Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY FOOD* Best Gross Sour Candy Real Funny Worm

– Dude this thing is so- – Bro! – Whooping heavy! (beep) – [Both] Three, two, one, ahhh! – I got a gummy rat! – Oh no dude what's under here? – Oh no! – [Both] Ahh! – Is that a real rat? – Yo dude, it's a remote controlled rat – [Man In Gray Shirt] That looks disgusting

– Bro, This is the most wrinkly gummy I've ever seen – [Man in Gray] It looks like a rat – It looks like a real rat – Oh but wait, where's the remote at? – That sounded so bad – Geeze alright here it is, hold on

Oh geeze no no no no no I'm actually happy I don't have to eat anything this time – Oh look at that It's all like cracked and everything – [Both] Ugh! – Should I go for it just now? – Yeah, yeah, of course – Alight cool, I'm gonna- (gummy chewing) Ugh! – What? Let me try this

I'm gonna go for the head – It tastes weird I don't know how to describe it – What the hey? – It's not good – Ew, like almost like has a sewer rat taste to it

Like I don't know what that tastes like but it just tastes like that – It's weird – I wonder if that like actually has rat in it – Well,the pickle had pickle juice in it so – I got to spit it out

– Oh yeah we gotta go spit it out Oh my god (Beep) For this round Devon you can either keep em or switch em, so what do you wanna do right now? – I wanna make the decision of keeping it – Positive? – Yeah sure, yeah – Alright here we go

– [Both] Three two one (excited shouting and laughter) I think it's gonna break the plate – I thought the whole table broke – Dude! They're little tiny little brains – [Devon] Whoa! Dude, that's a massive brain

– Yo, this is perfect we can use this as like a loaf of bread for the sandwich – Ooooh! Just cut it in half – But you can cut it in half – That's a great idea – We're gonna be eating the largest gummy sandwich in the entire world at the end of this video, so make sure you stick around for that

We'll I'm excited – I wanna try one of these – But that's my gummy – (laughs) I missed anyway – That's my gummy

– Bro is it good? – Dude like I think I'm getting smarter because of these It's so delicious – Alright so before we cut it in half, I am actually gonna get it off the plate – Holy cow – And then I'm gonna eat– What are you doing? – Trying to balance on my nose

– Oooh! – It's so good It tastes like cherry It doesn't taste like a brain at all, not that I'd know what a brain tastes like – Whoops – How is that going over there? – Not good

I can balance on my forehead I'm a little unicorn – Bro, how are we gonna cut it? – (screeches) oh man – How we gonna cut it? – If you do this at home please be careful – You should not do that Parental supervision this is not a smart idea

– Oh my gosh Holy cow – Bro what are you doing? I'm nervous Why are you doing this? – (screeches) It's so difficult Look it didn't even make it all the way through yet

This is so difficult man Okay I gotta say – Be careful – As an idea for a loaf of bread, not the smartest (Beep) We couldn't figure out how to cut this thing in half but luckily somehow our dad cracked the math on the whole thing – Yeah how did he do it? – Now we have two separate halves so this is going to be the bread and the first ingredient is the gummy rat

This is a good kind of base here – Ugh I would say it didn't have to be added – Ew, ew that's so gross And then we'll kinda add little gummy brains in there

– Nice – And we are making the largest gummy sandwich in the entire world with all these different foods – Perhaps the only gummy sandwich – This is probably gonna be the most delicious sandwich of all time I am like could not be more excited

Where does this go? Boop! Right over there Move that off to the side We're popping this over there Yeah! – No! You can not do that – Yeah – This is a glass bowl

That is a wood floor – I can't wait to see what other ingredients we get to put on our gummy sandwich Hopefully none of them are gross But right now lets go to the next one – Alright Collin it is your turn, do you wanna keep it or switch it? – Bro you know me, I'm always saying spontaneous

I wanna switch it – Okay – Yup I wanna switch it There we go

Here we go – Alright Ready, one or three – Three [Both] Two one Yeah, wait hold up You don't have anything

– I have nothing – What happened? – Ahh, ahhh! – What the– – What was that? (slow motion screaming) – Hit me in the face – Oh my gosh, holy cow! – Oh! – I bet you that my heart stopped – Bro – Oh my gosh I saw em they're bats and then oh my gosh

My heart is beating so fast right now That was like it this thing came out of nowhere I felt something hit the side of my head (slow motion screaming) I have a lot I gotta process – Have a gummy for consolation

There you go – Oh – Eat another one – Yo – You need it

You deserve it – Oh man these are nice Dude it looks like a little bat – It does dude – I wonder what it tastes like though

I mean it's gummy food where it's a real food And this is like a real food but– – Dude it's plastic Bro! No, what? Bro, it's hard rubber and plastic – I think I like threw my neck out (both laugh) (chewing) This thing's pretty intense so– – Yeah well we're not– (Screams) Ow! – I'm so sorry! – Bro! – I'm so sorry! – That is sharp

It's hard plastic – It's got little teeth Oh that's so dumb I apologize – It already hit me in the face before

Why did you just chuck it really hard at my face – I'm not afraid of this bat Where'd it go? – I'm glad it's gone Alright Devon, do you wanna keep em or switch em? – You know what, last time was great So I'm gonna keep it

– Yeah my heart still pounding after I switched it last time So we'll go with that – Alright [Both] Three, two, one Yeah! – This is awesome! – Yay we both got awesome ones

– Dude, wait Gummy candy corn? – Whoa – I'm kinda concerned though cause of this coating It looks like sour coating Do they make sour candy corn? – They better not

(dramatic sound effect) (smacking) No reaction so I think we're good – Dude it tastes like sugar – Is it good, yeah? – It's just sugar – Can I try it? Whoa, it's like a marshmallow – Like a marshmallow

– Bro – Like a multi layer marshmallow – Wait let's try em both together – Together? – Mm, mm hm It's like gum

You can't even say anything – Chubby bunny (both laugh) – Look at that That's so cool – It's gonna actually really fun to decorate the sandwich because I wanna put some of these in here like this

– How? – And kind of like shove 'em in – What? – Like little studs – They're like teeth – There definitely not gonna be much in man cause they're just like popping right out – I know, dude you're like doing all of this work for nothing

– Well wax, wax they're looking kinda cool – They're all popping out – Yo, lets lets do this Really? Dude, look at this We're giving the rat a new head

– What? – He gotta candy corn head Alright boom there we go Devon your decision right now Do you wanna keep em or switch em? – I've been so good with the keep that I'm just gonna switch em – Switch em

– Yeah I knew it – Alright lets go, lets go I know it's gonna get ugly– – Oh this is gonna be fantastic – I know this is gonna turn out bad if I just keep on keeping em so I'm gonna switch em – [Both] Three two one

Yeah! – That is awesome! – They're gummy teeth – No way, bro I got some real fangs – Yeah but can you eat your fangs? – Yeah what's up dude? Yeah I can watch – Your gonna choke Don't eat your fangs

– My fangs have fangs – Really? – Ahh! – I want to suck your blood – You wanna what? – I wanna try a tongue twister Peter Piper picked a pair of pickled peppers A pack of pickle pepper Peter Piper picked

Peter Piper picked most blue pickles I wanna try these now What's up dude? Then you go like this You go like what's up dude? – You look like a weird dog (growling) Woo wooey wait What about a tooth mustache? (laugh) – You okay? – I feel like an old person with dentures man

Just like just coughing up Line it around the perimeter – Oh yeah that's a good idea – It's a very scary sandwich man You bite the sandwich the sandwich bites back

– It's the most Halloween sandwich ever – Alright guys lets go on to the next round Even though mine looks kinda suss right now– – Very suspicious – Very suspicious I don't think I want to switch it

Three – [Both] Two one Wait wait wait wait First we've got a challenge for you We wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds

You ready for this? Here we go – [Both] Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, done! If you can do that comment down below Keyper Squad of right now Three – [Both] Two, one – What the-? – Yeah! (laughs) I got a gummy

wait – Wait a second – Hold up – There's no way

No way! – There's no way, right? – I know I need to open it but I'm scared – There's not gonna be anything in there – Yeah – There's not – Three, two one Ahh! – No, no! (continued screaming) (slow motion scream) There was an actual spider! – No way

Oh my gosh Dude, that is terrifying! Holy cow – It just scared me now – Oh my gosh bro It like pops out at you

And the legs are all rubbery – I thought it was moving cause the legs are like all wiggling and jiggling – Oh my gosh Look how intense this experience is You ready? Here's your hand

– Y'all know I'm terrified of spiders too – And I was waiting for it to be like plot twist Like you think that's it and there's actually like a real spider inside of it – That's what I was thinking – Bro I need a minute

So I guess we got some gummy spiders here – This one looks really, really gross – So lets put that one on the sandwich – And from my experience with the rat, it's not gonna be good So I'm goin for this one

– Dude my heart is still beating so fast First the bat then the spider You biting it? – Mmhmm So good – What the heck? (Screeches) So lets go to the next round – You always chuck something in my face

– So Devon this one here looks a little bit funky – Yeah – And last time it was like a box of fear so if you wanna keep 'em or switch 'em – Oh I know I'm definitely switching them

– What? – I'm not excited for that – Ready? – I'm ready – [Both] Three, two, one Yeah! – It's a pumpkin Dude it's got face paint on it

– You gotta eat it though – I can do that – Alright while you try to crack that open I'm gonna have mine – I wonder if that tastes like pumpkin – Oh wait, oh wait, hold up

– What? – Why is it sour? – It's sour? – Uh huh – Maybe you got the wrong one – It tastes like, you know, the fruit the Cutie but really sour one I'm not kidding Why, that's so unexpected

– No one knows Here we go – What are you doing? – I gotta eat my pumpkin It's real food versus jelly food man – Well couldn't you just take a bite like an apple? – Dude, like I can hear it like slushing around in there

I can't even get my fork out of this thing – The smell dude Can't you make it go faster? – It smells like a pumpkin Alright, our Aunt Patricia she said, "punkin" instead of pumpkin – Oh yeah it's cute

– It it's rather adorable but yeah This is my punkin – No I can't stand the smell of that – I think I think I have a way of opening this up Come with me outside

– Wait outside? Ugh, bro, ugh – Alright so I guess we gotta open this up somehow So, right there, watch out – How? Wait, what? Where? – Right there – There? – Yep, Right there

– Oh! I know what you're about to do – Ready Three, two, one (Thud) – [Both] Ooooh! Dude! – The seeds – There's like pumpkin seeds everywhere

– They're punkin seeds – Look at that Man that's perfect Alright cool Bro this smells so gross

– I'm going back to this technique I've never really liked raw pumpkin – I got the like the face came off on my hand Pumpkin is slippery – That looks really gross bro

– Alright here we go Three, two, one – Ew! How is it? Is it good? – No! I don't like it – Just eat one of these – No, no , no put that back

Put in on there, put it on there, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay – Alright, alright – No, n n n n n n n n no (Screams) – There we go – Alright on to the next one

Yo I know exactly what that is and last time things didn't go so well – [Both] Aah, aah, aah! So I'm not giving you any chance of keep it or switch it we're just keepin it – I knew it – Three, two, one, go! – [Both] No! – Dude I was half expecting it to like jump off the table and go ooh – Ugh! – I have never seen a gummy snake like this man

– That looks so awesome – See just when you think you've seen it all when it comes to gummy foods, man, something surprises you cause this one looks super cool – And we've seen a couple of snakes before and this is the best looking one There's no way I can really eat this, can I? – You can try it Well that went great

– Ugh! It's like painted I think Ugh How is it? I was expecting it to be like fssh but it was just like boop – Mmm – Wait, I wanna try one more time – The texture is crazy

– Wait, I'm going for the tail – Mmmmm – Whoa! That's so cool You can feel the scales too – Oh my gosh it's so good

Oh my gosh – So awesome – Put on the whole thing, the whole thing – Everything Better than whatever this was

– Yee! (Thud) We are on the second to last round right now – The second to last – And Devon choose, do you wanna keep em or switch em? – I have no clue– – Psych! It's my option I wanna switch em – When did it become your option? – When I said it was Three, two, one

– Yeah! – Oh no – Those look sour – These are for sure gonna be sour (laughs) You wanna try yours first – I do – and then we'll go for mine second? They like fused together

– Whoa, look at it huh Alright there's one Alright, alright Mmm That's good

Mmm Taste like lemon, some citrus – Really, some citrus? – Blueberries – Mm you're getting all the flavors there man – Orange

(muttering) – Whelp, it smells sour – It looks sour – Feels sour – Wait, feels? Is it? – Yup – Yeah, yeah, I knew it

Wait no, no! Get that off of there No, no these aren't the gummy ones – This is the final round, right now and then we're going to be eating the gummiest sandwich in the entire world and I am really excited to see what this is because this was suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the Week So, shout out to you And if you want to be featured in shout it out as Instagram Keyper of the Week, check the description down below to find out how but right now, ooh

Let's find out what this is Ready? – Wait, wait, wait no switch? Nothing's happening? – Do you wanna switch? – I don't at all – Okay, great Three, two, one – Yeah! – Wait – Look at this

What? Dude it's a human organ transplant – What? – These look like little hearts and they're hard candy – No way – So uh – No way! Oh dude it feels so weird

– What? – Oh my gosh! Holy I don't even know what to do How do you– I've never been in this situation before – Oh – It's a giant gummy heart What the heck

Yeet! This is ridiculous Dude it's like boom boom, boom boom I wonder if it's like, this looks like it's way too big to be an actual human heart Otherwise, like, I got a big heart This is crazy, man Like the detail on this is insane, It's got all the little pumps and the whatever they're called, the valves

I thought it was just gonna be like one of these Like a big version of like a little heart shaped gummy – I know – This is like a legit organ – Bro, this is crazy – Don't touch my heart

– Why not? – Because it's mine, you can't have my heart – What, what, I wanna touch it – Should we break my heart? – Wait, why? – Cause I wanna break my heart – What? – Because I can do it – You're puncturing your heart

– My thumb is powerful, man Look at this It's doing what no knife could I'm gonna break my heart It's so hard to break my heart, man my heart's so full

– Dude, that's scaring me – I got a hole in my heart now It's about as broken as I'm gonna get Alright time to take a bite of it man – That's a tough heart

Your lips look so funny – Bro, this oh my gosh The best tasting gummy I've ever had – Well I can't wait to taste it, in the sandwich – Well it's now the moment you've all been waiting for

Time to eat the biggest gummy sandwich in the entire world And comment down below What are some other gummy food versus real food that you'd love to see us eat in an upcoming video Here we go So how we're gonna have to do this, man

We'll put the heart on one side, the snake on the other – Wait, no no We should just take out a piece of the snake – No way, bro We want the whole thing

It's the largest gummy sandwich in the world, dude – Okay fine – So help me out, dude Hold the plate down – I'm holding it

– Gotta try to get this up – I'm holding it – It got teeth on this thing, man Like, this is nuts – Whoa, alright

– So there, there's one half of this sandwich This thing is crazy Its got teeth on it and everything – Wait, look at the top Show them the top

– Yo, the top's like a brain – That's crazy dude – Oh my gosh – Teeth are fallin off – Holy cow! – Look at that

It looks like it bit that snake too – Dude this thing is so whooping heavy And if you wanna see another awesome video, click right over here But lets take a bite right now – I know, before it falls apart

Wait, wait, I didn't I can't do it while you're biting Alright, I get the bottom half – Yo that's crazy I gotta get all of it

– Whoa that's so good – It's sour, it's sour, it's sour – You got one of these? – [Both] Bye, bye Bro what the heck Dude it's just a big toy rat

– Yi yi yi yi yi yi – Whoa! What the-? Bro chill out Dude

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