Making Giant Sour Candy!! How To Make The World’s Largest DIY Real vs Gummy Food At Home Challenge

– You challenged us to make a whole bunch of giant candy like this Check it out

Boom, look at that! – Whoa! Wait a second, lemme try! Oh! – Nah, bro, you kidding me, man? All right, no more magic It's time to make some giant kinder eggs, so let's go We have the kinder egg mold, a whole bunch of chocolate– – Wait, there's mold? Where's the mold? – Devan, these are molds, it's how cooking works Come on – I'm just kidding

– Time to fill it in, so here we go, ooh! What is that? – This is cookie dough that I dyed black to look like a geode There are three parts to the kinder egg There's a chocolate outside, the filling, and then the truffle on the inside I'm making the truffle on the inside, you're making the chocolate exteriors – I feel like a chocolatier right now

Oh! Dude, I'm like one of the three musketeers but with chocolatiers, man! Just a whole bunch of dudes covered in chocolate – Oh, dude, since this is gonna be a giant kinder egg, I'm gonna make a bunch of truffles on the inside – Okay I'm just trying to get this– – Are you kidding me, dude? – Oh, man Well, that wiggles a little bit more than it should right now

I gotta grab this mold over here, do a quick little flippity flipadoo One, two, three (crashing noise) I kinda bailed mid-way So here we go So, I'm just gonna take it like this, just gonna squeeze it down

What are you doing? – I'm putting these into the oven and letting them expand – So as your geode truffles are baking, my egg is gonna be shaking We call this the shake and bake Wow, that wasn't fun Time for me to shake this around

So here we go, wow – Wow, all right then – Coat the inside like that, okay! All right, that's pretty tiring, so there we go, egg is– – That hurt? – Yeah Now we just gotta fill in the filling as well as the little truffle thingys on the inside Is yours done cooking yet? – Not yet

(elevator music) And we're done! – Okay, you didn't need to wake me up like that, man I was having a great dream – Careful, the oven's open – I wake up to such a dangerous world – All right, gonna pull these things out of the oven

Here, thank you for closing the oven for me And now, I have these halves Having some troubles there? – I got it All right, well my egg is all ready to go So now, it's gotta let it– – Whoa, you're already done? – Nope, what I meant to say, was it's not ready to go, and I need to put it off to the side to let it set in the fridge

– All right then, well – It's my child – As you do– What? – Nothing – As you do that, I'm gonna hollow out the rest of these, here, and then fill em up with these nice rocks What are you– – Somehow I forgot the fridge is over here

– I got a shaker here that also doubles as a hammer, so – Yeah, well I got a hook that also– – Is a hook – Doubles as a hook – Wait, wait, wait, no, no, no! I think that's one of those pressure point things for your back – Yeah right, man

– Yeah, seriously (makes painful noise) Oh, geez Here we go – Oh my gosh I feel like I just got like tasered

– You've gotten tasered before? – It was a rough weekend Gonna take the bag like this (banging noise) – Got a problem, bro? You just stopped – I feel uncomfortable right now – How could you feel uncomfortable? – Who are you? You've changed! You are now me! And I'm you! – Yeah! – This is weird! Here we go, gonna add in a whole bunch of sour patch kids right now, in here, like this

Whoa I can't talk over that, man – Yes, you can – No, I can't – And you will

– I got a whole bunch of sour patch kids here, so now, I just gotta melt all these sour patch kids down again This is gonna be– I can't even right now This is gonna be the inside filling for my kinder egg – [Devan] Look at this, man! This is looking sweet! – I melted down all the sour patch kids I had to add in some blue food coloring, 'cause it was looking pretty funky

– I've got half of the geode truffle done, but now, I have to coat it all in chocolate – The next part of my kinder egg, I'm doing a filling with this jet-puffed marshmallow right over here – Wait, I wonder why they call it jet-puffed? – Oh, you've never seen it before? It's this signature look, man Here we go, three, two, one Boom, look at that jet engine, man! – Whoa, are you kidding, it's like the arm rocket! – It's awesome, bro! – Okay, then

– And the best part is boom, look at that, it can fly by itself, man! – Is it pointing at me? – Yeah, it's building up a little in the back (explosion noise) No! – No, no! What did you do? – Nothing! – I have a hole in my chest! – Well Devan, as you figure that out, I'm gonna continue making my kinder egg right now – Are you kidding me? You gotta help me out! The next thing for my mousse sauce is putting in this cool whip – The next part of my kinder egg, I'm doing a filling with this jet-puffed marshmallow right over here Yeah, we had a very bad experience with this stuff

– Yeah – Time to tear open some pop rocks right now and just add these in Oh, boy, okay there we go Dude that sounds so crazy, man – Whoa! – All right, well now time to mix it all up

– Also coated the inside of these bowls here with some chocolate, now I'm gonna add this– What are you doing? – Hold on – What are you doing? – I gotta inspect it – Why? (sniffing) – Yep, it's chocolate You never know with Devan You just never know

– You kidding? With me? Whoa Okay, there, yep, yep, yep – You wanted us to use this, if you're not even using a piping bag properly (gulp) I'ma keep mixing this over here – Yep, the piping bag doesn't really work

I'm just adding it in like this – Oh, wait, wait, wait! Oh, but wait! Oh! I get it now! You're doing for the truffle, you got chocolate on the outside, chocolate mousse on the inside, and then you're gonna use these geodes inside that – Exactly! – Holy cow, the whole dish just increased exponentially – Got the two domes done, now it's time to grab the geodes and put em in So, there's one right there

– For my truffle, we've got a whole bunch of jolly ranchers over here That was a quick grab Oh! – That wasn't supposed to open yet – Oh, are you kidding me, Devan? – Oh, man – I'm gonna take a whole bunch of jolly ranchers, place em down over here, create a beautiful pattern, and turn it into the outer shell of my truffle

– Nice, well I– – It'll make a lot of sense – Are you done? – Yeah – For the filling of my kinder egg, I'm making nutella, but better – How are you gonna make better than nutella, man? – I'm gonna home-make it – And you think you're really gonna nail the recipe more than the nutella brand? – You know, when you say it like that, it sounds unlikely

– All right, well I'm gonna continue constructing this absolutely beautiful masterpiece here, and let's speed it along – Yo! Wait, whoa, I switched places with Devan Wait, where'd Devan go? – Huh, wait, what? Why am I over here? – Oh, sorry, I've gotten really rusty at this You should probably take back your sack of hazelnuts – Hazelnuts

– I was trying to avoid that, but all right I'm gonna take this right here, and again, I'm gonna use it as the outer shell of my truffles We're gonna flip it over, here we go Three, two, one (screaming) okay, there we go

That's so satisfying! – Yo, that looks cool! – Wait 'til you see what I filled the interior with It's gonna be saucy – Like, is it actual sauce? – It's not actual sauce, it's just going to be saucy – So, sauce Got the hazelnuts all blended up, now just gonna add the chocolate

– All right, for my truffle, I've got some peanut butter that I'm gonna pop inside It's still got the cover on it, so here we go Three, two, one – [Devan] Now just gotta blend this stuff – Well, we've got everything we need, so now it is time to fully put our kinder eggs together and see their gloriousness

We've got the kinder eggs, and dude, look at this! This is absolutely massive! – Dude, they are really heavy too – Exactly, so right now, we've got everything we need to fill it up, but first, we've got a chocolate layer, and then a white chocolate layer we've added on top of that I've got some candy slime over here, and as you know, there's going to be a surprise inside the kinder egg, but right now, let's put these together The giant kinder eggs are all made, and bro, this is an engineering feat of genius, man! Like, they are so massive! – These things are huge – But the best part is wait 'til you see the surprise that's on the inside, man

Like that's really what takes this whole thing to another level Here is the big reveal, three, two, one! Tada! Look at these, bro! – Dude! – These turned out to be absolutely insane! So we're gonna be cracking these things open and eating them at the end of the video You challenged us to make a giant Butterfinger and Snickers bar, so let's go First thing I'm doing is making the inside of my Butterfinger, so I got a whole bunch of peanut butter right here – And I'm making a peanut for my snickers

– I'm gonna add my peanut butter in here like this Here we go, three, two, one (grunting) That sounded like a pterodactyl Wait, wait, hold on, hold on, hold on – What? – There's corn syrup? – Yeah, man! – You are the worst farmer of all time, Devan

You couldn't farm a peanut, you don't even know what it is – Why would I want– No, what? – As you can tell, we got a little bit of peanut butter over here, so now, I think I can move this off to the side – What? Just a little bit? – Yeah, I gotta get pumped real quick, so here we go All right, there we go and then– All right, so there we go! Three, two, one (grunting) Easy, totally easy! Whoo, I feel exerted

The whole thing with the interior of a butter finger is you gotta make sure that it's super crunchy So, got some corn flakes here We got some chick-o-sticks Whole little tower right over here Stay

I've never even like, heard of these things – Oh, they're right here too – My stick, no touching my sticks! Bro! Devan has butterfingers – Watch this (crashing noise) – I'm a little scared

– I meant to point it at you, but – I feel rather uncomfortable right now – All right, this thing is heated up, now it's time to add some baking soda here – Here is Helga the hen – Whoa, yes! – Gonna smash up the sticks with Helga the hen

This is gonna act as the crunchy texture on the inside of my butterfingers – I'm putting this into the mold here – That looks so gross – Collins? – What? – Can you help? – I finally figured out the perfect mixture, now I'm gonna pour it into the mold – You hold onto that for a second

No, no, no, no, no – What? Collins! I don't wanna hold it, it's all you – Okay, so here, no, no, no! We can't just set it– And we're back to where we started – [Devan] Oh, wow, this is really not going in very well – [Collins] And that's gonna create a peanut? – Hopefully

– All right, here we go, just gonna scoop out a little bit of peanut butter over here like this Oh, yeah, just give a nice little plop down here Boom, bigger scoop! Call me the peanut butter dude! – Haha, I don't know if I wanna call you the peanut butter dude anymore You're like a pokemon They say their name before they do something

And if you're a pokemon, that means you could be caught! – You can't catch peanut butter dude – Oh you can't, well let's try it out! Three, two, one! – Ow! Holy cow! I almost wish I was caught, 'cause it probably woulda hurt less – Bruh – What? – Can you see how slow this is going? – Did you just say bruh? – Bruh Oop, I missed

Completely missed I completely missed – I mean, it looks kinda cool – It kinda looks like a goober Right, isn't that a fish, or something like that? – What? (stammering) – It looks like one of those fishes that go

– Peanut butter man does not seen one of these fish before Next up, I gotta melt down a whole bunch of candy corns for the caramel – All right, just gotta let the mold set and then the peanut is done All right, next up, I'm making my nougat – To find the illusive candy corn, I brought along the silly scissors

– That was a voice crack? – Nope, that was just me – Okay, well, what do they do? – They cut a hole in the space-time continuum! So silly! Time to cut open the fabric of time, you ready? Three, two, one (zapping noise) Oh! Snap, yo! – That looks like you – That looks like me This is alternate universe me! – Haha, yeah

– Where is the candy corn? – It's been here the whole time? Just gonna put in this marshmallow fluff here – There is one other use, and that is you can use these to slice off the top of your recently found candy corn – Just what scissors do – This is what I call the basketball dunk spike Excuse me, I'm going backwards

All right, here we go Three, two, one, dunk! Oh, snap! That was pretty cool We got even more candy corns, and here we go, gonna add that in like that Boom, there we go Then we got this one over here

– Are you making this on the floor, or in that? – I know you're not really asking this question, Devan – I'm not – And that hurts I've got some dark corn syrup I'm gonna add into my candy corn Is this gonna be the nougat? – Yes

– What, whoa! That looks like– – [Devan] No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no! I'm gonna get a new one – We've got the candy bar molds, and the first thing I'm doing here for my butterfingers is the topping – And the first thing I'm doing is my nougat – This is very heavy Three, two, one

Oh, let's see, okay a little pour – [Devan] Look at the rolls, dude! – [Collins] Dude, that looks beautiful! Mine's actually looking pretty good as well, man All right, so here we go, just gonna pour this down – Now it's time to add the peanuts – [Collins] Those are the peanuts? – Yes

Gonna try to plop it outta here into here Yeah! – [Collins] That looks so cool, man! – Now it's time to add the caramel – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! We can go at the same time! We can be bros! Okay, three, two, one Just pour it straight in the center, oh! That's a lot of peanut butter – Dude! – Time for me to get my hands in here and kind of mix this up a little bit

– [Devan] Wait, what? – I feel like I'm doggy-paddling right now to get all this stuff in here We gotta douse all of this in a lot of lovely chocolate But right now, we'll get it all finished up and then it's time to see how they taste All right, the giant candy bars are all done I gotta say, I was expecting big, these are massive, bro! – These are not any normal candy bars, man

– Oh, no – Holy cow! – Trying to take a bite of these things is gonna be next to impossible Right now here is the big reveal, three, two– Wait, a three-second like challenge We wanna see you like this video in three seconds, you ready? Here we go, three, two, one, done Three, two, one

What's up? – I messed up – Well there's mine, reveal yours! – Tada! – There we go – You get to comment down below, which one do you think will taste better, and we'll be eating them at the end of the video – You challenged us to make a giant donut and nerds rope So the first thing I'm making for my giant donut is the round donut-shaped dough

– Yup, and the first thing I'm making is the nerd of the nerd rope So, to make my nerd, I got a jolly rancher on the tip of this hot straw Just gonna try to blow it up real quick – Oh no! – You broke the faucet! – I broke the faucet! – Are you kidding me? – That's an issue – Bro

– This is an issue Yeah, let's just have– – Bro, are you kidding? – Haha, whoopsie! I don't think it's that noticeable – Are you kidding? I'm actually gonna use a mold instead That might work out better – All right, all I gotta do is just take these different cakes right here, like this, just gonna let it go down and– Devan? – What? – I need this space right here

– Okay – Three, two, one, let's see Oh, there we go, that's what I'm talking about Sweet moves, bro Oh boy, yeah, this is– – And you got it on my arm

No! I knew you wouldn't do it – My commitment level is weak – So, before I do this, I have to wash my hands, but Collins? – What? – I would normally wash my hands right here But now, I have to go all the way over there to wash my hands Look what you've done to me, bro

– I'm sorry It was the cakes, man! – Shame – Blame them! – I'm all the way over here, washing my hands, and I'm totally separated from the action! – Yeah, you can't even see how cool my donut is starting to look, man! – Actually, I can see it – Well, what do you think? (laughs nervously) – It's looking good – What was that laugh? – All right, so I've melted down the jolly ranchers, now I've gotta pour em into the molds

– While you do that, time for me to move my donut over here! I tried to talk normal, but that is a very heavy donut right now So, next up I've gotta make some cotton candy for the toppings on my donut All right, here we go, cotton candy machine is turned on – [Devan] Just pouring it into the mold here – Let's see if this works, here we go

You ready, three, two, one Whoa! Yo! – Yes! – Wait a minute! This is what I'm talking about! – [Devan] This is the real stuff, dude! – Yeah, man! Look at that sight! – Calm, calm, calm That was too much All right, it's gonna just take way too long to cool this stuff down, so I'm gonna use liquid nitrogen – Okay, don't try this at home, by the way

I think the cotton candy was much cooler, just saying, just putting that out there Can you do this with liquid nitrogen? Boom! – It's always the coolest Did you get that? It's really cold – It was a joke Next, I'm gonna use a little bronca-ya-jus-just– Bronca-saura-donk, banca-donka-donka-brunkis

You got it, here we go, three, two, one Just gonna pour it in like this, here we go – Okay, do I just hold it here? – Yeah, there we go Oh, no, no, gotta catch this! Yep, keep it going! – [Devan] Do I spin it? – Yeah, just keep spinning it I think we're reaching the limits of what the bronky-donkyus can hold

This will be perfect for the top of my donut – This looks like a wand with a spell on the end of it – Yeah right, man – Abra-cadabra, you shall never do the dab again, bro! – What? That's not a real spell – Yes, try it

Uh-huh, I told you, bro – Third time's the charm – Oh man! If that's what happened if he tried to dab, I'd hate to see what happened if he tried to floss All right, so now we got these two halves, it's time to heat these things up and fuse them together – Sorry about that, man

Okay, caught a couple of peeps Wait, I wonder if this works with other stuff, like hot cheetos for instance Let's try it, here we go Nope, more peeps It's infinite peeps

– All right, so, why are you using these things, Collins? (crickets chirping) – That's a good question Oh, sorry, to make a topping for my donut – This is made now, now it's time to move onto the rope – This ain't made, this is wack Well right now, it's the moment I've always been waiting for, time to yeet 150 chicks at once

Yeet! Picked up 15 chicks just like that – And I'm just picking up a big tube I made here – What did, where? – This is for my nerd rope, bro – No, where did that come from? – Collins, we aren't playing around – Devan, on a real note, where did that come from? – From the ground, it's been there the whole time

– I literally didn't see it at all (gasps) (stammers) Gosh, it's so tough to open, holy cow – I thought you were strong I thought you could pick up 100 chicks – 150

Whoa, peep slide, bam! Tilt it! Look at that, bro! You just made that peep's day – I hate to say it, but this peep is about to be eaten You do not wanna give this thing life and a name – That's so dark – All right, so I'm gonna fill this thing up with some jello, then let it set

Three, two, one Okay, it's going in – I can't see anything – All right, there we go, got one Hold up, stay there

– Bumped me I don't understand why I'm always being bumped – Karma Pouring this one in here All right, you're gonna let go on the count of three

Here we go, three – No more three, two, ones! We are banning three, two, ones on the channel! – Oh wait, but first! (laughing) Sweet baby Yoda Well, time for me to mash up a whole bunch of peeps! – Next up, I am making a red nerd with a red apple, some candy melt here, and some nerds – I think these peeps are gonna act as a lovely texture for the topping of my donut, man – Lovely

Beautiful, glorious – It is Kinda disturbing, I've got like a peep's eye just chilling on my hand – Hey man, that's a little dark, don't you think? – I got peep vision now – Whoa, wow, okay

Whoa, getting a little close there, bro – So it's basically like a candy apple, man? – Kind of I got a bunch of different flavor profiles, you know? (spatting noises) – You shoulda just poured the whole box on it, man It's like you break open a box of nerds Ooh, missed that

– Collins, I think the key point is you don't break it! – There we go – Collins! You're not supposed to break it, you're supposed to open it There you go, there you go, there you go That was like, nothing – Exactly, they must be filled with air

– It's almost like you smashed it on the counter and lost everything that was inside – I don't know why you would think that, man This just in, nerd boxes are filled with 90 percent air, and only ten percent candy – Wait, wait, wait, dude, we don't wanna get sued You can't say that

– Okay, yes – You can't say that – Just kidding, fake news! – Exactly – Back to you Patricia! Okay, right now it's time for me to glaze my donut – And time for me to finish up my nerds rope

What are you saying, dude? (grunting) – What is that? I've got the glaze, bro, you gotta chill Three, two, one – Oh, that's a good coat, man – That looks chunky! – It looks like a smoothie Oh no! It's going down the front of the table, dude! I just gotta remove this nerds rope

– Oh my gosh, dude! – Yes, wait, hold it, hold it! – This is so dope, bro! Time to finish things up, and then we're gonna be eating em Giant candies are done, and bro, that nerds rope is absolutely insane – It is massive, bro – Like, the nerds are larger than my fist, bro – Seriously

– And this donut, I gotta say, I think it's 800 pounds, to be honest – It's pretty huge – I've had a lot of trouble lifting it So here is the big reveal Three, two– Oh, wait, five-second subscribe challenge

We wanna see if you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? Here we go Five, four, three, two, one, done If you were able to do that, comment down below Keyper squad right now, and let's see how these turned out Three, two, one, tada! Look at these giant candies! Finally time to eat the giant snickers bar and the giant butterfingers

So Devan, which one should we eat first? This whack, square-looking snickers bar, or the beautiful, shapely butterfinger? It's the shape you want – All right, let's do yours first – Thanks – Let's be disappointed, together – So, to cut it open, I've got an ax right over here

– Are you kidding? – Here's the thing If you you ever got a giant candy bar, do not try this at home Just gonna kinda give it like a downward dog Here we go, three, two, one – Wow

– Okay – [Devan] Dude, yes! – Holy cow! – [Devan] That works! – Boom, boom! Yeah! Ax-man, I'm the ax-man! – I won't, I won't – And don't worry, we will not be eating all of this by ourselves We'll be sharing with our friends and family Holy cow, this actually looks really, really, wow! Hey, hey, hey, hey

– What, what, what, what, what? – Use your own fork and grab your own piece of the bar – My fork is on the floor – Well, it was your decision – [Devan] Just gonna grab off – So, you're the first one to get the feeling of the texture

What does it feel like? – Yeah, terrible – Let's see how it tastes Ready, here we go Three, two, one Whoa

It tastes like a butterfinger, man! It can't be that bad What, it's that bad? – It tastes great, but wow, is it crunchy! – Well, yeah, it's all about that crunch So, I think I have a strong chance of winning this round, but Devan– – So do I – I like that – I mean, no

I'm actually going to undo it from the back here, and do a nice little reveal – Don't worry about me Tada! – [Devan] Yeah! – [Collins] Look at that! – Yeah, the back's not so great, but, you know, the front looks pretty good I have no idea how I'm gonna cut through this – [Collins] You need a bigger knife

(elevator music) Three, two, one Oh, oh, it's going! It's happening, it's happening! Look at that! Holy cow! It's beautiful – It looks great – I might actually cry – Okay, maybe don't cry

Just gonna pull down here, yes! Got some of that off That's a chunk of chocolate – That's like a full chocolate bar, normally So, I'm gonna take this little piece of chocolate over here, I'm gonna be tasteful All right, I'm gonna place this down and layer– (grunting) – Yes! I just wanted to do that

– Holy cow (yelling) – I want the peanut – It's definitely wedged deep in the crevasse Hey, don't bring that up – All right, here we go

Three, two, one Whoa! – The peanut is too hard – Whoa, whoa! Are you kidding me? You crushed it, bro! Creme de la awesome Well, as you can tell, my egg is starting to fall apart, so now it is time to crack it open So, here we go, three, two, one

We have made it into the egg Here it goes, we're moving pieces Tada! – Wow – First, take a look at the surprise on the inside It's got a balloon in it, here we go

Oh, it's getting a little bit stuck All right, so this is the surprise that Devan made for me on the inside – Yes – What is it? – You can't tell, dude? – Well, it looks like a little jet-engine-propelled telephone No, no, this is how you handle customer service calls, man

Hey, so my car phone isn't working, and I'm mad – It's a car, Collins, but it's okay – I think you should probably grab like a slab of chocolate first Let's try to remove that ball It's like a game show

Remove that ball! Oh, yep, this is nice ♪ Scoop-de-doop-doop-Doop ♪ Okay, there we go – [Devan] You got it – It's been scoopa-dee-doo– ♪ De doop doop doop ♪ Wanna cheers it first? – Sure Three, two, one

– Whoa This thing here– (evil laugh) – That tasted like a sandwich with chocolate! – That was pretty phenomenal, man – I agree – With the filling on the inside, combined with peanut butter and jelly, the chocolate on the outside Woohoo! – All right, let's do this thing

You ready? – You want me to help out at all? – Yeah, definitely – Do it with the spoons – That's what I'm gonna do Three, two, one Oh, it's very soft

– I gotta say, this is a resilient egg, bro – It is, man I make em good! – I smack it, I smack it hard! – Three, two, one – Karate chop! Ow – Tada! – These truffles look pretty delicious, bro

– Yeah, they look a little dented though Honestly might've been your spoon – Couldn't have been – I think it was – I don't think it was

– What should we serve us first? – The surprise! – Wait, it has a rope on it? – Yeah, well I don't know if it'll get– It makes sense with the whole thing – A pendulum You're getting sleepy Hold onto this – Okay, cool, here we go

Two things here it's a climbing man – Oh! – He can climb the rope! See, look at that – Look at that! – Boom! – He's getting to my hand – So right now it's time to taste the delicious kinder egg – I think you take one of these massive truffles

– Don't touch, it's mine – What are you doing? – That's mine Okay, so listen Oh, that's uncomfortable It's like reaching into a pudding

– Yeah, there you go – Ba-bam! You need to move yours off to the side – Move my egg? What are you doing? – I help with my foot (crashing noise) Okay, well I'm gonna try right here Three, two, one

Oh! Look at that! – Yo! Yes! Three, two, one Oh! – No! – That was close – That scared me I feel like you're doing something wrong – I made these things, bro

I know what I'm doing, I think – I don't think so I have it already open You hurt your pride more than your fingers – [Devan] Yeah! – [Collins] There you go! – Look at that, man! Remember I got those geodes on the inside

– Oh! – Yeah! – Oh, dude, I'm over here looking like a prehistoric dude Three, two, one Oh! – [Devan] That looks so cool, man! – Here we go, brute strength Boom! Why does mine look so much whacker than yours? – I'm gonna dip it into here a little bit All right, here we go

Three, two, one This is so good! Holy cow! Wow Our friends are gonna love this – If you were only able to eat one of these giant kinder eggs, which one would you wanna eat? Let us know in the comments down below, and we're onto the next giant candy We've got the giant donut, and the absolutely insane nerds rope

Devan, which one should we eat first? I think let's do yours – All right, so here's the thing I'm gonna lift it up, you're gonna give it a slice, okay? – Wait, wait, wait, where, where? (yells) – [Collins] Don't try this at home I don't know why you would, or how you would – Why is it blue, dude? – You should never cut towards the person

– This looks gross – Forget this, yeah, wow – That looks like soggy bread – Well, that's kinda actually what is was – I'm a little queasy

– Man up Grab a fork – Bring it on, brother – Clink it I want the pink! I'm gonna take off, here we go, boom

One of these cotton candy balls And then put the peeps on the top – You crazy – Whoo, it's falling apart! – Are you ready to go, dude? You're stalling – All right, yep here we go, can't wait

Three, two– Wait, if you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word best to 81800 right now After the video Text the word best to 81800 You will automatically be entered in to win Let's see how this tastes

Three, two, one – Dude, this is so good! You got a big peep in your mouth Way to go, man! So many different flavors, this thing– – It just tasted so good, man! – So good! – I am over the moon with my creation – Wow, now it's time for the main event So, Collins, can you move your donut? – Devan, can you move my donut? 'Cause I can't

– It's your donut – I'm not strong enough – I'll give it a shot – Lift it all the way up Are you actually able to lift this thing? – I think so

– Holy cow Need more leverage? – Yes, okay! – Holy cow! Dude! – That was definitely very heavy So, I'm just gonna cut a small part right in the middle here – What about me, what do I do? – I actually cut yours, do you wanna cut mine? – That would be a pleasure and an absolute honor – Man, these knives are really blunt

– Yep, they are definitely not sharpened – You might wanna not cut so fast Reveal the toothpicks – Check it out, I'm a magician It's gone

– This is the nerds rope here – Another toothpick! – I couldn't make it stick, all right? And remember, I made a bunch of different nerds with different flavors This was cheese popcorn dipped in– What are you doing? – I want that – So I'm just gonna break this guy in half Wow

– Ooh, that was good – We gotta split this in half You know what, I'm just gonna pull it apart Just say some words man, fill the time – So, Devan's clearly struggling so hard right now

Your hands have been all over that I don't even wanna eat that anymore I'ma slice off a new piece for myself – Are you kidding? This is really not easy, bro That took you like a solid– – Oh! – What, what, what, what, what? – Little bit of a oopsie

– [Devan] No! – That's not rubbing away – Let's get into it, man Let's eat this thing Three, two, one (mumbles with mouth full) – Okay, that one was good

Very good – They're really good – I mean it's like, it's a rock You choose your life, but all together, good – Dude, all of the flavor profiles in this thing were insane! – That purple one! – I know, but seriously, all these were delicious

– Even the popcorn The flavor profiles were definitely on another level Don't worry, we won't be eating all this by ourselves We're gonna be sharing all of it with our friends and families So, you get to comment down below, if you had to eat one of these giant candies, which one would it be? You wanna see another video, click right over here

You got five seconds, here we go Five, four, three, two, one, done Love you, bye!

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