Making FOOD out of SLIME!!! Learn How To Make DIY Slime Food vs Real Edible Candy Food Challenge

Oh yeah mines perfect dude look at this its not even sticking to my hands anymore Really? I can go WHEE! *insert collins mysterious laughter* Wait-OH Devan:they are connected >:3 Collin:No get it off me! Stop it! mines just dripping all over me! You got it all over the chairs! (bad devan) Devan:Im so sorry! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? How did I end up with your slime? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR SLIME??Where did my slime go? What the heck? We haven't even made the milk yet! Okay were taking a quick break right now come back We gotta clean up man what the heck happened? And this it what happens when you don't make slime for months you lose your ability and you'll ruin everything I've got new pants, we ruined the chairs, but right now I'm gonna persevere and is it good to go Yeah, it's good to go We added some Sta-Flo Okay, there we go put into the bowl Devin We add these balls and these smaller balls

Dude I'm totally gonna win this round because there is no way you can compete with me on this! We add these balls and these smaller balls , and done You're done Yeah, all right cool Yes There is no way you can compete with me on this round

And done! See guys sometimes the greatness takes a little bit longer than I than just mediocre averageness Mediocre averageness? What are you talking about this is a perfect replica of this! Dude, its actually turned into like crunchy slime Dude, I don't recommend that at all, but go for it go inside That's enough I'm gonna break you out there get out of my hand just gonna squish it around in there Oh, man That's perfect okay great, and then now to get it out You just tear the bag open like this Boom! It's pretty genius

Thanks Now It's time to add my milk with infused cereals We're gonna kind of swirl It around that idea was gonna alright now for the main ingredients I got a technique for this It's called the light shake and shimmy gonna squeeze it and looks fine And now my cereal bro is going to be unlike your cereal you gotta make really good stuff is pretty awesome

Yeah look at that Now you gotta give it to one final technique I called the once around the club whoa whoa There we go see it's like a fashion statement on my arm It's called the drop and plow intercept Sorry man, I just want a play with this large one crunchy slime is so awesome! Woah Bro What are you doing? No get your fingers out of there There I think it's time to call it quits

I'm done Just about all I can do with it now it's time to add the spoons and you get to comment down below and let us know who won round one was it my Beautiful cereal with all that infused goodness, or was it Devan's? That looks so awesome now!!!Do Devin add a little bit of a little bit of yep, all right whoa Bro what are you doing? I just have to separate this with my spoon Bro why? And now we have What are you doing? I'm severed with my food rough line, so here's what's gonna happen We're gonna add a little bit of real food as well I made with my little cereal Well this so gross because ats the end of this we're gonna mix together all the different slimes all the different foods and they're gonna have to like eat it and see what it tastes like eaten for this round you challenged us to make a Starbucks Frappuccino get out of slime

Oh, man my hands are not strong enough for this day We'll leave some for me, bro And then we got a contact solution cuz that's how you make the clear slime if you guys don't remember and this here was gonna Act as the strawberry base to the whole thing going on I'm starting a little slime you point in for a rabid wolf line Yeah, all right We're starting to get there any more contacts whoa No no no now we're gonna do we're gonna add some food coloring into the game because if it isn't working now I mean it surely is gonna work on the add food coloring right I'll add some to yours That's all over me look it's gonna mix it around without that that turns real crimson real quick This looks legit like raspberry or strawberry like marmalade you got that now It's time to make my bringing the slam We got some good look Now I'm gonna add the stuff

Oh, I forgot rule number one You're not supposed to add a stop load too quickly whoopsie All right, oh, it's going great and look how much stop flow I added it Just stop blows – this is still not looking like it's gonna Cut it so I'm gonna make this some lucky sad are so smart so oh my gosh I need this to a fluffy and nice and Frappuccino We use that it looks like a giant booger shaving cream Yeah, it's a cloud my favorite slam dude listen to the sound of this It's no longer all stringy and gross I've done the impossible I made a full recovery, and I'm doing just dandy now We're gonna add some acrylic paint so first

We got a karate Chop it to get it open, bro Wait how did you get a new bolt aha magic do I like smack the salon girl? Yeah, it's back at three times one two three oh So now we're gonna dump some of my acrylic paint in here dude this acrylic paint boom Holy cow this stuff smells disgusting, but it looks like candy yeah This is so cool Dude it's ruined by slime if I think it deconstructed my slime all right first layer is done next up, and it looks oh Let's just like smack my face Too much slime Contaminate the rest of my drink cause if I do why the treads pink so I'm gonna watch my head perfect Okay, so I actually have a little bit of a different technique for blasting my whipped cream onto my drink you ready Second subscribe shows for you right now, can you subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five Seconds here Good ready 5 4 3 2 1 done if you give that comment down below you just block there right now here We go 3 2 1 really that was it whoa bro, bro chill dude you're getting it everywhere It's to my god boom It's on top Oh, that's fantastic

Do you like dragons like wow? Alright, gotta pop the top out hump The wet top the top Two goner really do gotta back alright here We go girls You go and then you go what I want to sound the facts to be honest This is now my finished product I gotta go around the edges scoop it all up alright here We go chop it off

Whoa I Mean is that not awesome oh my gosh I automatically won this round you can just comment down below right now Paul is won the round I know I want to do that again That was so much fun I Do not vote on what it looks like currently you're only voting on the very cool action of the whipped cream pop it off the Top that's all you're able to vote on with my drink I'm trying not to have the same thing happen to me that happened to you Yeah the finishing touch the strong Fuck with the top and in with the hand and that's how you drink a Frappuccino So now we're gonna add it to the bowl of slime and foods we had in mind in there That'll come in there alright and again at the end We're meeting the combination of slime and food so stick around for that but right now We're on to the next round eggs matching contest in three two one Don't go away, bro Hell

It's totally joking about you Have a challenge estimate a slime egg, so first up We got a cracker eggs, and so we're recreating this whoever finishes their slime first wins It's pretty bubbly, bro, I don't know what happened This is looking pretty You're good No It looks like a clear like a liquid glass You know what it might not be perfect, but we're going for the fastest round of all I've remembered It's all about who makes it first hand boom so there's two ways to make the yolk you can either use the clay or you can legit take the yolk from my Actual egg guess

It's for the winning move Slime slime slime So I won this round, but you guys can still comment down below who you think won But I took home the victory he's gonna put some couple egg shells buy it like I just cracked it open We gotta take the big old thing a slab I'm gonna pop an eggshell in there And then I'm gonna mix up the yolk into my slime to see what happened no whoo first We've got a three second life challenging you like this video in three seconds, so here We go you ready three two One done that is yeah That looks crazy They don't now really literally slime mixed with food get down now queasy That's pretty gross, and then after this next round We're gonna be mixing all this up and then literally eating it Don't do it at home We're doing it

So you have to my face challenge You can't play with my heart like that Final rounds we are making a slime hi We're definitely gonna need a lot a lot of slime able to fill the entire Pie crust let me just leave that there for right now gotta unscrew the top yeah There's always got to be one in the video Yeah, it took you a long time I'm really surprised I know people probably waiting for that wasn't gonna happen a little bit Nice that looks like a lot too much from our you know trying to ruin it on purpose no cuz II attended like evenly proportionate man portion person who utterly amateur beatbox first I Think you're spitting all over everything right now this reminds me of the of the liquid water bottle What do you cannot eat like this? Yeah edible at all I think my slime is officially ruined Ah why it's very thick and resilient wow that is So this is I can't talk as a blueberry pie or a raspberry pie

I have a great idea Devin I'm gonna put this in the middle and then close it in here, and then see if I get like break it No, holy cow how'd that happen? I wish it did it Okay Okay? Okay? Okay? No It's on my tongue It's like little almost like like imagine like we like injections of color Oh, that's super deep it's like a mushroom Dump are just super dense purple, and then other parts having purple eyes dat all purple eyes clouds

That words Oh now I got it on the baking Mayday, Mayday It's all my hands gotta go Okay, well there you have Bro, this is looking so cool it looks over the galaxy I'm gonna use a spoon, so I don't ruin my hands again It looks kind of lumpy chunky and funky man So you take a bunch of this stuff you cut little strips of it? And then you lay it over in this pattern So you make it look like that you do not use a knife in your hand I can't put it on the one telling I this but you're not cut something when it's in your hand And it's rolling this thing out real nice BAM Let's get saucy up in this place the first strip all right, bro Boom do this a metal knife on glass I Can literally hear it scratching the table Devin there you have my pie Cobra cut on the top of it well, I'm done, I've just begun as with everything let the time lapse begin Here it is the big reveal and this was suggested by the instagram keeper of the week So she'll see you And if you want to be shout out to the Instagram keeper the week Check the description down below to find out how but right now the big reveal you ready three two one So good you guys get the comment down below for this final round Tell no one and now it's time to add you to the ultimate Slime food versus real food, and then eat it so right now Let's see how they take Let's try it with this what I Should've done that no I PI M and PI Just like the craziest combination of stuff ever smell the Starbucks in and actually that smells kind of delicious No it actually kind of looks cool, but it's kind of gross It's always I'm cold cuz the Starbucks was cold dry down there, bro this well There's an egg in here jump forgot about that down below were some other real foods We should make slime virgin yes and comment down below of course who won the challenge overall here Yup time to eat bro bro, bro I have to say I'm smelling this paint and it's really gross And this is actual slime and glue and stop flow I'm pretty sure this is not good for you, dude I don't think we should eat this Yeah, you know you're probably right yet should not eat slime And I thought I should either because I forgot there's like a Crillon paint in here yeah, well pretty toxic so I guess one last beautiful look at it and And remember safety is of course the first priority here, so ya know these slime at home I guess that won't eat sign either I mean it this looks pretty tasty But is yeah very bad for you you want another video click here and write down your 5 seconds Please write on mine here We go 5 4 3 2 1 done love you guys


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