FOOD ART CHALLENGE 3 & How To Make the Best Epic STAR WARS Custom Art By Customizing Funny Foods

– Your Darth Vader watermelon sculpture is blowing my mind, so here's the reveal – [Both] Three, two, one, what? – You challenged us to make edible characters from Star Wars, so let's go

I'm making Chewbacca, and I'm starting off with his body – Oh it's in, it's like a little shrimp floating and bobbing in the ocean – That's looking good So I gotta curling iron and I'm gonna make Yoga's light saber – [Both] Three, two, one! – Oh! Whoa! – Holy cow! – I think I might just leave it in here

Holy cow– – That is very far in – That is deep, harder – Just look at the counter – Oh, my gosh this might be one of the biggest steam ups we've ever had

– All right, now it's time to pour in this hot liquid, and hopefully this freezes into Yoda's light saber – [Both] Three, two, one, yo! – [Devon] It's like a little volcano, man, holy cow! – [Both] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – [Collins] That's like seven whoa's! Time to remove the cocoa pod – Whoa! – No! – [Collins] All right man, get the liquid nitrogen outta here, and Devon, you know what happens next, right? – Oh yeah, we smash it! – [Both] Three, two, one! (glass shattering) Oh! – Oh my gosh! – [Collins] I've gathered all the cocoa pods, and I'll be using this for the body of Chewbacca – I've just got to pull out the light saber like this (grunting) – It's like King Arthur man, You can't get the sword out

– [Devon] Okay, I think I just have to break out the ice around it – Why go one at a time and very softly, When you could go like this! – Boom, boom, boom, boom! – [Devon] What are you doing? That didn't work at all! – Man, I thought my hammer skills were way better than that – That was terrible, okay – That one's a very– – Put that away – Okay, we have some coco pods here, oh, it is slimy! Oh! Wow, I feel like Chewbacca right now, it's like argh! – That is really gross

– Oh, my gosh, man! – Yup! – It's raining dry ice I've sliced open a coco pod right here, now it's time to fill it up with a whole bunch of coco butter – [Both] Three, two, one, whoa! – [Devon] Holy cow, it looks like liquid gold – [Collins] Oh my gosh, it's gonna harden into Chewbacca's body – [Devon] I just gotta continue chiseling this

– The thing is, Devon, I think you're going about it all wrong We just take it right here Oh, no, how? – I am the true king, I am King Arthur with my little juice stick – Wait, you saw me trying to pull that out – Yeah, and it wasn't working, Devon

You missed the whole (blowing lightly) like that, you didn't get that done – Are you kidding me? – Yes, this can be a little light saber for ya – Okay, well, thank you very much Gonna put this aside, then start making Yoda Gotta do this a couple more times, and that'll be the base of my Chewbacca

All right, this thing is attached and ready to go This is for my edible Play-Doh like stuff that I'm making for his body – It's time to bust a coconut (smashing on table) (chuckling) – More like bust a table – You can take it with a mallet like this, here we go, oh, bam! That's what you call in there

It's smoking, it's literally smoking! Now's the moment of truth, see if I can crack open this very coconut with my bare hands (yelling) Oh, I'm getting it, I'm getting it! – [Devon] Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! – Yes! – Yeah! – Look at me, I'm going Wookiee mode, teah, man! This is going to be perfect for Chewbacca – It stopped working, oh no it didn't All right, adding some flour into here, and this is gonna be for the base of my body of Yoda It's like kind of a Play-Doh

– You're making one of the most powerful Jedi's in the whole galaxy – Yeah – Out of apple sauce Just seems a little like he should be made out of something a lot more powerful like– – No, no, an apple a day keeps Darth Vader away – Ah, yes, yes

I've gotta perfect ring of isomalt here, and the goal is to turn this ring into Chewbacca's iconic hair Just drop it in like this, three, two, one, oh! (both yelling) I broke it! – You gotta start over – Yeah, I gotta start all over again Oh my gosh, this is gonna be tough – [Devon] Now it's time to start making my Darth Vader watermelon

– All right, here we go– – All right, you got it – Got another one right here Lather this thing up, and almost the core starts here, and then we're gonna go for a pull This might be a whole new career for me if I can pull this off – If you can pull it off? – Nice, Devon, we don't do puns here

– Hey man, you made the pun, I just pointed it out – Now, before I reveal this watermelon sculpture it's just gonna need a little bit more work So, stick right to find out how it turns out Here's the first big moment Time to take it like this, twist it

Oh, yeah! – Look at this, I'm coloring the dough for Yoda's head – Are you making Yoda, or Swamp Thing right there, Devon? – [Devon] I'm making Yoda, dude, he's green – [Collins] It's all about quantity, about doing this a whole bunch of times and looping it over, man – [Devon] Got this thing into a nice shape for his head here – Yo, all right, the fibers all starting to come together, man

You can see it, look at this! – Whoa! – Holy cow I can see why it takes years and years of practice to get it right, but it looks absolutely incredible – All right, Yoda's head is done, now it's time to add the hair – All right, whilst you go that, Devon, time to introduce the most powerful light saber in all the galaxy right here Three, two, one! – Okay, oh! – Wow! That's not, wrong one, let me try like that? That's not right either, let's hit it like this

– Hold on – Yeah – Oh! We had it for a second Well, it's not quite working right so let's just, all right We'll deactivate it

– So, I got some rice noodles here, they're very dry Gonna stick these into the top of his head like this – [Collins] All right, whilst you work on your hair, I'm gonna continue with my hair Looks like a little bug right now – I know, right? – He's got little antennas

Gonna pour it in here like this All right, and then just kinda crimp down like that I'm really trying to get some great locks like, cause you can have this Chewbacca, or you can have this Chewbacca You could have this Chewbacca, or this Chewbacca! I want that Chewbacca Look at the little wiring, man, like someone kinda got like a static electricity shock on him

What do these look like, Devon? – They look like cacti – No, they are Chewbacca's legs – Oh! – [Colin] Yeah, except right now they are very hairy, so I have to de-hair Chewbacca's legs, and get it real nice and deep into all those hairs – As you're doing that, this is some hot oil for Yoda's hair – [Collins] You're making his hair outta oil? – Yes! – [Both] Three, two, one! Whoa! – His hair! – Holy cow! – It's turning crazy! – It's getting all wiry, dude! – Yes! Yoda went from zero to hero real quick, man

– [Devon] This is a pure Einstein Yoda – Got the wax on ya like this, and now it's time to rip it all off I mean, very gently take it off of Chewbacca's legs – All right, that's it for his hair, now onto the body – The wax is all on, I've got a strip right here

Gonna place it on just like this Now, it's kinda gotta squeeze it on Time to wax a cactus, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! (yelling) – Man! – Did it work? – We waxed it, bro! All right, got some dough here to make Yoda's club – All right I gotta a hug chunk of bar right here, and a heat blaster – I'm gonna put this sheet of plexi over the top

This is gonna compress it into a very, very thin layer of noodle – Time for me to take the body and stick It here on Chewbacca's legs (yelling) – Oh man, like butter! – Like butter – Smooth as butter! Oh! Uh-oh! – This is tough, this is real tough, this is real tough, this is real tough, but I got it! Now it's time to grab the pump – Why a pink pump, Devon? – Cause that's what it came with

You have a problem with a pink pump? – I have no problem with a pink pump Now it's time to grab all the different elements, put 'em together, and assemble them into the final art sculpture The Star Wars art pieces are done and I am mind blown by these– – Yours looks amazing! – Thank you I'm gonna level with you, this took a ton of work, a lot of time, and a whole bunch of help from a ton of my friends, it looks incredible! – And I'm not mad dude, that looks amazing – Yeah 'cause there's no way on my own I'd be able to create this – [Both] Three, two, one, ta-da! Whoa, what! – [Devon] Now I know you're ready to see this watermelon sculpture, but it's gonna take a little bit more work

– So we'll be revealing it at the end of the video Slime freeze! (yelling) Dude look at that man! You challenged us to do the ultimate food art challenge where we make watermelon sculptures, Star Wars characters, and even edible aliens and mummies so lets go – [Devon] Think of this as the edible intestines of my edible mummy – [Collins] This is gonna make the intestines for the innards of your mummy, these eggs here are gonna be the innards of my alien Oh, that sounded like intestines right there Devon

All right here we go just gonna keep cracking these eggs in here like it's my job, like it's my business – [Devon] Whoa, I filled up one on the inside! – Holy cow! – It's like a lava lamp! – [Collins] Three, two, one, just gonna squeeze it down, oh! Dude you're getting your things in my eggs, man! – I'm sorry, it's hard to control! – Supposed to be Area 51 over here, I'm supposed to be keeping it all secret All right well here we go gonna blow up my balloon – This is my favorite intestines so far man! (laughing) Nice, quite the prank – Call me the professional prankster

Just gonna put it on here like this, and again the balloon kinda acts as like the stomach You can probably see what's gonna happen next, we're gonna try to get all of the eggs inside the balloon Here we go three, two, one, like this! And then just squeeze it in – Look at that, is that necessary man? (Collins yelling) The way these intestines glisten in the light man, makes me wanna eat 'em! – I've never heard anyone say that before, it doesn't sound that appetizing Three, two, one, oh! (both yelling) That's no, oh! – Put it back, put it back, put it back! What have I done? – I don't know, but that was nasty

Time to cook the egg balloon, and this is gonna create the perfect intestines for my aliens Just gonna drop the egg in, there we go, and then put the boom, and then bam, and then that's gonna cook – Boom in the bam! – The boom in the bam and the cook! That's a pretty intense bucket of intestines you got right there, Devon – Oh it is – All right well I'm just gonna let this keep cooking and now it's onto the next part of my alien

All right I think my balloon boiled egg is all done, can you relax bro! For one second all right, so here we go, just pull this out like this – Oh, that's funky looking – Whoa wait a second – I have to feel that, whoa! – Yeah it's bizarre! – It's like rubbery – This right here is gonna be a massive egg

We don't have any more ostrich eggs, so this is kind of our new DIY version of an ostrich egg – [Devon] I'm making lemon curds for the stomach of my mummy, and you can't have lemon curd without lemons! – This is true, Devon speaks the truth! All right here we go, three, two, one, let's remove the balloon! – Oh, what on earth? – Oh, there we go! – It looks like a balloon-shaped sweet potato! – Its a giant egg Devon! – Oh it is? – All right so now the final thing I gotta do with my egg here we go Get a bowl, I gotta harvest it and break it down This little fun life hack I learned so here we go, gotta grab some lemons This thing is I don't actually need the lemons, I need this net right here

All right so here we go, the idea is I'm actually gonna be able to squeeze out these things in between these little holes Three, two, one, here we go like this, and just push the egg through it – [Devon] What is this? – [Collins] These are gonna be the intestines, Devon He's got a whole bunch of little tiny short intestines – [Devon] Look at that, look at that! – Not as satisfying as I hoped it would be, oh look at that, oh! All right happy thoughts, lemon thoughts! – Jeez dude! – (coughing) it smells so bad! – I can't even look at that thing! – Here we go, squeeze it like that! (retching) All right well now we're onto the next part of the alien

– Yeah I gotta make a lot more lemon juice – Yeah and hopefully it'll overpower the egg man Get some tapioca right here and this stuff is gonna be real weird on the inside of the alien Time to get it out, oh man this is, hold on this is very stuck There we go okay it's starting to come down a little bit

– [Devon] Well I got some butter here and now it's time to melt it down for my lemon curd – [Both] Okay! – Oh man well here we go– – I didn't know I needed flour in mine but now I know I do! – Exactly, so we're gonna have to give it the once around – Oh no, oh no, oh no – gonna go like this This is the once around cause technically– – That was five around bro, that was like five or six around! – [Both] Where did it go? – Oh my gosh it went on the– – What no way, oh! Then we're gonna add in some more of this powder here

So yeet so here we go, just going to, here we go place it down like this And then we're just gonna place the tapioca in– – Got it! – Turn this into worms that'll be on the inside of my alien – Are you kidding? – Enjoying life No I'm not Devon – That's nasty

– He's an alien Devon, there's microorganisms that are living inside of him, like worms Wait you're just gonna melt down the butter in there? – [Devon] Yes I am! – It's getting a very slow process to be able to do it man – It's actually cleaner and faster than doing it in a pan, Collins! – Sorry! – What was that, are you kidding me! – That was my greatest slam– – This is my, this merch is black! What are you doing! – All right time for me to create the tapioca worms Got piece number one right here, gonna slam it down in here Slam in! Okay there we go, there we go, little noodles! – Noodles! – Noodles! Man this is so much more difficult than I expected

Okay here we go it's good (grunting) This is so tough dude – I know, I've been through it All right got that stick of butter, now I gotta move onto my next one Okay then

– Three, two, one, argh! Bam there we go, tapioca noodles! Or, Devon's new wig All right well here are the worms for the inside of my alien and now it's onto the next part of the body I've got some very hot isomalt here because it is time to make the arms and legs of my alien! What is that? – Good sir! This is my lemon curd! – [Collins] Wait so you're mixing eggs with lemons over here? – Yes – Gonna pour my isomalt in here like this, make sure it's set down, here we go – [Devon] All right just need to add this here into this pan and then heat it up, and then I'll be onto my next step

Dude these lemon curds are gonna add a whole 'nother flavor to my mummy stomach! – [Collins] It's looking good so here we go, just gonna add olive oil in like this Look at that dude, look at that! – [Devon] Nicely done! – Okay, it's coming together man! I gotta say the olive oil's not going in fast enough though, it's gotta a little bit quicker Come on, come on, it's like collapsing, it's collapsing no! It's like dripping to the side, it's like a Leaning Tower of Pisa right now! Oh my gosh! So what we're making alien arms, so technically anything goes right now – That's the alien's arm? – Yup, yup, that's the aliens arm Support it, support would be great

I am out of oil! – [Devon] It looks like it's about to pop man! – I am out of oil man! If you could hold this up here once I get this, the rest of it should– (screaming) – It weirdly looks like an elephant trunk I did not realize that these intestines would not mix very well with the lemon curd I'm gonna mix this up – Dry ice in there? – Yes! All right here we go – [Both] Three, two– – Wait wait three second challenge! We wanna see if you can like this video in three seconds, you ready? Here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one, done! Three, two, one! – [Collins] Let's see, oh! Mix it up, mix it up! – Then I gotta mix it up

– This oil, all this oil's getting out of control! Too much, too much, okay that should be fine (screaming) What, what! – I am not cleaning that up Could you imagine if you had dug up– – What, I'm dealing with loss – This looks like the innards of something that's been dead for a very long time – Well I'm gonna have to clean up all this oil right now 'cause otherwise we're gonna be slipping and sliding everything

– [Devon] Mission accomplished with mine – [Collins] It must've ate something really bad before it passed away man – All right get this giant bingo tumbler here all set up, because I am making the core of his brain! – I thought I had the coolest looking cylindrical thing here man! – Definitely not anymore! – Well excuse me my jackfruit needs a smidge of room, so could I just have you move yours over– – They really don't want you getting into this bingo thing – Yeah I just want you to move it over this way Wait a minute, it turns! – Yes! – While you do that we're gonna make the skin of my alien

I wanted it to have a very unique looking texture to it So we got some agar-agar over here, I'm just gonna pour it here on the jackfruit and hopefully gonna get a nice ridge-looking approach so here we go – I've never tried to get out so much peanut butter in my life at one time – Next up I need to spread the skin! Spread, spread – Spread spread

– [Collins] Spread spread! – Now I gotta add in some of this granola right here – The way you said granola – Granola! – Gra-no-la! – Close it up here just like this And now, mixy mixy! All right– – Yo man, what is shooting out? Did I not mention the holes? – You did mention them – I mentioned the holes! I know when a mess is about to be made, it's like a spidey sense I have it just goes off and I'm like yup, a mess is about to happen

– You have a spidey sense for when a mess is about to be made? – [Collins] Well I'm just gonna keep packing the skin on, gonna let it dry, and then peek it off – [Devon] Look at that, it's like seeping through! – [Collins] Yeah, centripetal force bro! – Like trying to make some noodles there! What did I do wrong? – Everything, it has holes All right here we go, time to peel off my alien skin Oh my gosh– – yes, it is actually kinda coming together! – Watch the faucet! This is so satisfying man, look at this! – Whoa! – Holy cow! And boom, all right! This is going to be the skin of my alien – I've got to say this brain is gonna be really tasty

– Only a few things left for my alien Just the rib cage, some eye balls, and a couple different things and mine will be fully done – Mines almost done as well, just gotta put 'em together! – We got the edible alien and mummy and these things turned out so good man! Like I gotta this might be the best art I have ever done! – I think so, it's either that or the Pennywise bro – Oh yeah! The thing is for this one I did have to get some friends to help me out with this but it took a lot of time and I'm really proud of how it turned out! – Yeah and I actually also had to use some friends help because this one was really difficult – The thing I'm the most excited about is opening these up, dissecting them, and then eating whatever's on the inside

Woo it's gonna be interesting! Here we go! – [Both] Three, two, one, ta-da! – Look at these masterpieces! – Yes! I have to say, I'm a little creeped out – [Collins] And like the eye in there too and everything! We've got the edible alien and mummy and now it is time to dissect them and see how they taste! We're gonna eat Devon's mummy first – There are four part of it that I am really excited to eat – All right Devon so what's the first one, what are we gonna be tasting first? – First part is going to be the arms So I'm just gonna break off one of these– – [Both] Three, two, one, oh! – Oh ow, ow, I forgot what we put in here man! – [Collins] What is that, looks like maggots dude! – I know right? – Holy cow! – [Devon] Isn't that nasty? – I gotta say I think I'm just going to, gonna leave this one to you bro, you got this

– What do you mean? – You got this bro! – This looks so cool! – You got this, I believe in you! – It's supposed to be kinda gross! – [Collins] Enjoy the taste! – Well I guess we're gonna move on to Collins' – Hey well in that case I will come back – That's one arm, do you wanna do the next arm? – Yes, I thought it was gonna be a little bit firmer cause of how it all looks but like oh man, it's a little squishy It literally looks like maggots, did you actually put maggots in here? – No I didn't bro, all right Let's just get to the chest now, you ready? – Sure

– I'm just gonna go for a bite of the arm? – Okay you ready? – They're both the same, you ready? – All right here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! – It's very bready All right now that that's done, it's time to open up the chest – Yeah I'm a little bit concerned cause you've been really building this up, there's a knife involved! – There is, and some pincers – Am I expecting something to like burst out of the chest? – You're expecting a lot of things, Collins, I don't know which one

All right here we go – [Both] Three, two, one, argh! – You slice it open? – Yup! – [Collins] What's going on the inside man? – [Devon] Look, it's the little intestines dude! (both yelling) – [Both] Ohhh, yeah! – That's– – that's awesome! This one, it's probably gonna taste better than the arms, but it looks like it's gonna taste far worse – All right time to see how these things taste, you ready? – [Both] Here we go, three, two, one! – Whoa! – My lemon curd bro! – That is delicious, yeah! (talking with food in mouth) – Let's get to the legs – [Both] Three, two, one, yup! – Oh yup, it is definitely hard Gotta peel back this bit, whoa! They're hollow! – What? – Yeah! – What are those? – Look, first of all his legs are baguette legs, I know you'd love that

And look, they're stuck in the legs! I put little bugs in there but they kind merged together into one massive bug – That's even grosser! – [Both] Here we go, three, two, one! (grunting) – Wow, holy cow – It's the best (coughing) – The bread! – Well now it's time to go for the main event, the mummy's head! – And I'm guessing stuff's gonna ooze? – You're guessing may be correct! All right here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! – [Devon] Go for the slice

(both yelling) Okay, just a membrane thing So then give me the brain underneath this I guess – [Both] Three, two, one – [Devon] Let's see it! (both yelling) – Yes, wow! – doesn't that brain look amazing? – I'm impressed! – And now, it's time to just– (retching) – oh, whoa! That's that peanut butter stuff that I used, remember? – Oh, so that's gonna be delicious then! – Yes, it's gonna be great! All right here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! (both yelling) – One of the best things we've done! Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, oh yeah! – That was amazing! – So good! – [Collins] Devon the first part of my alien, what do you think we're gonna start with here man? – [Devon] I don't know man, it's up to you! – Here's the thing, I really wanna start things off with a bang so we're gonna go for the head first

Here we go, here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! – [Collins] Just like this, here we go! (both yelling) – That looks tough! – Yo, look at the inside of the head! – No way, I have to eat that? – It's kind of a little pocket! That's pretty funky looking – I think I'm gonna grab some of the eye, and then probably some of this outer membrane stuff – All right you know what, put on my little sock All right here we go

– [Both] Three, two, one! – Whoa, oh! (retching) It tastes like tar! – Yeah it's really bad! – I know it sounds kind of counterintuitive, but maybe the feet will taste better than the head We're gonna grab off one of the toes like this, here we go– – Oh, that is– – [Collins] That is a stretchy toe! – Let me do it – Okay, you wanna give it a shot? – [Devon] Here we go, three, two, one! (yelling) – How'd you get that so easily? All right here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! (cheering) – That is really good! – That's redemption right there! The big wow factor in my alien, the stomach right here! Just wait 'till you see what happens when we slice this thing open – I can't wait! – all right here we go

– [Both] Three, two, one! (both screaming) – Dude it's like an alien inside an alien! What is going on! I put a water balloon and that's way bigger than I expected man! – You made this dude, what are you doing? – I'm doing my best here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! (both yelling) – Whoa! – Look at that! That's a lot, oh, look at that! – [Both] Three, two, one! (yelling) – That's so bad! (talking with mouth full) – Now it's finally time to reveal my Darth Vader watermelon! – And I am truly blown away by this masterpiece, it doesn't even make sense how you did this! So here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! (both yelling) – Look at that bro, that is unbelievable! We got the edible Star Wars art, and now it's time to see how they taste Both of these are amazing, some of the best stuff we've ever done – [Devon] I completely agree with you

– So Devon the question becomes, which one do we want to eat first? Do we wanna sink our teeth into a solid Yoda? Or into a fuzzy Wookiee? – It's all on Yoda – Let's eat some of the feet I'm gonna take a full ear, what, yeah look at that! – Let's see if we can crack this like this (yelling) There we go, all right cool, we got some pieces of the ear I want a finger, can I grab his thumb? – [Devon] Yeah go for it man – [Collins] I think this Yoda's thumb, with the finger nail and everything

– [Devon] I think I'm gonna take off one of his feet right here – One of his toes– – oh yeah, there you go! – Look at that on the inside, that's a whole bunch of flavor packed into some toes – All right here we go – [Both] Three, two, one! – Oh, wow, whoa, whoa! – [Both] Whoa, whoa, yeah! – I think I nailed it on this one! – Oh my gosh! – It is really hard though You might chip a tooth

– [Both] So good! – You're mouth is green, like the Hulk! (grunting) (talking with mouth full) – Now it's time to try Chewbacca And I gotta say with Chewbacca, if you don't like hair in your food you probably won't like Chewbacca– – He's not the one for you – We're gonna go for two different parts I think one part I wanna try is the head, I also wanna try an arm of him, so which one do you want Devon, do you want the head or the arm? – I'll take the arm! – Here we go (both yelling) There we go, all right

I gotta say it's looking like it lost a bit of it's shape Yeah it's very, very hairy Let me try and grab his head So sorry Chewbacca, you look so nice, you look so lovely All right well there we go– – His beard came off! – Exactly, he is now a cleanly shaven Chewbacca, he looks like Devon! – No he doesn't

– Yeah with the hair I mean, the hair styles kind of the same as Devon's hair style man! – Oh, I beg to differ! – I mean Devon if you had hair all over your body, you would be a Chewbacca!? – Okay, I think let's move on from this topic – All right well it's time to take a bite and see how Chewbacca tastes man, you ready? – Yeah let's do it – All we're gonna go for it – [Both] Three, two– – Oh wait if you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devon and I, text the word PET to 81800 right now! So pause the video, text the word PET to 81800 you'll automatically be entered in to win – [Both] Three, two, one! – Oh, oh, oh! It was smoking for a second! Look at this head! – Holy cow! – He's gone bald! – My new favorite thing is life is bald Chewbacca, I think this is absolutely hilarious

You get to comment down below who is your favorite movie character you would love to see us make an actually art sculpture out of – [Both] Oh, and and Happy New Year!

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