Making CANDY out of SQUISHY FOOD!!! *JELLO WATERMELON* Learn How To DIY Squishies Food Challenge

– Squishy! – Oh my gosh! – Ooh, what! – When you challenge us to mold squishy foods into candies and right now we're kicking it off with the bags of mystery Oh my gosh! Devin choose your mystery squishy

– I'll take this one – Okay, what did you get? – Whoa, I got popcorn – You can't use paper, that's not edible Devin – Yeah, this is edible paper, bro – Whoa! Oh my gosh! – That's really not

– Ahh – It's actually kinda sharp – It hurts my lip! – That's a lot of Airheads Lick it and stick it! – I'm gonna make my entire popcorn container out of edible paper – Dude, this is gonna be so tough

How do you do this? – Oops! – Oh, no! What are you doing? (laughing) You missed the marks so much – (coughs) Dude, they're so dry The reason I'm doing this is because these are my binding ingredients Oh man Ooh that's not good, bro

Stop! – Get off my finger, you're not welcome here! Shmellos! – These things are like hard to deal with, bro I'm like having to smoosh these together but they're some coating on them so they don't want to So they're just sliding around like that – You, you almost hit my shmello line Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh yeah! So now the moment of truth

I gotta kind of roll this over and then attach the line Bam! Hand inside, shmoosh! The shmellos! Squeesh! Oh yeah, boy! Haha! Dude, I'm so excited, it really worked – Did it actually work? – Yes! – Wow – Alright, so, I'm gonna use a Kit Kats as the bottom of my shmello thing I'm gonna place it like that

Ooh, ooh – There is no popcorn container that is that long and that tall – That's why I have scissors! – Oh man, oh man, oh, this better not ruin my entire operation (screeches) Oh, yes, yes! Lots of yeses (claps) – I have the brilliant idea of wrapping this

Nope – Here is where I turn into Devin the artist because I have to now color in my paper to make it look red – Nice! – Hahaha! Sweet! The lines are getting progressively worse and worse as I keep going – Ahh! – My thumbs have never gotten a better work out in my life – Bam, there we go

It's a little raggedy but you get the point I'm on to the final step So it starts off with marshmallows to kind of like seal it in place – Ooh! bro, the cup's almost done – Yeah, it's gonna taste so good

And finally, the yellow Skittles to add as the buttered popcorn Yo, my marshmallows, they may not work They may not stay – It's busting at the seams! – Okay, quickly, quickly, quickly Ahh! – No! (claps) Yes! I think I'm gonna win this

– I thought I had it too it was so close and then it just (dog howls) – That did not hold at all – Well, it, uh, ah – Alright it's time Bro, what are you doing? – Well, I'm just helping

I love marshmallows, I just want to help! – This is my moment – I think you're gonna want to put some of these in there – Really, dude? I know how to do this – Now we get to eat these and see how they taste Man, this has got paper and marker on it

So we'll see and you guys comment down below who won this round But, here we go Are you ready, Devin? – [Both] Three, two, one (candy clattering) – Aww – Ahh (inaudible)

– Whoa! (claps) It's so good – This is good, too – It's stuck to my teeth though – Alright guys, we're on to the next round Woo woo

This is so good man – Wha! – Alright Collins, your turn to pick the squishy – A very special technique It's called the claw One, two

This one And this is how you open it Ooh! My gosh! Well, it's back! Ice cream! Dude! – Bro! – Squishy ice cream! Before this guys we actually got some giant Rice Krispy Treats for the cone Right now, here we, ow! Watch, we go one, two, three (screaming) – My ear hurts really bad

– Sorry, bro Yeet! And now, I need to slice and dice because I gotta create myself Woo! If you didn't know, I get startled and scared really easy and that's why I do not watch scary movies, ever – Oh cool, we got the pink here and I gotta mold it into a circle Alright, first scoop done

Looking pretty good, right? – Oh my gosh, this is very difficult I think I need more Krispy Treat Instead of a cone I have created a ball – Okay Ah, it's so fluffy

Mmm – Is it good? – Oh, bro – Dude, this stuff feels nice So I'm gonna try, to like, put this here I think I've ruined the fluffiness of it

I didn't know you could ruin the fluffiness I ruined the fluffiness of it Dude, pop this on top like that – You know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna lick my finger and then, hopefully, it'll stick it to the other one 'cause right now it just, it falls off – My finger tastes really good

– Alright, it's done Wait, what's the purpose of that? Sprinkles! It's like a cupcake, not ice cream, bro – Mine has a little bit of hair on it, dude Look at that It's like a little, woo! – So we're gonna be eating these at the end of the video

So comment down below who won this round The next one we're gonna make is gonna be crazy Devin – Yeah? – Select a bag! – Alright it is a whoa! It's a watermelon, bro! – Step one we gotta heat up this pot with some water As the water's boiling, right now it's time to chop this watermelon in half

(knife slices) – Ooh! Snap, that actually worked! We're gonna do a little race Whoever carves it out first wins (high speed audio) (cheerful piano music) I think we're good That's it, that's done What I don't understand is how I cleared out so much more watermelon than you did

The next step is where this whole thing starts to get cool but first, we gotta finish the clear out, I guess (slurps) Oh my gosh That is so good Okay, time to add in the water right now, Devin – I got my makeshift mitts

I gotta be very careful Make sure no steam – Oh my gosh, you splashed it, Devin! – I'm doing the best I can, bro Is that enough? – You want to do all of it, Devin And right over here, guys, we've got the gelatin

So, this is what's gonna turn it into the gel So, I'm only gonna add a little bit at a time Probably way too much If I've learned one thing, it's that I have terrible Jell-O control – Jell-O control

– Oh, gosh, this smells terrible Oh, man! – And the thing is, we don't want any watermelon – No – So Devin, you're actually gonna pulverize that and we're gonna add that to the Jell-O coming up here in a little bit So first, oh! Way too much! Way way way too much! And now we continue to mix

– [Spongebob Narrator] – I like my job This is fun – Aright, here we go, the final amount Boom! – Whoa! Isn't that way too much at one time? – Devin, I am a master mixer! – So, weren't you the one to just say that you have terrible Jell-O control? (swoosh) – Believe what you want Alright, now it is time to add the watermelon flavor – Now we gotta break down all the pieces of watermelon

(magic chimes) Now we got it all melted down we gotta add back here – It's all you, bro, all you – Three – Better not spill it on me Two, I know, one! – Oh! no, no, no, no! (slow motion yelling) Hot! – I'm so sorry bro! (beep) Well, let's just say that did not go according to plan

– No – But now, we got the watermelon in here Go for it Go for it – I'm doing it

I'm going for it, Collins – Yo, that thing is really cool Next step we gotta pop this thing in the fridge We have to wait a little bit Right now, let's make it cold

(magic chimes) – Yo! That is so good – It's watermelon flavored Jell-O, too – Alright, here's how the slice works You ready? (claps) (knife slices) Yo, that actually worked! Holy cow this looks amazing! – I can't wait to eat this – Dude, this is gonna be the most delicious thing of all time! Okay, you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one

Wait, first, five second subscribe challenge! We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Alright, ya ready? Here we go – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one, done! – If you can do that, comment down below, keeper squad, right now Let's see how this thing tastes Ya ready? – Yeah, I'm ready

– Cheers! – Alright (gushing) – Whoa! Dude, next one Let's go – Alright Collins, your turn to pick your squishy – I'm going to do the claw again

– Aw no – Three, two, one Ah, the claw is broken – Yeah, it must be Yeah! – Okay, let's see what we're gonna do

– Oh, it's a cactus – I was like, what is that? – It is adorable – It's so squishy Well guys, this is gonna be a candy, spineless porcupine (buzzer) Cactus

– I'm sorry, wrong spikey thing – Let's go, we're gonna use these – You don't need to do it more than once (whoosh) (laughter) Alright guys, so here we go Alright

– Whoa, what are you doing? – I can't hear you man, I'm blocking out the haters Ow! There's a really weird echo in your ears man It like magnifies the sound Yo, I remember these! Dude, they are super sour I do not like these

Listen to this (clacking) – You're gonna break the table, bro – Shatter a tooth Alright so this, the first thing Let's see if it'll even fit

(clack) – Well, not when you do it like that! – It's just (clacking) – Bro (clack) Alright, this is how you do it, Collins Gently, and then press – Ooh no! (glass shattering) – I think it broke! – It literally burst in half

– So basically you crumble these up and put them into the cup – Or you're cool and have a legit actual little rocks you can pour into this Alright, now we gotta Laffy Taffy You gotta make a pink little bow that looks just like a spiral – Or just a mush

– Ta-da! It looks like a hat What did you do? – It's like a cowboy hat, perfect It's got the googly eyes – Alright, I have completed the pebble stage of my journey and I'm gonna take these macaroons and kinda stick 'em together Aww, I feel like it's gonna fall apart any second

Alright, got two eyes on there It's looking good How is it looking? I realize (gasping) – And you mess it up like that – No, my masterpiece – Well, I think that I totally won this round

Like completely – Well, yeah, 'cause yours was the only option, not because it's far superior – I don't actually want to eat my cactus because it is sour and I do not like sour things So you get to comment down below who won this round and we're on to the next one (swoosh) So Devin choose your next mystery squishy cause we're coming down to the finale

– This one, it is this! (bell ring) – Dude, Narwhals they're, wait, they're what? – Narwhals They're so cute – You don't know what a narwhal is? – I have no idea what a narwhal is – Dude and they're so squishy, oh my gosh So right now, Devin, the competition heats up

(squeak) And time to make an edible narwhal out of candy So here we go, I'm gonna use these blue marshmallows to construct – Oh, there's cake here Oh no, this is gonna be so messy Oh! – Why are you using? – Oh, this does not feel good

That is a terrible idea This is bringing back memories from the cupcake Challenge – I know Yo, we should do another one of those

– This doesn't work at all Bro, like, what is going on – Yo, my narwhals look more like a car right now than an actual narwhal, but you'll see how it turns out, this is really good – Alright, this may not look like anything at the moment but trust me – That looks like literally nothing to me right now, Devin

It looks like failure (claps) – Alright, time to grab this cotton candy and I gotta smoosh it – That's actually really smart – Thank you – But I still think I'm gonna win this round due to my pure engineering ingenuity

Boom, another narwhal eye, and then you just gotta add, ya know, a big happy grin Uh oh, it like lost its grin It's like yeah, grunt One part of the mouth just dropped Oh, oh, oh, and I almost forgot the most important part of any narwhal, its horn! Wait, look at that

Don't tell me it's disproportionate There is my narwhal's horn Ya know what? It needs a final touch to it Probably not gonna stay up Worked for a second

– Alright, well, there is it's two eyes – It looks like Jabba the Hutt – It kinda does (laughs), ooh! – I want to improve your narwhal – You better not mess this up Are those eyebrows? – You have a banana brow

(laughing) (clapping) – That's hilarious, nicely done, bro, nicely done – I shouldn't, I'm not gonna high five that hand (laughs) It's got no mouth, it's like, I'm a narwhal! – I was just noticing how small the mouth is on here, so – Mine's the opposite Mine's like mwah! – And done

(ping) – I gotta be careful when I eat this one because there's a lot of toothpicks in it so you get to comment on it down below, right now, which narwhal won, and we are on to the finale and it all comes down to this – Alright Collins – Here's one Okay, great, let's see what we got Okay

A bread! (buzzer) A sandwich So this seems like the sweetest sandwich of all times but first I gotta squish it and then, yeet! Ow! (goofy howl) (thud) Ow, there we go Snapped it in half It's like a butterfly, like, woo So I guess I don't know how we're gonna do this

I'm gonna make a design, what are you doing? – I'm making it square! – Alright we'll get the jelly on there Uh oh, this thing is gonna leak off of the side – Oh, you're not in time now Our table is gonna be stained – Peanut butter or should we say caramel on the other side

Yeah, it doesn't look nearly as thick as peanut butter does – So, I guess, ya know, we just get to put blueberries – What? – On there, these are blueberries – Ah, okay – Nothing like having the earthy taste of some gravel

– Who wants that? – Put some narwhals horns This sandwich would be amazing to eat, cause it's literally just straight candy – It looks like it would be really difficult and crunchy and you got all these pokey things – Dude, stop hating on me Woo, Oh yeah man! Make a banana sandwich

– Ooh! – This smells like a banana A healthy banana on your sandwich Yo, we got tiny little bananas – Bro – I'm gonna border them, boom, around the edges – Ooh, gonna use some of these, too, bro

Oh yeah! – Nice! – It's like a spaghetti sandwich – Spaghet! – Alright, next up, I'm gonna add some of these bananas Gotta shake them up – You don't shake the bananas – Yes, you do! – Ooh, that actually looks really satisfying

– That looks really cool And next I'm gonna add some of these graham crackers It is time to put the top on my sandwich – But before we do that, we gotta eat all the other squishy candies that we made and then we're gonna be eating this sandwich so comment down below on who won, but right now let's eat some candy So this one right here we got our ice cream

In my case it's like a bowl with a birds nest with some eggs – Oh I see it, I see it – Yup, so here we go (laughing) – Nice, I'm not even gonna help you, just let you flounder How's the combo? – Weird

I think if you don't like weird flavor 'cause they don't taste that good It's like the Bean Boozled challenge like man whoo! – I'm going for mine – Oh yeah – Oh, tastes fabulous – Holy cow! – Wooh, this combo

– Is it good? – Mmm Bro, this is good (laughs) – So how we're gonna do this, Devin, I do not wanna have to eat the sour ones Gonna do rock paper scissors – I don't either

Best out of three has to eat this – [Both] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! – Nah! (buzzer) – [Both] Rock paper scissors, shoot (buzzer) – Yeah! (yelling) – Three, two, one – You can't just eat the Laffy Taffy, no no no! – Oh, so bad! (tone) Ugh! – Dude, your tongue is getting, like, green – Ugh! – Oh my gosh

– Yeah, it's pretty sour – And can't forget, of course, the rocks – I'll take it – And now it's time to eat the narwhal So I'm gonna eat mine first, hopefully I don't get a toothpick to the top of the mouth

(laughs) Got a little bit Tastes exactly the way I thought it would taste (laughs) And I guess now I'm just gonna have to pick up my whole narwhal, except for the bottom half of it I do not know – Wait

That was, like, his mouth He was like nom, nom, nom – Yo, yo, we should feed my narwhal (shouting) – He's like a cookie monster narwhal! I'm so nervous for you I don't, what are you doing? Dude, you're supposed to eat this? (chuckles) Dude, careful

– Thank you – So I don't even know how I'm gonna pick this up, dude I'm gonna scoop it Oh, no, no, no, no, the face is just splitting in, (shouting) oh no! I'm so sorry Oh, alright, here we go! – Yo! – Oh, (moans) oh

– You even got cotton candy on there! Alright, so time to eat these sandwiches! Let's see if I can get this up – It's like a taco, bro – Oh, snap, how do I get this up? – I got it! – Dude! – Yo – Bra – Oh no! – Alright, you ready for the bite? – I'm so ready, dude! – This is crazy! – Look at this! – Three, two, one, go! All I got was Rice Krispy

What? – Oh, it's so good! – Click on subscribe right now! – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one – Alright, we love you guys, bye!

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