Extreme Hide and Seek in Zombie Apocalypse – Last To Survive Wins Challenge & How To Be The Best!

– These are real life zombies, because you challenged us to play hide and seek with zombies here at Two-Bit Circus But here's the twist, if the zombies find and tag us, we get turned into zombies and join the herd

Last man standing wins and the clock starts now (bell rings) Let's Go! – [Ben] What? – Alright guys, let's find some hiding spots, let's do this (group exclaims excitedly) – [Nina] Oh my gosh, this is amazing – Holy cow! Alright well, everyone's going that way, I'm going this way No one's gonna find me

– Look at this, what? What do you think? Can you tell that it's me? – Look at that face that is insane That's really cool – Maybe I can do something where I can like hide under the chair, maybe under this? That would be kinda cool (door creaks) – I heard someone Let's find the others

(screams) – [Alexis] Please! – Hide! – Oh my gosh, he needs to help us Lindsay – All right we're going upstairs No body's gonna find me up here Oh man, I don't know what to do – Yo guys, Yo guys, behind here I think I may have found my hiding spot

(leaves rustling) – And one other thing I forgot to mention is that, whenever the siren of terror goes off, we have to switch hiding spots immediately – Wow, this place has so many hidden treasures, this is crazy – Whoa, what are you doing there? – What are you doing here? – Money's on Bella, she'll be the first one turned into a zombie – You're super tall, I'm little n' speedy – [Lindsay] That's like not gonna work

Oh oh can you hold this? Guys I think I found it – [Nina] Okay, no – I mean I can hide in the trashcan Throw myself with trash, that may work – If you can hide up in here, that would be nuts man

Just like spider-manned out (screams) – Oh maybe behind the box Nope, but I could get a soda I don't want a soda but I could if I wanted to I know the object is there

– [Devan] Ben, look at Ben, he's just running man (silly noise crashing) – Oh sorry! – If we both come in here, it'll be like we're both in the womb again – [Lindsay] I can't fit under there, let's go – Oh, maybe I can hide behind the pillar Yeah, you can probably still see me

Okay guys, we're running really out of time, so I'm gonna go hide here 'cause it looks super promising Oh, okay I think I can fit in it Bye guys Don't tell Collins, I'm gonna win this – Oh, this is the place

Squeeze in back here Okay guys, this could actually work – I wish I could hide in one of these things That would be awesome, that would be some like James Bond level stuff I might, do i able to like hide in here, if you kinda like knot up and become curled up into a ball or something? – [Collins] Oh, I forgot to mention that all the zombies are wearing ear plugs, which means meaning they will not be able to hear us and can only find us based on sight

– I'm running out of time I have no clue where I'm gonna hide (bell rings) (zombies grunt) – [Ben] Guys, they're coming, they're coming – I feel like you don't have as much adrenaline as me What's in here? – [Nina] I do, trust me, I do

(both screams) (grunts) – Oh, check this You can see everything that everybody else is doing Oh geeze, there are so many zombies I think I'm just gonna stay up here and hide – Alright guys, so I found the perfect hiding spot

It's around this corner There's no way that the zombies are gonna be able to find me Alright guys, I'm gonna hop in, come on Okay (screams) (zombie grunts) – Shh! (zombie grunts) – Yo, come on in here and check this out

We have like a control room Dude, I'm like so scared a zombie is down this hallway over here But this is a great spot (zombie grunts) – You need to use your brain now because I – We have the same brain! – I have tried everything Wait that's scary – [Lindsay] Woodshop? – I don't like it in here – No one's ever gonna find me in here

– [Nina] Can I fit? – I think there's room for both of us – [Devan] Dude, there are so many zombies I am so glad I'm up No, that's the siren (siren blaring) and it means I have to change my hiding spot (zombies grunting) – Alright – [Collins] Okay everyone, listen up, zombies are coming but I found a hiding spot We would go down that way right now Let's go, let's go, let's go, go go go! Come on! – Alright, alright, lets go, quickly

(group chattering) (zombies grunting) Close the door, close the door Alright, let's turn on the lights and see what's going on here Is the switch over here? – [Ben] Yeah, that's (group exclaims) – Alright guys, so here's the thing This is a great hiding spot but the only issue with it is that once the siren goes off, we're gonna all have to relocate and find another hiding spot So how about this, we'll create some defense weapons that way the zombies cannot tag us, we'll be able to get away – I think I found a really good thing out in the kitchen area So I'm actually going to go out there- – You're going to go into the kitchen out there? – I'm gonna try to find it

– Are you crazy? – I'll be back guys – Devan – I'll be back – And if you see Alexis out there, let us know 'cause we need to know if she's a zombie or not – I will definitely let you know

All right, see you guys later – All right, so the goal is to find a weapon and I think I found one over here Just have to check for zombies Okay we're clear (metal clanging) – Okay so here's the thing guys I'm gonna try and make like an ax

– What if we liked taped it? You should do that 'cause I don't know how – Oh, guys I found it Oh! – Oh wait, Ben what are you doing over there dude? – [Collins] Put that down, dude put that down Alright let's test that thing out – I really want to try this

– Get an arrow over here dude, I'm super excited – All right, I got it, What am I aiming for? – [Collins] You're gonna aim for that can that I set up for you Alright here we go, three, two, one (group exclaims) (zombie grunts) (zombie grunts) – Here we go, we're gonna use this to see if we can line this up properly – That can work

– That's what I'm saying Oh it's upside down – Alright guys, so far I gotta "p" – Dude find a corner or something, like not just here – No, no, I got the letter "p," the big "p

" – That's not a "p' dude clearly it's a nine – It's a six – Oh it's a 6? Quick Maths – Let's see if this can crush some zombies Safety goggles on; do not try this at home` Alright here we go, three, two, one

(Collins exclaims) (zombies grunt) – Oh, dude I think I found a room, I think I found a room Alright come on, come on, come on What? No way! But before I show you want I found, we have a huge announcement for you, because on our last video we got over 40,000 comments saying that you would be super hyped to play a challenge created by Collins and me, so guess what? We took the best parts of your favorite videos and turned them into our first ever line up of challenges, toys and games you can play at home Comment down below "I'm in" if you wanna play the challenges It's here dude, look at this thing

Holy Cow! I just gotta grab this, take this back to the group and this is gonna be way better than anything they have got (zombies grunt) Oh no no no! – So I have my PI paid "p" shooter – (laughs) That guy has the most lethal p I've ever seen in my life (all laughs) – Nina and Lindsay, what is this? Shh, I think I hear a zombie Hold on

Go back there and hide (tense music) (zombie grunts) (plank clanks) (group exclaims) (door bangs) (door slams) – Dude, it is so crazy out there – What is that? – This is my trust friend I found on the way All right, I haven't tried this thing yet, so let's see how this works – And do not try this at home

– Do not – Here we go, you ready? Three, two, one (group exclaims) – That's nothing compared to ours – What? – [Devan] How did you guys make this? – Oh, it was easy – Are you guys gonna launch it like at the two big cans? – [Nina] We will right there

– You have goggles on Do not try this at home You guys ready? Here we go, three, two, one (cans clanging) (group exclaims) – [Collins] Oh, that's the siren Okay, we gotta find new hiding spots

Get caught and you turn into a zombie but right now we gotta split up – [Ben] We gotta go, go! – [Devan] Come on this way, follow me! – Ninja rolls at a time – I'm not joking around – Fudge, they're everywhere

(mumbles) – This thing is way too loud Okay, hold on I gotta to take this thing off – [Bella] Okay – [Devan] We're good? – [Bella] Yeah, okay so this says break room Should we go through it? – I mean yeah, it might be a good spot

Let's do it, let's do it (zombie grants) Dude, oh god (tense music) My phone's down – Oh (indistinct), oh, this is it (tense trombone) Oh, no! (artifacts crashing) – Sorry, sorry

– That was all your fault – I know, come here (zombie grunts) This way, this way – Wait, I here someone (zombie shuffling) – Okay go go go, come on, come on, come on (Ben screaming) – Where you going? Where we going? Alright I have enough for the five second subscribe challenge If you want to, you can subscribe to the channel and turn on the post notifications in five seconds You ready? Here we go, five, four, three, two, one, done deal

Dude, you alright? (screams) Yo dude, I think we gotta make a run for it like over that way, okay? Let's just go go go go go (zombie grunt) (tense music) (dramatic music) – I can't take two at a time, Devan! – [Lindsay] Whoa, this is insane, we found a spot – [Nina] It's cold in here, okay – [Lindsay] Wait what about in here? This aint gonna work- – [Nina] I don't think I'll fit in there, what's in there? – Wait I think I have found something in here (scream) (zombies grunting) – Is this a secret door or something? Wait

Perfect – Ooh I think there's something over there Don't look this way, don't look this way – [Ben] Is that a wheel? Yeah, it's a wheel, go get it

– Hold this, hold this for a second – Be careful – Dude we can sneak behind this way Crouch crouch crouch down On the count of three you go

Three, two, one, let's go go go go Okay Okay – I hear them everywhere Let's just try it, okay – [Bella] Where are we going? Where? (zombies grunting) (tense music) – Okay, okay! Come on, here we go (indistinct)

– Oh my God! (laughs) (both mumbling) – Wait a second Look at this, we're gonna hide in plain sight You ready? (screams) – It looks safe up there, I can see the sky They will probably never find me up here This is the best spot ever

(screams) – We gotta find a spot dude, we're running out of time Do a little duck walk over here A little duck-walk over here Slick Behind us

(zombies grunting) – I'm not thin enough for this I'm not thin enough (suspenseful music) – Bro they are so close right now – Did you hear them? – That was so close – You're gonna crawl underneath? – Can't fit

There's a door – Dude no way, check it out Dude yo! Dude that's perfect Go go go go (Ben screams) (siren ringing) – Wait no, that siren means we have to find a new hiding spot

Okay, run run run run run – I'm just gonna find a new hiding spot, I think (bricks crashing) Aaugh! (indistinct) – Okay, we are clear

– [Bella] Go go go go go go – We still haven't found a spot yet so I'm thinking the kitchen might be a good place to be – Okay, that would be good – Go go go go go go! – (Collins screams) Wait a minute! – Wait a second, wait a second Keep your distance

Are you a zombie? – [Bella] Don't get near us – [Collins] Do I look like, do I look like a zombie? – Yeah you're really pale right now – [Collins] I don't get a lot of sun I make YouTube videos all the time – Okay, all right

The real question though is, are we the final three at this point? (zombie grunt) Okay, they are leaving – Okay well I guess that answers that The twins have been turned into zombies I know Ben was for sure turned into a zombie I don't know about Alexis, like she's been hiding this whole game or she's a zombie, so I think, we might be the final three

– [Devan] There's probably other zombies in here – I don't hear anything – What is this? (group exclaims) – Why is this here? – Why is it not? This place has got literally everything bro This is the answer Today's game plan is that we're trying to find the place to hide in plain sight and make ourselves look like zombies

– What, I like it! – Dude, that is absolutely insane, I am not sticking around – Go go go go! I'm out, I'm out people – You gotta tell us how to make us over What is he thinking? There's a lot of zombies here, so how about this? We gotta make one more item we can use 'cause now we're a team New team alert, let's get it

Alright, check the freezer Yo, look at this There's like a hand in here We can probably make a candy arm out of this We got the head, the candy arm

There's like doughnuts over here that we can use to build the arm (zombies shuffling) – We'll grab some doughnuts – So I still haven't found a spot but gonna try it out Okay coast is clear Dude, they are so many zombies out here

Holy cow, I'm gonna try to go here – We gotta do this fast, they're gonna find us here – I need to break this – You need to break this, leave that to me Here we go

(plastic crashes) Oh! – Shh – I don't know, it's resistant to drop kicking That was strong man, holy cow Oh it's like an elbow for the arm? There we go by the way No no no, that's a twig

– Oh, I thought it was pretty similar (exclaims) – Oh wait a second I think there was something over here I just found the best spot ever Dude, no one's gonna find me here

(screams) – Okay so here we go, we got the glaze over here No, oh no! We are so close! Okay, we gotta manage to look like zombies like real quick like right now Just pop it on your face? No way – Do more – All right

Okay ready? – Three, two, one (Collins laughs) – That's gonna be a meme Are you good, is that enough? – I gotta do it to you I don't know, three, two, one (lady laughs) – Okay, we need to get going

(indistinct) – Why is it acting all like rubbery? Dude they are all out there We're gonna be like full on zombies – Okay – (indistinct) Best of luck Cheers, ready, here we go

– And if you want the chance to get a personalized video message from Devan and me and early access to our first ever live of toys, games, and challenges; click the top link in the description right now and join our keyper club It's completely free – Three, two, one, let's do it (both grunting) Ooh, right there (all grunting) (screams) – And that sound means the game is over guys

That's it All right guys, say hello to all our zombie friends over here Huge thank you to all of our friends for being in this video and a massive thank you to Two-Bit Circus for letting us go here If you guys want to have some fun, this is the place to be You want another video, click right over here you have five seconds, here we go, five, four, three, two, one, done

Love you, bye

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