Do NOT Boil iPhone 7 in Coca Cola!!!

what's up it's collins key and for today's video I'm doing something no one should ever do i'm gonna be boiling a brand-new iphone 7 in coke now the reason I'm doing this is because I want to test once and for all is an iphone 7 really water resistance and coke resistant and resistant in boiling coke resistant i'm really excited because i'm giving away an iphone 7 right now on my Instagram so if you want to win it all you have to do is just follow me on Instagram and turn on my Instagram post notifications and be active the rest of the rules are down in the description below i'm also going away and drone on youtube a go pro on Twitter all the rules for those giveaways are down in the description below and if you want me to boil even more things in the future give this video a thumbs up if this video gets enough thumbs up and I will do some crazy videos coming up and comment down below what should I boil in a future video and also this video is inspired by guava juice he boiled a whole bunch of crazy toys all the time i'm going to put the link to his video down in the description below so be sure to go check it out right now it's time to unbox this iphone 7 the first things first we don't need this bag yeet alright so lets open this thing up so first things first when you pull off this here up oh its nice alright here we go to the moment of truth oh no that was that was not good right there so we're gonna remove the UH protective plastic because we're turning it on right now I wanna make sure you get some see this is a real working iphone now it's the very important part where we set up the passcode on the phone so this is a very difficult passcode no one will ever break this oh apparently Apple suggest you do not even use this passcode good to go no we have apps and data man this thing takes quite a while to set up let me just let me get through this and then once I got the whole phone setup then we'll go to the next part there's one more setting i'm going to enable right now and that is send diagnostics to apple whenever this phone crashes and apple will do a whole data report and try to figure out how it crashed so I'm going to see what apple has to say about boiling coke being the reason this phone crashed the phone as you can see its fully working oh i have a text message a another text wow i;m getting a lot of text messages i cant believe you guys can't let you guys be seeing all these privet text messages i'm receiving on this brand new phone i don't know what happens how that happens how is this working good so you guys can see the camera works will take a couple pictures a oh snap selfie yeah yo camera quality is awesome! but as you can see this is a fully working oops how does it work wait wait no what wait what that heck no no okay so what's gonna happen right now i think next we're going to boil the coca-cola and then stick this beauty inside it's so like beautiful and so clean so pristine right now and it's about to get bad so here we go and got all the coca-cola going to be adding it into this clear pot right here because i want to make sure you guys can see exactly what's happening at all times during this you know what i mean? going to put it on there we go you just gotta shake this one up a little bit i'm gonna start with one of thesehopefully it probably doesn't explode everywhere okay we're off to a good start will see to add this in I don't know what's supposed to happen either you know so this is going to be a learning experience for all of us so far it seems like a pretty normal as like nothing's really crazy happened dude it's starting to smell a little bit funny now it actually smells good like the smell of it so and so at the moment the smell of its nice i think we should add one more can all right that's about halfway filled up that I don't know what's gonna happen it could like bubble up and explode think about what is going on I no idea what's gonna happen sorry but this is good do i just leave it yes talk to you guys in a little bit hi so i'm just checking my temperature here with my thermometer my apologies so I'm going to check right now the temperature of the coca-cola I'm gonna turn this on and we going to place it in here well I think it broke it because it's no longer working Hello? oh ok a hundred and seventy five degrees I probably shouldn't touch it with my tongue It's going to be a really bad idea so it's starting to heat up now so right now if you guys can tell theres a very light steam coming off of it oh yeah were good alright so they don't have to check the temperature right now with the out with the charging device for the iPhone because i think that's a very accurate way to see this really is really ready how many things wrong this will take the USB end what's going on oh yeah that's testing nicely too great test were accomplishing right now I think it's ready and from the looks of things not quite there yet going to wait a little longer you guys I learn from my mistakes here we go oh no no oh that's hot alright here we go the moment of truth time to put the brand-new iphone 7 in the coca-cola now I had to move it over on the burner cuz this one was way too small this one's going to go a lot quicker here we go i want to show you guys one last time I'm gonna put in the super secret passcode one more time to get to the whole I'm gonna record this whole thing yo what's up guys we're about to put the iphone 7 in the coca-cola so here we go let's see how this works gonna put this in the tongs over here so check this out here we go so I'm just gonna say right now I do not think the iphone is going to survive this at all in all of my gosh I wonder if that's still recording at all that would be crazy i think i put it in wrong i think its like recording from the bottom i want it to record like towards the top of the it is recording it's getting like let me see really quick oh noI where did the phone go oh oh it turned off that's not a good sign we will turn it up like this hopefully it's stilll recording right now I'm going to drop everyone's favorite part of the new iphone 7 into the coca-cola and that is the dongle here we go oh that just splashed on me that was hot i feel something that was hot I haven't got the dongle in there so were just adding the charging things there and i let's put the charging cord in a little bit and while we're at it and the these the new headphones just make sure we get those all in there gonna give it a nice little mix in there make sure we get all those apple products well into the coca-cola look at it the phones working nicely it's going to be another thing we're making like an apple pasta right now that makes no sense but yeah that's like a apple pasta at the moment its browning around it and that's because the other sugar really helping it all come together and cooked very nicely ok so this has been boiling in here for offers by 20 minutes right now so these kind of pull it out and check to see if this phone really works we have a strainer and also a larger pot so how we gonna do this were gonna go larger pot right here put on my safety gloves and uh let's just let's see what happen two hours later yo collins look at this come here dude oh my god it's hot oh my gosh ok guys i was not happy with how that video ended so i'm actually taking this home i boiled this for like 2 hours the iphone is in here right now this thing is burning I don't know what's going on so my mom's going to be so mad i just ruined her pot this is just, this is horrible um I need some tongs oh my god no what what is this ok im picking it up ow its hot my eyes are from this ah oh my gosh ok hold up give me the tongs throw me some tongs ok here we go oh my gosh the coke is boiling what is this kind of come on in close what is this this thing got wrecked oh my god yo it's on fire I think about what is going on oh my gosh okay that got real crazy oh my gosh yo my mom is gonna be so mad this was like her favorite pot and now this thing is absolutely ruined wait hold on I wonder what happened to the phone Yo look at this it literally broke the screen off of it if the iphone works after this I will be amazed okay here we go it's a crackling all right guys here we go the moment of truth time to check out the iphones let me grab it out of here what this is like not even damage at all this is crazy oh my gosh its hot so i can't like hold it properly I want you to look at it like it's not even really damaged look at this like it really is water-resistant so now here's the moment of truth does this thing really turn on i can't hold it this is literally boiling and it's very very hot right now how do I even opened this without like burning my fingers off oh I'm pretty positive this phone did not survive but i would turn this on right I'm gonna press the power button right here to see what I look like this phone is like now it'll just sticky that the only possible damage and I don't think know the phone doesn't turn on guys well maybe the key lock on it maybe it actually is dead but thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see if that's like really sharp too so there you guys have it would give this video a thumbs up the fact that i went all the way and really did it like to the max and also this video gets enough comes up i'll do another one of these boiling videos but right now I gotta figure out how to clean this up I

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