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(undulating music) – You challenged us to make fidget spinners out of liquid metal, and so to do this I've got my friend Grant from The King of Random over here and he brought a ton of gallium with him – This is about $400 worth of gallium

– What!? – [Grant] It's really special metal because it melts so low, you can melt it in the palm of your hand – Let's go! – Let's light it up! – Whooo! (laughter) Geez, let's – You're not wearing any hairspray are you? – My hair just goes up in flames Let's get lit, aha! (intense music) – Next up, we are making molds while he is deconstructing the fidget spinners, and he's got some hammers, a whole bunch of crazy stuff

So, I'm gonna let him do that But for the molds you need to pop these out and then mix these putties Mix the How do you get this out? Whoa, alright! – [Grant] There we go – [Collins] Did we get it? – [Grant] Look at that – I did this once before (gasp) It's about as good as we're gonna get, place down here Gonna smash it, and then Grant, do you wanna pop it in there? – [Grant] Here we go, I'm just gonna press this right down

– [Collins] Gonna make the mold This one looks pretty cool and now we're gonna make another one and do the exact same thing So here we go Hulk smash! And then we have the next one, go for it This one's gonna look cool

– [Grant] Yeah we actually got those inner rings there, too It's gonna be pretty sweet – The molds are now ready of the fidget spinners And we've actually done a ton more down over here We got some really cool looking ones

We're gonna be making all of these into liquid metal fidget spinners, and we have a giant thing of gallium over here – [Grant] I spent about ten minutes with this in hot water and I have this thing completely liquified, look at this – [Collins] Oh my gosh – [Grant] That's a lot of liquid metal It's actually quite weighty and jiggly

– Can I feel how heavy it is? – Yeah, feel that – Whoa! It's so heavy, but it looks like water, but it's so much heavier than water It's like a mirror, I can see my reflection in it! This is crazy! – Yes, but how does it taste? (laughter) Should I put some in my mouth and spit it out? – Is that a thing? – I don't know, I've never tried it before (gasp) – No way! Now way! No way! No way! Hey, hey! Oh my gosh! – It's got a lovely aftertaste – That was so much! That was so much! Ah! – I got some more, I got some more here

(screaming) – What on earth!? What is this sorcery? – I have to admit that's got a really weird feeling, like it's heavy, and it sunk right down on my tongue – Dude, stick out your tongue! It's got little drops on it still, bro! – So not recommended, not recommended – Yeah, don't do that at home – They do say gallium is nontoxic so, hey I like to push the boundaries

Consider the boundaries pushed – YEET! What a weird sound Yo, that is legitimately like a mirror – Ooh! Sorry I probably shouldn't freaking out He's putting this stuff in his mouth and I'm like trippin' out about a little drop of it flying in my direction

– [Grant] I think that as it's drying, it's literally freezing to the bottom – [Collins] That's crazy! – [Grant] We're right at that transition point, cool! – [Collins] Which mold should we fill up first? – [Grant] That's a really good question I'm kind of leaning toward the old, traditional spinner – Alright, the traditional spinner (laughter) – The traditional, the original

Alright, so here we go – [Collins] Moment of truth – [Grant] I'm gonna pour really slowly here Oops, I totally missed Oh that looks cool how it's filling out

– [Collins] Oh that looks so cool! Look at that, it looks perfect – It's very round and directional It looks beautiful, I love it I love it, I think that's a keeper – Nailed it! (cheering) Ten points for Grant

Right now I think we're gonna fill up the rest of these molds – Set 'em in the fridge, let 'em cool down for about 20 minutes because we gotta refreeze that metal – And then we're gonna play with the fidget spinners to see if they will spin, because this is liquid metal so who knows if they will spin, who knows if it'll just collapse mid-spin Who knows what's gonna happen? – Who knows if we can catch them on fire – Ooh! I think we're gonna go for this one first because this one looks like, it looks just, you can't mess this one up

Oh, missed a little bit! Let's see if we can get this side I think that's it We got a bag of toothpicks here (screeching) You guys hear that primal sound, I've never made that sound in my life (screeching) – [Grant] I'm gonna try to guide this metal down

– [Collins] Okay Oh wow! (both yelling) That belongs in one of those satisfying compilations on Instagram (music) That one looks so good – [Grant] Look how shiny it is All the edges here, they're perfectly rounded

– It's so smooth This one, the last one, is gonna be the most difficult Because we're gonna be trying to recreate this money sign So there's a lot of lines running through it That looks interesting

(both yelling) – [Grant] Oh that was cool! – [Collins] Okay, I don't know how this one is gonna go Let's utilize the toothpick to get it I think this one might've not been so good – We got a little too much in there huh? I wonder if we could take a little out Do you have one of those

– Oh, like a dropper? – One of those things, what are they called? A medical instrument! – Oh, like a mouth? (slurping) I mean, you already put it in your mouth once (gasping) No, dude! (slurping) Oh my gosh! Ooooh! (screaming) Alright, use this, okay – No problem

– I've never seen anyone put gallium in their mouth before – Me neither – So, shout out to this guy because that is some incredible stuff right there (music) Grant, which one should we do first? Which do you think is the easiest one and we'll make our way to the most difficult one – These little ninja star here

– [Collins] Let's try this one here – [Grant] Oh and if you look right here you can actually see how the gallium has made little crystals on the top there – [Collins] Yo! It looks so crazy – [Grant] I'd love to know what causes that because there's nothing bubbling up out of the silicone – [Collins] Yeah, there're no bubbles, there's nothing in it

They're a pretty close match when you actually look at the imprint of how it all comes out – Here we go, bearing goes in What if we just put this bar on top? – [Collins] Yeah, let's do it – [Grant] Hammer it! Oh! Ok so we've got the button there, we've got the little button on top here – Here we go, this is the moment of truth Can we make a liquid metal fidget spinner spin? But first, I've got a challenge, I wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds

You ready for this, okay? Here we go! Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, done! If you can do that, comment down below Keyper Squad and right now, the moment of truth, will it spin – I'm nervous – I'm nervous, too Here we go, three, two, one (yelling and cheering) Dude, it works! Yo, this is the first ever liquid metal fidget spinner! Next up we're gonna use the more traditional fidget spinner

What's gonna happen is after we do this one, we're gonna do what you guys have all been waiting for and that is to see if we can melt a fidget spinner mid-spin It's gonna be nuts, but first we have to make sure that it spins – [Grant] Three, two, one – Yes! Dude that's so cool! – There we go! – There we go! I think we should go through the rest of them and test to make sure they all spin and then afterward we're gonna spin 'em all and they're gonna be melting mid spin because we've got some fire and also some other ways to make this melt That looks so cool! – It actually works, that works well

Let's put it on our little pressing device, our bearing inserting device We're gonna put that right between two blocks of pewter and (crunching) What happened? Don't tell me it broke – I hope it didn't break, I hope it went through

(cheering) (both yelling) – Do you wanna grab the fire and just melt off a couple little bits into my hand? – Dude, for real? Should we? – Let's do it! – Grab the fire! – And if you guys at home do this, be very, very, careful, make sure you use parental supervision Whoa! Geez! Yeah, we're gonna go for it! And a huge shout out to the Instagram Keyper of the Week who suggested we should use a ton of different fidget spinners If you want to be shouted out as the Instagram Keyper of the Week check out the description down below to find out how – Oh, look at that, look at that! Is it gonna come off? – It is, yeah, there it goes (both oohing) Whoa, it fell on my finger! The five prong one turned out so good

– [Grant] That looks super cool Just tap it gently, just be gentle – This thing's stubborn man (crunching) No! – [Grant] I just smashed it! ah! That was the risky one to begin with I really didn't know whether or not it would work

But we gave it a shot We have one final one left – Money, money – The money one Oh my gosh! That turned out so good! – [Grant] That looks really good

– Who would've thought? I have a question for you, because this looks so good, should I use this as a necklace instead of my key necklace? I don't know how permanent it'll be, I'd be walking around and my bling will be dripping all over the place – Dripping all over your chest, liquid metal – Exactly We just remembered that when we were removing the bearing from this fidget spinner, we broke it So we don't actually have one

– I've got a couple bars of pewter as well This is a higher temperature metal that we're gonna make a solid fidget spinner out of metal that doesn't melt – And if you guys wanna see the exact opposite of melting metal, we did something where we took water, like water out of a water bottle and turned it into instant ice, into an instant slushy It was like a magic trick So make sure you guys go check that out on his channel

The link is down in the description below Make sure you go subscribe to him and show his video some love as well But right now I think it's time to step outside, light these on fire, but first, I heard we need fire for this – I got my fire! – I love the fire! I'm gonna lean back, okay – Glasses on for safety

– Oh yeah! I guess, same! It's working! (lively music) – Give that ten seconds and I think that's gonna be hardened up already Not too shabby – [Collins] Is it hot to the glove? – [Grant] No, it's not too bad Whoa! There we go! – [Collins] We made a fidget spinner! – [Grant] What's impressive to me is this silicone holds up to the heat – I was about to say the exact same thing

The silicone, if you look at it, it's not damaged, it's not melted It was very, very, very hot Alright, lit the top with the fire (screaming) Ow, that's hot! – [Grant] Let's see how hot that still is or isn't (sizzling) – No wonder it was so hot when I grabbed it

We're now outside for the final part We're gonna be lighting this gallium on fire to see how it melts as it's spinning Before we do this, comment down below and let me know what should I make a fidget spinner out of next – When it comes to flaming fidget spinners, the experts use sanitizer – And guys, please do not do this at home

And if you do, make sure you do it with parental supervision because this can be very, very That being said, this is gonna be cool – [Grant] Fill these little holes with sanitizer That's gonna be cool, in fact look, we can kind of like track it around in a circle It's gonna light up that whole thing, sweet

flames are hard to see, but that is burning – [Collins] Whoa! Oh my gosh! – [Grant] It's actually still on fire right now Look at that – [Collins] Oh my gosh, yo! (intense music) – [Grant] It's burning my fingers, you can't even see the flames, but the whole spinner is disappearing Look at that, the flaming disappearing fidget spinner trick

Okay, this is getting a little off track, you cannot see those flames, but obviously it's burning because it's burning holes in my fingertips right now (yelling) We're gonna have nothing but a bearing left here in a second – Yo, it literally disintegrated! Right now guys, go check out the video we did on Grant's channel, it is crazy You can click right over there, or in the link down in the description below And make sure you guys subscribe to his channel

This was so much fun, thank you so much for being in this video, and I'll see you guys again soon! Bye!

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