Making OBJECTS out of CANDY! Learn How To Make DIY Edible Candy Items vs Real Food Challenge

– Bouncy egg! – Yo, that's awesome, let me try – No! – Oh no! – That's a real egg

– Yeah well you've challenged us to turn objects into DIY edible foods So right now, we're going to teach you how to make a bouncy egg That is so cool! So we're kicking it off right now with a cup, an egg, and then vinegar Then you're just gonna dump the vinegar inside – Oh

– Did you just spray that everywhere? – Really, really? And it smells too! – It smells like vinegar now – But now you're gonna dump it in, Boom! And that's it! Just let this sit for 24 hours, and then you literally have eggs you can bounce like this Yo, I wonder if this is like blueberry flavored – Whoa, bro! Bro, you can't eat that It's not the edible version, dude

– Oh snap Okay well here's how you make the edible version of Play-Doh Step 1, Devin (glass crashes) Oh my gosh! – We need to add a cup of this stuff into this bowl Nice! Ow, it seems like it hurt your finger

Keep going, keep going, keep going Stop Stop stop stop Way over! So you're going to add that in – Done

(clapping) Thank you! – High five! – Yup, yup Really? (Collins laughing) – Next up, we have one cup of corn starch You guys remember this pool of Oobleck – Yes – Why would you do it over there? It's not going to be a precise – Awww! Where is the cup at? Ohhh! – The cup is where it says one cup Dude, you okay? Alright, yeah we got it! – I'm going to go with about one cup to me! (pounding and clapping) Next up, we got some applesauce baby puree – What are you doing? No, bro, it's baby food! That's not going to taste good at all! – What? Ooh, wow! We're going to go in – No, no, no, no! We're at the cup, we're at the half! Why are you adding it? No, don't! – No more? Oooooh! – Making things with you, man

This is tough! – Well, I'm doing my best Veggie oil me, Devin! – I will – So I guess we need four of these, so dump it in! I'm going with my hands! – Oh yeah – It's so bizarre! 'Cause it's like so many different textures all coming together The corn starch, it just has this like weird like (imitates creaking) feeling to it

But you're, Ahh, not my – Sorry! – There we go Perfect

Okay, done! This is legit working! We're making edible Play-Doh! Oh wow, that looks interesting! – Yo, I'm going to need way more food coloring than this – Yeah – Hopefully this works a little bit better – Oh, it looks like a heart! (Collins guffawing) – Look at that! Oh my Gosh! It's disgusting! – You should put that away! That looks really gross! – This one seems like this has a lot better chance of working And now it looks like it has mildew on it! It looks like it's just a mildewing bunch of batter, man! That's not what I was going for! – Get your 'dohs right, bro

– Get your 'dohs right, bruh Maybe this is a fail, but maybe it'll taste good, though Alright, that's it! These are the finished products of the Play-Dohs And I must admit, definitely not as cool as I thought it would be We're going to see how these taste at the end of the video, but right now, (shouts) we're going to make the next edible item

That was a great catch! – This is edible glass – No way! That's awesome! – No no no no no! Bro! This is real glass! We're making edible glass! – Oh, okay, that makes more sense! I'm like that looks very real to me – To kick it off, we need two cups of sugar Bro, what are you doing? Tell me when – Keep going, keep going, keep going, keep going, go go go go go! – I wonder what it feels like, whoa – 3/4 a cup of water

2/3 a cup of what is this stuff? Light corn syrup Look how thick this stuff is

Now it's time to mix it up So Devon, grab a spoon What's crazy about this is, like, it's literally all sugar Whoa, whoa, Devon, okay, you need, dude Devon's not playing well with others today at all! To make this stuff, you need to boil it for an hour or so

We're going to be doing this for a long time, and we will see you guys in an hour – [Narrator] One hour later – And we're done! There we go! This have now been heated up to over 300 degrees, and we are about to make the liquid glass, so here we go! – We're about to make the liquid glass Oooh! (spits) Ahh! (Devon laughs) – Alright, there we go! – [Devon] Nice! – The final step, we've got to pop this in the fridge, let it settle, and then we literally get to eat glass! – Bro! – What? So again, we'll be back in another couple of hours So Devon, time to sleep! – Yeah, quick nap

– No, we've gotta put it in the fridge first – Oh, yeah! (laughs) – Alright here we go guys, liquid glass! Let's see how it turned out! You ready, Here we go! Three, two, one But first, we wanted to let you know that we're giving away an iPhone X as well as 10 $500 gift cards

If you want to find out how to win those, stick around, but right now, let's see how this thing turned out Alright, here we go! Three, two, one! Yo, this looks crazy! – Dude! What? – And here's the craziest thing! If you drop it, it will literally crack and, like, shatter into edible pieces – Three, two, one! (crash) – Oh, alright, dude, that's it! A chunk of the edible glass broke! We're gonna be eating this at the end of the video! I cannot wait to just, like, eat glass! I've never done that before! You challenged us to somehow turn an ordinary egg into a crystal, so to do this A crystal, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! So first, we have to empty out the egg without breaking it You're going to take your push pin, and you're going to stick it right in the top – Oh oh oh! I got it! I'm a pro! Already! – Okay, there we go! Perfect! Now we're going to flip the egg over on the other side And you're gonna poke a hole in the other side And then the next part is where this whole thing gets kind of crazy, and it

Ow-ooh, ow-ooh, ow-ooh! – Did you just poke yourself! – No! Now to empty out the egg, you literally have to blow the egg out of that little hole – Feels like this is going to take forever – Our faces are going to turn very red in like three, two, one

(dramatic music) I'm getting a little bit, though – Oh, it came out the other side! – [Collins] Came out the other side? (struggled blowing) – Ohhhhhhh! – Oh my gosh, yo! My head hurts! Is this supposed to be this hard? Dude, I'm so light-headed right now! (panting) But it's working, though, it's working! Don't do that, you're gonna break it Center myself (inhaling) (blowing) (Devon coughs) (Collins screeching) – Maybe if you just Oh no! I cracked my egg! I got it, the yoke is out – Shh – What what what what? (tiny squeak) – My egg is like signaling back to me, I'm like (Collins squeaking) My egg's like (Collins squeaking) – [Devon] Bro! What on earth? – I've done it! Yes! And you know what the best part is, Devin, – What? – after all that work, you know what I have to do? Have to cut it – [Devin] What? – Oh, man! – You're telling me I could have just cut it from the beginning? Really? – Almost there

So close, so close Yes! The bottom half is better than the top No! No, no, no

So once you've blown out your egg and then cut it, or just cut it from the beginning I would suggest cutting from the beginning cause as you guys can tell by my face, yeah, it's not the way to go Devin, catch! (Devil wailing) So now we're going to take some paint brushes, you're going to put some glue on the end of your paint brush No, no, no, no, no! You're going to paint the inside of the egg with the glue Now we just have to take this alum

Alum? – Alum? – Alum, I don't know There's powder (cracking) – Ow – Ow – Ow! Wow, that's quite a coating, Collins Okay Devon, we're gonna need eight cups for this part – I got you bro

– No! Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! (laughing) Boom! Just like that we're full of water! So now we gotta take some of this powder, we're gonna add it to each cup Next up here Devon, we're gonna add some food dye I'm still blown away by the fact that these eggs are gonna legit turn into edible crystals So the final step now is to take the eggs, – Oh, okay

– and pop them on top like little boats – Like a little boat? – Like a little boat – [Devon] I don't know – Oh, snap Okay there we go Now take a spoon, Devon, and push them down to the bottom

Yo! Look I legit didn't think it would be this cool But this is awesome Now you just have to leave them out for a day or longer Basically, the more time you leave them out for, the crazier crystals you're gonna get So right now let's actually fast forward through space and time

There we go! Look at how much water evaporated This is the big reveal Time to see how this crystal egg turned out And I can say it looks crazy just in the liquid right now – Bro (laughing) – Let's see how this thing looks

Here we go Three, Two – Wait, wait, wait! Oh yeah! Five seconds to subscribe challenge! We wanted to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds

Are you ready? Here we go Five Four

Three Two One Done! If you can do, comment down below – Comment down below – Keyper squad right now And let's see how this crystal egg turned out

Here we go – Dude! Dude! Oooh! – [Devon] Oooh my gosh! – [Collins] This is blowing my mind right now, like I didn't even just, I didn't think this would work So I'm like, how are you going to create crystals around an egg? – Ooh! Dude! I can hear it like, clinking against the crystals – Yo! I knew we saved the best one for last! That looks so crazy The orange ones and the red ones just look the craziest

So we're going to be eating these at the end of the video to find out how they taste Do they have flavor to 'em? They may taste disgusting Or it may be the best thing of all time But right now we are on to the next round For this one you challenged us to turn a Rubix cube into candy

And not just candy, but actually a Rubix cube you can fill candy with (chop) Whoa! That worked, that was perfect (chop) (chop) – Either way – There we go – [Collins] Oooh! Dude! Very melty! First, I'm gonna to coat the bottom here with the frosting Hopefully that will like, begin to allow the cube to stick together Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

No! Dude! You ruined it! – Oooh! Oh, sorry – I'm legitimately not happy with you, Devon (Devon laughs evilly) I got to start from the beginning, because Devon flippin' ruined it, as usual The final piece, the top Oh no, oh no, oh no! Devon, Devon, Devon! You're kidding me, bro

Did you turn this off? You're burning the chocolate – No, no no no! Why would you No, no, no no no! Noooooo! – Oh, oh, oh, you're kidding

That's like the worst thing that could have happened – But I still could have had it but still

I'm sorry – Dude, dude, dude! This is so stupid – Oooh! – We're back now and it's time to complete the Rubix cube

We've got a whole bunch of Starbursts here Per usual, Devon's gonna blow me out of the water with his incredible masterpiece – [Devon] Oh no! – Yes! (clapping) – No! Why? – Okay, here it is The big reveal Three

Two One

But first, 3 Second Lightning Challenge! We want to see if you can like this video in three seconds You're ready? Here we go Three Two One

Done! Alright, here we go! Ta-Dah! It looks terrible! Devon's would have been amazing But mine, is gonna taste amazing, but looks terrible So now it's time to taste all of these edible objects, starting with the egg, ending with the egg crystals

Yo, it like, it feels a weird slimy Kinda reach in there and give just, you just give it a good ol' fuh-woop! – Oooh! This feels weird! – I see the yolk moving inside – This seems like it's gonna taste really gross – Yeah, I'm with you Here we go

Three, cheers Two One (pop) (splashing) (screeching) It popped all over me! Oh, that was disgusting! Oh, terrible! Alright well, hopefully to counteract the taste of that disgusting vinegar egg, we're gonna try the liquid glass

– Should I try to break it again? – Try to take a bite of it, bro – It's like it melted, yo! – Oh, melted! – It's like, not even liquid glass anymore – No! – Whoa, what is happening with the liquid glass? I'm gonna bite it here we go, three, two, one! – Wow! – Bro! – Whoa! – Mmmm! – It's gonna stay in my mouth forever! It's so sticky! Mmmm! – Liquid Glass gets two thumbs up from me! And now, Devon, time to eat the Play-Doh – Oh, okay! – Three, two, one (chomp) – How is it? – It's so weird! (panting) (chomp) Oh my gosh, that was disgusting! – Ahhh! – Now, wonder if I can solve my Rubix cube

– Ahh, Skittles, oh Skittles, oh? In heaven – Let's go find a layer, one with the chocolates, or Rubix cube There's vinegar on it The egg, like, blew up all over it – Oh, so gross! – Okay, the final thing here, guys

Before we eat this next one, I wanted to tell you how you can win an iPhone X, 10 $500 gift cards, and a whole bunch of other crazy prizes I've actually partnered up with Kwai for this video, and also for this giveaway So, huge shout-out to Kwai for making this all possible And if you guys want to win that iPhone X, or those gift cards, all you have to do is, number one, download the Kwai app The link is down and the description below

And trust me the app is super fun I've been playing around on it And rule number two, you gotta follow me on the app And if you go comment on one of my videos, saying you came from this YouTube video, I'll be commenting back to you And rule number three, is you have to post a video on Kwai of you taking part in the LicketySplit Challenge

So it's super easy Just get yourself, a friend, and try to eat a food as fast as you possibly can Now, you have to be safe with this, but go crazy, have fun And then post that video on Kwai with #LicketySplitChallenge Now, if you do that you will automatically be entered into the giveaway and have a chance of winning the iPhone X, or a gift card worth $500, as well a whole bunch of other cool prizes Those are the rules

And right now the moment you've all been waiting for Let's try these eggs I'm going to take off a piece of these crystals here – Dude! – You're just gonna go for the whole thing? – Yeah, bro! – Three Two One

(crunching) (coughing) (screeching) Ooh! It burns! It burns so bad! It burns! It burns! It burns! It burns! (coughing) Oh my gosh guys, five seconds to burn here! Five Four Three Two One

Done! Oh my gosh! Alright guys! I love you guys so much! – So hot! – Oh see you! Bye!

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