Making FOOD Out Of CANDY!! Learn How To Make DIY Edible Candy vs Real Food McDonalds Challenge

– You challenged us to make food out of candy! – And this looks so good dude! (screaming) – Yo, okay! We're makin' three different foods, we're makin' a pizza, an eggs benedict and a Happy Meal, all out of candy So let's go! Do not take another bite of that

– I won't I'm makin' the cheese of my pizza with these marshmallows – Grabbin on some Twinkies here 'cause I got to use these as the crust and dough for my pizza and crust, and dough – All right well now I gotta grab the flat iron here – Wait are you actually melting the marshmallow on an iron, dude? – Yes, 'cause I have to make sure it drips into the bowl

– I gotta say, this is either the worst idea you've ever had or the thing that every summer camp in America is gonna be implementing Everyone's got an iron and a marshmallow, just like this is great! Just really feel the team spirit, right guys? Well here we go, gonna mash up all these Twinkies And this is gonna act as the pizza crust and dough – This thing is taking absolutely forever so I'm just gonna take a second to melt all this stuff down and I'll be right back (elevator music) And done, finally! Dude, my arm is so tired

Uh, Collins, Collins, wake up! – What what what what? What's goin' on, we good? – So I got all of this stuff done finally This thing took like an hour I think – Yeah, for the dough and baseline of my pizza I'm using a waffle maker So here we go, I'm just gonna drip this into the waffle iron here Gonna get it off my hands so this is, oh little plop, little plops! Good plops

I got close the top but my hand's a little bit dirty so, I learned this from MMA! (shouting) – Whoa – Yeah, elbow strike! – Okay then – Okay Time to see if my twinkie dough actually worked! Here we go three, two, one! (shouting) Oh snap! – What? – Yo, look at that, boom! – Are you kidding? – There we go! Pizza sauce is comin' along! – Okay, ya' bumped me – I'm sorry

– No bumps – All right, no bumps! I got excited and then I forgot the word and then I bumped – Yes – I bumped again No bumping, no bump! Gonna move the pizza crust off to the side for right now, and it's time to make the sausages

These here are gonna be the sausages Little thing – This isn't great at, wow! – Aw sorry man! – Well this isn't turning out so well, so I think I'm gonna put this to the side save this for a little bit later – All right well I got my little balls right here! Flippin' little balls! – Look at this dude So I made this out of caramel and dough, it's basically a caramel dough

I kneaded together a bunch of this caramel, no no no no, no! (laughing) – This is delicious! – Collin! I just gotta roll out this dough now (squeaking and laughing) – You weren't supposed to see me yet Okay! – I think you've gone insane! What are you doing? – I was trying to become a squirrel, man That's gotta be one of my favorite animals, is squirrels – But you're not a squirrel Collins, you're a human! That is kind of low-key terrifying

– Yeah I gotta say, like, in my head I was thinkin' that would look way different than how it actually turned out to be – This just in, YouTube wanna-be Collins Key – Wanna-be, wait why am I? – admits to being a squirrel! – I'm just so sorry, I just wanna be a squirrel so bad now I can't be a squirrel! – [YouTubers] Wow! – I feel like a fairy god-mother right now with this little wand man! – No, you're a fairy god-brother! – I am now a fairy god-mother! Boom, there we go, tiara! Dispute that! It's un-disputable right now! – All right, just gotta grab my pizza pan here – I will grab it, but I want another bite! – Whoa whoa whoa! No, no no no! I spent time kneading this thing out man! You can't do that – I was so close man Oh dude check it out bro, it's laser Lenny man! – Oh, okay

– Yeah, this is laser Lenny and he is very helpful Just like Victor the laser pony, they're both kinda related Right, laser Lenny here we go! Oh, three, two, one, yo! – Three, two, one, whoa! – Oh man! – All right then! – That's what I'm talkin' about! Thank you very much laser Lenny, taser Lenny! – Yeah, whoa no! – Laser Lenny, taser Lenny! – No, no no no no! Dude, look at this pizza crust man, lookin' nice! – That's lookin' pretty incredible man All right, so I'm just gonna take this here I'm gonna try to like swirl it up into sausage shape

– I'm gonna use these smarties here as the sauce Dude, this is gonna taste so good as a sauce! – All right cool, made this one like a little meatball! – All right Collins, what is that? – I was goin' for sausage but it just, it looks so much better as a ball – What did you do? – I messed up Due to your criticism, of my legit meatball I'm doing this but I don't know if it's getting any better

– It's definitely not Just gotta spread around this sauce now – I got my dough, I just gotta caress the dough lightly – Got some candied apples here! – All right then, woo! – Whoa, hey! – Gonna use some red icing for the tomato sauce Here we go, let's just– – Collins

– What? – Do not try this at home! So I'm gonna take one of these caramel-ed apples here And this is gonna be for the sauce – Okay? – Yes! – Oh! – Look at that! – Don't you already have sauce? – Yeah, but this is like to add to the sauce Collins – [Collins] Dude, you're burning the apple bro! – [Devan] There will be casualties! – Its other friends got to go live their half-lives – It's organic! – [Collins] It's face looked like he's in pain! – It's too late now! (sad music) – As you do your sauce, I'm gonna spread out my sauce, boom

– Meltin' this one down now – Okay, this one's really really burnt You're droppin' literal burnt bits! (shouting) – Whoa, what? It just blew up? – Dude you burnt that apple bro! – All right, we're gonna pretend that that never happened – Crisped it! Crisp – [Devan] Done with the candy apples

– Frog legs! That's what my pizza needs man, frog legs – Why? – Check it out here He's been behind these bars his whole life, we gotta free him, here we go (ululating) (gasping, coughing) Sorry – Dude this stuff is not comin' outta' here man

– Ah, there's a hair on my frog! – This is my marshmallow– – Is this your hair? – No, no! – Sabotage Oh did I get it in there? – Where did it go? Well this is that marshmallow cheese that I made, and now I'm tryin' to get it out of the bowl! – You know what my pizza's called? – No – Frog on a log! Bam, there we go, frog on a log pizza – Collins can you just grab the bowl here? Just grab the bowl, just pull it just pull it, just pull it! – Where? – Pull it, just back! – Towards you? – Pull it back! – Towards you (laughing) – There we go

– Away from me I think I'm just gonna let this drop on there All right, the cheese is all spread out Now it's time to add a nice golden glow – Well now we got this vanilla frosting over here, gonna add in some yellow color to hopefully turn it into cheese lookin' stuff

– [Devan] Oh, this actually works on the crust too man! – Holy cow! All right here we go, we got a carrot whisk What better way to mix in the color? – The key is going a little bit slower than you think you have to – Yep, couldn't agree more Yeah, just a little slower than you have to Okay here we go, oh yeah

Frosting is done! Time to put it all together So here we go, gotta get my little sausage log – I just gotta add some pepperoni and a couple little garnishes, then I'm done with mine – And now we gotta complete the unexpected step that involves a frog and a log, so, never know how this will go We've got the completed candy pizzas and I gotta say

Yours, if I didn't know that was candy it legit looks like a real pizza, man – It is very difficult to not eat this right now – I know! – All right, here we go! – Three, two– – Five second subscribe challenge! We wanna see if you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds You ready? Here we go! – Five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you were able to do that, comment down below keyper squad right now, and let's see how these look! – Three, two, one, tah-dah! (shouting) – [Collins] Like, if I didn't know that was candy I would straight up think that's a real pizza, man – [Devan] I can't wait to eat this

– [Collins] But you kids comment down below, which one do you think is gonna taste better and we'll be eatin' them at the end of the video You challenged us to make an eggs benedict out of candy – Yeah, and I absolutely love these things dude – It looks amazing man, looks– (chomping) What was that? You popped it off man! All right so right now let's make it out of candy – For my eggs benedict, I'm gonna make this ham stuff first with these Starbursts

– All right well see, the thing is there's three parts to the eggs benedict You got the little bun crust on the bottom, you got the ham stuff, the egg, and then the cha-hives on the top – Wait what? – The cha-hives? – Oh, the chives – [Devan] So for the ham I just have to unwrap all these Starbursts – And for the ham I'm using Peeps for mine, – Wait what? – 'Cause I think Peeps are gonna make much better ham than, hey hey hey don't touch my Peeps! I will body you Devan

– Really? You wouldn't dare (shouting) – Boom, that's how you get bodied son! Oh, oh gosh what happened? – Hah, serves you right bro! Now you don't have a body I mean, look at this! – All is not lost because I am a body builder, and I can build a body out of literally nothing – Oh really? (shouting) – From scraps to shreds, shredded! – Where did your other body go? – Oh (whimsical music) Yeah, um

He'll find a home He'll find someone – That was weird All right so I just gotta mold these together because I'm makin' a ham log – I thought you just had to make like a piece of ham for your eggs benedict, not an egg log? – Yeah, well I have to make the log then I deli slice it

– I mean to say ham Next up I gotta crush my Peeps to act as the ham, so here we go, there's only one way to properly crush it Devan Gonna have to go here, take a good ol' fashioned knee – Wow The poor Peeps man

– The Peeps aren't that poor man, they're gettin' all crushed by a chair! (elevator music) Okay well, there goes another peep – Are you kidding? – I was just trying to crush 'em I think these peeps are so dried out Look at him, he's like yo, I'm a crusty little man! – That is not a normal peep! – It's just a crusty dried out peep! We're just gonna give him the spoon tap on the top of the head to tell if he's fresh or not This is the peep tester fresher test

Test whether the peep's fresh It's gone All right the final thing I gotta do for my ham is just take this tortilla press – Woo! – All right so here we go, we're gonna place the Peeps inside this tortilla press, and again we're tryin' to make ham Yeah, there we go peep yeah! – I might do this somewhere else

– Here we go, let's just – Open up the Peeps, man – Crack a peep! Cracked a peep, there – Peep those – We got some some long strawberry laces

And just gonna plop 'em out – Yeah! – Nice catch – Look at that! – It's like a wig! It's a wig, it's a wig, it's a wig! – Okay yeah, sure – Hi, I'm Wendy, from the Wendy's fast food restaurant! And I'm a savage on Twitter man! I roast people like there's no tomorrow bro! My Twitter account is lit! – So it was you behind those tweets! – Oh yeah, man! This is the new Wendy! I'm window man, I'm like a window then I bam, shatter that window! – Okay, I'm gonna take this off you now – Yeah, sorry that's changed me a little bit

Makin' my ham over here so here we go, gonna continue winding these ropes around It's gonna take a lot of technical skill in chef culinary business – All right, whoa! I'm done with this thing now, I just have to wrap it in some other stuff I don't know what I'm gonna wrap it in though Ooh, no

– Sounded very excited for a second – I got really excited Fruit Loops? – Ooh, that's a good idea – I don't think I can do Fruit Loops – Well you know as you do that, as you can tell I put this red licorice stuff around the outside so the goal– – I can tell that, that was good

– Here we go, gonna go back down now – Wait, I'm gonna do these – Okay – What? – I have failed – My Starburst ham log has been wrapped in this Airheads stuff here, and now I'm gonna slice it

All right turning it on now, time to slice it! (shouting) – How am I supposed to compete with this? I've got some of these big ol' marshmallows Look at this bro, I'm like a marshmallow man (bouncy music and grunting) Why aren't you dancing Devan, come on bro! – I'm not about this song, man – Okay but Devan Devan, pause, okay – Doesn't seem like a club song

– Cut the music for a second – This doesn't seem like a club song – Devan please, I need you to dance with me – It's like you're trying to hypnotize me – I am

– Look into the camera with these eyes – Please, please, if you're watching at home, dance with me! Three, two, one! (bouncy music) 'Cause you're not dancing Devan, boom, little marshmallow arms comin' out of your head They will dance for you – Are you kidding me? I'm gonna use some white Reece's Peanut Butter Cups right here to make the egg – [Collins] It's probably gonna seem a little weird now, oh man

(laughing) – So that was just the first part of my egg Did you just really just throw that? – All right so here we go, we're gonna take these three little buddies right over here, we're gonna squish 'em up This guy's name is Fred, he's George, and Wapow! – Why is his name Wapow bro? – His name is Wapow because Wapow! – Oh – We gotta get some egg yolk next, these lemon thingies here are gonna be perfect So here we go, just gonna grab a couple of 'em here

Let's just uh, let's dump 'em out Okay here we go, there, it's now stuck to oh boy, this is – You did a good job, yeah – I'm sorry in advance There we go, one left

– This is a rare occasion Collins – What? – It didn't fall in my stuff – Oh, that's nice! All right so here we go, this is going to be– – Wait, you should try one, you should try one – Hold on, do you just wanna bite that with your teeth? – You're like Spiderman, what no (laughing) – Oh, it was you! – No! – It was you! – Why! – You did that to yourself! Devan what does that mean – Oh man! – For yourself and your life? – It's a defining moment, it's a sad moment for me

– Tell us Devan, how are you feeling right now in this deep moment of despair? – It's probably the most disappointing moment of my life – Forget how you're feeling, how are you feeling that Devan screwed you over so bad? – It's embarrassing – Back to you – It's embarrassing – This has been a tragic day for both Devan and his little thing over there

– What, no no no – Back to you Patricia! All right so here we go, gonna take the little lemon, little dude (laughing) That laugh (mock laughing) – [Devan] I am capping this off right now – The final thing we need to make is the avocado toast! – It's been a while since we've had one of these, man, I am excited! – Yeah, that is way cooler than mine

Wait wait wait wait! – What what what? – Devan this is a great time for Wapow Key! (rock music) – Three, two, one! – Wapow Key, Ow Key, Ow Key! (rock music) Here we go, we got a whole box of Little Debbie's! Little Debbie So this here is going to be the– (crinkling) There we go, so this here is going to be the bread of my avocado toast – I'm gonna use some real bread here as my stencil – Hold up, that's cheating man! You can't use a real slice of bread Devan, use your noggin – I'll do it to you

– Yeah, yeah! – The bread unicorn – Okay, it's pulsating Oh, no, I know what this means, I know what this means! – Oh, okay! – No no no, – No! – Whoa! – Holy cow! Dude, I almost became one with the universe again! No bread, fleet there we go it's gone – I'll be right back There's some bread for ya' bro! – Little Debbie says nope! – Are you kidding? – Fine, well Devan's gonna go retrieve it

Devan now has to do the unthinkable He's gotta retrieve– That was close, I will call it a truce, a truce, a truce? – All right (laughing) It's a bread truce – What? – I'm gonna sit on this bread so you don't steal it – You know what man, I think this one's special bro

I think it has the soul of Little Debbie in it – What? Dude, you're gettin' crazy man – No no no, check it out here we go, three, two, one, yo! Look it, it's Little Debbie! She's come back, and she's in the form of one of her rolls! Look at her man, she's cruisin' all about Oh man, she's gone, what was that? – Oh man, where did she go? – You know what it all makes sense, Devan – Oh it does? – She has transcended, with the rest of her Ding Dongs

– What? Look at that! It's a piece of bread, man – It kinda looks like a little mound – Whoa, hey now, okay no you can't – Okay so here we go, we got some Cool Whip We're gonna take the Jell-O cups like this and then here we go we're just gonna deposit 'em on top

Let's see this – Yeah, piece of bread number two! I don't know why I made two pieces of bread, I only wanted one Well, I guess this'll be for a friend Or maybe you, Collins, you might want this? – I'm not your friend – I'm gonna take the fruit by the foot, put it on the outside here

Hope it doesn't taste like a foot (laughing) – [Collins] Okay there we go, just mix it all up And again this right here is to create the guacamole – [Devan] I'm gonna use these mint Oreos for the avocado of mine, bro – Dude, that, compared to that

It's like that meme of like you versus the guy she tells you not to worry about I am concerned! You know what man, I gotta say, my avocado is actually coming together rather nicely right now So here we go, I'm just gonna grab my piece of bread 'cause it's finally time – I forgot I gave that to you – Yep, thank you very much

– I almost got a little bit territorial – My avocado toast is all done and now it is time to compile our egg McMuffin! It's not a flippin' egg McMuffin, what is it? Benedict! Eggs benedict, time to compile it right now, put it all together, reveal it and then see how it tastes! We've got the finished candy eggs benedict, and they look absolutely insane! We added a hollandaise sauce on it, and you've got cookies as the base of yours! Here is the big reveal, you ready? – Three, two – Three second like challenge! We wanna see if you can like this video in three seconds! You ready? Here we go! – Three, two, one, done! Three, two, one, ta-da! – Yes! – Oh my gosh! – I am salivating! – They look so good! You get to comment down below, which one do you think will taste better? And we'll be eating them at the end of the video You challenged us to make a McDonalds Happy Meal out of candy, man! (shouting) – What is it doing? (screaming) Oh, dude! – I freaked out so bad! – What! – I've literally broken my chair It's now a recliner chair, 'cause can your chair do this? Oh, that's uncomfortable

And that's enough, so right now let's make some Happy Meals – Well I'm actually making my Coca-Cola bottle hollow so I can add in other candies into the middle of it Dude, this thing can take like an entire skittles bag It's like the endless Coca-Cola bottle The next thing I have to do is cut the bottle off of the chocolate

– All right, I'm makin' my burger patty right now I've got some carrot cake Oreos Yeah, Devan needs to be very concentrated right now – Now it's time to remove the bottle, here we go! Look at this – Holy cow! You pop the bottom off, those Skittles is gonna fly on out dude

You got this Devan! – No, I don't, I don't know! – You got this! Help him out with a little sweat – Thank you! – Refresh our athletes here! – Mm, thank you Back in, and I'm back in the game! – Devan, I think the only thing you can do Suck a Jell-O cup – Definitely not

I think I almost got it! – Sure you don't wanna suck it? – I'm positive Yes, I got it! – Again, this is gonna make the burger patty for my burger, so – Oh, look at this! – Forget that, look at this! – No, forget that, look at this! – No, forget that, look at this! – No, forget that, look at this! – Oh my gosh! (screaming) Oh dude, it's a fake weight! – I know right? – You scared me so bad! (screaming) Time to make my burger, and we gotta of course start off with my Honey Buns, my sweet buns, the buns of sweetest Oh yeah What are you up to? – [Devan] Oh, this is the cheese Collins! – That's the cheese? Yeet, fleet, beat! Okay, so we got here with us– – Do not try this at home

– Oh, look at this, here we go look at this Let me just move that for one second – Oh, my elbow? – It blocked the shot, here we go here we go (humming) Fleet! For the ketchup I've got some jelly filled donuts right here man! – Oh, wow! – So here's what I'm gonna do – Wow! – Yeah, these look incredible bro

– Whoa! – Glossy! Gonna squeeze it out and try to get a healthy adding of jelly Oh, there we go there we go, ooh yeah boy there we go! The more I look at this, the more excited I'm getting for how this is going to taste – All right, well this here is the bottom of my bun I took some of these things, combined 'em, put 'em in the microwave, and got this – I don't think your burger bun holds up to my sweetie buns! – They're Honey Buns, bro

– Honey Buns, whoops Next thing I gotta use over here is some lettuce! So here we go this is lettuce I made earlier I made a couple extra ones, ah still dripping with water! Sorry, I overreacted Remember, this is edible delicious candy wax from this bag! – I need to make my french fries next Collins – Here we go, boom

– That looks weird – Lettuce, added! (laughing) Yeah, that's a move – No! I don't think so – That's a power move right there bro The thing is this is the lettuce to bun ratio you want, man! – Are you sure, dude? I feel like most people take off the lettuce, you know? – Are you kidding me, no one takes off this lettuce man! This lettuce will take you off! – Okay

– So here we go, gonna place it right there Boom, oh, beautiful Gonna add a little bit of ketchup on the top here like this Boom, bam Gonna place another bun on top like this, bam

There we go, you think that's the end of the burger but it's not! – [Devan] I don't really enjoy doing this but I gotta do it for the art, man – You seem like you're turning into me right now – Kind of This is gonna be amazing dude, this is gonna be a potato that I turn into my french fries – That potato looks delicious

Next up here we go, we got some Jell-O This is gonna act as the tomato slices for my burger Gonna get some slices of them tomato here on the top of mine, let's see like this Shoomp? Where'd it go? – Dude, this turned out better than I ever could've hoped! Look at this thing, it's like a potato! – Oh, oh no – Looks like you're havin' some troubles over there bro

– Many – I've got my french fry maker right here, and I'm gonna put a nice little potato in there Here we go, three, two, one – [Collins] You're gonna make french fries? – [Devan] Hopefully – [Youtubers] Aww

– I mean, made little short fries? Yo, let me see, ah my lettuce! – That was a really loud yell in my ear You were like right there! Oh, I mean it kinda worked? – Yeah, I think if you tried it a couple more times you probably would be able to get some long ones – I think so – So right now, it is time for us to finish up our burgers make all the final elements, put 'em together, and then see how they taste so let's do it! We've got the completed candy burgers, and I gotta say man, yours looks spot on realistic bro! – I know, right? – For better or worse, Devan – Wait, what does that mean? – Mine is kinda like the commercial, man

Like it looks absolutely pristine and beautiful So here is the big reveal! – Three, two, oh wait! – If you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word candy to 81800 right now! So pause the video, text the word candy to 81800, and you'll automatically be entered in to win So right now, let's take a look at this – Three, two, one, ta-da! – Look at that man! – Yeah, so good! – [Devan] I think you might-a won this one! – I do too! We've got all the candy food and we are so excited, because it's finally time to find out how they actually taste! We've got our candy pizzas here! – I'm ready! – Lord knows, we added a lot of different stuff to this one, man – [Devan] Yes we did

– Mine is a frog on a log pizza, it's literally a log with a frog on top of it – And mine's a pizza – No creativity, man! – Are you kidding me? – Bland! Uninspired, lack of originality! Completely inadequate! Or, utter creativity and pure inspiration with a frog on a log? It's finally time to see how these things taste – Yes! – So how about this, we go for mine first, you know? – Sure – Really go for the the bang for the– – The worst one

Yeah, go for the worst one first is what I'm hearin', right? – Bang for the buck How about this, you grab a side of the frog, I'll grab a side of the frog, we'll just give him a little pull There we go, oh my gosh! This dude is stringy! I'm gonna pick up my half of the log I'll give you your log, there we go, boom – I don't know if I want all of this, man

This is a lot of log – Trust me, man You gotta bite into that log, dog – Bite into the log, dog! – It's frog on a log, bite into it dog ♪ Frog on a log ♪ ♪ Frog on a log ♪ ♪ Frog on a log ♪ ♪ Bite into it dog ♪ ♪ Bite into the log, dog ♪ Three, two, one! Mm! What? – It's so salty! – That log! – I don't know, man

– Are you kidding me? I am so disappointed man, like I loved every second of that! – Dude, you're spittin' everywhere! I'm like, I am showering in your spit – I think that after we taste yours you're probably gonna go back and say that mine was actually way better than you thought it was – Not a chance, bro – All right, well let's see how this thing tastes – Now it is time for the main event! – Ah, you mean the back up secondary act? – No, no no no

– It's not the main event – All right, I'm gonna try to cut a quick slice here – Okay, do the, whoa! That meld through it really easily – Here we go, three, two, one! – Let's see (yelling) Oh my gosh! – No way! – No way! – Look at that beauty-isness! – Okay you know what, at this point I think I should just forfeit

Like, that was unbelievable! Can we just get like a beauty slow-mo shot of that? Oh, yeah, let's see, mm mm mm – All right, you ready for this? Here we go – Wait wait wait wait, whoa whoa whoa! – What? – What about my piece? – Oh, I almost forgot, I was so excited to eat this – Oh, look at that! Added benefit, double cheese pull, boom! – Three, two, one! (groaning) – Oh my gosh – Everything combines together so well

– Holy cow bro, I'm like going through another dimension! I don't think I've ever said this before about a food, but that was life changing! This pizza just elevated pizza, man! It's that good – Yeah! – It is now time to eat our candy burgers, and the first thing I wanna point out is the lettuce, bro! It's a presence in the room Ultimately, it kinda feels like this, man This is the expectation, like what you see in the commercial And this is reality

– Is reality The hard truth of what a burger really looks like – Exactly, but before we jump into your burger and eat the french fries, I really wanna bust open that bottle of Coca-Cola – Ooh, I'm down! – Because, we are gonna be eating yours first, man – Yes! – We gotta save this luscious lettuce for later

– So you just unscrew the top here, you can see, save of the century, man There ya' go – There we go! – See you got some Skittles on the inside here, so, oh – Whoa whoa whoa, why don't we just break the whole bottle? – Oh, you do the honors! – Three, two, one! (screaming) – Man, that was pretty wild lookin', okay! – I got mine – Here we go, three, two, one! (crunching) – And that's definitely not as sharp as glass, but definitely not soft either

Okay, so next up let's try some french fries – Let's do it – Before we go into the burger – I gotta say, – These are lookin' good – Yeah, are they stretchy at all? – A little bit, yeah, they're a little

Did you just break a fry, bro? Did you just break a fry? – I did not – Are you kidding? Here, take a new fry – Yep, I need a new fry, thank you We'll put that one back there, forget about that – Cheers! – All right, – Three, two, one

– Pretty good Now it's on to the burger – All right, the main event here All right, here we go Are you gonna take a bite of it and then I take a bite of it, is that how we're doing this? – Oh, oh I forgot that you were gonna take a bite, sorry

I was just very excited to eat this thing – How could you forget about me? I'm your brother (sad music) – [Devan] All right, so I'm just gonna cut it in half – Ooh, that slices through nicely! – Three, two, one! – Ta-da! Oh, it's not so great – Are we gonna be all right biting into this thing? – I hope so

– Three, two, one – Bro! – What? – That bun! I put cinnamon on the top, holy cow! – It's like all bun All right, well now it's time to move on to the unanimous winner! – What? – We haven't even eaten it yet and it's already won, man – It's the curiosity – It's a presence

So here we go, we're just gonna go for the slice down I don't think we need to try the french fries, 'cause they're Twizzlers – Yeah, I'll try one, I'll do that – Okay, fine – Delicious

– All right great, so there we go my fries are already better than his – Well, no, they're not unique at all – As you can tell, I don't need to compensate for uniqueness My lettuce! – Lack of effort! Lack of effort, lack of effort – Gonna slice down the top, this is gonna take all sorts of precision

– Look at that Jell-O! – Ah there goes the tomatoes All right, I think I've got it all the way through Here we go, three, – Two, one! – Separate that lettuce! – Oh! – Bam! – How am I gonna eat this, bro? – But I mean look at the inside! Look at those layers of flavor! – This might be the only time I eat a burger with a fork and knife, man – No no no no no no, smush it down – All right sure, I think I can squish it

– All right, so here we go We're gonna go for the bite of the ultimate lettuce burger – This is not a first date burger, bro – Definitely not a first date burger – Three, two, one

– That's actually really good – Whoa! (bouncy music) (cricket chirping) – On a scale of one to wow, how was it? – Wow! So you get to comment – I would say so! – Down below right now if you had to eat one of these burgers, which one would you want to eat? This one! – Yeah! – And right now we're on to the next candy food We've got the eggs benedict, and it is finally time to find out how sweet they taste Because everybody loves breakfast! – [Devan] Let's do yours first! – [Collins] Okay – And let's start with what ever the heck that is on the top of yours, man

– Excuse me? – I don't know what that is – It's the avocado toast – No, what? What is this? – Okay, so I don't fully remember It was kind of a blur as I was making it (shouting) It's like stuck to the plate

– Yeah I think it's all the sauce that we put on the top – Oh, oh my gosh, you wanna? – I got the plate, I got the plate – Whoa, got like a cheese pull All right here we go, – Three, two, one – Oh you put Jell-O in this, I forgot! Okay

– Hey, whoa whoa! – What? – You can't just like have me go and then I stop and then you go, okay? We got to do it together, synchronize – Ready, here we go – Three, two, one – Wow! – Whoa! – It's very light, very airy That's a good job

– Don't swirl it around, it gets really bad (grumbling) – We have done a lot worse – Oh, we have done a lot worse All right, so– – No no no, next it should be mine right? – Your bread next? All right, and then we'll go ah – Compare the bread? – Yeah but I wanna eat that! Okay fine, we'll go for your bread next

– Yeah, let's do the bread next I'm so ready for this man, I am so ready for this – Whoa, I love it! – All right here we go, three! – Dropped a mallow – Two, one! (grumbling) So good! (laughing) You kidding? – So the avocado toast, that goes to Devan That was definitely better

– Thank you – But, it comes down now to the actual main dish, the eggs benedict here, so – Yeah, all right, well let's see how these work – All right here we go, just gonna get a slice down like this And remember man, there's a beautiful peep

It's not really comin' – [Devan] You're basically just moving the plate – [Collins] It's the Peeps! The Peeps are the culprit man! – Peeps are resilient! Yeah, I'll have a whole one – Yeah, take the whole one – Yeah, I'll take the whole one

– Three, two, one! – That's very dry – Whoa – And kinda just like, meh, you know? – This is disappointing – Yeah, not a lot of flavors in this – Yeah, eh

– All right, just gotta set this down – [Collins] Yeah, sorry And so this is, just from what I hear you saying, it's gonna ooze? – It's gonna ooze, bro! I'm so excited for this, bro – I'm along for the ride – Three, two, one! – [Collins] Let's see, just oh man! It's all about your precision right now

Can Devan, with his master knife skills, actually cut into– – Look at that ooze! – That's ooze! You elbowed me in the chin man, ooze! That is A plus quality ooze right there – [Devan] It really kinda looks like yolk – All right, here we go – Three, two, one! – Oh, oh yeah! (shouting) – That is good, man! – Wow – Wow! – It felt like fireworks going off, in my mouth

That was incredible, so you kids comment down below! Who's eggs benedict would you wanna eat, mine or Devan's? If you wanna see another video click right over here, you got five seconds, here we go! – Five, four, three, two, one, done! – Love you, bye!

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