Gummy Food vs. Real Food Challenge! *EATING GIANT GUMMY FOOD* Best Gross Real Worm Candy

– Three, two, one, ohhh! – We got gummi poop emojis – No! (dramatic music) – [Devan] Uh! – Wait, what? Oh, my God, those are unicorn poops

(crunching) Hey, yo guys, this is the gummy food versus real food challenge, part four You guys challenged us and we are back at it again, so right now – It's so good

– Lemme try this (crunching) (spitting) The eyeball, choked on a piece of paper – This is so good, though – Let's go to the next one (spitting) – [Devan] All right

(bell ringing three times) – [Together] Three, two, one, done! Ohhh! – Oh, gosh, no It took me a second I was, like, oh, great gummy, bad pepper Good gummy, bad pepper And then I remembered, bad gummy

– That's a big pepper – 'Cause these thing is spicy This might be spicy, this is spicy Ahhh! Why'd I chew it so much? (beep) Ready? – Not so ready Cheers? – Three, two, one

(crunching) – This isn't bad at all – It's sorta bad – Is yours spicy? – A little bit – Mine's not spicy at all – We wanna go to the next level, which is a red pepper? – Um, sure? – And then we're gonna end off with the orange pepper

I did the orange pepper before That one's terrible Ahhhh! – Cheers – Cheers All right

– Oh – OK – Turn up the heat like a million times – This is a gummy Why is it so spicy? – My lips are on fire! What kind of pepper is this? Ahhhh! My lips! – We're goin' for the final one right here, bro

– I'm not doin' that – Three, two, one, wait, wait, wait First I gotta challenge I wanna see, can you subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notifications – Ah, now? – And give us a thumbs up in seven seconds

We gotta do this quick, otherwise Devan's gonna pass out Here we go – [Together] Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, done If you can do that, comment down below, give us one right now Here we go, guys, three! Two, one

(crunching) – Ohh! Ohh! – I'm gonna all do at once – I feel like an oven – Oh, my God, hot, bro Hot – I just swallowed it

– You're good? – No, it hurts to breathe – I feel like a dragon My face is all sweaty Next round, here we go Are you good or no? – That hurts so bad

I need some milk – [Collins] All right, you got some milk? – Got the almond milk – This man needs some milk It's almond milk Does it work the same? – Sweet relief

– Bro, your lips are actually kinda red (bell ringing three times) Devan is actually still feeling it after that last one, so hopefully you get a gummy, 'cause Devan's gotten no gummies this entire time – My lips are so red, please be a gummy – Here we go, three, two, one – Yo! – Hey, yo

– This is gonna be awesome – We have been blessed, bro – I'm hopin' this soothes my pain (elastic stretching sound effect) This tastes really good This was much needed

Ahhh! How's yours? – Huh? – How does it compare to the malic acid watermelon? Ahhhh! – Ahhhh! – My lip is burning – How dare you make me remember such a tough time in my life? (slapping) (coughing) (crunching) – Still as good as the rest of the watermelon? You OK? (bell ringing three times) – This one smells really good – This smells really good – Like pure sugar and deliciousness – All right? – [Together] Three, two, one, yo! (voices overlapping) – [Collins] Breakfast, but gummies

– [Devan] Dude, this is gonna be legit I'm so hungry – Whooo! Yo, this is like the most detailed waffle ever, bro Even the butter is gummy (sniffing) (sighing) The best smelling egg in the entire world

Bro, smell your egg – Ugh (coughs) This is tough, this is tough I'm sorry, I have to get into your space – Bro, whatcha doin', fam? This is actually suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the Week who said we should do breakfast food gummies and if you wanna be featured as the Instagram Keyper of the Week, check the description down below and right now, I wanna see how this egg tastes

I'm about to go Beast Mode and bite directly into the yolk of the egg, Devan – All right, go for it – Wish me luck – All right – I may never come back

(elastic stretching sound effect) – I guess that kinda works – The yolk's on me (laughing) (rim shot) – Dude, are you OK? – I'm Gucci, bro (beep) – OK, so now that I've tried this real waffle, I want to see how it compares to that gummy one All right, here it goes

(elastic stretching sound effect) – Bro, that face was so intense Mmm, oh God, this is so good – That's real good, I'm gonna try – Yo, this is the greatest gummy breakfast of all time, because breakfast is already super delicious, but the gummy version, hoo, next level – Let's go to the

– Next, let's go to the – Next – One (bell ringing three times) So far, except for the peppers, they've all been really good, and I hope it stays that way – I do, too – [Collins] One! – Yo! I love pickles! Pickles are awesome

I love the attention to detail – [Collins] Yeah – [Devan] There's bumps on it and everything This looks really awesome – OK, is the gummy truly pickled, though? – I don't know

– Ready? – All right (quirky music) (creepy music) This is really weird This is like they tried to make a tasty gummy, but they also tried to make it a pickle, and so there's just really conflicting flavors on it – Can I try it? – Go for it – Oh, yeah, that's weird

– It's like they tried to make it sweet, but they tried to make it a pickle at the same time – It woulda taste like a pickle, but it's a gummy – Mm-hmm – That was a terrible business before, maybe a great one – Huh

– Uh I'm gonna eat the rest of my pickle, though Actually, I forgot how much I love pickles (upbeat Hawaiian music) (record scratching) Oh, like we're goin' to the next one (beep) You know what? We should actually reintroduce the Keep It or Switch It

– Let's do it – Devan, want to keep 'em or switch 'em? It's up to you – Uh, this is tough, this is tough Uhhh, I wanna switch 'em – OK

– Why not? – [Together] Three, two, one, yo! – [Collins] Wait, what? – Dude, it's a mustache That's hilarious You've gotta put it on or eat it, 'cause those are both equally gross – Yeah, I'm definitely gonna opt for the not-eating it, 'cause – Yep, all right Well, I'm gonna eat mine (quirky music) It is really soft Ah, I have a hair in my eye

– Is it from me mustache? Ooooh That just put a hair in your eye from a mustache Ma beed I'm not excited about this, all right Oh, that's so tickly

– Dude, it looks great – It's my mustache – It should be your new style (ding) – What? – You should wear this for the rest of the video – Nooo way! No, no no! – You can't take it off

– What? – You can't take it off – No Dude, this is not fair – I won't allow it – Hey, no

It's really tacky Think it's not comin' off All right, guys, I guess we're goin' on to the next one This was the worst deal ever (bell ringing three times) – All right, Collins, it's your turn

Do you wanna keep or switch? – Hmmm (laughing) I'm going to switch – You're gonna switch, all right – Last time didn't work out, so hopefully, this time, it works out – All right, here we go

– [Together] Three, two, one, oh! – It's corn – It's a corn on a stick – This does not look cooked – [Collins] Bro, this gummy corn looks delicious – [Devan] Oh, no

Why are you eating like that? Nobody eats corn on the cob like that (gagging) – Look at all those hairs on there, bro – [Devan] Oh, that's so gross – There's hairs in my food – OK, well I'm gonna teach you how to properly eat corn

Take it from one end (crunching) to the other I didn't want to eat it It's so uncooked – It's so uncooked – It tastes gross

– Your unrealistic standards for corn, Devan It's just, it's just unbelievable All right, you ready? (quirky music) – You know, you take bites out of it, I was just doing – There's a hair – There you go

Just a lot faster, like a chipmunk Yeah, nice – I don't have, like, razor blades for teeth, so I can't hook – Do chipmunks have razor blades for teeth? Whoa! – The gummy kinda tastes like corn in a way – [Devan] I'll take your word for it

There's too many hairs on there for me to try it – Well, go to the next one I broke my stick – [Devan] Oh, no – [Togther] Ohhh! – It's really broken, now

This is, (bell ringing three times) the final round, and so, for this one, we're goin' big or we're goin' home I don't know what it is All I know, it's gonna be crazy You wanna switch or stay? – Uhhhh, I'll stay – Three

– Two – What a fateful decision – [Together] One – Yo We got screwed

– Wait, how does that make sense? It's a brain – Dude, they're Smarties See? Get it? – Oh, like they're smart like a brain is smart – Uh-huh – Hoo! Bro, you got so lucky

Could you imagine if that were a real brain right there? – That would be terrifying – Oh, my gosh, yo This is like the biggest gummy I have ever seen in my life (slapping) Oww! I'm about to take a bite of my brain, or the brain, a brain The brain

(beep) I'm gonna eat the giant gummy brain right now Devan will be happy with the Smarties, and if you wanna be featured in the next video, comment down below what normal food, like pizza, like hamburgers, I don't know, McDonald's food – Toxic waste

– Toxic waste, sour candy, Warheads What should we turn into a giant gummy? Let us know in the comments down below and be featured, but right now, Devan, you ready? – I'm ready – Well, there you go Three, I don't know where you bite it from, two, can I take my mustache off? – No – One

– That seems really difficult – Bro, my brain is very tough (elastic stretching sound effect) Mmm – How is it? – Mmm – What? elastic stretching sound effect) – I feel smarter already

All right, bye – Bye (ripping sound) – Ohh! I sound like Chewbacca (roaring) Chewbacca (beep) We got scared by a real snake in our last Gummy Food versus Real Food video

If you wanna see that, click right here And if you wanna see us milk giant gummy foods into edible candy slime, click right over there right now, so, yeah pick, dude This one or that one, or – that one – Or this one – This one

I dunno, it's up to you – Yeah – Or subscribe, right there (quirky music)

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