Gingerbread House Challenge gets EXTREME + Slow Motion! SIBLING TAG | Devan & Collins Key

– Three, two one! (hammer banging) (laughing) What's up, it's Collins Key, and welcome to the Thursday blog Now for today's video, I've got an insane holiday-themed challenge for you guys

We're going all out, we're going extreme just like these ridiculous blow-up things we got in the background But I do need someone very special to help me out, so everyone please welcome back to one of my videos, my little brother Devin Key Ayy! Don't fall on the dinosaur! – Oh no! – That was close, we almost killed the dinosaur For today's video we are going to be doing a gingerbread house building competition You're a little bit too far away from me right now

– Am I? – There we go, now we're in an uncomfortable place where we can just kinda tickle each other But you gotta ask yourself, what makes this challenge extreme? Two things, thing number one, we are not just using one gingerbread house each, we are combining two gingerbread houses, and we are using mega gingerbread houses These things are massive So we got them laid out in front of us You guys can really tell who's the neat sibling and who is

No comment The next part is that the loser of this challenge, to make it even more extreme, their gingerbread house gets destroyed– – Yes – With a sledgehammer

So that is going to be happening at the end of this video, so make sure you guys stick around to see whose house gets completely annihilated I can't wait for that part, it's gonna be my favorite part of the entire video And also I'm doing a holiday giveaway here on my channel, so if you want to be able to win an iPad Mini, GoPros, free merch, all you have to do is make sure you're subscribed to this channel Comment down below, let me know what is your all time favorite YouTube video I've ever done I'm also doing giveaways on Twitter and on Instagram, so follow me on there

Turn on my notifications there I'm gonna put a link to the giveaway video in the description of this video, that way, you can find out all the details you need to know to be entered in And if you would love to win the iPad Mini, the GoPro, let us know by liking this video And without further ado, let's jump into the extreme gingerbread house building competition! (hammer banging) (laughing) And actually, there is one more thing before we get started and that is I've got some presents here for you Devin – Oh, I have some presents for you too – Oh, you do? How sweet of you – Yeah

– So here we go, yeah, there you go Let's do the big on first 'cause we love presents And let's see, oh snap! We've got– Dude this is so (laughing) Look at my reindeer, what is up? So we are gonna to be wearing ugly Christmas sweaters that we got for each other – Hey, this guy has some swag going man – Mine does not, look, he's wearing a bow tie What the heck? And then let's see, what's in the smaller one? This is– I'm a little bit concerned right now – I have no idea

– Whatever it is, we're going to have to wear it (paper crackling) – What the heck? (laughing) What? (laughing) I'm not– what? (laughing) I don't wanna wear this – And now it's time to try these on, so yeah, let's go (fingers clicking) Yo dude– – What? – You're actually kinda rock that Oh, these shorts are ridiculous, check this out

Look at this – Oh man – Mine's got a little fly (laughing) Yeah, do a little wiggle, there we go Ay, making jingle bells

Begins now, go, go! – What? – All right– – I don't even know where to begin – Where do we begin with this? Well I think actually I need the frosting first – Taste good? It's probably just like pure sugar – Eh, tastes okay Now I think if I just push it all down

Yeah boy! Let me just double check, triple check Yep, it's working, okay – All right

– You've already got a lot going on there, so I think (laughing) (dance music) Oh no, I've been putting it all on the wrong side So, I put all this on there, but it's not working, so I have to remove it now

(laughing) Now it's been removed from the outside, now I can put it on the inside where it's suppose to be Dude, you're on top of this game I don't even know what I'm doing here I'm gonna steal Devin's idea, low-key – Okay, here we go

– What are you doing? – What am I– What? – Okay, that looks– – You have nothing over here man – All right, actually, you know what? I'm gonna make a cube, a cube of joy – Okay, what did I need? I need watermelons – What? You're almost done, what the heck? – I'm just too good at this – Just too good at this

Yeah, Devin's got some natural talent at this where I have none I'm building like a little Illuminati house guys (creepy music) That's what I'm doing (laughing) Oh no! (laughing) It almost fully broke – Get some Cool Whip

– Why are you using Cool Whip, what the heck? – What? – Yeah – So it's more sturdy on the inside – No! (laughing) Sorry, it almost– My house is so bad! – I've actually never tasted Cool Whip before – You haven't? – No – I don't know how to do this, that's the real issue here

– It's pretty cool – I've realized that just applying this in a pastry manner is not my specialty So I'm gonna go with what I'm really good at, which is just kinda like playing with my food So, I'm just gonna grab a glob of this stuff, and I think I'm gonna go gorilla mode All right, whatever

Ah man! This is some cheap, cheap stuff right here Look at this (hand tapping) It does not stick at all! Give me a tip or something 'cause I'm just going down in flames over here (laughing) I'm just trying to– I don't know I can't figure this thing out

(laughing) – If you can't precision, just do it every way – Yeah! I need another thing, a triangle 'cause always got keep it Illuminati in this (creepy music) – Don't, don't! – I will give you one of my people from my village if you can hold this just for a second – I don't need your people, but I'll do it anyway 'cause I'm a nice brother – All right, thank you

– Wow, your house is – Yeah, it's interesting (laughing) I think this piece will go like this here

Oh, yeah, it goes on this side here Oh, there we go This is brilliant I should of gone into architecture, dang it! No, no, no! – Here we go (laughing) All right, so now I've got some Cool Whip for added structure on the inside

Just gonna grab a handful of this Let's see, just gonna put that in there Get another handful of this, gonna put that right there Okay, this is all for added structure as well – That's a lot of Cool Whip

– Since my little gingerbread people will probably be abducted at some point, I'm gonna put them inside my house That way, they will remain safe at all times So my little gingerbread people– Oh, there we go, inside the house, okay – In the house – And then we have another thing of Cool Whip over here just 'cause I wanna make sure that my house is really fortified on the inside This is what I do for snow, to really just make sure that there's snow happening all over it All right, there we go So that's good for the snow part of what's happening

This is the decorating part See how I can just tip my candy? (candy tinkling) It is beautiful – It is literally green This can not be– – All right now for this part here (candy tinkling) Okay, now see these green ones on

They're pretty big too (candy tinkling) Sprinkle them on there as well Actually, know you, I do want to build a secondary house to what's going on (dance music) ♫ This is the time of Captain Jack Sparrow ♫ A pirate so brave on the ocean blue ♫ A mystical quest to the Isle of Tortuga ♫ Brave, something, sway on the da-da-da (laughing) I can use some of this stuff to glue my Illuminati house together (creepy music) – I love your Illuminati house

What the heck? – I think this challenge actually perfectly describes us as siblings, like the difference between our houses and the sides of our tables This pretty much describes the way we go about things Yeah, I'm just a mess All right, here we go, more Cool Whip for my Illuminati tee-pee (creepy music) Kinda, there we go

It's on the hand right now, then it's like And you just plop it in And now it's time to take part three of the Illuminati cottage

– Illuminati cottage (laughing) (creepy music) (candy tinkling) – All right, so now I've got the candy canes, and instead of putting the candy canes and taking them out of the wrapper, I want to make sure they stay fresh throughout the holiday season, so I'm just gonna adorn it with the wrapper still on there There we go – I'm gonna take a thing out of his book, and I'm gonna do that with these little guys Who would want to eat another man's gingerbread house, and he knows that these things have been touched

– Yeah, I don't wanna do that That's no bueno – Keep in the wrapper folks – No bueno I really just want to create the atmosphere of just snow, and so I'm gonna turn my place into the wonderland of snow right now

(candy tinkling) There we go Now it's like a snow kingdom if you guys notice (candy tinkling) My reindeer got decapitated in the process of all this – I just know what I'm doing – How is that even possible? – How? I don't know

– That's crazy – My reindeer is gonna be Rudolph – Bro, Devin is straight up a savage when it comes to this He nailed this on so many levels I think I'm just gonna kinda, just add a giant Grinch spice to what's going on

– Is that my person riding? – That's the Grinch You've got a door? – Yeah I have a door – That's so cool So nice – Mmm – How is it? (laughing) – I need a Christmas tree

– Five, four, three, two, one – The Christmas tree fell into this area – And stop! These are the final houses Devin, would you like to describe yours? – My house is a luscious house It has these mint-condition mints on the top, and we have some snow on the top as well

And we have Rudolph perched above saving the day from this avalanche that has struck the right side of the house We also have a door and a window sill, but no window because windows are not cool They're mainstream, windows are mainstream (laughing) – My house, I really went for the environment You have the basic Illuminati household right here, which is the large Illuminati household

And then you have the smaller Illuminati– It's like a little cabin or like a little hut over here And then you just have all the great holiday goodness thrown up into the front yard You have a decapitated reindeer You've got just all sorts of holiday fun and cheer, and that is my house So we're gonna leave this up to you guys

You guys get to decide who won this Did Devin's house win, or did my house win? So comment down below, let us know who you think won And now it's time for the part you've all been waiting for It's time to destroy both of these gingerbread houses – Woo! Can't wait

– So, yeah, let's get started All right, here we go I've got my sledgehammer We've got Devin's gingerbread house, and yeah, let's get started Three, two, one

(hammer banging) (laughing) (hammer banging) (hammer banging) (hammer banging) (hammer banging) Now it's Devin's turn to destroy my house, but instead of using the big sledgehammer, that's for the big brother, Devin, you get this little sledgehammer right there – Really? – Yup – This is it? – That's it – I don't wanna use this, this is weak – Weak? – I have a much better idea

– What are you doing? – Yep – I'm getting out of here guys, this is not going to be good (laughing) Oh my gosh! Where'd you even get that thing at? – It does not matter – Yo, this is crazy (grunting) All right, hold on

Wait, wait, wait, I wanna film it in slow-mo I want to film it in slow-mo, hold on one second – All right Three, two, one (stone crashing) – Oh! – Oh! (stone crashing) – So now that you've dropped that thing on it, what do you say we just beat it up? (grunting) (hammer banging) (upbeat music) Oh dude, you almost hit me in the face Watch out bro, I got this, hold on (hammer banging) I'm gonna hit that rock Watch out, I'm going for the rock

(stone smashing) Oh! (laughing) (hammer banging) (hammer banging) (hammer banging) (hammer banging) I feel like Thor right now (hammer banging) – We should of got the eyewear This is not safe – Oh, I hit my finger! (hammer banging) What are you doing? You are crazy Ready? Uh! Well, I would say that's game over

– No, no, get it out of your hand! Dude, no! If you guys enjoyed this extreme gingerbread house building competition, let us know by liking this video and also comment down below Number one, who built the better gingerbread house? And number two, who had the better Christmas outfit? I think he definitely won in that category And also share this video with your friends to spread some of the holiday spirit to their day And like I said, I'm doing a huge giveaway right now, giving away an iPad, GoPro, merchandise All you gotta do is be subscribed to my channel, be active on my videos, and comment down below, and let me know what is your all time favorite video I've ever posted

I'm also doing a giveaway on Twitter and a giveaway on Instagram So if you guys want to get involved, find out how you can win all these crazy prizes The link to that video is in the description down below, so you should go click that video right now Follow Devin, all of his links are – Down below, so go do it (laughing) That's literally what I say every time – Go do it So, yeah, I love you guys so much, and the Keeper of the week is Savannah and Sara Key, a

ka, Collins Key Girls Hey, we love you guys so much! Shout out to the Keepers of the week Make sure you guys go follow them

And if you guys wanna be the Keeper of the week, all you gotta do is be super active Make sure you guys are following me on Twitter, on Instagram, have all my notifications on Subscribe here on YouTube, be active, and you could be featured But, again, congratulations Savannah and Sara I love you both so much

Happy holidays May the Force be with you Bah! That was stupid But see you guys later

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