Making FOOD out of CANDY!! Learn How To Make DIY Edible Candy vs Real Food Challenge

– You challenged us to real food into candy food We've got the largest rice krispie treat in the entire world

Right now we're making The first thing we're making is sashimi and sushi (bell dings) – Woohoo! (laughing) – I knew it was going to go into my face – This is going to be a competition right now Yeet! We are going to be battling each other, so to do this we need to break this in half – Wait, what? No we don't

– Yes we do, we need to break this in half – Why? Because we each get a half – Well, yeah Just give a little cut right there for me – All right, hold it up

– Done, done, done, stop Augh! Let the competition, begin! (bell rings) All right – Wait, what are you doing? – I'm grabbing this, bro – We're starting already? All right – Yes, we're starting already, bro

– Well I'm starting with the Rice Krispies, I'm going to cut it like this Really? That's your thing now Isn't it? – Yep All right here we go, we've got to unwrap this – Hmm! We're going to cut this in half now

– It works! – Nope, dude you just bumped me – Woohoo! (laughs) Sorry – (laughing) What are you doing? – I'm distracting the competition – You're not distracting me at all, actually This is, I'm very focused

Kind of (laughing) I'm grinding it out, like I'm pushing it down All right, this is nice I like rolling this – It's now becoming a sushi roll, because he's literally rolling the rice krispie into sushis

– It actually turned out pretty well – See this is now a perimeter around my roll, – It's like a tablet – Yo, it's called the iPad roll Oh, there's gotta be a different color It's kinda ugly

– We've got, as you know the most important part of sushi is the fee-ush – The what? – The fee-ush I got some Swedish fish, yeet! – Jesus Oh no! – You've got to be kidding me – Oh this sticks to it nicely

Ooh I like this – You know my perimeter of greatness is unprecedented in the sushi industry – All right, it is time for me to begin the rolls – Oh that's so cool! Why did I not think of that? Mine's not even a sushi roll, it's like sushimi but just to the max – It's what? – Sushimi, sushimi, soo shee me

– Dude, it's not even close to sushimi – What, you're cutting off a slice of it? – Yeah Gotta cut off all this rice – This is so much fun, I love candy, and the fact that we're actually trying to make, well I'm not, I'm not, I'm doing my best, trying to make real food into candy, this is super cool It's looking more like a burrito roll than it is like a sushi roll

– Uh-uh, trust me, it'll look like a sushi – Bro, I actually might win this round, because this one's looking pretty saucy – Ooh, yeah, this is turning out good Dude, your elbow's literally in my face It is time to cut it, but I don't think this knife is gonna cut it

(rim shot) so I'll be right back – Did you really just say that? (laughs) – [Devon] I did, yep – Hopefully the last, or else you'll have a punishment (trumpet wails sadly) – I'm almost done, I just have to cut these into little pieces – Well mine's almost done as well

All I need to do now is the fee-ush – Dude – That looks really cool – Oh! See the light shines through it and everything – Ooh

The light's shining That's crazy! – Cool – My sushi roll is coming together incredibly right now We've got all the Swedish fish on here, and it's only missing one element Skittles

Yeet! And how about this? You guys get to decide what our sushi rolls are named – Ooh, yes – No, no! I have an idea – What? – I only want to use a certain color scheme because I make awesome things – Ooh, skittles, woo-hoo! – Got grape, I got grape

Yo, my roll is absolutely gorgeous, Devon All right, the big reveal Three, two, one Ta da! (organ plays chord) – Whoa! – This is the chef's special rolls You guys know when you're order at a restaurant, takes a super long time, like an hour? They're creating a masterpiece

Like this – Just to clarify, it's not really a roll, it's more like a cake – So here's how it works You've got wrapping around the outside, the marshmallows are kind of like the rice, and this is the filling within it It's a little abstract, you just have to kinda go with it

– Oh that, oh! – Aaugh! – Oh that's awesome! Wait, uh, oops – I know, I'm from (muddled talking) And now – What is goin' on? – It's time for the super special surprise element You ready for it? – Yeah, I'm ready

– Whoo! – No, no, no, no, You can't do that – Have you seen the fancy restaurants though, bro? – No! Put it down – Now, how else do I heat it up? – Put it down Uh, microwave? – Alright, here we go Gotta transport it very carefully

I'm excited to see this (old-time parlor music) – [Collins] Oh, my gosh! – [Devon] Whoa, wait! – [Collins] What the heck happened? – [Devon] Bro! – [Collins] My beauty! It's been destroyed, looks like a beast! It's gone from beauty to the beast! Man, how did we do this? So, let's do this, Devon You grab down here – [Devon] No, I'm not involved in this This is your masterpiece

– [Collins] How do I get it off? Boom! – [Devon] Whoa! – There it is, my sushi masterpiece – That's interesting – Yeah, yeah, that did not according to plan, and Devon, I heard in the meantime you were making your own other piece of sushi? – I did, and this is what it looks like – [Collins] That looks so close! – I know! – That's incredible – Yup, it's pretty close

I actually mixed Starburst together, all the orange ones – This is the part of the video where we taste test our candy sushi I am so excited to see what this crazy thing tastes like, and actually, we're gonna be doing that at the end of the video, because we are locked in a heavy competition right now, and you get to vote who won the first round, so comment down below Did my sushi win, or Devon's sushi win? – And when making your decision, take into account the presentation, the way it is presented on the plate – Or don't! That's cool, too

– Just something to think about – What, don't even need to worry about that We're making the pasta with the meatballs in the spaghetti sauce I am so excited about this – I can't wait

– How does one open this? – Dude, really? – Yeet! – I did it perfectly – How did, the heck is that? Alright, here we go three, two, one Oh! That's awesome! Yo, be careful with that, okay? – [Devon] Alright – That's like super, super, super dangerous

Like, you might actually get really injured doing that, Devon – [Narrator] Meanwhile – Dude, what are you doing? That is not, that's way more unsafe than what I'm doing

– It's a sausage – [Devon] Dude, what are you doing? – [Collins] Ta da! – It's like a cheese stick – And done Alright, so my bowl of pasta's fully made – Wait, how did you finish? What? – Bro, it was taking way too long, and look at you

You're only on the first string How many of those do you even need to fill up an entire bowl? – Yeah, you know what? I'm just gonna do that – That's the way to go – I'm done with this, although this would have looked really cool if I had more time – The next step, my favorite one, time to sauce it! You gotta mix up your jam first

– Oh, yeah You gotta do that, that's the jam – That's the jam Time to sauce my pasta Ooh! Now, I got to up my ummy! Ah! – Whoa! – Oh, they broken open! One of em broke open, dude! Oh, no! – I just had a genius idea

Instead of just putting them in normal and basic like Collins did, you can actually pull them out into longer strands Whoops, if you don't break it – Alright, so we're gonna pop this in here Boom! There we go, meatball's complete – Whoo! – Oh, geesh! You almost hit me in the face

You gotta watch your noodle, Devon! This final step, to me, is what really takes this to the next level, because you know, on every pasta, you gotta have some cheese – Yup – This here is some beautiful white chocolate Here we go, time to cheese, or in this case, chocolate my pasta Ooh, that's so satisfying! – [Devon] Whoa! – [Collins] Yo! – [Devon] That looks so good! – I'm like in the restaurant when they're like, "Tell me when to stop

" In this case, I would be like, – I want them to do this on all pasta – [Collins] There we go, my bowl is done This looks bomb – [Devon] See, I went really light on the sauce because you took a lot of sauce – Yeah, yeah, I did

– Ooh! – Bro, I've got a Twizzler mustache Yo, that's awesome! Dude, you have like cheese all over yourself now, or chocolate all over yourself – No problem It's for later Mine is all cheese

– Why not just put a slab of chocolate in there? – Well, I was already gonna do that See, mines is gonna be more delicious to eat than yours is, because it comes with this chocolate on the side just like that piece of bread, you know, that comes with it sometimes Alright, well again, we're eating this at the end of the video Right now, you guys get to vote down below, who won this round of the candy pasta, and right now, on to the next one You love em, we love em, we're making candy tacos! We got pancakes to act as the tor-till-as

– Yup, otherwise known as tortillas – Tor-till-as This is so clever We have jelly beans as real beans There we go, we got my beans

Let me open this – Oh! – Not again! – Really? – This one's super cool because for the guacamole, everyone loves guac, everyone knows guac is extra, but for this one, guac is not extra Only my enthusiasm for the guac is extra Nope, candy corn's inside there Yeet! – Nice

You should've caught it in your mouth – Oh! This is called the candy corn trick shot challenge – Yeah! – Wait, why'd you spit it out? – Cause I wanna catch it on my spoon, but then I didn't So, this will give me the guacamole To make the guacamole– – I thought you just slammed that on the table

What? – I missed the bowl! Next up is adding the food coloring Be very careful, cause I feel like you're gonna get this everywhere Why don't we puncture it with a candy corn – Yeah, that's not gonna work – [Collins] Put it on the table

Oh! Dude! – [Devon] It actually worked – [Collins] It's so sharp! Alright, here we go So, now we're gonna add the green food coloring, and make some guacamole – [Collins] Whoa, that was way too much – Yup

Oh! Dude! – Oh, yeah! – Yeah! When I whip it through the top, white came together, man, and there's a glob on the table Let's cop that real quick Oh, no, it's gonna spread around me Make your mess Yup, move the table

– [Narrator] Twenty minutes later – [Collins] Yup, yup, yup Boom! – Alright, so we're gonna use these red Starburst

There's tomato, another tomato, another tomato, Kobe! Ooh, nailed it! – I think these are the only types of onions that will not make your breath smell bad – Or make you cry – A drizzle of guac Ooh, okay That's interesting

There's like the salsa Jelly as salsa's awesome Whipped cream as sour cream – Whoa, that was way too much! Might wanna rethink that – It's really startin' to turn into a pancake a little bit, and then, of course gotta spritz it with some cheese, I mean coconut

– [Devon] I gotta add a little bit of salsa – Dude, I cannot wait any longer I've got to eat this right now So, for the rest of candies, we'll eat those at the end of the video, but right now, we are eating this taco, so let's pick this thing up – [Devon] Alright, let's do it

– Ooh, oh! Yo, my taco is jam-packed! Alright, bout to take a bite of this three, two, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait First, we've got a challenge We wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notifications, and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds You ready for this? 7, 6, 5, 4, three, two, one, done

If you can do that, comment down below "keyper squad" right now, and Devon, you ready to take a bite? – I'm so ready – Cheers, cheers for the tacos – Alright – three, two, one Mmm

– So good – Oh, my god – Oh, my goodness – Mhm! – I don't even wanna swallow this It's so delicious

I wanna chew it forever Mmm Alright, guys Comment down below who won this round We're gonna eat the rest of the candy at the end of the video, but right now, I'm gonna eat the rest of this, and we're on to the next round

– I'm the burger – And I'm the bun, and today, we're making candy hamburgers, but right now, the competition heats up These are actually the buns for our burger You're gonna need a super sharp knife, gonna cut mine in half – [Devon] So, be careful

Next up, we got the burger, or the patty – Then, it's going to be the lettuce because this is some healthy lookin' lettuce, am I right? Next step, tomatoes, which is gonna be these cherry Airheads – And I'm going– – Cheese? – Yeah! This is cheese! – Oh, that's a great idea I'm getting my tomatoes on Boom, there we go

Alright, comin' together nicely Ooh, ketchup So, I can use this as ketchup I think it's like frosting filling right now, so I'm just gonna kinda drizzle this onto the top Eww, there's a hair! There's a hair! Contamination! Man, these brownies are tough to cut

This is the double cheese special, so you fold the Starburst in half That's like twice the cheese – So you fold it in half, and it's twice the cheese Walk me through the math real quick on how that works – Bacon! – Cause this looks more like bacon that lettuce

And this is where I win, cause see, my cheese is melting around my burger And I'm goin' for a double decker burger The finishing touch for the burger, a slight sprinkle It actually sticks! Ooh, that looks so good! – [Devon] That's so neat! – Dude, mine's gonna have a little toothpick crown, cause the other thing about a candy burger, man, you know when you just leave food in the fridge, and then, your family members eat it, or someone else eats it? That's not fun This is how you protect it

– [Devon] Yuck – [Collins] Thieves are comin' out – I'm grabbin' some of this – [Collins] Bro, look at that garnish on the top, bro Oh! – This actually works

You're a little bit too excited about that, bro Oh! Almost forgot one thing! – What? – I almost forgot the ketchup Alright, I gotta do this right and precise – The big reveal, three, two, one Boom! – Whoa! – I cannot wait to eat this, but we have one final round left, so right now, comment down below who you think won

No! – I was about to say, it looks like it's about to fall over any second and it did The Rice Krispies treats are back – Whoa, guys, this is the final round before we eat all the different candy foods, and for this one, we are making chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and vegetables Pop it open, Devon, and this was suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the Week Shout to you, and if you wanna be shouted out as the Instagram Keyper of the Week, check the description down below to find out how

Are you tearing it open? – Yup – Whoa! First step first for the chicken nuggets, gotta take off little pieces here, and then, we're gonna kind of like mold em into the chicken nuggets shape – Alright, there's my chicken nugget Looking good – Oh, man, this is so much

It's so satisfying to just crunch the Rice Krispies treats, man – I know It really is nice If you get a chance, I'd recommend it Gotta squish em more

That's not nuggety Now, the largest chicken nugget of all time Here, Devon, you push from that side, I'll push from this side – Alright, you ready? – On the count of three – Two, one

– Next step, we have to add the bread coating to our chicken nuggets, and we keep using corn flakes – Oh, there he goes There you go – Oh, that's a great idea! – [Devon] No, no, smack it! Just throw it around! Yeet! Ready? – [Collins] Alright! – [Devon] Ready? You get it? – Yeet! We're gonna put a hole in the ceiling Yeet! Wait, how'd it come out of the bag? – [Devon] I don't know

– Alright, there we go I think we definitely pulverized this thing to the max Here we go We're gonna put it in here – [Devon] Now, we dump these in there

Get the powder on em That actually looks like one – [Collins] Dude, it literally is looking like a chicken nugget now – [Devon] That looks like a chicken nugget – I wonder if there's like legit a process for trying to break, well, I'm sure there is, for like actually trying to bread chicken nuggets

– I'm sure there is – [Collins] Oh, that works! Hey! There we go! Breaded – What happened to this one? It's so small? – Hey, never judge a nugget by the size of its nuggetness There we go, boom – Alright, get out of here

– Got some Laffy Taffies to represent vegetables, cause, I mean they're practically the same thing – Eat your Laffy Taffies, kids That's what they say – I'm gonna make mine look like green beans, cause personally, I'm not a big fan of green beans, but I like these green beans I've got the longest green beans in all the green bean land

– [Devon] Cut it up into slices – Broccoli's got a whole bunch of little like holes on it Bam, broccoli! Don't judge it Don't even look at it It's just not on the plate

See, I'm not gonna be picky about my colors, because vegetables come in all colors, even pink – Which one's that? – A beet root – A what? – A beet root! That's a pink vegetable Alright, fair enough – Alright, here we go

Now, it's time for my ice cream, which is going to act as the mashed potatoes There's so much sugar on one plate It's awesome Dope! Alright Ooh! (mumbles) Dude, what if you dipped the nugget in the ice cream? – You should try it! – [Collins] Ooh, that actually looks pretty darn good

– [Devon] Alright, gotta get it to look like mashed potatoes – I cannot say how excited I am to eat this right now, and this is the final round, so you guys comment down below who won this round, and who won all of the rounds, and how we're gonna do this, we're gonna start this taste test at the beginning, which is the sushi, and then work our way all the way to tasting this one right here, so let's eat some candy sushi Got some chopsticks right here to be able to eat my piece of sushi – Your piece? You're gonna grab this whole thing with one chopstick? – [Collins] Yup – I really wanna try one of these

I wanna try one of the rolls This looks really good Oh! Look at that, so good! – You are very skilled with your chopsticks – What? Oh, yes, of course, of course – Don't touch my, stop touching my mellows

– Mellow out, dude Alright, here we go – [Collins] You looked so funny when you ate that How is it? He's speechless I gotta see what this is like

– Oh, really? – I couldn't talk That was much cleaner I really wanna try this, though Mm! – That's good? – Mhm – What's delicious, it's a fruit rollup around it, adds a whole nother like flavor, and the texture, just like the crunchiness, ooh! There's only one way to eat this, and that is to abandon tradition of the chopsticks, and go for the chop hands

– What's that? – Just two hands This is nuts – [Devon] It's all falling apart – I can tell This is quite honestly the most legendary piece of sushi I've ever seen in my entire life

– It's like a plate of assorted sushi – Yeah, exactly Get some Swedish fish and some coconut Gonna get all the different salmon eggs on top of this coconut – Why? I wanted some of those! – There we go, like that, and then, a marshmallow to top it off

It's just a piece of the masterpiece, literally – How is it? – It's good, but like, – Oh, really? – Fish eggs at a sushi restaurant are called roe, so I call this one here the rainbow roe – That's so cool! – That was delicious! Alright! Now, it's time to take the next one, which is the pasta Just from a visual perspective, I think these pastas turned out the best out of all of em, and I'm so excited to see if they taste as good as they look I think you just gotta like, stick it in, try to get some noodles on there

You almost elbowed me in the face – I'm sorry! – I got noodles, I got some of the chocolate on top, and then I got meatball as well – Got a meatball – Alright, three– – Two – I'm gonna get this all over my face

One Mm! That did not taste at all what I thought it was going to taste like, because the jelly is like the first taste that hits you, and it's just like, mm! It's so good, and then, like the Twizzlers add this whole like texture to what's going on – And the chocolate balls actually have some salt, so it actually had a little bit of salt in there, which was really, really good – It was creme on the inside, and you could just taste it, like the hint of white chocolate on it I don't know if it's just me being like hyper from the sugar or just so excited about this food, but that was delicious, and now, we're on to the next one

It's time to eat some tacos Oh, we already ate the tacos The next one, we've already eaten the tacos, so we're skippin' over that one, and now, it's time to eat the burger – [Devon] Bro, what happened to your burger? – Well, while it was sittin' over there, it fell over, apparently wasn't structurally sound enough I'm just gonna pick it up, get it back on its buns again

– Yup – Alright So, let's do this We're first gonna eat the french fries – Oh, okay

– And see how these taste Let's see if they're crunchy and delicious – Mm, they're soft and cloudy – It tastes like what it was, which was a loaf, but it tastes delicious, though The most sugary French fry ever

And now, it's time to try to eat the burger There's no way I can fit this in my mouth I don't know how I'm gonna get this – I know, that's the disappointment of your burger – Oh, I know how it works

You can press it, cause they're all like parts – [Devon] But the brownie doesn't compress – Yeah, the brownie's pretty tough Let's give it a shot, you ready? – Alright, I'm ready! – Three, two, one Mhm! – It's stuck to my teeth! – Whoa! This one did not work, because the Airhead, they didn't allow you to bite or chew at all, so you had this super chewy cupcakes and all the other stuff, and then, you couldn't bite through the Laffy Taffy

– They look so good, though! – It didn't really taste that good – Yeah, it was also the bread mixed with the taffy, too Ugh! – Yeah, it was ugh It was not so good So, hopefully, the final one, which is the chicken nuggets, is gonna be a lot better, but this one, man, I'm a little bit disappointed

Like, it's still sugar, so it still tastes good, but like– – It looks good, so– – Definitely the weakest combination of em all – Yup – This is it, the final candy food We got chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, kind of, and we want you guys to comment what is your favorite food that we should turn into a candy version next So, comment that down below right now, and I am so excited to eat this, so I'm gonna pick up a chicken nugget

I'm just gonna dip it in the mashed potatoes – Mashed potatoes – And we're gonna put a little bit of vegetables on it – [Devon] Oh, that's a good idea – [Collins] Ooh

The ultimate trifecta right here – Looking good – You ready? – Yeah, I'm ready – Three, two, one Ow

– Mmm! – Ow! Ow! It's hard – This is so good! – Ow, ow, ow Corn flakes makes it so sharp they were hurtin' me, like I was biting into it They were not broken up, but guys, if you wanna see another video, click right over here, and we dare ya right now Click right over here, five seconds

Here we go Five, four, three, two, one, done That last one was absolutely delicious once I got over the fact that the corn flakes were bitin' into my mouth – I didn't have that problem – But yeah, love you guys

We'll see you guys again soon, bye!

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