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– What's up guys? It is Collins Key, and welcome to the Thursday Vlog That's by far my favorite intro I've ever done ever ever to a Thursday Vlog

(techno music) Now, for today's video I want to do something that I haven't done in quite awhile, and also I'd love for you guys to find out new, cool, and fun things about me Today I'm going to be doing a "Ask Collins Key" (whoosh sound) And you guys sent me a ton of questions with the #askcollinskey, and we actually trended worldwide, which is absolutely insane Power to the keypers You guys are amazing

And reading off all the questions for you guys is gonna be my alter ego Joseph "Are you the real Slim Shady?" I think the question really should be "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up" (hip hop music) "Uh I'm gonna stand up cause I'm the real Slim Shady y'all Oh

Oh" Just kidding Dad It's me, Joseph Ha Swag

"How excited are you for Christmas?" Yeah Woo Woo hoo Oh yeah Woo

Turn it up It's a Christmas tree I found, a Christmas tree So, yeah I guess you could say I'm a little bit excited for Christmas

"Are you a night person or morning person?" Well, that one's easy I'm definitely a night person "If you were a burger, what part of the burger would you be?" The most important part The buns "Sum up life in one sentence

" Waffles That's a pancake, and it's frozen Perfect (chuckles) "Are you going to release a magic video soon" Yes

There's gonna be a ton of new magic videos comin out very soon, and I kind of want to take a little bit of time to refresh my material so I can bring you guys new magic with new people and new, crazy reactions Hit the thumbs up button if you guys are excited for a lot more magic videos comin up in the new year "Have you ever picked your nose in public?" Probably, when I was a little kid But, the one time where I got called out on it, like I was in a class and the teacher was all like "Collins Stop picking your nose

" And I was just like, "Huh?" "Do you curse?" No flipping way I don't use freaking gosh dang cuss words I keep it clean You know, I'm all like "Mustard on the beat, yo" "Can I hug attack you if I ever get to meet you?" Yeah, for sure, like whenever you guys meet me feel free to like jump, tackle, hug me

It's really fun and Yeah I just love meeting you guys in general

"Justin Timberlake concert or Eminem concert?" I love both of these artists, but if I had to choose, I would probably pick an Eminem concert because "I'm the real Slim Shady yo" (hip hop music) Just kidding guys It's still Joseph Swag (giggles) "How many times do you blink a day?" Well, during the day I don't think I blink that much, but if I had to guess I would have to say maybe like 5 or 6 times during the day

"Can you say yes to this question?" Um, sure Yeah I will not answer this question That's a no "I really wanted to watch your live streaming magic show, but I am so broke

" The live streaming magic show was so much fun It was insane And I'm definitely planning on doing a lot more of those coming up here in the new year And I was really bummed to find out that some of you guys couldn't make it to the show because you guys said you had no money So, afterwards I spent quite awhile researching and trying to find easy ways for you guys to make some money, and I came across this website called opinionoutpost

com And it's like, it's super cool Like, literally all you have to do is you take opinion-based surveys and they give you cash and gift cards Anyone can sign up So I'm gonna put the link down in the description, so be sure and click that link right now

Just a cool website for you guys to check out "What's 9 + 10?" 21 (small child's voice) "What's 9 + 10?" 21 (small child's voice) Wait, wait Didn't someone just ask that question? I can't use the same joke twice

Next question "How old is Devan?" Devin is 21 (small child's voice) Okay, I'm really done with that joke Let's move on I'm gonna be dropping my first rap album coming up here very soon, but I want to make sure it's really good because "You've only got one shot

Do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo" (rap singing) Oh Hey guys It's, uh still Joseph

Swag "What is your favorite thing about your keypers?" I love how you guys are always so supportive And not only supportive of me, but like supportive of each other And you guys are always quick to bring in new keypers and tell your friends about the family "What type of styles do you like on girls?" I don't know

I think it's something that's really up to you Whatever you feel confident and good in I think that's what you should wear because it comes across Oh, but there is one thing When girls, wear like those high socks

Haaah "You gotta bae or naw?" One hundred percent single right now No bae for the holidays

Oh Turn up "If you had to change your hair color what would you change it to?" When I was on tour with Demi, like every day she would come to me and be like "Hey Collins, you want to dye your hair today?" And I was like "I don't know what to dye it to" I'd probably go with, like, dark blue "Who is your favorite rapper?" I mean, well you guys, you guys already know what I'm gonna answer for this

Chief Keef Just kidding "It's Slim Shady y'all What'd you even think Uh ha, uh ha

" (hip hop music) It's still Joseph Still Joseph Swag "Can you make this your last question?" Sorry, I can't And that is our last question for this video

If you guys enjoyed it, be sure to give it huge thumbs up And also, if you have anymore questions for me let me know what they are in the comments down below Make sure you guys check out opinionoutpostcom Again, the link is in my description

And, also subscribe to this channel I'll see you guys next week Peace Whoa! (chuckles) Hi guys It's Joseph again

Just always Swag

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