DIY Monster Makeup TUTORIAL By Collins Key!!! *FULL BODY* Learn How To Turn Yourself into A MONSTER

– Waah Did I scare you guys at all? Nope? Probably not, I'm not very intimidating but yeah

What's up guys? It's Collins Key and welcome to my brand new video And today I'm gonna be doing a magic monster tutorial for all of you Because Hotel Transylvania 2 is coming out this Friday, September 25th And somebody's invited me to a special screening of the film So basically I'mma be dressing up as one of my favorite characters from the movie, which is Frankenstein

It's gonna be crazy I'm gonna have face paint on and I'm also gonna be four inches taller So I'm gonna be six foot seven by the end of this video And also as always I'm gonna be featuring one of you The keeper of the week at the end of this video

So make sure you guys stick around till the very end Give this video a thumbs up for the crazy transformation that's about to happen And let's jump into it Alright this is my before look and now it's time to show you guys The different costume pieces that I got for this look

And I went to a thrift shop for all of these So it's all super inexpensive stuff Item number one is the pants and these are massive These are way too big I think they are a thousand sizes too big and the reason for that is because Frankenstein in the movie

He's always wearing big baggy clothes Now instead of wearing a belt which would completely restrict the pants and take away the look of it all I've actually brought along some super cool suspenders Which I've actually never worn suspenders before So I'm really excited

Item number two is just basically a plain shirt just like this And then you also gonna wanna grab a tie So I found this awesome polkadotted tie Which I don't know if it's abnormal to be polkadotted I don't own any ties so this is the only one I own

But it's polkadotted tie, looks kind of cool And, tied the tie The next piece for this look is this jacket right here Which if you saw the pants, the jacket is just as massive And basically I had to get it altered

So I had it shorten and I also I had the sleeves shorten as well Gave it to my friend down the street His mom did it and actually it looks kind of ratchet You guys can tell with all the stitching and everything It's all supposed to look a little missed made but yeah, I had the jacket shorten and the sleeve shorten

So I think that it will add a very lopsided look to what's going on And the last thing you need to tie this entire look together is The shoes Like are these things crazy or what? That's literally a four inch lift on these And yeah, I saw them and I'm like, these are literally perfect for the Frankenstein look

So yeah, now let's get the makeup on Alright now it's time for the face painting portion of this Where I turn myself really into Frankenstein And I could do it all myself but I wanted to go all the way for you guys So I actually brought in a professional body painter

So Julie Hackett, you wanna come in here for us? So she's gonna be making me look like Hotel Transylvania 2 Frankenstein – Yeah so today, what we're going to be doing is totally transforming your face We're gonna be making these eyebrows look like there's stitches – Eyebrows on fleek – That's right

– Eyebrows on fleek – Stitches across the forehead We're gonna paint a big old silly grin on your face, right over your mouth So that when you smile It's gonna be like a double set of teeth

Which is totally freaky but awesome And yeah, we're gonna kind of make you like blueish-grayish Which is not really the traditional Frankenstein but from Hotel Transylvania 2 That is what they kind of go for so I think we're gonna keep it consistent with that Which should be really fun

– Let's do it (upbeat instrumental music) And that is it for this Hotel Transylvania 2 Frankenstein look So if you guys enjoyed this video If you appreciate all the work that was put into it Please give a thumbs up right now and share it with your friends because I really did put a lot of work into this whole thing

Julie absolutely killed it with this makeup And also make sure you guys comment down below What is your favorite monster of all time? And make sure you guys check out Hotel Transylvania 2 in theaters this Friday, September 25th And also the keeper of the week is Olivia O'Hare You're always so active in all my different sites

On Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, liking commenting, sharing So I love you so much Everyone go follow Olivia right now Show her some love and if you wanna be the keeper of the week Just be super active

Make sure you have all my notifications on for Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Make sure you guys add me on Snapchat Basically the more active you are, the more you share my videos, the better chance you have of being the keeper of the week Alright then, I will see you guys again next week Bye

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