– And everything else that comes with the holidays Oh my god! Santa almost died

That was close (upbeat Jingle Bells tune) What's up guys? It's Collins Key and welcome to my new holiday video One of my favorite things about the holidays is being able to spend so much time with my family So for today's video appearing right here in front of our awesome Christmas tree please welcome Devin Key – (ninja shouting) – Hey, whoa, whoa

Ow! Okay, you're done Get out of my video Yeah, that was fun, okay – (ninja shouting) – Okay, I'm taking this away from you Since this is the holidays, I made my very own holiday challenge, it's called the Human Gift Wrapping Challenge

It's really fun, but basically we're each gonna have a minute and half to wrap each other like a gift This is so hard to do an intro on this (shattering sound) – Turn it up, oh, yeey – (whipping sound) – Let's get started with the challenge – (ninja shouting) – For the challenge, since Devin is the guest on my channel Key, he'll have the honor and he can go first

Three, two, go (speaking in fast forward) (fast banjo music) – No, no, no – What? – I know what you're gonna Ah man! (fast forward speaking) Oh no! (fast forward speaking) – I think it's been a minute Since he's wrapped up and completely – Yeah, this is great, this is great

Great fun, great fun, great fun – Completely defenseless, one bow there, one there, one there, and one there – Help, Santa, immediately – (Ninja sounds) – (Screams) (fast banjo music) The bonus challenge within the challenge, how fast can I escape from the wrapping? Yeah! – While Devin is hitting him – Oh, dude, why? Ow! This is actually not fun

Ow Okay – (Ninja screams) (wrapping paper crinkling) – Yay – That was round one of the Human Wrapping Challenge Now it's my turn to make him look like a human present

Three, two, one, go – Can I resist at all? – No, dude, you're supposed to help me (fast forward speaking) (fast banjo music) (tape pulling sound) (fast forward speaking and yelling) – Notice the nice corset right here to really accentuate his tuckus His tuckus is nicely accentuated (fast banjo music) – Woo! Yeah! – No! – Yo

What the? Ow Holy cow, you're dangerous My corset of power is working My corset of power is working – Ah! – And (claps), ta-da! All right, and that is the Human Gift Wrapping Challenge

And if guys'd love to find Devin and I underneath your Christmas tree let us know by liking this video And also I want you guys to comment down below, what was your favorite thing you got for Christmas? And if this video made you laugh or smile, be sure to share it with all of your friends Devin's social media links are all in the description down below, so you should go follow him Also don't forget, of course, subscribe to this channel I'll see you guys again next week

Peace (wrapping paper crinkling) (upbeat Jingle Bells) That part was so stupid (laughs) (wrapping paper crinkling)

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