(upbeat music) – So are we like, sure this is the right place? – I think so, 'cause like basically everyone figured out that, in the first keyhole you could see these different wrestling ropes And then from there, there was a profile tag that brought them to another profile, and then that one was a whole bunch of different luchador masks

And then from that profile there was another hidden tag, and then it brought them to this pic right here Basically, it's a lucha libre fight in Boyle Heights – It's okay, I'll protect you – Just in case anything happens, this is my location, avenge my death! – You'll be fine (laughs) – That's a good one! – It's after five Collins, boundaries, remember? – No, I don't know, no I should

– No, you shouldn't – No we should walk – Thank you Bye – Door number one, I think that's an Instagram account

– It smells like pee – You guys, it's a video! She's probably in here, come on! – I don't think, okay dude – Come on she's probably in here, come on! – Alright, Jacob, don't leave me, come on! (cheering) Is this what you had in mind? (heavy metal music) – [Mystery Girl] I used to fight with myself Do this, say that, be this person, not that one I was putting on a show, a spectacle

Fighting to hide who I really was But, in a fight, someone has to lose And when you're fighting yourself, it's always gonna be you So I stopped fighting and started living You should too, come find me! You're getting closer! (groans) (yells in foreign language) – What is he saying? – Light version, I don't think he likes you on your phone

(shocked yelling) – I'm sorry, wait, wait, wait, check this out! (astonished gasps) (loud cheering) (upbeat pop music) – Oh my god, let's leave! – What happened? – I just hit on a wrestler in front of his wife! (laughs) – [Collins] Oh my gosh! – If you guys need me, I will be in the bathroom, drowning myself in the toilet, okay? – [Carla] Okay – So, please, move! – Should we go now? – No, let's give him a minute – Alright In the meantime, may I have this dance? – Dude Okay

(soft upbeat music) (beep)

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