I put my thing like this and I lift it up (pounding) – Dude, I completely missed it but you did it! – I did it, oh snap bro! Dude, this is awesome, here we go! First slime and add it in

– Nicely done, oh! – Three, two, one, yeet! – Oh, and he cleared it all too! – Hey, bro, it's so much slime! All right, first slime is added in and now it's time for my next one – Well I think mine's ready to go, so I'm gonna add mine – Woo-hoo-hoo! – Collins, you ready for this super difficult process? – Yep! – Here we go, three, two, one, yay! (laughs) It actually got me! – It's on your neck, it's like a little alien! – No no no no no no no, get those hands away! – All right, well, you know what, let's go for our next slime Next up, I got volcano slime! – I got silly string slime, ah! – Devan, we do not, no, no no no no! We're not supposed to get messy! – What did you just do? (crickets) – Yeet, fleet! All right, here we go, ready, set, go! No wait, 5 Second Subscribe Challenge! We want to see if you subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready, here we go! – [Both] five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you can do that comment down below Keyper Squad, right now

Here we go, ready, set, go, all of it in at once! – Oh! – Oh! – Let's go, let's go! – Mix mix mix mix! – Mix mix mix mix! – Ah! – That was a milkshake! – Mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix mix! – Let go let go let go let go! – All right, there we go, yo, whoah! Dude this is so cool, here we go, oh there we go dude! It's coming out, look at this, oh my gosh! I have never made volcano slime that looks like this! Devan can you get that outta my hair – This? – Yeah, whoa! – First up, I'm gonna add my glue – It like keeps bubbling bro, this is so cool! – Dude, look at that! – I gotta go on a mission, 'cause I need some more Sta-flo! Gonna make my way over here, ah! – What is this? – Just gonna scoot, gonna scoot backwards 'cause you can't fall if you go backwards Let's see where we, ah, all right, here we go! Oh, perfect, got the Sta-flo, all right Just gonna do a little bit of bowling with the Sta-flo, here we go, three, two, one

– Oh! – That didn't go too far – Ah! – Look at this (laughs) – Whoa, what kinda silly string is that, man? – I don't know, it's my favorite though – All right, we're taking the slime game seriously right now, so here we go – Got it in my hair dude

– Right over here like this Pull it up and now for the dip, we gotta go, ah! Didn't think that through! – What'd you do? – I got it, stop! – Aye aye aye, aye aye! Just giving you little pointers dude! – Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, no no, really dude? – I will, I should run! (laughs) I'm stuck, I can't run, why can't I run, pfft! Man this is horrible! – I can do this all day, am I getting you still? – Pfft, pfft! – Whoa! – Let's go! – You're totally gonna lose this now! – All right, well there you go! – Truce? – Truce – Well I'm coming back down now, woo, wee, oh, that's cool! All right, now we're done with that Sta-flo, fleet! – Okay – Mix this up here, this is the most fun I have ever had making slime, but this is the perfect slime situation right now man – I know man, you can just make a mess and have no problem! – Well this is out last slime video so we gotta go all out for the final one man, 'cause this is just, woohoo! This is so much fun! All right, you know what, I gotta grab my test tubey thingy and then we're just gonna pop this in here, gonna fill it

Dude, this like what Spider Man must feel like 'cause bro look at this, like I'm not even touching it but I'm like a web master bro, I'm just keeping it midair with my skills – Yeah – All right, now mine's ready to be added to the mini pool, but I wanna see if I can grab it all at once without having to use the bucket, so here we go! – Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! – Ah! – I mean you're technically kinda use the bucket – Here we go, we gotta bring the bucket back over here (laughs) – Ow, I learn from my mistakes

And I got it, and we're going and we're off and we're here, all right, here we go! – It's on your leg! – Here we go, and then– – Wow! – Just get it to drip all the way like this I feel like a slime monster, oh snap, that's super cool It comes right off with it like that – All right, first two slimes are in, now it's time to get my next one – What, you're moving on without me, I'm not even done

– Getting late Devan, you're taking way too long So here we go, let's see – What? – I wanna go for this bucket over here – Woo, that is cool! – Now I gotta get my bucket over to my table! See what we got here, yeet! – What happened, like? – Woo, breakfast slime, bro! – Oh! – Oh! – And eggs, bro this might get crazy, all right So let's see, you know what, in hindsight I probably shouldn't have dumped the eggs out like that

All right, you know what, first ingredient I'm gonna be adding is my eggs, so – Oh! – But they're gonna get the shells – Oh! – Wait wait wait, I wanna try, three, two, one! – Oh! – Yeah! (gasp) – You know what? – What, what is that for? – I'm sorry! – No, you get all the– – Ah, ah! No no no, aye aye aye aye, relax! The handshake of truth, we must both break an egg over this handshake, three, two, one! – Ah! – Yours didn't even break – That's not a truce! – Oh, dude, what are you doing? – It wasn't a truce, yours didn't break Why are we holding hands, you know what? – No no no no no no no no no – for you! (laughs) Dude, I can't believe you got so much egg in my hair man, I'm not happy about that

– You got it all in my hair – Well, sorry, it looks good in your hair, Devan, I promise – What? – Okay I'm just gonna add some glue in right now, so let's see Oh man, I feel like an artist right now, there we go

– Dude dude dude dude! – Oh! A little bit over there! – I don't know, yeah, using you as a buffer – No no, stay over there! – Bread, yeah! – You better not throw that at me – It's some french jam toast! – I will throw this at you! (yells) (laughs) – You know what, I'm gonna add your slime to my pool! Here we go, three, two– – No you're not! – Ah! Again, this is my slime, this is mine! – Then I'll get half of it! – This is my slime! – Exactly! – Just gonna add this in! – No, you better not! – There we go, there, it's in! – No no no no! (laughs) – No! (yells) – I'll take some of your then! (grunting) I got it! (boing) – That bounced back and hit me! – Let's play a game, who's got the most wack foot! – I will easily win this, here we go, three, two, one, present your most wack! I personally think that mine with the egg cartons gets most wack – Yeah, it is – Ow! Three, two, one, boom, slam drunk, sports, sports, oh! (boing) Sports, so much sports! – Here we go

– Oh man, all right Devan, for your final piece of slime, I've got it right here and batter up, you ready? – Yeah, I'm ready – Here we go, three, two, one and pitch! (thud) (cheers) – Dude, what? – For the championship bro (cheers) – Yeah! – Yeah! – All right, well you know now I gotta finish up my slime so let's be very careful here – I need my next slime! – Oh snap, Devan's already got his next slime Well I'm gonna finish up mine

– Oh, ow! – What, you slipped? – I totally slipped – Whoopsie! – All right, I'm knocking stuff over – Oh my God dude, you okay? – I think I got it Yep! (laughs) – You broke the bucket, wow! – Wow! – That's bad – Should I just make my slime up here? – Well I mean hey, if we're gonna go for it bro, wee! (laughs) – My feet are so sticky now

– Stay on your feet, all right, whoa! (laughs) It's the eggs – All right, ready? – Yep! – Yeet! (thud) – There we go, dude it is getting so cold out here right now – Ah, I know you can see my breath! Ah, everything spilled bro! – Speaking of all spilled, I got more eggs! – No! You remember the game Devan, is it raw or is it hard boiled? – Raw, oh! – Yep, it's raw, raw or hard boiled? – It's raw! – Yep! – Yeah! – Raw or hard boiled? – I think it's raw – Man, oh, (laughs) I forgot these were all fresh eggs – They're all raw! – They're all fresh eggs bro! – You know what, that's– – Nope! – Man, these are not breaking over the toast! This just is not doing anything

– You know, just get away, no, don't, don't you dare! – Wanna have it? – No, I don't – Want an egg? – I don't – Want some breakfast? – No! – Pick up the baseball bat! – No! – I have an idea! – I'm safe behind him – Oh, you know, now we got the bread, you know, the nice little french toast bread, let's give it a yeet, yeet, yeet! Oh, hey! (laughs) – Oh, Collins! – You little bread boy, I see you with your little eggs! – You missed – Ow, french toast! – You missed

– I got more french toast, toast to the french! – You missed – You know what, Devan, that was foolish – Take your piece of bread – I don't want it anymore, you got it all nasty Oh, dude, come on bro, you gotta stop it, okay? – No, no

– Do it, three, two, one, there we go, perfect! – I can't do it any other way – Oh, oh, oh, oh, I have an idea! Three, two, one, ah, oh yes, this is a dream! This is so much fun! – Ah, it looks so good – I know, right, this the most amount of eggs I have ever added to anything, like anything in my entire life Dude imagine, woo, putting this into a huge omelet – You can do that on your own time, Collins

– All right, gonna pop an egg in here, right now, this, oh! Just get some bread in here, all right, then we're gonna mix it all up That sounded really crazy, all right, just gonna shake this all up and then we're gonna add it in The weirdest thing is like I'll find like these full eggs and then just have to pop 'em, ah, into the slime, so there we go, perfect – I got an itch, I got an itch, it's right there! – Want me to get it for you? – Yeah, no, no no no no! – Just using my bread! – No! – It patented, it's great for itches! – I got it, look at this – That's the most beautiful slime you've mad yet and it's not even a slime

All right, you know, I think this has gotten to a point where now it's time to add this to my mini pool All right, so this is how you deliver a package of egg slime, close up the top and then, fleet! You think I can chuck this from here into the pool? – Yes! – I think I can it 'cause with the momentum here, the bag of bread, three, two, one, yeah! (cheers) – I did it! – You did! – Hug me! – Yes! – Yes! – But now you have to get it out of the bucket still – Well first of all gotta get my first egg slime in, so here we go, just gotta chuck that in there Got my bad of bread, oh, there we go, woohoo! (yells) All right so here we go, I'm just gonna add the bucket in Three, two one, a lift and a drop, oh! – That sounded so gross

– It is not lovely, let's now mix it, ow, these egg shells Got to mix it up regardless, oh man, it's so tough – Sounds like you're struggling bro – $1000 slime's first was not a smart idea bro 'cause it's like, ah, it's tough – I'm enjoying your struggle

– I need to take a nap, all right well right now it's time for the next slime, so let's go grab it (suspenseful music) – Whoa, whoa whoa whoa whoa, bro! – I have a mystery ingredient – No – Yes, sriracha sauce – Why, no, get that outta here! – Gonna make your slime way better Devan, I promise

– No – I'll just add a little bit in here just to make sure you're enjoying there, all right, great, we got you all your sriracha sauce Gotta add a little bit of spice to the competition, know what I mean, so let's see, I wanna see what slimes we got over here (yells) – Why are you going to my side? – Oh, snap, gonna grab little from the foam things and also I gotta grab a baseball bat but unfortunately, I had a little sriracha sauce on it right now All right, so here we go, I got my next slime

– I'm just gonna try to mix it as quickly as possible before it all– – Oh dude, oh my God, the sriracha sauce rocking, smell it First up, getting little foam balls (laughs) – And as usual, you're super far ahead of me dude – Exactly, all right, here we go Just gonna have to

– Whoa whoa whoa whoa! – There we go, just gonna make it, you know, nice and good! Wee! Almost fell backwards! And that really isn't working too well, you know what– – Crush it with your hands – Here we go, let's do it Let glue drop on it, three, two, one! (thuds) Dude, I have a revolutionary of adding the food coloring when it's time bro, that's gonna be a game changer But right now, gonna tear this stuff up This is not easy

– I feel like you picked all the most difficult slimes, bro – I think I really did, man All right, gonna add some filler beads now So just gonna add those in just like that You know what, I'm gonna get some of your filler beads in over here, whoa, are these all the way empty? – Yeah dude, I used them all

– Let's do it, just try to get any last bits I can out of 'em, should be enough there for mine Okay, so let's see here – Dude, really, you got it all over my face! – I'm sorry! – All right now it's time to add my next slime, gonna try and use the toss method – Need help at all? – Three, two, one! – Bro it's like broken! – Oh, I did it – No, dude, you broke it every way

– Everything is like coming out! – Ah, yes, I did it! – That's so good bro – Yes! (clapping) – Congratulations! – What happened to my pool? – What? – What happened to my pool? – What do you mean? – It's all popped – I mean hey, it's slime, things happen, right? – Time of grab my next slime, dude, what are you doing? – Getting out my glue man! All right here we go – We have so many slimes left bro Oh, it's snow slime bro! Dude! – I had to chop it, ah, I was dripping glue all over my leg that whole time

All right we got the mixing baseball bat, so here we go, just gonna pop this in here and mash it all up (banging) – You just breached your, what are you doing? – I think my bucket is better without corners – What? – Do I have something on my face? – You do – All right, here we go, is it off my face? – It is – Ah, just like that, it's easy, all right, here we go

– Hang on, don't, whoa, hey, hey, it is my turn to add this dude, I'm just going for it – I don't know how I'm gonna turn this into slime though You know what, I don't think this bucket is helping at all so I gotta scoop it off the bucket here, whoa! Fleet, perfect – Dude I love this stuff, it's so cool – Table top slime, gotta get the, fleet! Gotta get that outta there, wait, here we go! – This can't be snow slime, snow isn't pink

(banging) Dude, you're spending too long on all of your slimes – See, the thing is of it, I don't win these challenges a lot, okay, so I really gotta go all out to try to win these challenges – But dude, we have so many slimes and it's already so late Ah, this feels so cool – All right, just mixing it together like this

Oh man, 'cause look at that beautiful slime – Dude, mine's really good – Dude, I forgot about the pancake batter, I didn't add it to my breakfast slime – That worked, all right, mine is actually ready to add – And mine's pretty ready to add as well

So you know what? – Oh, really? – You add your as one piece, I'm going to add it in a much more awesome way, all right, here we go Doing some of it in there – There we go, that's a big amount in there – I like it! – There we go, that's another nice bit right there and then there– – Oh, I need, what are you doing? – I'm just chucking all my table top slime in there – All right, I'm picking my next slime

– You know what Devan, no – Whoa, whoa, whoa – There we go, almost got 'em It's time for me to pick my next one, so, yeet, ah! – I got a cap in my foot (laughs) – Oh, you need me to get rid of this for you? – What, yeah

– I have my own recycling service Devan, it's called Yeet Recycling Wanna guess what happens? – I have no clue – We deet, all right, time to pick my next slime So, we're off and at it, all right, let's see here Where do I want to go? – These sponges are so thick

(yells) – Yes, dude, I found a great one – Oh! – Woo-hoo! – What? – You're gonna have to watch out bro Here we go, three, two, one, okay, that was great Wait, so like, what kinda slime is this? We got cut up straws, beads, got corn starch, we got metallic pigment, we got silly string Like, what kinda slime is this? Oh, it's too much ingredients slime! – Oh, that's right

– For the final one, we're gonna add all the ingredients – [Both] Whoa! – There goes some of the ingredients, I gotta add the glue first, so we got glue number one right over here – You need some of these, I got too many of those in mine – Woohoo, yeet! – All right, much better! – All right now it's time to add in too many ingredients, here we go, whoa! – Oh! – Oh snap, do this like – Oh, oh, why does all your slimes in up in mine? – We got sand bro

– No, not– – yes! – Not on me! – Oh dude! We even got beads man, beads are absolutely my favorite thing brow, 'cause it's like woohoo, party! – All right, next up we got some cornstarch for the slime that's gonna give great quality right now, so let's see Let's just pop the cornstarch in here just like this Oh man, when I start mixing it, this stuff is going to be wild Ooh man, yeet, this is the greatest thing! Oh, we even got some face mask, woohoo! – All right, food coloring going in, ah! – My next ingredient spells like pay back! – Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! – That's what you get Devan! – Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! – How do you like it huh? – Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa, can't do that, Is it on me? – All right gonna add some squishes Ah, man, squishes are very tough, there we go! All right, gonna add the straws in next

Dude, my slime is so good, I'm so excited about this – All right, I need something to mix it up with – You wanna use your hands? – No, not at all – You know Devan, I'm feeling generous You can use my lacrosse stick to mix it up if you want

– I don't want that thing, dude, what is on my foot? It just feels like there's just so much – That's the issue with slime on your feet man, it just like picks up everything bro Like it just picks up everything – All right, I got a bat – For what? – To mix it, dude

– That's not gonna really mix it that much at all man – What do you mean, yes it will – It's just gonna turn the bat purple, that's all you're doing – Better the bat than my hand – Time to add in the Sta-Flo and really mix up my too many ingredient slime, so here we go

Oh, dude, wait, I should probably add like too much Sta-flo as well as kinda part of the whole theme of this thing right now – I feel like this video could be summarized by both Collins and I actually going eyyh! – [Both] Eyyh! – Eyyh! – Eyyh! – Hyeyeah, okay, there we go It's more like soup than slime right now – Whoa, dude! – That's kinda the whole thing with it – The moment of truth, gotta mix up my too many ingredients slime, all right here we go, three, two! – Oh, wait wait

– Oh yeah, if you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the world pool to 81800 right now So pause the video, text the word pool to 81800, you will automatically be entered in to win and right now, ready, set, go! – Ah! – You are crazy! – Oh, man, yo! – Dude! – What, this it the, wait wait wait, what's going on? Why is this so like powdery? Oh it's all the cornstarch, bro! This is like the most amount of things ever in slime bro! (grunts) What is going on? – All right, done with the bat, now it's time for the hands! – Oh dude, your hands are still gonna be purple by the end of this – Yeah, probably – Dude, it's starting to come together, bro this is so good! I love it! – Mine is almost frozen – Oh my gosh! – I know, mine is too man, it is like freezing outside bro

Woo, I can play the drums! (tapping) Ow, you know what we haven't really done yet, Devan? – What? – We haven't really mixed our mini pool slimes yet That's gon' be intense – All right well the moments time to transport my too many ingredient slime into the pool and this might be even heavier than my $1000 slime bro This is going to be out of control – Mine is just so frozen bro

– You know what, I can kinda fold it like a little mini taco, here we go, taco slime fold, here we go – Oh, it's spilling, it's leaking, it's leaking! – Here we go, I was gonna go quickly but here we go, three, two, one, ah! – Oh, freak it, that's not good! – I'm trying my best, it's too much stuff, here we go Let's move it over like this – Okay – Oh no, it got on my leg and I broke it! I broke the bucket, dude, no no no, it's getting everywhere, bro, bro bro, this is so bad bro, no, it's not working, why? Do you see how much, oh, I just realized something

This is like perfect, do to one of my excellent placed yeets, there's actually a bucket top, that actually held most of it, yes, dude Craziest plot twist of 2019 so far – What? Dude, this is perfect (coughs) You okay? – Whew! – All right well that right there that's enough off the top All right now we got to mix the rest in by hand and then mix up the whole thing

This is gonna be some work – I think mine's close enough, it's ready to add – I mean, how are you gonna pick that thing up bro? – That's so heavy (grunts) – That's how! – Yo, he's like super strong, what? (grunts) – Dude, your slime like just like stuck – It's so slippery, that's the only problem

– This boy needs some help! – What? – I must help, I don't know what this is doing but I think it's helping, lift – Dude, this is so difficult, yes! – You nailed it bro, so all right Devan's got– – Yeet! – His slime in – I've got a sponge on my foot – All right Devan you've got your slime in, I've got my slime in and right now, we're gonna pop our feet in and we're gonna mix it all around All right, here we go, three, two, one! – [Both] Oh! – [Both] Oh! – Let's get in here and let's just mix up a little bit

– This is like a leg workout, this is for reals – I got to use my lacrosse stick – My socks! – Wait, I'm like legit stuck (yells) I will not have socks at the end of this, you are right, all right (yells) Are you okay? – No, no, no

– All right, let's see (laughs) – This is a weird feeling – Ah, bro I'm like legit, no working! – It feels like mud, but stickier I will never be able to wear these socks again These socks are so stretched

– I can't get my feet out of this thing bro You're at least moving bro, I can't even move, I'm like fully stuck right now man, this is not good This is not quite working Devan I think we gotta find another way to mix it up – I think I heard my pants rip

– Lift it like this and mix it like this – Can't lose balance, I just need to get these socks off Yes, one sock is off, this this is legit my sock This is how long it got, it used to fit on my foot – Let's play dodge slime, dodge the slime

Whoa, dodge the slime, ah! (cross talking) At least you, I can't turn, I'm fully stuck, ow! – I got you fam – [Both] Oh! – Ow! You got my leg! Oh dude, I have an idea, why don't we do a mystery wheel of what we should do next? – All right, I'm down Where is the mystery wheel? – Behind the duck, it's always behind the duck Devan Tada! – I was gonna grab it too but all right, you ready? – All right, so let's spin right now and let's see what it delivers us – Three, two, one! – That was a solid spin, this is our first ever midair mystery wheel spin

– I know right? – All right, so we got, we almost got green, which would have been slime, so let's see what it says – What's combine both pools? – Oh! – All right then! – Before we combine both of these, you get to comment down below who made a crazier slime? All right, well first up, we gotta move your pool closer to mine – Why don't you have to move yours closer to mine? – Because, dude, you wanna try moving mine? Try moving mine, try to give it a pull – Shout out to the train, by the way – Aye! – Ah! – See! – Yeah, there's no way

– You push from that side, I'll pull from this side – At the same time Three, two, one! Go for it! – [Both] Oh! – It worked, team work, it worked! – Keep going, keep going, keep going! – I got it, I got it, I got it – All right, here we go gotta mix it – Ready? – Ah! – That's the sriracha one, right there

It's an egg! – An egg, that reminds me, I have an egg in my pocket! – You're kidding me! – Dude! – Whew! – How are we gonna mix the rest of these? – The issue is, it is so lame but as you guys can see, we clearly were ready to make every single slime we we've ever made Got so many buckets but it's getting super late right now and literally it's about to rain So we won't be able to finish this tonight, it was a huge bummer But if you do wanna see us finish this up, just comment down below part two! Let's just dump all this in, you ready? – Easier said than done – All right, here we go, you ready? Smells like sriracha sauce! Here we go and in! Here we go all right

– That actually worked – It's getting super slippery – This is so difficult, whose idea was this? This is not gonna work Oh, it's the bat! – The bat? – I found the bat – How is a bat gonna help us Devan? – Dude, it's a mixer, bro

– No it's not, it's a bat – Yes it is! Look at this, you just pop it in there and then you just mix it around! – Nicely done! – Dude I gotta find another like bat or mixer! – Dude! – You're kidding me! – What was that! – Dude and it's getting worse bro, oh my gosh, my arm will not come out! – Oh my gosh dude! You're like a slime monster! – I know! – Dude! – Well I made it outta the slime and right now guys, oh my gosh that went flying! You get to comment down below what is your favorite slime we have ever made and click right over here to watch another video You got five seconds, here we go! Five, four, three, two, one, done! Love you, bye! – All over my pants, really? – You have to be polite and shake my hands – Fine, nice to meet you Oh I almost slipped dude! (techno music)

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