DIY GIANT GUMMY FIDGET SPINNER!!!!! How To Make Rare Edible Candy Fidget Spinners Toys & Tricks

– Yo I can't believe it worked You challenged me to make DIY gummy fidget spinners

One of them's going to be a normal sized fidget spinner, like ow, like this Another one's going to be a medium sized fidget spinner and the last one is going to be the world's largest gummy fidget spinner But right now let's have some fun and do some fidget spinner tricks (upbeat rock music) Let's go ♫ Three, two, one, go ♫ Go (crashing) Yeah so now that I've officially mastered the fidget spinner tricks it's time to move on to making the first gummy fidget spinner

It's actually really easy to make gummy fidget spinners All you need are a few things You need some boiling water, which you are going to add into a bowl You're also going to need some gelatin You are then going to add that into a bowl

(sniffing) (coughing) You're actually going to take a whisk and you're just going to want to whisk it in there and mix it all together Uh oh Okay you've got to do it quick 'cause otherwise it's going to get all messed up Whip it to the sauce boy Now that we have the water and the gelatin mixed up, it's time to add the food coloring

And the Instagram Keyper of the Week suggested we add blue and if you want to be shouted out as the Instagram Keyper of the Week check the description down below to find out how Now we're only going to use two drops of this so here we go We're going to do it from a high distance because I'm feeling very dangerous He's lined up The tension's building

(dripping) Oh kind of missed it Drop number two I gotta make this one more successful so we'll start off in the bowl and we'll do a direct lift strategy I'm going from even higher this time because I feel super dangerous I really hope my calculations are correct (dripping) Yay a direct hit! Okay now it's time to mix it up

Whoa! That got blue very quickly It took like a whisk and a half to get very blue Now we have the gelatin, the water, it smells terrible, we have the food coloring in and it's time to pour it into the mold And this right here is the mold If you want to know how to make this just check out the video I did on candy fidget spinners

We're just going to dump this in so, this looks really weird It's kind of like gushy if that's even a word Okay I think I need to stop there Oh it's over spilling (shrieking) Now we're going to be putting it in the fridge and we're going to see whether or not we can actually make the gummy fidget spinner spin, that's a lot of spins, but let's spin into the next part

(slamming) Oh geez alright guys well now it's ready That probably didn't work because you can like see my hand drop it And now time to see if it worked or not Let's see if we can pop it out of the mold Well it's definitely very gummy

Fam, this is looking real floppy It's all wet too Oh gosh I need to kind of like dry it out a little bit (breath blowing) Gonna flip it over, kind of like roast it on both sides Boom, roasted

So now we need to add the center of the fidget spinner to it So to do that you have to take one of your original fidget spinners You pop out one of these things And then (imitates pinging) Tutorial

And then we're going to put this in here Now it's time to find out can we make the gummy fidget spinner spin But first I have a challenge I want to see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds Can you do it? Here we go

Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one (laughing) Done If you can do that comment Keyper Squad right now Let's forget about whatever that was and let's try to make this spin Well the camera stopped rolling for like one second and then this happened

So I don't know how I'm going to recover this off of the table Help, please don't break It's so close fam It's starting to split What happened? Gummy fidget, no! (crying) You had so much potential

Alright well, no way we can make it spin but I do have a solution, an innovation I think could make this work Oh my heart, it breaks as my fidget breaks Here's what I'm going to try to do I'm going to see if I can actually get this I'm going to get one side over here, sheboimps, get one side over here, sheboimps, and then whatever's left of this side over here, sheboimps

Oh no, hmm See how it's kind of on there because there's no way it's going to spin on its own Let's see if I can get this to spin The moment of truth Here we go, three, two, one

Oh no my fidget (crashing) Well I think now we move on to the medium one I look at it this way We're learning from the mistakes This did not work at all but moving on to the next one I think I'm going to add a lot more gelatin and so this medium sized one I have a really good feeling it's going to work

But at least I get to try it, though (gagging) (coughing) Oh man, it's like straight gelatin and water It's like an aftertaste Alright for the medium one, to make sure it's a success I'm adding 20 packets into this container And check out this trick I learned

Are you ready for this? (pan clattering) Alright this water is very, very, very hot and just like the little version of this there's a lot of steam We are going to be adding a whole bunch of hot water into this pan, so let's hope this goes well Oh boy Yay we're doing good This is so far a success

This is very hot, like I can feel the heat coming off of it and I think we're good right there Alright, I didn't burn myself Mission accomplished Now that we've added all the water it's time to add the gelatin packets Now I've opened them up as you can see

I want to keep them as far away from me 'cause they smell disgusting but this is 20 packets of gelatin all in one container It's going to be so bad when I mix it with the hot water Okay I'm going to be mixing it as it's going in Oh no this is not working It's clumping

(coughing) Oh it's spilling Oh my gosh okay yah I definitely put way too much water I'm going to go for this technique Oh my gosh this is just a disaster No it's so much gelatin

Work with me fam I need to make this cool This smells horrible, this looks horrible, and I did a horrible job at mixing it together so hopefully this turns out not horrible And last but not least I can't forget to add the food coloring It smells so disgusting right now but you guys all suggested pink for the medium sized one so we'll add this in here I'm going to be a little bit more liberal with this, just kind of distribute it evenly

Just one, two Yo this looks so crazy and like my eyes are really enjoying the visuals of it but my nose is suffering so much right now You guys have no idea how toxic and it just smells so, so bad So hopefully it looks good though in the end and let's pop it in the refrigerator – [SpongeBob's Narrator] Two hours later

– Fidget spinner versus Jello Three, two, one (thud) (crickets chirping) Yeah that's probably going to get cut That was really boring And then I'm going to leave it in

The Jello is now ready and this is the most dangerous part of this entire video because I cut out right now a mold of the fidget spinner so we're going to place this down and then use an exacto knife to cut out the gummy into a fidget spinner So if you do this at home, be very careful Make sure you have parental supervision with the knife I was about to say cuts through like butter but it actually cuts through like Jello (laughing) Almost there, we're coming around the back side now

Coming close to the beginning again Boom, done (thud) Ow almost broke my finger Let's see if I can get this out Here we go, three, two, one

Yo this looks crazy (laughing) On the bottom of it it has the words from the bottom of the tin printed into it Now it's time to cut out the hole in the middle and this one looks like it has the potential to be able to spin unlike the rest of them We're just going to have to eyeball it, going to have to go for it, just use my instincts Channel my inner gummy

Here we go, alright (upbeat music) I'm feeling good, I'm getting good vibes Oops (ominous music) Here we go The moment of truth

Going to pop it out Yay we did it! (cheering) There we go, it's a fidget spinner made out of gummy Uh oh it's starting to crack so we're going to pop it on a fidget spinner just like this, kind of position it properly It's touching the ground That's going to be very

(gasping) Sorry I just got very excited for a split second This might work, it has potential Here we go, three, two, one Yo that's about as close as we're going to get Now it's time to see– No! No! If we can get it to spin on its own

It's not going to happen The big one has to work That one cannot break at all but I'm going to try a bit of this right now I think it's going to taste disgusting but it looks delicious, but the looks can be deceiving, so Look how disgusting this looks on the back

Here we go, three, two, one (gagging) Okay, we're good, we're back Back in action This just tastes so disgusting because you've got to know what's in Jello Google it or don't, because you'll never eat Jello again

We're moving on right now to the final one which is the massive gummy fidget spinner (crashing) Ow Instead of showing you the exact same process for the third time by filling it with hot water and then gelatin, I thought let's just fast forward right now and then you guys wanted me to make a blue version, a pink version and green version and we're going to be fitting these pieces into a massive gummy fidget spinner I've got a whole bunch of cutouts right here and right now I'm going to place a cutout on each one and then we are going to cut it out – [SpongeBob Narrator] One eternity later

(laughing) – This looks so funny It looks almost like a little hairy beard that I have around my face like hello (screaming) And there you have it guys, the final piece of the gummy fidget spinner And now it's time to put it all together This next part is kind of like a puzzle because we're going to take each of these pieces and fit them together, see how they all go

Place a blue one here, oh I get it, I get it, I get it It goes like this, yeah It goes like that and with the, aha, yup, yup, the blue one here, yeah And then we do the pink one Nope

What combination am I missing There's literally three pieces It's been brought to my attention that I had it flipped the wrong way So now let's try this, let's see (cheering) This is now, guys, the largest gummy fidget spinner in the entire world and now the moment you've all been waiting for

Time to go outside and make it spin Let's go Now because I couldn't find a giant version of whatever it is that makes a fidget spinner spin, the thing in the middle, I don't know, it's like magic I don't know how it all works I had to get one of these here which is a giant cake spinner and now I'm going to be putting the fidget spinner on this, spinning it around and then I also have a giant cake mold over here

It looks like a ninja throwing star (thudding) It's over there now but we're going to grab it in a second I've now reacquired my ninja star I got it from that way No, no, no, no, no that way

Okay let's do this The ninja star goes on the spinner and now we're going to be grabbing the gummies So first we're going to grab the blue gummy Have to remember how this goes I think the blue gummy goes over here

(ominous music) Oh no, don't get grass on you my friend Now we've got the red or pink gummy I can't really figure out which one is which, and I'll pop that right there And now we have the green gummy, the final piece Here we go, guys

We're about to spin the world's largest gummy fidget spinner but first if you want to be featured in the next video, comment down below what should we make our next fidget spinner out of? But right now the moment of truth Will it spin? Three, two, one Alright now we've got to spin it up a little bit No! You know guys I'd say that worked and that's it I love you all so much

This is like my tongue Bye!

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