– What's up it's Collins Key and for today's video as you guys can tell from the title I'm gonna be testing a whole bunch of different girl products but to do this I need someone very special to help me out and this time actually I brought along a girl so everyone please welcome Devin (snaps fingers) – [Brothers] Hey! – What's up bro? – Wait, what was that you just said? – No, it was nothing, so yeah so for this video today guys like I said we are gonna be testing a whole bunch of crazy girl products

You guys really enjoyed the first video we did of this so if you guys wanna check that out I'm gonna put the link right over there, be sure to watch that video after this video is done and if you guys want Dev and I to do a makeover video where we literally make ourselves over into a completely different person let us know by liking this video and if this video gets enough thumbs up then we will go ahead and do that video and comment down below if we do that video who should we make ourselves over into That makes no sense, doesn't make sense – Yeah, no I got it, I got it – But I think you guys know what I mean so comment down below who should we become if we get made over There we go, that works

Devin and I are super excited because we are actually partnering with Best Fiends again and this time Devin, I think you're gonna be even more addicted to this game than the last one because this is their second game in the Best Fiends trilogy and this one is called Best Fiends Forever I don't think you've experienced anything like this before, Devin, so here you go this is the game – Yo, this is awesome – [Collins] Okay, so how would you describe the game right now like what are you doing – I'm slapping stuff, I'm collecting stuff, and leveling stuff up

Yeah, Yeah – Wait, you're slapping, hold on, no you're like tapping, this is slapping you ready for it? Bam! Hey! – [Devin] Yo, it actually worked Crazy – If you had like a few words to describe the game, how would you describe it? – It's a clicker adventure game, I'd say – Alright, that sounds fair enough

The best part is, this app is free so I'm gonna put the download link in description down below so go check that out right now, trust me Devin is already getting into it – [Devin] Dude, I am clicking so fast – I wanna see if you guys can beat Devin, the answer is probably yes To start things off, Devin and I are getting waxed – Yes

– So we have two different types of wax strips here – That was good – Did you really need to throw it, Devin? – Yeah so we have two different exfoliating body wax strips and body wax strips for normal skin I dunno what constitutes normal skin but we're gonna go with the normal one first and the we'll progress our way to the exfoliating one We should wax each other

– I think we should just wax you – No, I think we should wax each other So we are going to wax our arms Here we go, hold up Jeez, this sounds intense

– Wow, that is very adhesive – Oh my gosh – That is very sticky – Dude, put it on your arm – I don't want it to get all

– On your hand? That's so weak – I'm going all the way for this Put it on your arm, you gotta rub Three, two, one Oh jeez that actually hurt

Ow, dude look at that – That's why I didn't do it on my arm I'll do my leg – Okay (laughs) Okay so we've got strip number one right here

Bro I feel so bad for you, okay He doesn't even know what he's in for man, this terrible – I really don't – Okay there we go, that's strip number one and then I need the exfoliating strip so that way your legs will be fully exfoliated Pomegranate and grapefruit scented

Ooh, that smells toxic – Ah, it does – It smells so toxic Here we go this is strip number two These are terrible quality

These are absolutely horrible So, these ones are terrible quality – Wait, wait, wait, wait, we were only doing that one to try it out, you don't need to do a second one – Well, yeah, yeah we gotta try this one out too – Hey, they might have varying results

Alright we're just gonna do one, I'll be nice, you ready? Three, two, one (Devin yelling) – [Collins] It worked Oh my gosh – [Devin] Ow – Yo! All of the hair

– That hurt way more than I thought it would – All the hair is on it – Ow That hurt way more than I thought it would hurt – Yo okay so thumbs up this video for the fact that Devin just went through so much pain to get his leg waxed

– That was painful, if even hurts right now I'd say it hurts more than the actual waxing – Oh my gosh – It stings – If this video gets enough thumbs up then we might do an entire waxing challenge

I don't even know what it would be about, it just involves a lot of wax strips and a lot of waxing – What? – So, yeah, thumbs up if you guys wanna see that and let's go onto the next one right now Boom – What? – I think I've seen these on Instagram – Is this like a jellyfish? It looks like a jellyfish

– No, it's like a – It really looks, wait what? I'm so confused – Oh, wait, oh, it's a shower cap – Oh Wow, it's got some nice roses on there, you know

– Devin, 10 out of 10 – This is the cap we needed to start the video – Yes, these are our imaginary caps But they're real – Wait, put it on, bro

– But I don't wanna mess up my hair – Your hair is already messed up Oh! – Next one here we go Alright, so this one is Scalp and Temple Massager So I've actually been like a little bit stressed lately so I could really, ow

Yep, it got me So first impression for this product, it's very dangerous I'm literally bleeding I'm gonna go for my temple – Oh, it's a temple massager

– And scalp – This is my new comb – Oh, I get it, this is for the temple, there's like a little like ball – Aah Ow

It's not very smooth, it really is – This should be sold for like, free This gets a negative five – This doesn't get a rating, it shouldn't exist – Negative five

(laughs) – This is the next product right here and it is a head wrap I have been looking for one of these for a completely different reason Whenever I work out, if like I haven't done my hair, my hair is like, just flops in my face and it attacks my eyeballs – Can you show us a demonstration of how it flops in your face? – But that's like with product in my hair – He messed up his hair

– Wait – It's kind of, wait what? – This is kinda – What? – Not what I thought it was gonna be I thought it would be like stretchy but it's not at all – I'm gonna use It as like a headband, karate kid style Perfect

– I thought we were doing karate kid – I thought we were doing perfect – Let's try one more time Three, two, one Perfect

I think this will actually make me run faster because it makes me embody a cheetah I don't know what to say about you Everyone's different Every zebra is unique – I'm unique

– Okay, we're done Next item are these lint rollers – Yeah – Yo, okay, people don't know this Devin and I love lint rollers

– Well, I like 'em I don't know about (laughs) – I am too lit for these lint rollers So for those of you guys who don't know the incredible power of these lint rollers you just (laughs) Hey guys, it's lit Alright, these it says Pro Brow Trim and Shape I'm very cautious to go near my brows

– Yeah – Not because they're good They're not Just because I don't want them to be terrible – Yeah, I don't want them to be worse

They look like little fish – I want the blue one – Like de-boned fish – I'm gonna test it on my hand instead of on my actual eyebrow cause I do not wanna lose an eyebrow (gasps) Oh, jeez, I like low key cut my hand

Yeah, that's a sharp blade – It's a knife, dude – But it's like a brow trimmer, it's pro brow – How else would it trim a brow? – Be careful Leave it to the professionals when it comes to the brows, I wouldn't say go with this

– Agreed – And it's6 dangerous, so negative five In conclusion Bam Next up are these mini blenders

Now, we've had experience with the actual Beauty Blender in past videos – Maybe too much experience – Yeah I gotta admit when I first saw it I thought they were candy – It kinda looks like it

– They look exactly like how candy should look They look like little Easter eggs – Or little teardrops Why do you eat those? – Every time, I'm like maybe they're flavored How innovative would that be? You're doing your makeup just like Mmm, mint

They just look like candy and they're not candy which makes me sad so – Maybe they're small so you can put it on your dolls? (crickets chirp) Why is it so small? – I think for like more pinpoint areas like the inside of the eye is probably like a big one Around the rim of the nose The ear Ear plugs! – That's what they are

– These are ear plugs yeah – They're ear plugs Gimme another one – They suck at being earplugs That one was in my mouth, just saying

– I need another one – It was in my mouth – What? That was in your mouth? – Yeah – Ugh Next up, hair towels

I always thought you could just use regular towels, but I guess not – Wait they sell like a specific towel for hair? – Right We're gonna need the lint roller after this one – Oh my gosh yeah, for real This is

– I don't wanna put this on my hair – It looks like a giant slug, look at this – I don't wanna put this on my hair – Since Devin will not take one for the team, I'm about to go for it right now Alright, so I think you go like this here and then

And then there's a little thing in the back and you tuck it into it like that – [Devin] Whoa, super high-tech – Uh-Huh Perfectly Toweled Don't like this

Don't like it at all This one's kinda ratchet It just came right out – It says Spa Sister Doesn't look like a sister doesn't look like a human at all

– It's just a brush I was like waiting for there to be some crazy feature – Is this the smallest back brush ever? Is that what it's for? – Maybe it like specifically focuses on your earlobes I'm trying to make something out of nothing here, man This is literally just a little brush

– It's just a Spa Sister – Bye Spa Sister – Next up, we have this and it is a hand mask – A hand mask? – Yeah, what did I say? – Just clarifying cause that doesn't sound right Yo, this is wild

– Whoa – It's like two little gloves that you put your hands in and we just gotta go for it Oh, I don't like this at all – Yikes – This does not feel right

Oh, it feels so funky I don't like it – I don't want to do this cause I don't want it to drip out – [Collins] I know – Maybe this, maybe this is better

Smells like a toilet These weren't made for your size hands – No, they weren't, they were made for little lady hands So, I don't know what to do now I looks so weird, it looks like milky almost in the middle

– It's dripping – [Collins] I didn't know it could do that – I dripped it into the second one, we're good – Ah, you smart Yeah, I say we get these off ASAP, alright

– Yeah, let's get them off, let's get 'em off – Let's see what the results are So we are about to step outside of our comfort zone and do something we have never done before and that is mascara and this stuff scares me (Devin laughs) Like, it's getting so close to your eye and Devin already has, like people have complimented him, he has like luscious lashes Yo, this stuff literally is pretty scary to me because I feel like you could easily poke yourself in the eye

Whatever mascara's made out of you have that all in your eye (Devin laughs) Is that ink? – Is mascara the stuff that you put on your eyelashes or is it the stuff that you put above your eyelashes? Like on your eyelids – No, eyelashes So I dunno what the size requirements are but this feels excessive – This stuff does not look like it's gonna work – You ready? – Yeah, I'm ready, I'm waiting

– Okay, look right here – Wait, where? – I dunno just stop doing that – Wait hold one maybe if I – Look up, I think they tell people to look up No, but don't like flutter your eyes

These are max volume These are max volume for sure – Aah Bro, you need to not That is in my eye

– Oh, I'm sorry – [Devin] Oww – Sorry, I kinda missed a little bit Just open up your eye, do what you were doing – Ow, it's in my eye

– And then close your eye (laughs) So I think one is enough, we kinda get the example – What? – Yeah, just we – No way, dude no I did it, you have to do it, bro

– Yeah, already know what it looks like, no no no – No way, bro you gotta do it – No way – Yeah – No! – Dude

– No, we know what it looks like – Fine, then I'll do one more on you Like, one really bad one on you – That's fair, okay Alright, let's go for the next one

– Next up is this thing – What is this? Oh, I'm holding it upside down – What is this, Devin? Dramatically brightening What are you brightening? Not my nose tip No, not the tip of my nose, give me highlights

I've heard about these on Instagram – Where do you give highlights? Is it like right on the center of the brow? I think it has to be spread out, I think that's what the highlight is, like this – Oh okay Dude, what (laughs) – I don't like it, stop it

I feel like I look weird, I look like an alien – No, you look beautiful – No, don't highlight me ears – How about on the bottom of your lip – Do not dramatically brighten my bottom lip, no, what about my chin

– The chin I gotta give it to you – Wait, where? – I'm gonna highlight your smile – No! – I'll highlight your eyes – You won't

(laughs) No you won't It's dangerously close to my eye, I will fence you away Let me highlight your smile – No, you can't Ha, I have all the power

– No! So next is the tutorial on how to do a Halloween alien look (Devin laughs) It just doesn't look real – It's like a Cirque du Soleil thing – It looks almost like clown makeup Triggered

(dramatic suspenseful music) It says step by step instructions inside to look like this (Devin laughs) Made with 100% natural minerals I'll be impressed if they were like – Made with some rocks – Yeah

Some rocks So, I think I'm just gonna throw this at my face and that's how you apply it – Alright – Here we go Ow, frick! It hurt

Let me try that again This time it'll work, I bet Ow – Whoa, it actually worked, dude – Yeah, it did? Cool

– Yeah How did you do it? – I saw this like tutorial on Instagram and I was just like oh, cool I'll try that so then just tossed, like I'll try it on you right now You were like tripping out So next are these like Hello Kitty looking rings – Take a blue, right away, taking the initiative

– Alright, I'll go for green They smell nice, maybe it's like scented rings This literally won't even fit on my pinky, bro – Whoa, dude – What? – There's a little flap

– What? – You open the flap – Yo what is it though? Doesn't taste like anything Maybe it's for applying makeup quicker like you just have a whole – I love how those just fit on the (laughs) – They don't even fit on the first joint of my fingers

– They make it past the first one for me and it's to the second joint but they don't go anywhere past that – As you're doing your makeup you're just like oh, I need this color and maybe it's like an extra hand – But it's really glossy (gasps) It's lip gloss Ohh

– Why? How would you even put that on you? It just hurts I gotta admit you walk into the club you're like yo Ya stuntin', you'll catch eye with these man, just be like what up You walk into Subway and they're like hey you want a five dollar foot long? You're like nope I got four dollars These are a massive fail Kiddie drop

– I caught three of 'em – Right now, Devin is about to go nude – What? (laughs) – No, Devin, it's a nude makeup thing, I think Yeah, actually is nude makeup, you're lucky Alright here you go

I'm also gonna fleek on Devin's brows And last but not least, we need to make him have bright eyes cause right now he's got mascara but he doesn't have bright eyes – Nope – We fleek the brows first – You sure you know what you're doing, right? – Oh, yeah

– Great – Shoot (laughs) – That better not be tweezers – Let me – No! – Let me check you real quick

– No, bro You better not take an important hair out – Devin has like zero unibrow-ness, I must admit, it's like a scarce wasteland in between his eyebrows Big fan of the Darth Maul double makeup brush approach So there's one end that's like a harpoon spear and then one's like a brush

– That's like the most blunt harpoon spear ever – I'm trying to make it interesting, Devin – [Devin] The shark is swimming, just gets hit by a pillow – He's like Ah, shoot Alright, look right here I'm about to darken your brows

– Oh no – This is terrible, it's just shedding all over you Ah, look right here? (laughs) One brow is like magnificent (laughs) It's huge! – I haven't even seen it and I know it's bad – Just a little bit more

– No, do the other one – No, no, no Look right here – Before you do that one, man Oh no

I can tell with the care that you're using, you really take pride in this – I do I don't normally do things like this, but when I do, I do 'em fiery – You messed it up, bro – Oh, I did

Shoot That's that the brush side's for, so you can recover – It's like an eraser – Ah, shoot, it's spreading (laughs) – Move onto the other one

– No, we're leaving it at one brow, I just need to erase it – Just that one brow? – This stuff's like permanent Alright, there we go Alright, next I need to make Devin's eyes bright – Wait, just one eye, dude

– Just one eye bright – Why would you leave me unsymmetrical? – I'm gonna go with the glitter one cause you love glitter – You better not, dude No glitter! – Okay, fine – Bro, you can't go glitter

– Go with red, and kinda spice it up a little bit, make it a little bit spicy – Are you sure this is what you do? – Positive – Ow – It looks like you have pinkeye – That's what I'm saying

– Do a little under eye pinkeye – Why? – Cause then you look like you have pinkeye Looks like he has pinkeye concentrated in like one eye Now, it's time to make you nude What do we do with this? Alright, so I'm actually gonna nude out one of Devin's eyebrows

– Nude out? (laughs) – Yeah, is that a term? – No – I'm trying sound like a makeup guru – It's not – Alright look right here (laughs) It just looks like you have a ton of dandruff in one eyebrow

The most dandruffed eyebrow of all time Well, it's getting nude alright Alright, well, now Devin's nude, he's eye brighted and he's browed (laughs) He's browed on fleeked – Yeah

– Fleeked on the brows Fastest out-tro of all time, thank you guys so much for watching I love you guys so much and I'll see you guys again soon, bye

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