FORTNITE CANDY CHALLENGE! Learn How To Make DIY Edible Fortnite Food You Can Eat In Real Life

– [Collins] Dude, it's a candy llama! – [Both] Three, two, one – Chug jug! (water splashes) Oh my God! – Oh, I think I'm gonna take this from you! – Well you challenged us to do DIY edible Fortnite item, it's in my eye! Oh my God, right now, let's go! For this one we are making a Boogie Ball so right, ah Oh, I dropped mine! – I want the top of this, one, two, three

Boom! There we go, chop the top, woo! – Can you do that to mine? – Here we go, three, two, one, bam! (sound of sharpening knife) – Nice! – Oh, snap! Alright, well, let me get that back – Hold out your hand like this – Like this? – Here we go – Okay – Boom! Perfect I got it, okay – You can have this one over here – No! Are you kidding? – No – What? – It's another joke, Devan – You got mad puns but I got quick hands, bro! – Check this out, boom! There we go Devan, from now, – What? No! – Alright, so now we have to kind of skewer these little treats here into the pineapple

I got a little bit of a different idea and different strategy here, Devan Oh, no, dude's got a tongue! It's like a little tongue, it's like bloop bloop bloop Yo, I gotta say, my Boogie Ball is coming along very nicely And there we go, boom, now my initial part of it is done So here we go, now we got the top

– [Devan] Bro – No, no, no Prop it up, no no Prop it up like, there we go I think I won this round I mean look at it, it needs a little help to stand up, but like it's mid-boogie ball detonation, it's like bwah! And it's about to, ooo, dance dance, I can't dance

– Alright, next up we add the handle and we add it on the (snapping sound) I thought that would be way easier I thought it was just gonna slide in, and done! – Instead of waiting til the end of the video we're going to eat these right now This is literally a full avocado with candy, you got a piece of pineapple on it – Yeah, it's gonna be weird – It's gonna be pretty weird

Wait wait wait, first, five second subscribe challenge We wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? Five, four, three, two, one Done, if you can do that comment down below "keep it squad" right now and let's see how this funky thing tastes I'm gonna pick mine up here, ooo, oh I lost it

Alright so I guess I'm just going to take a bite of it? – Have you ever had an avocado with the skin on it? – [Both] Three, two, one, go! – Toothpick, ow! Ow, ow, this tastes nasty! You gotta eat that dude! I'm even eating the candy and it tastes gross – And now, wooo! (glass breaking) We are making the most important tool in a fortnight, and that is a harvesting tool I'm making the pink flamingo – And I'm making the rainbow smash – Get it, ohh, no we got pretzel sticks

– No, really? – Yo we got lots of pretzel sticks – First the banana (laughter) – And now there's just salt everywhere, mmm pretzel sticks Gotta peel my bananer, yeah – Poor banana

– So first stop I gotta choose my pretzel I've chosen this one, alright are we just gonna kinda finagle it in, uh oh, my pretzel broke my banana And then I got some Twinkies I feel like I'm going to be running into an issue of how to keep the flamingo head atop a pretzel So instead of trying to balance them all on top of my stick I've actually got a better idea

I'm going to make my flamingo head here and then – Bro, this smells really good – Boom, beak number uno and beak number dos Look at that flamingo! Eye ball number one, number two Yo my flamingos are looking, – That's actually looking pretty good – Uh huh Now we got Snowballs

Alright, this part, oh no, no no, bro though, it feels like a sponge – Oh, whoa, that was not expected – It doesn't cut, it's just a literal sponge I'm gonna give my little flamingos hats – What? – My flamingos, super stylish

If I don't win this round I will be very disappointed My guy's got a little mouth – They look like little mustaches, bro – Well maybe they are little mustaches Dude yours looks crazy, you guys, here's the big reveal

You ready, three, two, one, tada! Yo, I must say it was very difficult to actually put these things on a stick for the actual harvesting ax, but you get to comment down below, who won this round? Is it my flamingo, with a hat – Or is it my unicorn bro with rainbows on it – All I'm gonna say is it literally took like an hour and a half for him to do this – It took a long time – That was fun, I think I almost just broke this

We're gonna show you how to make a chug jug right now, this legendary item Two rings, super quick, let's go! – Almost hit me in the face – That could have been very bad (random mouth noises echoing in jars) Alright, so first step, you gotta flip the chug jug upside down This is a competition Devan, who can make the better chug jug, fastest? – So first, I guess we're going with one down, nope, – One, two, three! – Every time I look over at yours it's like I don't even know what's going on, bro

Bro, bro, – Eeeeeeeeeeoh! Bro, what are you doing? – Only issue now, top of the chug jug has got some duct tape, gotta fix that You're gonna tear it, like that Now the fun part, now we have to add some liquids So first, you're gonna pop some Mt Dew in there

This is the chug jug, so, Oh my god this filled up and this got frothy That is not a normal color at all, it looks tainted Alright here we go, now we're gonna add some blue, and hopefully that fixes it – Whoa, that looks pretty cool – It just turned green

Alright so now I guess we're gonna try to add two bottles together at the same time This is the blue stuff, woohoo! Oh, that's kind of cool mid air (basketball buzzer) Alright, and then finally to finish it off we got a giant thing of Sprite here, ahh! – Dude, that's so splashing bro, oh no! Yo, it's getting frothy again Alright, I've created a new challenge called – Where's the pug coming from, bro? – Perfect, there we go, so we're gonna get this up here like, – Like what? – Bottle cap vision! Okay, now that I, aww This is seriously a thing

– That's like no vision – Alright, done with that first bit, now it's all blue Yo, wait a sec, I just realized this was called "cumcumber soda" – No! What? – What? Let's see how it tastes – Real good? Mine's lookin' really good dude

No! No! Noooo! Ugh, now it doesn't smell as good – It's got a funny tang to it – Just for that I am the one who gets to dump these on your head – No, no no, you already dumped one on my head – It's not true

– Bam! There we go I miss him now See, I have the power, alright Ow! That wasn't nice I gotta get him with the clapback

(claps) Ow! I'm not a fan of this like Devan ghost, okay? Here we go (yells) First of all, this is ridiculous (claps) Oh, what? – Dude – Dude, okay ow – Really? – Like you're sitting, ow

– Why would you make me disappear – Right now guys, this is the chug jug Okay, that's enough, we're on to the next round – [Both] Crispy fight! – Oh my gosh, are you okay? – No – So guys, we're making a spike trap and Devan got spike trapped in the face, bloop! Alright – The first step is to open the rice krispie

– This one's super easy Take the rock candy and then ow, ow I don't know what just happened but I got blue all over my hand – [Devan] They're just drooping – This is supposed to be a trap not to get me to get the other people

– My fingers are turning blue, I'm turning into a smurf I'm going to sauce it up with some yellows because you know this is, oh, no, I broke it – Bro, why are you going blue and rainbow colors that's not the color of a trap – I'm different, yeah, I'm different The issue is when you try to break it too you break off the rock candy

Oh, gotta watch out for this trap spike In the center of my trap is going to be all rock candy to lure people to come and step on it and try to get some little candies – [Devan] Bro, it looks as painful as stepping on legos – I didn't even think about that Yeah, stepping on legos is probably about like the top five things I don't want to do

– Now, I could see someone trying to lick it I looks really tasty – [Collins] Dude, I cannot wait to eat this thing (upbeat music) – Well, for the first time in history, I am actually done before Collins is – I'm almost done just gotta add a little more rock candy to my trap

– Really, is that even necessary, bro? – Oh, yeah, this is super necessary Devan This is how I'm gonna trap them, see yours looks all scary, no one is going to go there Sorry Done, so you guys get to comment down below who won this round, who made a better one and you guys remember that's the trap in the middle We'll be eating at the end of the video right now we are on to the next one

– Hey Collins – Oh! Yo, I'm gonna need a med kit to fix my face so right now here is how you made a candy med kit you can actually eat and then it rejuvenates you Woo-hoo! First, I gotta frost my cake Now we're going to use this froster – See, that's the hardest part about frosting the cakes is that you've got to get that even frosting

– Jaggedy raggedy frost – [Devan] It can't be dude – This thing is in my way – Alright, next up we go for that red stripe down the middle Alright, Collins, you do you, bro, you do you

– You gotta stay with the precision here Well, looking at it, I think that I messed it up because Devan's looks a lot better than mine It looks all spiraly and – It's gonna taste great though, right? – I don't understand how yours is looking so good and mine is looking raggedy and jaggedy bro I hope this stays on, that's not working Schmear

– Schmear Schmear it around Schmear it across the front It is time to add the plus thing on the top of it which stands for med kit, I guess So, there we go, that is my finished one and now I wait

– Hey Colls, I have some frosting on my elbow – You should try to lick it, bro – What? – Did you know that it's actually literally impossible to lick something off of your elbow? Like, try it right now – I can't reach it – This is now an upgrade to the med kit which you can only get if you're an experienced player it's a handle so you can carry your med kit

If I don't win this round, I will be so upset – Alright, so we're done with that now we just have to add the line around it and then I'm done – Yeah, that's the easiest part – Really, it seems like the hardest part – You get to comment down below who won this round

I think my banana handle, woo! Clocks the competition We're eating these at the end of the video and right now we are on to the next round (yells) – Battle bus! – What're you doing bro? Yes, it's battle bus – Okay, well guys we're making the battle bus, and we get to make our very own and you get to decide, who makes the crazier battle bus So right now – It's flyin', you know like a battle bus

– Let's go – It's like a pillow dude, I just wanna just take a nap – So I've got my wheels right here, and this is how you attach the wheels to the bus Wrong, no, no I need to take the paper off here so – There he goes man, there he goes Just usin' his mouth, it's so effective

– Ooh, yeah, look at them wheels though – The wheels on my bus go round and round – They look kind of like, stuck on – Some of you may have noticed that this wheel here is not touching the ground And if you didn't notice that – That's why there's that side There we go, ooh we got some Twinkies! This smells like a banana

You know what my bus needs? – What? – No – That is why my battle bus is the greatest of all times, so Actually worked, alright cool Now we got some bing dings, or bing bings – Those are bing bings bro – I lowkey wanna actually eat one of these

It looks like worm, cheers? – Alright, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one – Wait wait, first, three second like challenge We wanna see if you guys can like this video in three seconds Are you ready? – [Both] Three, two, one, done

– So now let's see how these bing bings taste Bing bing bing bing bing – They smell like strawberries That's not what I expected I'm not gonna take another bite – The bing bing is a no no

These are the headlights – Nice! One of my headlights is kinda wonky, it's like pointing in the same direction as the other one Now it's time to add some windows to my battle bus because I want the people inside to be like, woo, is that a banana? You know what I mean? And then we go, oh! – Alright, here we go – I think that's a waste of time So I understand you try to make the whole like hot air balloon thing, but bro, Say goodbye to my banana, you never wanna waste a piece of your banana

This banana is actually gonna be the bumper of my battle bus That way, if you ever come late to the battle bus, you try to get on you're like, you just slip off the banana peel Then we're gonna go, oh – Oh bro look at this No, Devan

– I added a plane dude Look at this, it's a banana handle on a battle bus, it's unprecedented Bam, there you have it, the battle buses are completed I must say, I think the banana handle takes home the victory So you guys gonna comment down below, let us know who won this round

We'll be easting these at the end, and right now we are onto the next one Now is the moment you've all been waiting for It's time to eat and feast on these DIY edible Fortnite candies, working it off right now with the harvesting tool Mine is the flamingo, I'm gonna try to get some of the hat, some of the Twinkie, and a little banana – Bro are you ready for this? – [Both] Three, two, one

(crunching) – Oh yeah bro – Whoa Oh, the different textures bro – Next up, we've got the battle bus – Or whatever that is – This is my battle bus

This is the front of my battle bus, I'm gonna try to take a bite of it right now, see if I can just eat my battle bus's face off Three, two, one – Oh! – That's awesome – I got a piece of (mumbles) The banana – Oh yeah

– It was that good? It seems like a weird combo – Boom, spike trap, it's time to get trap spiked – Oh no, alright – So we'll be eating this spike trap, then we'll go for the med kit and then we'll finish it all off with some delicious chug jug So here's the issue with this trap

You see, you go for the lick on all the candy and then you get spiked in the face (mumbling) – Actually that was pretty good dude – I got it! – I'm gonna try to combine 'em together I'm gonna take a bit of this – Oh, whoa, holy cow, whoa this is super good bro

– That hurt – This is amazing! I gotta admit, I don't think the banana handle was the best option for my kit 'cause it all fell off and turned soggy That's disgusting! So now that's how you do it Devan, take your hand like this – Okay And then you gotta just scoop in – Ew

– And then ta-da! – Yep, and then you say goodbye to it – Alright cheers – Three, two, one Uh, whoa – Dude

Whoa – There's like layers of the cake – They're strawberry – The best med kit ever, I hope you (mumbling) it is time for the candy pinata llama Now we were gonna show you how to make this but unfortunately, it just took forever – It was so boring

– Basically like a whole bunch of fondant, some cut up sour strips, and Hershey's chocolate and this thing looks amazing, so right now, it's time to take a bite of this time Oh my gosh it looks so cool Just gonna go for it, here we go, three, two, one – Oh, is it good? – Yeah it's a little bit sour though – Oh, where should I go? I'm just gonna go

– On the neck? Oh my God (yelling) – Now it's time to drink the chug jugs and guys, comment down below, what are some other Fortnite items you want us to turn into DIY edible food? – And remember Collins, we only have 15 seconds to drink this, you ready? – 15 seconds, alright let's go! – Dude, how can anybody drink this in 15 seconds bro? – There is no way Oh my gosh, if you wanna see another video click right over here, you have five seconds Ready? Here we go – [Both] Five, four three, two, one – Alright, well we love you guys

– [Both] Bye! – A pretzel

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