– What's up guys it's Collins Key and for today's video I'm actually gonna be showing and teaching you an easy life hack with a dollar bill So all you have to do is grab a dollar bill and follow along, just take your bill, you're just gonna wanna fold it up just like this and I guess the easiest way to describe it, you're just gonna fold it into a little tiny packet

And now all you have to do with this packet is just take it and twist it, and that activates the money hack So check this out, now when you unfold this bill, it's gonna blow your mind Actually I figured this out a little while ago, it's my favorite thing to do, it freaks people out Watch (snapping) Done

Looks kinda crazy right, now let's make it even crazier, watch (snapping) It's all it takes Just like that, I want you to look at this, there's no tape, there's no glue or anything on this bill So if this video blew your mind, make sure you share it with all of your friends and give this video a big thumbs up, if you guys want me to do even more crazy life hack And also comment down below, what other random object should I do life hacks with, and make sure you guys are subscribed to this channel because as you know, there's new videos coming out each and every single Thursday, I'm Collins Key, see you guys again soon, bye


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