– [Collins] He's bending it Dude, he going to mend it

This is Hayes magic right here – What you got? – [Guy] Hayes Magic 20, let's see – [All] Oh! – [Collins] It's still ripped How'd he do it? (beep) – Stop

– Right here? – Yeah – Take it Take a look at that card Show it to the camera (laughter) Four of hearts right here

– Yeah – Four goes in the middle Push it in Push it in Push in that five

(snap) And snap, look what jumps on top You ready for this? I'm going to blow your mind – It was a five – Okay, okay, jk Bam

Did I get it? Two, okay take it Um (laughter) – Sorry So I'm getting a little bit nervous, screw this Hold out your hand, man

Okay I'll use your hand Hold it a little bit lower What was it, five of hearts? Right? See we go through Five of hearts, okay I missed it by a lot

What if I told you I can fix this? – Fix it – Watch, right here Take the five Hold the nine a little bit lower And watch, right here

If I wave this five like this, I can get the nine to soar to my hand Like that And yeah, look what you're holding Go for it, turn it over Turn over those pieces

– [Male] He literally ripped up a card – Yo, that's kinda freak – I can fix this, I tore up like a seven of clubs, right? – Yeah – Watch, if I just give it a wave like this See right there I can get the seven to this card right here

And then look what you're holding, go for it Turn it over (laughter) – [Ansel] I like that trick – [Collins] Let me see it And then reach out your hand

– Are these pieces about to change? – Hold out your hand, hold out your hand And squeeze tight, squeeze tight Nash, put your hand on his – Woo! – Daniel put your hand on, you gotta pile your hands on You're going to start to feel them heat up

This isn't going to hurt or anything, just tell me when you start to feel it happen Squeeze tight, as tight as you can Feel it start to heat up? – Yeah – They actually melt I want you to open up those torn pieces

– This isn't torn! – Aw man, his hand! – I saw the five of hearts that was in his hand – Watch this, you ready? It's not going to hurt, but you're going to slowly start to feel it heat up You're going to feel it heat up Feel it? – Little bit – Ahh!! – Yeah they're going to actually melt

Right there – If that's a four – Now open it up, open up those torn up pieces

– Oh my God! – This is not even – That was freaky – That's not possible, man! – It's crazy! – Do it again, do it again! – If you love Nash, Hayes and Ansel, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up right now to show your support

And also, share this video with your friends If you want me to do even more magic for your favorite celebrities, you know what, comment down below who are your favorite celebrities you'd love to see me do magic for And right now it's time for me to feature one of you The most active fan this week is: Ashley Keyper So congratulations to Ashley

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