DIY Giant Gummy Worm MELTS into Edible Candy Slime!!! *SLIME YOU CAN EAT* How To Make The BEST Slime

– ( Collins Key ) This is the largest melted gummy snake turned into sour slime Three, two, one

You challenge me to melt giant gummy food into edible DIY candy slime that you can actually eat And so to do this, I got my friend Natalie from Natlie's Outlet over here She is the queen when it comes to pranks, when it comes to DIY, so she's gonna be helping me out Today we are making three types of edible candy slime The first one is out of a giant gummy worm

– The second one is watermelon flavored slime – And the last one – Oh

– And for the last one, we are melting this eight foot long giant gummy snake into the sourest candy slime in the world And then we're gonna eat it So right now, let's get started – How to does this work? – Make this super rare slime First we need to melt the giant gummy worm

So let's do this – Ready? – Yep Okay, go towards the bottom Oh, that looks so cool We're like burning it

Try to keep it like– uh-oh It smells really good though Alright, it's kinda – It's catching fire – Oh yeah, it is on fire It's starting to drip though It's starting to drip Come on, I believe in you

Oh my gosh, there we go That's a lot of it dripping out Oh, that's a lot of smoke Oh, we don't have time for fire alarms Okay, inside is getting kinda burned and kinda charred

If you do this at home be very careful Make you sure you have parental supervision But it's kinda working a little bit We are melting the gummy I'm gonna try this really quick

Just kind of see how it's tasting so far It taste delicious – Hmm – But this is not quite working how I thought it would, because look at this It's like a crusty mound right

Ow, that's hot It's working, it's working! Yes, woohoo! – Woohoo! – This is so cool This literally reminds me of when we were doing that liquid metal fidget spinner

The way this thing is melting is crazy – It's bubbling So now that we've melted it, we're gonna add some cornstarch Kind of eyeball it and then we're gonna make some slime – Yeah! I done this before one time where I accidentally used my hands prematurely

Bad idea Ah, it's on the back of my hand No, no, no, no, no So we're gonna use a spoon for as long as we possibly can to make it Oh my gosh

It's starting to get stringy, so I think we need a little bit more cornstarch And then we're also gonna want to add a little bit of powdered sugar in This is how we'll make it taste good Now we're gonna switch of stirring duties Not 'cause my arm got tired at all, just because I think it would be great to share

Everyone gets to have a little bit of the experience These videos are never clean Ever So ladies first I'll let you

Let you do your thing I'm a gentlemen when it comes to candy slime I've learned that to have good slime it shouldn't stick to your hands, but like it's stuck to my hands

It's like my hand is sneezing Oh, there's still more slime left in the bowl that has not been mixed yet Whoa, this spoon is covered Yo, I've got a new idea for a candy It's called the sugar spoon

Stick it into powdered sugar Like the cinnamon challenge Quick, high five

Oh! – Oh! – We're like stuck together now You know what's missing right now? – What? – Some nerds Alright, so we're gonna add some nerds in what's going on – Woo, party – Yo this is so

(Collin sneezes) – Ew – This looks so, so cool 'Cause now it's not only candy slime, but now there's like this little bumps here where you can see the nerds

– So you wanna taste it? – I think yeah, it's time to taste it But first, I have a challenge I want to see can you subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notificatoins, and give this video a thumbs up Seven seconds, here we go Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one

Done If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad right now So now for the taste test, you ready? I'm gonna go for a giant chomp Here we go

Three, two, one – Crunchy, slimy Every kid's dream – It taste delicious – Kinda tastes like gum

Wow, Collin – Let's melt this watermelon – Woo! – Woo! That was very unsafe – Yeah, it was It was a little too close to my face

We're gonna be doing the hot knife versus the gummy to melt it We're gonna give this a shot right now So first Let's heat it up It's glowing

There we go Three, two, one Let's see if this works – There goes – Yo, it's working! Oh no! No, no, it's so smokey! Oh gosh no, what've we done? It smells delicious, yet very toxic

It's working, there we go It's almost like slicing off the gummy Yes! Yes! Yes! I've got a new start this time guys, though Watch out Gonna slice it off

– [Natalie] You should slowly slice it off – Yo, I wonder if you can slice right through it? Get so smokey so quick Yo, but it's actually melting it, guys The way I'm holding this, this flamethrower in my face is not a good idea I'm just like

Well without smoking up the entire house, I think we're gonna pop this one again in the microwave, but this actually works Like this actually melted The hot knife was definitely a better strat than just the blowtorch

So right now, pop it in the microwave and let's go What started off looking nice and pretty, and now it's just kinda It looks like grease or like an oil

– Pour some in – Let's do it – Slime – Slime! Whip it, flip it, sauce boy! YO, this looks so nasty, fam – Ew, it looks like hairball

– I was going somewhere else with it I'm like this doesn't look like a watermelon It looks like peanut butter Go away Alright, so now we're gonna pick it up with our hands and go

Oh my gosh! I got it on my shirt Aw well, that's part of it But now I have an edible candy shirt

– You've got skills – Yo, this looks like a makeup that you would put on Like it looks like a foundation – Wanna pour some on? – I'm good One more step to make sure it's the ultimate watermelon gummy

– What about me? – I'm sorry, I'm sorry – Collin share – I think mine are just kinda disengrating Hers look really pretty, and then look what happened to mine Mine just kinda splattered everywhere

It's definitely turning red now So we didn't have the color before, we definitely have the color now Oh man So let's see if this actually tastes like a real watermelon gummy And if you wanna see me do a whole bunch of crazy DIY's and experiments live every single Saturday, 1 PM Pacific Standard Time, I'm partnering with Live Me as summer long

So yeah, the download link is down in the description below Come join, it's free, it's superfun Tell your friends and also comment what should we do on our livestreams, 'cause we're gonna be doing literally whatever you want So right now, you ready to try this? Here we go guys Three, two, one

Ho, ho, it's stuck to my teeth Alright, so final verdict on this What are your thoughts? – I don't like it – Yeah, I thought it was good at first, and then I started tasting all of the corn starch, and that really is terrible So right now, we've been melting the eight foot gummy snake into the sour gummy slime in the world

Let's go This is literally an eight foot gummy Oh my gosh It's so heavy It's like 20 something pounds

It's almost like it weighs 30 pounds We're gonna make it sour We also need the bucket Alright, so I think I had it for like a second Can we get the bucket? You're gonna take the snake

Ow It smacked me in the face Where'd the eyeball go? Ah

I want the other eyeball though I want to try this – Good? It's so heavy – Use your muscles (Collin and Natalie cheer) – This is so cool

Fashion is my passion, but I'm gonna release my scarf now Almost fell over I wonder what it's gonna taste like – It's lipstick – What? You wanna try to hold this thing? – Yeah

Oh – That was like choking me Because this is eight feet long, we can't pop it in the microwave So now, we're making our own microwave You know what, what I think we're gonna do is let's just chop it up, pop it in the microwave, and then put it back in here

Because there's no way we can melt this down – Cheers! – Cheers! Oh my gosh There we go Oh jeez, oh Alright here we go

Time to make some Yo, that was a powerful mix – Stir, stir, stir, stir, stir

– This one is going to need a lot more corn starch, because right now you can tell it's super, super gummy Oh my gosh, she got it all over me It looks like a bizarre alien substance for real – Yay! Now we can do this Now the corn starch won't get in my nose

– Yo, this stuff looks crazy You good? – Yeah No, I really can't breathe I can't see – I think this slime is getting pretty good

And now we're gonna add the sour candy into what's going on So right now What kind of a sound was that? We're doing a lightning round with the sour candy, and to kick it off, this is Cry Baby Soda

– I never had that – I've never had it either So you have to bite off the top of it, apparently It's like wax Cheers

– Cheers Oops I missed my mouth Eww! That's sour – Next up, toxic waste

Cheers! I've got some Warhead Chewie Cubes We got like two left – [Natalie] I never had these – They're sour, but not too bad – Yummy

– Got this, I don't know what this is Oh, it's like a roll? Three, two, one Oh no – Are these like Pop Rocks? Yeah, sour power Alright, here we go

Sprinkle a little bit of 'em in here, and then Holy cow! Alright, I think we got some of this stuff here I don't know what this is

Looks like some spray stuff You like that? (Natalie screams) – It's in my nose It burns – Yo guys, so we're adding some malic acid and she wants to try this stuff – I'll do it for the Keyper Squad

– You got it Before you try it, guys we also filmed a video on her channel where we made slime It's as crazy as it sounds The link is down in the description below So go check it out, go subscribe to her channel

Give her video a thumbs up and comment Keyper Squad Oh! Yo, I told you this stuff is crazy! – My tongue, my tongue, my tongue It's still going! – It's still going? Alright, we're gonna do this We're gonna do this quick We'll sprinkle the malic acid

That's so much! That sour stuff is so intense It's so intense There's so much malic acid everywhere This is the largest melted gummy snake turned into sour slime We're about to eat it right now

But comment down below what's another giant gummy something that I should melt into candy slime But right now, you ready for this? – Yep – Here we go Three, oh-no, two, one (Collin and Natalie yell) (Collin mumbles) Okay, bye! It's not a joke

It's not a It's not a joke You're like, "Yeah I'll give this a shot

" I'm like, "Fam!"

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