– What's up guys? It's Collins Now, Halloween is right around the corner and if you guys are like me you probably procrastinate on your costumes

Today you're in luck because I'm gonna be doing some last minute Halloween costumes To help me out, I have a friend of mine the beautiful Meg De Angeles Hey! Hey! – Welcome – Thanks, hi – And I decided to turn this into a challenge

– Woo! – Here I have a giant pile of clothes, random costume stuff, we've even given some categories like pirates, medieval And then in 30 seconds, using the random pile of clothes we get to try and make that costume, super last minute Let's get started (snaps fingers) That was (laughs), that was awkward Back in black, that's a Maddie right there, that's a last minute Halloween costume

– I think it's like a better base for all the cool costumes we're gonna be putting on – She knows a lot about this I'm gonna go with her opinion on it The first category is – Fairies

– Go! (fast forward talking) I think I have a wand stuck to my butt (fast forward talking) All right, that's time – Dang it – If you can tell I have the magical fairy wand I went with the tutu because I wanted to be an ultra-masculine fairy

I'm good, I'm done here – He spends his life dressing up as a girl fairy pretty much but Come back from the corner

– (Laughs) – Oh a man crying in the corner – My fairy friends, Petunia and Patricia This is my fairy outfit – So I am a fairly of the underworld And then this is the gem to get into my fairy caves, scan it to get in

– Wow – There's only six of them in the whole world – Wow – Yes, and then- – That's a lot of backstory for the one gem – This is my wand, I'm like deep and dark and I'm also a bit hipster so instead of wands, I go with flowers, and then I have these sparkling wings on me, they're just for funzees, they don't even work

– I think it's pretty apparent who won this one I'm like Kanye West with this quilt on right now All right guys, so, and now I'm a dirty fairy (laughs) Let us know in the comment who do you guys think won this last-minute Halloween costume – I mean, it was me but you know

– We are going to be doing hippies One, two, three, go (fast forward talking) I need more suspenders (fast forward talking) – Dude, you're gonna end up looking like a clown (fast forward talking) – Four, three, – What am I doing here? – There's nothing! Two! Oh here! That's just one, okay

– Dang it, I made a bib That was not meant to happen – (Laughs) Like this video if you guys think that Meg looks beautiful right now because those glasses are on point – So I have this, it looks like a bow but really it's a hippie band The bow represents happiness

This, you may think it's a bib, but really it is a very fashionable top – Mm – And then we have this which is like, it's more like a cape – Oh – It's kind of like a cape style

How about yours? – The hair, of course, is the most important part because that's what everyone sees I have a little bit of a hair extension over here I have these suspenders on, I don't really know how to put suspenders on, it's also some nice resistance training when you're at concerts, you can get just work your triceps I'm a hippie guy so I'm very in touch with my feminine side and so I like to wear skirts and dresses to signify the feminism in all of us – You like wearing skirts, this is the second outfit with a skirt

– The first one was a tutu (Laughs) In the comment down below, and let us know who won the hippie outfit I think you might've taken this one home – Oh my god, what is this? It's like Elmo threw up on my hair – On the next category, we'll see if he chooses another skirt outfit, but it's gonna be, okay, you're in for it? Vampire

– Cool (fast forward speaking) Oh my god! Vampire teeth Clear advantage – Oh you got that Did you say Claire Danes? – I said clear

(laughs) – (Laughs) I was like, "What?" – I said, "Clear advantage" (fast forward talking) – These are, these are, these are, these are a cross, I know what these are, these are the flood gates – You're gonna have trouble speaking throughout this one but that's okay, I'll translate

– Cool So guys – He says my outfit sucks – (Laughs) – (Laughs) No, he didn't do it – Screw that

But it is an authentic vampires hat I wanna keep it modern and I put on this vest because it looks like something that a vampire would wear now to kind of fit in These roses actually signify that I am fourth level warlock vampire of the seventh degree If I just show this rose to people and they bow down, so – Well, I- – And she's not in my clan

– I'm (smiles) – She's like, "I'm not gonna bow down" – Oh (laughs) – Thank you – This is an eight level warlock clan, you see Not to be too mainstream here but vampires will always have the cape

If I'm too tired to suck my own blood, okay, I have my friend Petunia to suck the blood for me – I hate losing so bad that every single – Collins? – You have to understand that I literally yet to win any challenge ever on my channel? – Oh you tweeted that! – Let me know on the comment down below who won this category

– Or Petunia will come for you Hitting this club for thumbs up Hit the thumbs up if you don't want Petunia to get you – (Hisses) Like fashion guru tip here, if you start with maybe like a black t-shirt and leggings, a lot of costume possibilities are suddenly available – Yes

This is an original idea that I had If you guys enjoyed this video, please give the huge thumbs up and share with your friends Comment down below who won this challenge It's her Get another video on Meg's channel, she did Divergent tutorial on how to dress up as Divergent and we did back flips

Look anywhere, I'm adding now, I'm also gonna put the link's in the description Subscribe to this channel And also subscribe to Meg – Thanks – All right, see you guys next week

Peace (snaps fingers) – Collins? Magicians – Whoa!

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