DIY Edible Slime Candy!! *SLIME YOU CAN EAT* How To Make The BEST Slime!

You wanna see me eat the SOUREST slime in the world! (Sounds of death) You challenged me to make DIY edible candy slime And first of all, I had no idea you were even able to eat certain types of slime

But we are doing three types We're doing the gummy slime, we're doing the candy slime where we mix a whole bunch of candy into the gummy slime and the last one, I have to eat sour slime I didn't even know that was a thing It involves malic acid, toxic waste, and my taste buds becoming destroyed That's happening at the end of the video but right now to kick things off, we need to melt some gummy bears

That is a lot, that's like the most amount of gummy bears I've seen in my entire life And one thing to be cautious of is when you melt them in the microwave only do increments of 10 seconds, otherwise it might burn So, right now, let's go heat 'em up One thing that I think is very important, is that you learn from my mistakes in these videos and I just made a massive mistake, I had this brilliant idea that if I combine all the colors, it would make a beautiful rainbow Instead it looks like this and guys this does not look appealing

This looks kind of like caramel, kinda a little bit like something else I'm not about the color of this, it's not aesthetically pleasing So for this, I went a little bit extra and I actually divided out all the different colors, so this can be for the basic slime, this will be for the candy slime and this will be for the sour slime Colored coded and everything I just melted up all the blue gummy bears and THIS looks sooooo much better like this looks so cool! It looks like the ocean is in gummy form

Like this looks delicious, I'm so excited Next up is the corn starch and then the powdered sugar so I'm going to add an equal amount in here Mix it all around, put it in here and that's what's going to create the slime So, the powder sugar is what's going to turn this into a, no! I'm so bad at this Wow, my DIY skills are not good at all I'm definitely not Karina Garcia, that is for sure

The cornstarch is really cool because it actually makes it were the slime won't stick to you And I remember this stuff from when we made that giant pool of Oobleck, and so, yeah, I know the smell of cornstarch Hm, very well (upbeat music) – [Man On Left] Oh my god – Holy cow

Guys, try not to breath it in, for real OK? – So we're gonna dump a little bit in right now I really messed this up because you're supposed to put them both in this bowl and then mix them together, but (laughs) I think I'm gonna do away with the spoon right now We're gonna go in with the hands and just go crazy Alright, so get the last of the slime off the spoon Ooh, this already feels so weird and so sticky It doesn't feel at all like slime

It literally just feels like well, of course, like melted gummy bears But, I don't know what to do with the spoon, so I'm gonna just leave it over here A little bit of cross contamination never hurt anybody (laughing) Said no scientist EVER So, alright, I think I'm gonna have to go with both hands here We're gonna try to work it through

The great thing is it's not really like sticking No, it's sticking to me It's definitely uh yeah, it's all over me This is not good Okay, this is not even like candy

This doesn't look appealing at the moment How does this look? Not good This is just a hot mess, man It's just a hot mess It looks like an alien substance, too, I mean, it doesn't even look like an appealing slime video

Like ya know when you see the videos on Instagram where they're playing with it? It looks so beautiful, like aawww? And it looks so gorgeous? Yeah, this that doesn't look good It's getting there a little bit

I just need a lot more of the powdered sugar and the cornstarch I'm gonna, aha it's on the back of my hand, Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Can we get a little more of the powdered sugar and then we're gonna go from there I think I need a bigger bowl, though Alright, now time to transfer into the bigger bowl, so Ah, it's dripping, it's dripping, it's dripping, it's dripping Ah, ah

It's so stressful, okay, now it's all in my hands So how do I get it off my hands? Like, I need I don't know how to do this Melted gummy bears is a very sticky substance It's getting even worse

Okay, yeah, that's not happening Oh, it's actually turning into slime I cracked the code I'm a genius I had no idea that would work, so now we take it to the next level, and I'll now put the powdered sugar and cornstarch in my hands, and I'm going all hand action right now

This is just you can use the thumbs to kinda mush it in So, look, I open up a little bit and then we push together like this, and then, kinda, squeeze, and manipulate, and it all falls out, man It's the issue that's not combining it That's my issue with it It's just, and then gets stringy Fam

Hm Why stringy? So let's make this, Eric I was gonna go back to this technique it's just so much powder So much powder in the air So we go here, and we're gonna try to use like the high-five technique on it

(gasps) It's getting so much better, actually Look at this It's getting, oh my gosh, yes, yes Bless the bless! YEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Here we go, I'm gonna take a handful of it now I'm gonna retrieve some more of it down here Okay, there we go

My slime gonna eat it Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum This is like a real work-out, too, man I've gotta do this two more times Holy cow

I wonder if I can make a giant bubble with it 'Cause you guys know I'm great at blowing bubbles when it comes to the slime (blowing) Nope It's starting to peel off my hands now which is kind of like what it's supposed to do, but at the same time, its not like, it's getting more slimy But this looks actually really, really, really cool

(some yes noises) Aw, man, there's so much powdered sugar everywhere The, ugh (blowing) It is getting better, though It is getting a lot better This takes a lot of hand strength

You've gotta see the full extension of this, like Ah, what's up (light-hearted music) Oh! That just shot everywhere That was not good, you gotta see this We're starting to get sliminess

Okay, yeah, 'cause it's starting to come off my hands That's a good sign Oh, yeah, mmhm Turn up, it's my party time Next up I'm gonna be tasting it because I think it's kinds getting to like slime levels

If I can just get it off my hands and not as sticky, then we'll be in very good shape That didn't work It's all over my hands, but we're gonna go with it (coughing) Eventually Alright, guys, I think we've gotten into a really, really good place now

Look at this slime, it looks so cool So right now I'm about to taste this edible candy slime, but first I've got a challenge I wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel Turn on the channel post notifications and give this video a thumbs up in seven seconds Here we go

you ready? Seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, Done! If you can do that, comment down below KEYPER SQUAD right now, and we're gonna be going through and replying to people who are able to do all three of those things in seven seconds By the way please don't comment about how bad that hand countdown was I've slime on my hands Here we go I get to eat this candy slime that looks so delicious

It looks like cotton candy Here we go three, I'm just gonna go Two, I'm so excited One Mmm

That actually was really good This stuff is like super sticky as well And you put it in your mouth and it's like sticks to every area of your mouth It makes you feel like you can't talk Like this is the inside of your mouth

You try and talk and like, MMMMMMMMMMMRRRRRHEHEHEHE (laughing) This is so cool Right now we're taking this to the next level (laughing) I love how my hands look High five They don't stick

What happened? (laughing) It's so cool This is when things get really exciting because we're doing the exact same thing with the red ones, only this time we're adding a tonne of candy and then for the last one we're doing a tonne of sour candies Right now, lets heat these up and lets make, let's make that slime Woohoo Now this looks so delicious

It literally looks like strawberry jelly And I wanna eat it right now, but I have to us patience I have to first mix in everything Last time we did this, that was my first time doing it, and it definitely didn't go according to plan So this time we're gonna be much more precise about it

We have the mixing bowl right over here So we're gonna take the cornstarch first add that into the bowl And then next we take the powdered sugar, gonna add an equal amount into the bowl as well Feel like a true baker right now And this time instead of playing with my hands I'm gonna be professional and use a spoon to mix it all up So we're gonna dump it all in

That's a lot And then we're gonna just kind of go for it Here we go Yo, that looks so crazy Yeah, so I think this is, okay note to self this is definitely working a lot better than what I did with my hands

So, I've pulled a lot of shenanigans before I don't know why I didn't do it the way you're supposed to do it before but THIS But this, it almost looks like a candy cane right now Just like the way the white is mixing in with the red I'm gonna mix it up a little bit more Oh, you know what this reminds me of? It reminds me of those deserts, What are they called? They're like, you find them in like Japanese restaurants

Oh, mochi, that's it It's called a mochi, and it's like this ice creamy kind of desert that looks like it has the same texture as this And I think it's like powdered sugar or flour, or something I don't know, some mysterious substance on the outside, but, man, it's getting really tough to move Okay, here we go

Oh my gosh My hand's getting so tired Oh my gosh I like, want to get my hands on it Okay, I think I'm done with this spoon, guys I wanna get my hands on this stuff

It looks, looks so cool Hopefully it won't be as sticky as last time 'Cause last time, ya know, it was pretty intense But here we go I'm gonna pick it up

Let's see, oh It feels so cool It's like really stringy, really hot, but definitely not as sticky I think because it has like a tonne of cornstarch coating it right now I'm just kinda like mix it up, oh This is so cool

Yeah, it's definitely very sticky I should've coated my hands first What was I thinking, No, no, no I need to be a baker Think baker, think baker thoughts No! Here we go

Rescue myself Rescue myself Remove, remove, okay This hand only has a little bit of slime on it, so I'm gonna try to coat here I'm gonna try to coat this hand in cornstarch

Here we go I should have definitely done this beforehand But here we go, okay So if I coat my hand in cornstarch, theoretically, the slime won't stick to me Yeah, my theory didn't work, it's still sticking to me, so I went way too early

I should've been patient I should've used patience It smells really good, but I should've used patience Two hours later Well now it's turned into more like a snowball than anything else cuss it's like whee

(laughing) This stuff is crazy, but it's looking like slime as well, and so now it's time to add the candy into what's going on Right now what I'm gonna do is I'm actually gonna take this and then I'm gonna open it up and use it as kind of like a bowl I'm gonna dump all the candy into it And then, after that, we're gonna mix it all together and taste it to see how the candy-gummies slime tastes So first I think we're gonna add in some good old jelly beans

Oh, way too many jelly beans Alright, we're gonna use a few Gob Stoppers, Okay, perfect, oh, no That green one, man, that was uncalled for I was not expecting you, you are not supposed to be here, But I'll let you stay, you're cool Next we'll add some Pop Rocks, and these things kinda trip me out, hold up

Ugh (fireworks exploding) In my haste and excitement, I kinda used up kinda all of them At least we got to enjoy them one way or another And then next we have these Are these Pop Rocks as well? BAAAAAHHHH Nope, okay

We'll add these in here That looks so cool Also got some Razzles we're gonna add into the mix here Perfect, and then we have some of these things here These are Cookie Dough Birthday Cake Bites

I've heard that these are amazing, so I'm really excited to add these That was a lot of them But that's eh, that fine Alright, we're gonna kinda squish them in This is looking delicious

I think we've also got some, um, some Nerds I'm gonna add these in Perfect We have now entered the Nerd zone Alright, here we go, the moment of truth to see if we can mix all this candy into it

So, I don't know how to do this I'm just gonna kinda squish it together This is not gonna work at all I have little faith Little to no faith at the moment We're gonna use the thumb technique again

The thumb massage is kinda thumb it over The thumb technique comes in handy, man Very versatile if you can master the thumb technique you're good, so I'm just gonna kinda like, try to implant them all inside of it (gasps) This is working, oh my gosh, yes I literally thought there was no way this would work, but this is actually working

Hold up This is crazy As long as there all stuck in there, that's the most important thing (grunting) Yo, that's like looking so cool Yes! Woohoo! I'm hyped right now

Woohoo! This was a massive success Now is the moment you've all been waiting for Time to taste the candy, DIY edible slime here we go, three, two, I'm so excited There we go One Mmm

Alright, I'm gonna take another bite This stuff is so ow Ow ow I'm sorry, there's a lot of crunchy candies involved And like I don't expect that It's so nice, like fluffy, slimy and you bite into a candy and it's like

(imitates cracking) Ah Ah It'll attack you bro I wish you could taste it right now It's like all the best candies mixed into one My mouth is glued

I can't, I can't talk Now we are moving on to the final one which is the sour slime MMKAY (chattering) Now this looks like slime These Gummy Bears melted and this literally looks like sour slime without even adding any sour candy to it And the process of making this into slime is gonna be a little bit different this time because we're still gonna use cornstarch but instead of the powdered sugar, we're gonna be using malic acid, which is the sourest thing ever

This is the stuff they put on sour candy This is, hands down, the worse So, again, we'll kick it off with the cornstarch right here, And now comes the fun part, adding in some malic acid Oh, my gosh I get chills just from thinking about how bad this stuff is

I've had some terrible, terrible experiences with it (screaming) Alright Let's mix it up (light music) And it's back in my hands I've got a tonne of cornstarch but this stuff is still super sticky

So I was saying out of all them so far this is like the hardest one to get to the right consistency I think it's because we used the malic acid on it But hopefully this will turn out But at the moment it's just it's crumbling Malic acid, man, always ruining everything, across the board, twenty-four-seven

(screaming) Well that's kinda cool (blowing) (laughing) This stuff looked like the most slimy stuff out of all of it Like this, it looks kinda toxic in a way Ya know what I mean? I've created a bowl with it and now it's time to add all the sour candience Of course we're kicking it off with some toxic waste right here

I gotta add two more of these ones, as you guys know are intense Gotta pour some Cry Babies Personal favorite There we go, a couple of Sour Dots I'm not looking forward to biting into this

And then we also have some sour Warhead spray My fingers are stuck together, this is so hard Oh, no No, no, no, no, no, okay, Alright, here we go (coughing) I breathed in some of that mist from the sour spray, man

That went down the wrong way Okay, we're gonna take this and close it up Hoo Oh, no This stuff is going to be so, so intense

I am not looking forward to biting this Oh my gosh, look It's not even like sticking into it, man This stuff's so sour It's like, we will not become part of the slime Here we go, I'm about to take a bite into the sourest slime in the world, but first, if you want to be featured in the next video, comment down below How many pounds of slime should I fill a pool with Also, congratulations to the keyper of the week, Claudia

If you want to be keyper of the week check the description down below to find out how You wanna see me eat the sourest slime in the world, here we go, three two one Ooh! It looks like a little like a little like a hammock Dude, it looks like a little hammock Ha, That's so cool

You (clears throat) You challenge me to make soup Nope (laughing) (coughing)

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