EAT IT or WEAR IT CHALLENGE – Merrell Twins w/Collins Key

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We're here with Colin [hey], and no our hair is not greasy We just filmed a video on Colin's channel, or what things got really messy so [our] hair is wet So you guys guys check that out [also] subscribe to Collin's channel Thank you so today We are going to be doing that eat it or wear it challenge And I'm that cute me Oh well That's like Oh, it was like a cute twin moment, okay, eat it or wear it Challenge, and we thought Collins was the best guy to do this challenge with because our last challenge got really messy I thank you guys know yeah [first] is we [have] 15 items

We do not know who what they are our Dad wind and our dad went out and bought the items and we have we're going to draw a number out and each one of us gets an Individual item and we have the choices to either eat it or wear it And it's as simple as that since Collins is our guest Oh, okay? I think he gets to go first so [jaw] number [thank] you [very] much [it's] very kind okay [oh] the number 1500 by the way if you decide to eat it you have to eat a spoonful And if you can't eat it you have to dump it on yourself

Can you tell me now okay? All right? Here we go oh Man, what is this? Tender Cactus oh oh My gosh, this is like an oblong He's gonna do it He's gonna do it and do it you can do it Oh I'm good [I] got numbers

I think you guys haven't okay I'll be over there Oh no It's a jar I can feel it

Oh Darn it mom, okay We definitely hate Dona Maria Another document basically more labeling this stuff It's just like I'm going to eat it though Do it do it do it? Yeah Fire to the Caribbean do do do do you do it? Hi guys watching 14 Oh it's right over there here Oh, where'd you get? Oh? Oh my gosh? Oh? No, I got strawberry syrup

You're so lucky This is not fair This even this just like tasting great things for her Right now Oh my [gosh] That was a Mouthful of [Sugar], but yeah, oh delicious Yeah number [han] What is this? What is this [smoked] pepper herring please cut down biggest tree in the Forest I? Don't think I can do it

It's Gonna Splatter everywhere Oh Okay, I'm gonna try to I'll try to eat it first, but I'm warning you guys We might have to I might have to wear this one It's got all has a skin on it has a scale I'm happy I might have to back out of this one is [the] skin on there Okay, here We go Are you going to he's gonna do it? I'll try it

Do you want it? Can you shake it out you take that can't you smell it? Okay, do it so bad on your nice We clean hair In my ear mites, okay, I'm done Okay, one I got a one What is it oh? I can eat it or wear What do you know? This yeah good luck eating [that] that's all I'm gonna say I want it poor not me

I don't [wanna] all right I [get] rude Oh for me [Twelve] Mexican cooking sauces roasted [oh] pasilla chili I don't know something just tickled me okay Okay, it smells pretty spicy I'm gonna try it [laughing] a [prayer] He's a demon okay Hey, sorry the toy broke attention

Yeah, she gonna throw up She gonna throw up She wow Number 5 Let's Hope is not fish There we go Wait a second chopped garlic Yeah, that's something I like this is nasty unless you like oh Oh, oh, I can smell it oh Garlic bread Hmm [yeah], I gotta wear it I can't eat it

No look at this I'm gonna make it is just gonna upset my stomach for sure like you have gas for like the next week Yeah, [oh] wear it okay I don't need that – cool it's called Fashion called a show called Fashion, it's Lucky really cold It's math It's like oh, it's when I got my shirt Oh Backfire, [oh] Lord [is] he a good would you [look] [like] a [sexy]? Yeah looks like a [sick] again It's a six

Oh, what is it? blue cheese [that] seemed delicious I'll let the mildew stuff Hey blue cheese Oh boy, okay? No, I can't jenny would not eat that blue cheese in the mold right good Oh, so very it's a very sense of shoes okay, you can buy this [I] [may] get you more money pour it on me Oh Now I'm going to get something bad cheese filling my pants Chief [ants] that is nice tea

I got 900 No Kidding sour cream Lack Johnson that goes for it No has nothing poured on her right now Nope uh-huh, I [would've] put that on me, too She Gonna do it oh She did it Wow fun This one is number three stuff They put them corn Oh No, oh no, what is it? Chicken it if it's ranch, I'm gonna be so upset no I ate ranch you all this time so you don't have no no I can It's one of my least favorite things [I] had a really bad experience with ranch you wanted me to pour out on you sure I guess you guys can take turns There's a lot of it [you] should add some Fashion to him

I mean this is that it or wear it challenge Yeah, if you're taking a Johanna [level] yeah, it's fashion guy I mean look at [this] Oh, we already put a bowl on her head Let's put on my shoulders No this can smell even way It's all over me now Oh my gosh

I just saved your life, okay, cool ranch styling It's the way to go 13:13 can do this It's my new [glove] anyone steak sauce I can do that You can't do that That's what wrong your smoothie I did not ruin my smoothie

Oh No, I cannot do that Oh Okay, [can] [I] go? I'm just gonna do it? Hmm Did you do it? I did oh Number four number four please be something just terrible [oh] That they would stick so wait a second Okay She can't do it Please no deal with it Oh oh Oh, she's gonna be able to do it She did it [please] don't people to do it the show my screw up all doing [no] We are errand

I am branching my I am a ranch [Hairdo] I have fishin are you I'm not okay Dad I agree Yeah, what numbers do you please be something good please? What is that? I don't know Sauerkraut I Never got anything tasty all right that big keep going all in get a spoonful Oh the Bus No Because it's our shop [I] can't I tried so hard I can't oh oh oh my That's the last time you pour anything on me Oh my gosh

How are you? Yeah? I'm fine, but just I have [eight] What is it oh? Michigan [don't] do it I mean I think you're a fashion will be fashioned up by some my own eyes [I] Can't do it I Can't do it Okay

[I] only can do miracle whip let it be careful Okay Hold on I'm not gonna drop it Okay, you'd gum in it or something Sme, [Ionis] oh my are you good last bag no? No No, no, this isn't right this [is] cream shortening Maybe odds be ever in your favor oh Yeah Yo, okay

I was sorry to put this all on you That's not even fair Okay Well, no, whoa She was so close to going the whole challenge with nothing on her She's so mad now Yeah, she's a little bit wasn't gonna have to shower You were you still smell? the other Like I wasn't gonna have to shop okay, so ronnie won

Yeah, definitely won She didn't have anything put on her she ate everything attention rather unfair No, I want fair and square She did Thanks for watching if you liked this video give it a thumbs up make sure to subscribe to our channel and subscribe to Colleen shit Yeah, yeah, we see it on his channel It's really messy as well Thank you guys so much for watching comment down below some other challenges We should do and follow us on all of our social medias, and we'll see you guys next time I know I'm so upset [yeah]

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