DIY Edible Water Bottle YOU CAN EAT!!!!! *NO PLASTIC* Learn How To Make The Best DIY Liquid Food

– You guys, this is literally a DIY edible water bottle, check this out You challenged us to make a DIY edible water bottle you can actually eat

Check this out – Wait, bro, wait, what are you doing? That's not the edible one Bro, that's a real water bottle! You actually broke the water bottle – Legit split in half, oh! – Dude! – So basically we are going to be making three different types of actual edible water bottles, and at the end of this we're going to be eating them and whoever makes the worst ones gets DIY edible water bottles chucked at their face in beautiful slow motion You're gonna lose

– I'm pointing at you 'cause you're gonna lose – No, you're gonna lose – I don't think so – You're gonna- well let's just start making these edible water bottles and let's consume some liquid The step one

(glass breaking) Oh my God, there's so much glass everywhere and I thought it was all about to break, but guys we're starting out with a classic water bottle, so for what you're going to need, one cup of water, – And one gram of sodium alg inate, aljinate This stuff – Sodium alligator, that's all you need for this (laughs) One cup, wooo – Sounds like you're having fun over there

– No like one half a cup Just gotta drink it I guess – I haven't even had a gram yet Aw, what are you doing? You can't drink water? – How did I get three grams all of a sudden? Okay I guess we're taking this, and we're putting it back – I probably should be having this on a level surface, because like in my hand I'm like, "Yeah we're like 3/4 cup," and then I'm like, "Holy cow we're a cup and a half!" This is not a good way of doing it

– Wait, what are you doing? – It's not It's still wiggling, bro Ah! Wiggling! I have an

ow! I have an idea – Wait, where are you going now? Collins! – I know how to solve the problem – Wait, what? – (coughs) Water's not good for me, bro It was three straws at once I thought the tactic would work, but it didn't

It's a lot harder than you would think – Really? Is it? – In the meantime I'm gonna add my first cup of water into my bowl – Making moves, man – Yes, sir – Hey we're going to add this into yours

– Aw, thank you – Now, do I add this? – Yeah, add that in, yep Here we go, gonna dump this in mine Here we go, now, to mix it Holy cow this thing is powerful, bro

– Dude, what are you doing? (screams) You ready? – Yep – I feel like this is way too fast for this (Collins screams) I feel like this isn't efficient, at all (screams) – Yo this mixer's legit, but it's very scary Alright there we go, now it's time to let them sit, wait for the bubbles to go away, and then we get to make the liquid water bottles

Yep so then (screams) Jeez, yep okay yeah let's get this out of my hands as quick as possible – Next up, we are putting five grams of sodium lactate- – Wait, I got the alligator stuff, yikes! – Taking five grams of this stuff and putting it into – [Both] four cups of water

– Are we gonna dump this on here? – Look at that, now we've got five, look at how awesome that was – Now time to whisk all the calcium lactate – Yep – Alright so how do I turn this on? – Bro, it's just a regular whisk – Oh

So apparently we have to just like gently do it So, whip it into the

sauce, boy! – If that's gentle, I'm scared to see what not gentle is – (wailing) Done Just like, boom

Okay for this next part you gotta use a ladle Wait, where are my la- – It's over here – You, dude you stole my ladle – Alright, so next up, – Here it's, we just take a little bit out of it, I don't know how much, and then apparently we're supposed to like just set it in Oops, okay so we gotta, you gotta set it in

– I'm tilting mine – Alright mine's going under, it's submerging, ohh Oh there's not enough water in the bowl! – Don't you dare bump me – I think I did it, dude, look at that! Look at that, it's like a little (nonsense words) These are looking, almost like little alien pods

These look kinda weird – Ooh, I just made a really, really, really good one I think – Oh, oh, oh! – What? – It's awesome Next up

grab the spatula – Why would you throw it like that? – I didn't throw it, it came out of nowhere – Really? – Three

two one Next up grab the spatula So we're just kinda like, supposed to gently mix it around, which is gonna be tough for me, 'cause I'm like super amped right now, I'm like really lit – Why do we mix this? How is this gonna set? – I don't know, it's apparently for three minutes we have to kind of like mix it all around I feel like you know, when you look in the sky and you see a cloud and you're like, "Oh, that looks like, "I don't know, Egypt or whatever" Like you see a giant cloud, like a pyramid of whatever I feel like this is kinda similar, a pyramid

(X-Files theme song plays) Mine looks like, I'm not gonna lie, some of it looks like weird kind of like mucus strands Like, look at that, that's just kind of like weirdly hanging – Oh wait, I wanna touch it – Don't touch it! You touched it, stop touching it! – It's like a spaghetti – Three minutes of mixing is now complete

This one is my little kidney Whoa, that looks cool! Look at the little strands on it, man – Ugh – Oh that looks pretty funky looking – I don't even know what this shit is

– These ones are connected, man, that's kind of weird There we go, I'm gonna place these down here Mine is done – What even is this stuff, man? – This stuff is kind of like slimy, but it's almost like I don't know how to it's like gelatinous

– Yeah that's a good work – Like it feels like gelatin almost, like the outside of it – Lookie, this stuff is, wait, is that like an earring you have it on? – Oh it is what you think it is, an earring – This is like modern jewelry Yeah, so I guess we've made round number one

Again, we're gonna be eating these at the end and chucking these at the loser's face This stuff is so, so, so, so cool I'm like tripping out right now, man, this is insane – Achoo! – Eww! – Ugh, ugh, it's just one of those things, one of the water bottles – I was like bro, that was so gross, oh my gosh

– Got ya, fam! – Round number two we are making colorful versions of this edible water bottle Instead of going through the entire process all over again, we'll spare you guys and just add the food coloring and then make this legit-ness I think we're gonna start off just doing one drop in the beginning

The tension's building, oh there we go, okay – Whoa – That was not one drop Now we're gonna grab our spoons and just kind of start to mix it up and see if it was enough food coloring or not I think mine actually looks perfect

I think yours is like, way too blue – Aw mine is way too much – This one is gonna look crazy, because we're gonna take a giant scoop of it and put it in here Because of the food coloring, I have no idea what is going to happen But first, I've actually got a challenge for you

This is actually going to be a bit of a race, because I wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel's post notifications and then give this video a thumbs up in the amount of time it takes me to chug this water So let's see who's faster, you or me Here we go, ready, set, go! (clock ticking) Done, ugh! My belly hurts, but if you can do that, comment down below, Keyper Squad, right now I'm gonna try and get as much in as I possibly can onto my spoon because I'm only making one of these Hopefully, I don't mess it up

– Alright, it has been submerged I'm so nervous, ahhh – Is it going? – Sort of kind of, not really – Alright here we go, boom, submerged – Oh no, I made another terrible one

– Mine is just not coming off of my spoon Oh there we go, oh this is not good, this is not good It's just a whole bunch of gloop off my spoon Yo, look at this, what on earth? I do have enough for one more try Okay I'm just gonna try to dump it in my spoon

– Oh no, dude, mine's already a goner – My one good one attached to my new bad one – I have to start mixing mine, I'm gonna just start mixing mine – Oh but one of mine is just a blob of destruction and doom and sadness – Is your water turning the color of your color dye, 'cause mine is

– Yeah mine is as well – One of mine looks like a jellyfish – Jellyfish, jellyfish, does whatever a that's not the song Now we're gonna pull it out so Devan you go first – Alright, I got my light bulb-looking one – It actually looks really cool – That actually does look pretty cool

– That looks awesome! – It looks pretty good – This one looks kind of nice as well – That's a cute one – It's a little cherry, man Okay now you're pulling out your squid-looking jellyfish one? – Yeah, I'm- – Ohhh you popped it! – I popped it into two

Nooooo – No, he popped it – I popped it Alright, just one – Ew

– That looks gross – Yeah, we're gonna – Yeah that one goes back

Okay – Okay cool we made one! I cannot wait to flipping eat this stuff 'Cause it's gonna be so cool We are making the first-ever jumbo edible water bottles, and it's gonna be crazy, and then remember- – It's gonna be that big! – It's gonna be this big! – [Sponge Bob Narrator] A few moments later – Alright guys, a little update, I accidentally popped mine, so yeah It was here and I was trying to get some excess little goop stuff out What are you doing? – What? – What are you doing? – I'm scooting – I popped mine, it's a crisis over here

– I'm scooting through, bah! This is about to take some advanced mathematics right now because we're creating the first-ever massive edible water bottle Basically what we're doing, it's super complicated, you're gonna fill up a whole bunch of cups of water, see how many fit in this bowl That's two cups – That's two cups, stop stop stop – Okay so basically everything is gonna be times two, so now Devan it's your turn- – Yep

– So we're gonna pop that in there, just like that, perfect I just wanna say your track record so far Devan's not been so good Oh, fun fact guys, well if you guys have been wondering if this eight ball goes all the way down, boom – And calibrated and we're ready to go – Oh, nice

Watch this, guys, first try, eyeballing it 13 – 13 grams Alright, here we go! – No, no! Let's see now – Hey, two, alright

– It's so spread out, it looks so funky right now, but hey, it gets the job done You look like you have a lot more than I do – Yeah I think I do – I'm gonna kind of eyeball it a little bit – Oh this is so risky

That's the wrong one! – Oh no! – That's the wrong one! (laughing) – I'm starting over from scratch again, that was a critical mistake (tape fast forwarding) Perfect, next step is now to mix it and um, how do we do this again? (screaming) – What happened? – Bro, I think you just went too crazy Alright, so I think Devan did too powerful, so I'm not gonna do powerful here I'm just gonna do a little bit (yells) Okay we're good

(yells) Why do I get so scared? Oh it's all stuck to the outside of it, oh no! It's not even in the liquid itself This is disastrous – Dude, you're spilling it everywhere – I'm doing my best Okay I'm just gonna try to relax and like not- – Ah! It sucks it down! – Ah! You literally splashed, Okay, I'm doing this, I'm doing this

I like this Now it's time to wait 15 minutes for these to I don't know, whatever they do

science – [Sponge Bob Narrator] Eventually – We doubled the recipe, so now we need 10 grams of this stuff – Double whisk – Wee So how we're gonna do this, is Devan is going to go first in his bowl, and we're going to use the entire bowl and pop it in there, and then next I'm gonna go We're gonna have to go one at a time on this – I don't know if this is enough water for my whole bowl – Yeah, this is gonna be kinda tough, so we're just gonna kinda see how this whole thing goes

Here we go Devan, now the moment of truth – Will it work I hope the bowl submerges – Aw, it's so close – No it doesn't work

Okay maybe I just tip it a little bit Aww – No – But I gotta flip it now – Go for it, I believe in you, do it, go go go

– That completely worked – I don't know if that worked – Dude, look at it – It looks like an oblong weird thing I've never seen it this big though, this could legit be an actual water bottle with how big this thing is

'Cause if it works, this is going to be legendary – I fell like it might pop with all the weight of it – Oh I didn't even think about that – I just gotta stop it, slow it down a little bit Whoa, it gets really heavy when you start to lift it out of the water

– Oh my gosh – Ugh Noooo! Oh my gosh! Whoa Whoa, look at that – Whoa, that looks perfect! How does that happen? (slurp) That was weird You guys, it is literally a liquid water bottle Bro, like try sucking it up – Okay

– Whoa! Here we go, the moment of truth And this giant version was suggested by the Instagram Keyper of the week, so shout out to you, and if you wanna be featured in shout-outs as Instagram Keyper of the week, check the description down below to find out how Alright, so what I'm gonna try to do, I'm gonna try to actually like move all this liquid into the bowl here It's kind of like blasting holes in it almost, it looks like – Yeah

– It's kind of crazy Alright, I'm gonna have to tip it back a little bit Alright let's see if we can make this magic happen It's like barely coming out, will it come out? A lot of it's stuck to the side It's coming back, it's coming out, it's doing it

That looks insane – That looks so good, it looks too good Dude, it looks like a goldfish – I know, it does – It's like swimming around and stuff

– Before I remove this and eat it, it's the moment you've all been waiting for Time to taste-test all of these different edible water bottles and remember, whoever made the best ones, they get to chuck these at the loser's face in slow motion So first we're going to start off with the basic clear ones and Devan's gonna go first – Alright, oh no they're all stuck together Oh no, what is

alright – There we go, okay – That actually looks kind of good

Ready? – Yep Is it crazy? – Kinda has a weird taste at the end, but dude the way it pops is so cool – Okay I can't wait You guys, this is literally a DIY edible water bottle, check this out – Dude is it good? – It's so good! That's awesome

Yo, I got another one, I gotta try this again Oh, these ones are stuck together, ah (laughing) (slurp) – Oh that was so cool! – Round one, I think I'm actually gonna give it to Devan on that one – Really? Yeah! – Your first one, that was so smooth and so perfect looking So now, next round is colors, Devan take it away

– It's really just food coloring and water at this point – Okay It's like weird, like – Great – Oh your teeth are blue – No, no, really? – Alright now the moment of truth How did mine turn out, let's see if I can get it out – Dude

– Oh – Bro, that's so cool, it looks like a ruby or something – So for this one, I don't think I'm gonna eat it 'cause my mouth will just like turn red, but I'm gonna pop it Before I pop this, comment down below what's a drink that we should turn into an edible water bottle, like a soda, a juice, whatever you want, comment down below – Your hand's already red

– I know Let me see if I can just kind of oh no it's slipping out of my hand

I don't know how to do this I'm gonna pinch like this oh! Yo, that's nuts

– That's so cool – Look at this, it just like comes right off your finger I hate to say it Devan, but I think I might've won round two by just a little bit, and now for round three – Well mine isn't really a big one, it's just an assortment of little ones, so uh here's one- (pop) – It popped – And uh, here's another- (pop) – It popped

– And here's another – There It's intact, eat it Oh, it's so crazy the way it like pops in your mouth, like the bubble just bursts and like all this delicious water, it's the best Here it is, the moment of truth, the giant edible water bottle

I don't even know if I can get this out Let me just kind of touch it Alright here we go Oh it's so fragile Oh my gosh it's like really an edible water bottle

– You saved it – I still gotta say I think I won that final round – Yeah – So you know what that means Let's go outside and let's chuck 'em at Devan's face

But we need it to be a little bit brighter outside, so give me one second (claps) Oh that was a weird clap Can you clap for me, I can't clap – (clap) Whoa! – Whoa! Alright, let's go outside and do it Alright here we go, gonna pick up one of these

Which one do I wanna, ohh That's a good one to start off with – [Recorded Voice] Three, two, one, go

(dance music) – We're at the finale – Wait, what? – What everyone wants to see – No! No! No! Why? – Alright, three, two, one (dance music) If you guys wanna see another video, oh my gosh, click right over here and I dare you right now click right over here, click (screams) – Give me a big hug! – No! Cut the video! _ Give me a big hug! – We're done, we're done, no! It's gonna be this big! – Wow, that's big – Hello Devan, my hand was saying hi to you – Oh hey, oh ow – The bouncing shoulders of joy brothers You know someone's happy when they're like

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