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– What's up? It's Collins Key, and welcome to the the Thursday vlog Now for today's video, I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone, and I'm gonna be doing my very first ever DIY video

For those of you guys who don't know the lingo – Oh, that was so bad (laughs) DIY stands for "do it yourself" This video is inspired by my friend, Lucas, and he did a video where he made his own phone case out of french fries, which first of all, was delicious, and also, it was a super funny video, so if you guys wanna watch that, definitely check it out I'm gonna put the link down in the description But today, I want to take things to the next level So I'm gonna be using two of the Internet's favorite foods, pizza and donuts, so if you guys love pizza and donuts, let me know by liking this video

Also, I want to let you guys know, I'm doing a huge giveaway this month I'm giving away a MacBook So if you guys want to win a MacBook computer, let me know by liking this video, comment down below what's your favorite video that I've ever posted and of course, you must be subscribed That was way smoother in my head You must be subscribed to this channel

Um, before I mess up anything else in this kitchen, let's jump right into the video To start off, we will make the pizza phone case and for this, you only need four items: item number one is the pizza crust, number two is the cheese, number three, pepperoni, and number four, the sauce You'd be lost without the sauce You need to make sure that all the ingredients are prepared before you put it in the oven That way, when you pull it out, it's immediately ready, and you can have a steaming hot pizza phone case

So to open this up, I don't know how we do this I think you twist it? Don't know, I've never done this before This is really testing my manhood right here Like, low-key, this is really hard! Maybe if I squeeze it from the side? Hold on, there are probably instructions on here Oh, okay, I found something, this could be helpful

There's a little thingy over here Well that didn't help at all, and now I just don't know what the instructions – Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Holy cow! What on earth? I don't know if you guys could hear the pop, it just, like, exploded Wow, okay, well that was unexpected So I think we take it to Great, all right, so let's see What do you do with dough? I feel like someone like Gordon Ramsey, All right guys, so if you're gonna be making this, you have to put the Pam down first So we're just gonna lather this whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo! The perfect beginning to a pizza So next, you need the sauce

My hand's all slippery from the dough Ayy, I got it! Okay, so yeah, now we can take the sauce We do the cheese next Ooh, this cheese smells funky, okay I'm just going to be very delicate

We need a little bit more on there, there we go And last but not least, we're gonna freckle it with pepperoni This pepperoni looks like sliced carrots that have gone bad right now Oh my gosh, okay And it smells bad, too

So, there we go, there you have it That is the pizza phone case right there, and next step is I just need to put this thing in the oven, so let's see how this goes All right, here we go We got the pizza It's important to have a very low oven as well

That way, you can, like, crouch all the way down It'll be like a squad pic, ayy Pizza goes in, and I think we can kinda, just like, guess-timate on how long these will cook for It's getting really hot, I'm gonna close that I will see you guys in a few minutes

– [Voiceover] A few moments later (phone alarm sounds) Oh, okay, I guess the pizza's ready Wow, it's really hard to grab things with these mitts on, okay Oh, My face is filled with, like, just burnt air right now Oh my gosh, it looks crazy

Yo-ho-ho-ho! Okay, right off the bat, I must say, I think this was a massive fail, because I don't think you guys can tell how large this pizza became in the oven But apparently, we're gonna make a phone case out of it We've got the pizza, now all I need is just the phone case to make it happen All right, there we go It's like magic; so here's how this works, you just take the phone case, put it on here, and then I just kinda push down, I believe

Ow, it's hot, but this might actually work We're gonna start to cut away the dough at the sides here One side, this is two sides Go for this side here Just gonna remove the excess dough like that

This worked! It worked! All right guys, round one is a huge success Look at that, it worked so well This is a legitimate edible phone case right here I've been acting super cool like this thing isn't burning my fingers super bad right now, but it really is I'm gonna put it down, but it worked, so yay us! For the second one, we are creating a donut phone case, and this is the one that I'm by far the most excited about, and this is a C

K original I've never seen this anywhere else on the entirety of the internet All you need for this one is just the dough, you need some sprinkles, I'm gonna try to balance it, you also need frosting, I'm gonna try to balance them all For this one, I'm happy I did not get the same type of container as the last one, because that one scared me

This one just popped out, too Okay so this dough, if you guys can tell, is very, very different No, the PAM, the PAM! I keep forgetting to do the PAM Take one for the team Okay, pooh, it's like a cloud again

We're just gonna take it right now and we're gonna plop it on there and then just kinda like the last one I'm not gonna comment on what this is This is a very special technique right here That was pretty good right there You need to put it in the oven first before you put all the other things on top of it

So right now, my hands are disgusting, so I'm gonna try to use my arms to grab it, and I'm gonna put it in the oven Hey, it's Collins, and welcome to the Food Network You're gonna take your pan just like this, squat down to the oven, pop a squat, and then insert There's a lot of smoke coming out of there, holy cow Lot of smoke, I will put that in there real quick and um, yeah, so, Kitchen 101 on how to cook

I don't know, we're just gonna find out what happens when it comes out, guys Okay, this is kind of an emergency right now, because the timer has not gone out, but we smell burning coming from this thingy over here, so we're gonna open it up right now and hopefully, oh god, no, no! No, no, no, fire alarm's gonna go off, no! No! Okay, I got to get this out super quick Okay, here we go Gonna open this up, ooh, be careful, be careful, be careful, be careful, okay, ooh, yeah, okay, y'all, this is burnt! It's burnt! I completely burnt this one Um, yeah, so this is definitely a cooking fail for me right there

This thing is so burnt, but we're gonna try to prevail We're gonna see if we can turn it into an effective donut phone case You take the frosting now That was unnecessarily difficult to open, man Ooh, if I wasn't excited before, this frosting, this frosting just made me excited

This looks like happiness right here I don't know if it's gonna work, because this thing is rock solid right now When I say rock solid, I mean, like, rock solid Like, Dwayne The Rock Johnson of solidness right here I think that's enough spreading of, ooh, spilled a little bit, had to take another hit for the team, man, got to make sure it doesn't drip on the table

And now, for the most important part, That was so weird The most important part of any donut, you need to add a ridiculous amount of sprinkles, so So I officially used I would say the majority of the sprinkles on this, but you know what, it's all worth it and now, all I need is just another phone case, so where's it gonna come from? Yep, just like I anticipated, this thing is rock solid There we go, that worked, alright, cool Okay, here we go, for this one, we're just gonna

Hey, that actually worked perfectly! And now, we need to do the staple of every single donut, which is the hole in the center No! I think I just cracked the whole thing open Did I do it? Yeah! I made a hole in the donut

The donut didn't quite turn out how I expected I think the fact that I literally burnt the whole thing terribly did not help out the entire process And you know, this one didn't turn out to look so pretty, but hopefully, it tastes pretty good, so I'm gonna give it a taste test right now Ow, it's like rock solid If you guys wanna see another crazy DIY video, let me know by liking this video, and if this video gets enough likes, then you know what, I might try another crazy DIY just like this

I can't even snap, there's stuff on my fingers Insert snap sound here

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