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this is to cool and good man keep that and this up Three, two, one , go – Three, two, one, go! (screaming, laughing, crying) (yelling) – What's up? It's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday blog

And for today's video, I have two chairs next to me This is unprecedented for a video, so first of all I want to please welcome, all the way from his bedroom right now, my little brother, Devan Key (snaps) – [Both] Hey! What's up, bro? – Teleportation on fleek! – Thank you bro, good to see you – Yeah, so welcome back – So now we actually have one more guest that I am actually going to teleport – Oooh! – From Michigan, California, please welcome – Michigan, California? – My cousin, Cavanaugh

– [All] Oooooh! – There we go – Devan needs to work on his teleportation skills, – Yes – Just a little bit So, for today's video, we are going to be tasting a whole bunch of super, super sour candy But we thought, you know what? If we just do a whole bunch of sour candy, the entire time, that's no fun because it's going to be a whole bunch of What we thought we'd do, we would break it up, do super sweet candy in between the sour candy so that way our taste buds are in complete confusion the entire time Now, since this candy is so sour, it's going to be extremely painful, so please give this video a big thumbs up for some encouragement because I don't want to be in pain! So yeah, if you guys give – Wait, wait, wait, hold on, hold on

We're gonna be in pain? – Yeah – I think so – You're telling me I came all the way from Michigan – I can't make you go back now You saw how bad I did on the way here

– Yeah, you're right, you've just got to do it, bro – You can give me a little heads up next time – Alright, cool, will do If this video gets enough thumbs up, you know what? We might make him teleport all the way back from Michigan and do another video So yeah, make sure you give this video a big thumbs up

Also, I'm doing a huge giveaway on my channel right now I'm giving away a MacBook this month If you want to win that, let us know by liking this video – [Brothers] Comment down below what your favorite video is – That I've ever posted on the channel Of course, he watches Subscribe! – Subscribe

– But right now, let's go right into the video – Oh gosh – So these are super lemon That's all it says – This isn't even in English

That can't be good It's not even yellow – This is gonna kill us – You guys since this is our first one, – Oh no – What do you say we do two at once? – What? – Let's do it

– Let's do it – I'm two times the amount of nervous I was before – Alright, here we go, three, two, one (soft electronic dance music) (muffled groan) – Oh, no (muffled wimpers) – Oh my god! – Oh my god! – Wooo! – That's worse than I thought

– Wooo! (inarticulate cries) – Wow – It's like in my nose (laughing) – I can taste it with my nose – Oh my god (muffled cries) Oh my god

They're all like nice and sweet now, but – Hey, it's nice and sweet – Alright, that was the first one Now we need some sweet stuff now That was intense – My eyes are watering

– I know yeah, mine were literally, like there's a little bit of tears coming out, but we're gonna try the next one Right now, let's eat a sweet candy I need some sweetness For the sweet one we have these Minion candies So I don't even know what these are

– Wait, – It says try me It says push on (laughing) Hey! (gasping) – This is awesome! – Oh I know – 'Cause you get to spin it in your mouth – It does the licking for you – Oh that's so cool! (lollipops spinning) – Mmm! – It's oddly satisfying

(laughing) – Minions for the win – This one here is called Toxic Waste Zaps, sour bubble gum So, whoever can blow a bubble first, wins and the two losers have to do one more of these really crazy lemon ones we just did – Ooooh We have to wait for Cavanaugh, though

He's a little challenged (laughing) – Three, two, one (high-pitched squeal) (muffled cry) – Dude, wow! Oh that's sour! – It's not sour yet – Just wait for it – Oh, man

(loud grunting) – Aw – You're getting super sour now Oooh! He got it! Devan won – Yay – Alright, so we lost so we have to eat one of these so we'll open it up I'm just gonna do mine quick right now

I'm just gonna pop it in – Oh yeah, uh-huh, feel the pain, feel the pain – Augh! – I feel like where's the? – It hurts – Yes! – It was worse – Tickle challenge! – [Brothers] Oooh! – I'm so sorry, bro You okay? – My arm almost just snapped

(all laughing) I'll never touch you again with sour things in your mouth – Alright, let's do the next sweet one I need something sweet So these are – [Brothers] Kinder Joy – Wait, for girls? – For boys – Wait

(laughing) – Newsflash! Devan is a female – Really? – I don't get it (laughing) – Show it! That really is for boys – I'm gonna take a picture on my Snapchat And then I'll post that picture here on the screen, that way you guys can see what it is

If you guys haven't already added me on Snapchat, you might as well do that right now – If you thought that one was bad, you should seriously see mine – What's yours? – Look at this (laughing) What? I'm going to take a picture on my Snapchat – If you guys don't have Devan on Snapchat, you might as well add him right now

– Alright, I'm gonna like pop it inside out – It's like an oyster, right? – Oh, you're right; an oyster? – Okay, the oyster Three, two, one – Mmm Wow! – Mmm! – That's pretty good

– That was really good! – Wow, that is good – That was delicious I like this one, very good This next one I do not know what these things are They are something Warhead

– Hey, it actually looks like this red thing could be sweet – Yeah, I guess you're right Yeah So this is – I'm hoping – I guess, ow! – Oooh

– First of all, you must lick the red thing Dip it in – Oh, okay – Oh my gosh Three, two, one

– Ha! – Ooh! – It's lit (laughing) – Alright, I'm gonna go for it again – It's on my lips – Hoooo-Oooh – I'm doing another one

– Ho! – Yeah, I just inhaled it (laughing) – We're doing one more guys, you ready? – Wait, we're all doing it? (coughing) – Ha! – This is a choking hazard – I hurt my lips My lips are burning – ha! Ooooh! (laughing) It's hot! It's hot! I'm sweating! – Dude, your teeth are all green – Yours are too

– Am I? (laughing) Alright, next one, let's go After that horrible experience, we're gonna eat some pina colada cotton candy Take a pinch each A pinch! (laughing) – Alright take it – Alright, here we go

– Hm – I love cotton candy It just like dissolves in your mouth – It's not bad – I don't like this flavor, though

– Cotton candy is cotton candy, bro (laughing) – Here, you want some more? – Yeah – Here, want some more? – That's adorable – Back to the sour – No! – with this blue stuff Sour Punch Straws

(laughing) Alright, here we go, you ready? Three, two, one – Oh, that's sour – Ahhhhh my word! – Woah (mumbling) – Oh it's sour Alright, so our reward now – Oooh! – Is Pop Rocks – Oh sweet

I've done these like one other time – So Three, two, one, go (candy pouring) (candy crackling) (all laughing) (choking) – God – Still popping It's not even in my mouth

It's in my throat (laughing) – They're popping in your throat? (sizzling sound) (laughing) We're just gonna be popping for a little bit now – I can feel it right there – That is so funny – Alright, cool, so let's try the next sour one

– Next up, we have Toxic Waste – Toxic Waste I actually have prior experience with these I did a video with Mel and – Wait, really? these were also involved, so How were they? They were great Three, two, one, go

(inarticulate cries of pain) – No! Oh! Oh! – Woo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo! – Oh my god (inarticulate yell) – It hurts so bad! (inarticulate yelling) – Oh! (inarticulate yelling) (screaming and yelling) – These are way, way worse than I remember – This one doesn't get sweet – Mom! – It keeps going (inarticulate yelling) – Okay

It finally got sweet – It really wouldn't – Little Devan is in pain (choking) (screaming) (laughing) – Are you okay? – I'm all sweating, so much – You know what, all my like water ducts are full

– Your water yucks? These are horrible The worst ones yet We gonna need some sweetness to compensate for that one And you're literally crying – I am

Oh – And these are called macaroons, I believe, so they are blueberry ones – Macaroons! – Macaroons! Take a macaroon – Oh wait – I got you, Devan, don't worry

Three, two, – I'm popping the whole thing Yep Mmm – Wow! – It is really good – It is so soft! – It's like eating cloud – Yeah! Alright, so we're gonna try these ones, which literally look like organs

I'm not even kidding Cheers These look really weird They remind me of something body-ish, but I don't know Eat it

(soft dance music playing) Ha! (laughing) (gasping) (inarticulate sounds) Woo! Ew! – It actually got better – Just a little bit (inarticulate squak) – I touched my tongue to my lips – Hoo – These are just little licorices, which should be delicious, so

– I hope they're sweet – Yeah Ah – Oh – These are good

– Very yummy – These are yummy – Yeah – I like these a lot – I dig these a lot

– These are really delicious – Let's get more of these – So these are called Sour Twists – Nooooo They're made by WarHead I'm not excited about this

At all (all groaning) – It smells wrong – Oh, singed my nose hairs – Dude, such babies – Two at once

– Woah, chillax bra – Fine, I'll take five – Handful, bras – Well, yeah, you can't – Come at me – You're anteing up for me? – I give up

– Yeah, you can have the rest – Three, – This is it Why are we doing this? – I don't know, go! – Two, I wanted to do one! Okay That was nothing – There's no (mumbles) at all

– Hit me again, bro – I can do another handful of these – Right These ones are rather clever because they look like little raspberries and blackberries but apparently they're supposed to be sour So you're gonna toss it up and then catch it in our mouths

Three, two, one, go – Ow (laughing) – Three, two, one, go – Ayup – These aren't gummy at all

These are awesome – Wow, these are really good – Or really tasty – They were supposed to be sour, but they are the most delicious ones – The most delicious

– The most delicious – Okay, so these are not honey sticks, these are chocolate – [Brothers] Sweet – Honeysticks – How do we open them? – Just bite it – It's gonna explode – Oh, hey it opened

– Mm – Do they taste good? Not my favorite but, okay – I don't think I like it that much Eh – Eh – Uh-uh, I don't like it

– Well, I got a taste of it (laughing) – Yours isn't even open yet – Yeah, I'm struggling (laughing) Oh man Alright, you ready? – Mm-Hm

– Oh, it's weird (laughing) It's so strange Yo, I can't get enough of that (laughing) – So this one here is called Cry Baby Tears Extra sour candy

– If they're more sour than the Toxic Waste ones, I'm scared for my life – They're like made in the shape of tears, as well That's how bad these things are – Oh gosh You cry on this one, you the cry baby

– I'm fumbling – Three, two, one (soft electronic dance music) – Oh, man – Don't you cry baby – Hold it back Devan

You're on camera – Be a man – Or a line about the cry baby There he is – This one right here, is fish of some sort

Starfish – Starfish – They're just stars I don't know why they assume they're starfish – Please be sweet

Please be sweet – Yeah, these are sweet ones – Wait, – Oh no, I dropped it – Oh no No, in the trash Oh, pick it up It got a little bit dirty

Oh god, it got really dirty Augh I'm gonna eat it anyway I can't taste anything – It tastes terrible

I've got a super sour one – I literally can't taste anything right now – Oh, really are you not? – It's sour! (gasping and yelling) – Oh! Why? – No! – Tastes like salt – I it tastes like tar! It's stuck to my mouth It's stuck to my mouth – This is the worst! – Tastes like I'm eating dirt, salty dirt (inarticulate yelling) – It was supposed to be good Ew

I'm gonna throw up Please give this video a big thumbs up for the fact that we ate some of the most sour candy – Yup – And we were in some serious pain, – Yeah, that was intense – Any thumbs up would be much appreciated

Go check out them both, I'm gonna put both their social media links down in the description below, go follow them – So go do it! – Right now I'm gonna eat – Can we eat now? – Yeah, I would eat the whole thing – Bye! – Hold on, now let's make him teleport home – Alright there we go, and you gotta go bye-bye – Wait, what? – Bam

I'm all alone 🙁

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  1. Hi Collins Key,
    I have just watched your video and read your blog as well, I can see that your experience is really terrible with extreme sour candy but I believe that everyone should try “Extreme Sour Candy Challenge” and experience it as well. Specially if you have your friends with you because these types of experiences will remain in our memories for lifetime and you can talk about it later of your age. Great video…Thanks for sharing your experience with us..

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