(screaming) – These are the word's hardest eggs What I say about the eyes, bro? – Oh

Yo, what's up every Oh, we need Collins here Alright

Oh! – Hey, yo, what's up, bro? – How you doin' man? It's good to see you What's up guys, and welcome to today's video, and today, we are doing a super and messy challenge Right here, we are doing the Eat It or Wear It challenge! It's goin' down Also, we filmed a video over on Jacob's channel, we did like a magic sketch So go check out, I'm gonna put the link right over there, also down in the description

Be sure to subscribe to him Go follow us at all of our social medias – Alright, guys, if you guys are one of my people, I want everyone to go subscribe to Collins right now – Thank you, man – His social medias are all down below

Hit subscribe, turn on your post notifs on Instagram, Snapchat – Hey! – I don't know if there's post notifs for Snapchat, but go do that All his stuff is down there – Yeah, thank you, and again, if you guys are one of my people, go subscribe to his channel, follow him, turn on his post notifications on everything And yeah, show him some love, because this guy, he's a real trooper for doing this video, guys

How the Eat It or Wear It challenge works is we have a ton of different bags here, and all these bags are numbered, and all those numbers correspond to a number written down in this cup So, we're gonna pick on out, let's say we get number four I don't know where bag number four is, but you would take that number four, open it up, whatever's in bag number four, you have two choices You can either eat it, or you have to wear it, and the other person gets to dump that item on you So, this challenge is going to get super messy, so give it a thumbs up right now for the fact that we're, we're about to destroy these clothes

– Like it! – Yeah, like this video, and comment down below what is your least favorite food that you would hate to have dumped on you Also, we did a ton of behind-the-scenes stuff on Snapchat So, make sure you guys go add us both on Snapchat My snap code's right over there Jacob's is right over there

Yeah, we just filmed a ton of fun behind-the-scenes stuff, but right now, what do you say, bro, you ready for this? – I think we should just get right into it – I think we should do it Alright, let's get it You know what, since you're the guest on my channel, I'll go first We have bag number seven

Alright, so I got bag number seven, let's see (loud booming) I think I just broke, nope, oh we good Oh, it's sauerkraut, no! I literally hate sauerkraut so much (grunting) It's like cold, too (grunting) I gotta dump it

– So, you want me – to dump it on you? – I gotta dump it I cannot take this stuff, bro – Give this a thumbs up for the first dump of the video – Oh my gosh – You ready? – No! – Count down from three

– Three (exclaiming) (laughing) It's so cold! Was this in the freezer? That was round number one – All spicy – Alright, I'm literally in shock right now Okay, so you get to draw a number, go for it

– Alright Number 13 Oh, this is not good – I'm still so cold – Dude, I'm cold from you beside me

(laughing) Oh, my gosh – Beans? That's, I would eat it – Oh, I'm eating it – Yeah, I would eat beans So, if you want to eat it, you have to eat an entire spoonful of it

So Are you touching it? – Dump it on me – Dump it? I would eat it, alright Oh, this is so much! – Oh Oh

(laughing) – Oh my gosh There we go, it's a new styling hair product right there Alright, I guess we're onto the next one So here, I'll take this one, here (spitting) It got in my eye a little bit

Bag number six Okay, oh no (laughing) Yeah! Hershey's chocolate! Yeah! I'mma eat this Oh my gosh Alright, I will take a spoonful of this

Alright (laughing) That one was absolutely delicious So, if I could get a ton more of those, that would be amazing, but Jacob, take from the cup – You can call me Bean Man – Bean Man! – Alright, ready? – Yeah

– 17 – 17 – Oh, mayonnaise – Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! (laughing) That is massive! – I'm gonna wear this to school tomorrow What's up guys, I'm Bean Boy

– Bean Boy Bean Boy, and I'll be Sauerkraut Man – I think I'm gonna eat it – You're gonna, yeah, I would eat that That's a lot

– Wait, nevermind – You're not gonna eat it? (laughing) It's so gross You're gonna wear it? – Yeah Go for it, buddy Bro, that's so gross

– Cookin', whippin' – Whip it through the glass – Oh! (laughing) – I'm gonna add some of this to the hair – It's really good hair gel – Oh yeah, the best, bro

Bag number five Bail pesto – Uh! This stuff is like, beyond ew! (laughing) – Oh, no! It's all oil at the top – It's all liquidy – My head feels so heavy

It's like I'm carrying around a new head – I'm gonna try to eat it If I can't eat it, I'll get it dumped on me So we'll just, I gotta give it a shot – Ew, bro, you're gonna eat that? – I'll try it

– Oh, I'm gonna slip on the beans – I can't, I can't Oh god, no! Don't get in my eyes ♫ In the arms ♫ of the angel – What'd I say about the eyes, bro! RIP to me! (church bell ringing) This challenge has destroyed me! – Ew, it smells like pesto, bro! Oh my goodness! – Alright, cool I can't open my eyes, now

I'm kinda incapacitated, so you take the next one So, I guess you could say this challenge has kinda gone wrong right now, 'cause the garlic actually started burning my face, so we had to take a quick break It was all in my eyes There's like, all red all over my face right now – Definitely gone wrong

– Definitely gone wrong, my eyes are kinda bloodshot, but we're onto the next round We are persevering for you guys – Number 15 – 15 is the, oh my gosh! You always get the huge ones – Ew! – Cheddar cheese sauce! – Queso sauce! – Oh my gosh

– It's bigger than my head! – I think I'm gonna try to eat it – Alright Power to you, bro (coughing) I can't Ew

– We're dumpin' it? – Collins (screaming) – I'm not gonna say you should've eaten it, but bro, I think you should've eaten it I'm about to check that hand if you try to throw it at me Oh, dude, I knew it was coming, I knew it was coming Patty cake, patty cake

– Patty cake, patty cake – In duh duh – In duh duh – Bag number nine I think it's bag number nine or six

Here we go, bag number nine Ooh – What's in there? – Dog food? For real, fam? I can't eat dog food I have no choice but to dump it Oh! Oh gosh, alright

Ah! Ah, it smells so gross! – I have the worst luck in this game – Yeah, for real – 16, 16, oh my gosh! – Wow, you get all the biggest ones! – Yo – This is wild What is it? – Oh my gosh

– What'd you get? – It's tuna, in water – But that's like massive! Where do you even find tuna in this big a can? – Tortellini Tuna Salad, I cannot eat that (laughing) There's no way – Okay – That looks so, so disgusting, oh my gosh

– Uh! There's no way that's going down my throat – Really? I actually like tuna, I would eat it, but alright, here we go Ew! – Ew! – Oh, that's so gross! – I can't even see – Look at this chunk of tuna! – That's like a full tuna! (liquid bubbling) Number 10 – Yes! (laughing) Yes

– Hot sauce – It's hotter hot sauce – It's better than hot sauce – I'mma eat this – I do not want this goin' on me

It comes out slow 'cause they know it'll kill you if it goes too fast – Yo, that's a lot – That's so much! Is it possible to die from hot sauce? We're gonna find out – I think so – Drank it

It's pretty good – Is it hot? (hard exhale) – Let's just go through the challenge quick Yeah, it's real (hard exhale) – Three, three, three! – Yeah, it's hitting in, now

– Six eggs – Six eggs, do you wanna eat 'em or wear 'em? – I can't eat them – Just smash 'em – Here we go, you ready? (laughing) It didn't even break One

Two I got it, that one got more on me! (smashing) – Ow, my head! – These are the world's hardest eggs! 12, here we go Let's see what this is – Please be something bad – Duck sauce? – What's that? – That sounds delicious

I'll take a spoonful of this any day – There's duck in it (creepy music) – You'll never know (duck quacking) I did it – What the heck? – For my conscience, there was no duck in there, there was just chunks of vegetables

(duck quacking) Your turn! – Another six eggs! (laughing) – What are the chances? You've taken so many eggs to the head today, bro! (grunting) It's like a full dozen Sorry, bro – Oh! – Hit me with the last one, 'cause I've been hitting you with eggs this whole time – Dude, it hurts, I'm telling you – Alright, go for it

– Oh, you're right, it does! Bag number 11 So, we're goin' rapid fire, oh! What is this? Cottage cheese? – Cottage, ew! – My mom eats that! – I will not eat this You are dumping this, I will not eat this – They used to have that – at my grandma's house – Heck no, yeah, it does seem like a grandma thing

– It's so bad ♫ Who can say where the road ends – It's heavy! Alright, that was disgusting What number is that? – Oh, it's a big one – Bag number one? Oh, snap, here you go – Is it heavy? It's like a full bean dip! (laughing) – Black beans, avocado sauce, soy, creamy salsa, seasoned sour cream, cheddar and cottage cheese

– I would eat that, bro, that looks delicious – Yeah (gagging) – No? – Give it the dump – Bro, Jacob is a savage, man I would not have any of this dumped on me, bro! – Oh, it's just the good cheese, and then it's gonna be all this cold stuff, I know

Oh! You guys have any chips? Come over here, you can dip the chips (crunching) – Bag number four, let's see (grunting) Herring Dude, they're literally herrings Yeah, no, fam

– What the heck? – You must go into the forest and cut down a tree with a herring! – Dude, I'm so glad I didn't, what is that? – It's herrings, bro I think they're like a type of fish I only know 'em from Monty Python Oh, so cold! – You ready for some fish on you, Collins? (heavy breathing) – Ew, it's parts of fish! – So cold! Let's do these last two together – 18, 18, 18

– 18? What do I have, I've got 14 – And mine's the big one – Oh! You guys stick around for the fact that one of us is gonna get pied in the face at the end of this Let's see, what did I get? – Caviar – Roasted pineapple? – Oh, yours looks good

– That's delicious, I'mma eat that What are you gonna do with, what's yours? – Mine's caviar – You gonna eat it? – Mmhmm – Ready, two, one, go! (gagging) (laughing) Did it – Ew – Alright

It's all you, bro, can you do it? – Bro, I'm a savage – Alright – Oh, there's little chunks of fish on me – Alright, guys, right now, it's time to decide who's gonna get the pie smashed in their face We're gonna do this by rock, paper, scissors, so here we go

Whoever wins the first one wins Rock, paper, scissors, shoot! No, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! We'll do that in just one second, but guys, oh, it's in my eye! Oh my gosh, it's in my eyeball Oh my gosh, it's leaking We filmed a thing on Jacob's channel, go check it out, and give it a thumbs up, go subscribe to his channel It's in my eye so hard right now

Okay, I love you guys so much Make sure you guys give it a thumbs up for that fact that we're in pain – Oh! – It went up my nose I will see you guys again soon – Everyone go subscribe

– Yeah Thank you, alright Bye

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