DIY Candy Fidget Spinners YOU CAN EAT!!!!!!! Rare Edible Fidget Spinner Toys & Tricks

– Yo, it works, eh the sourest fidget spinner in the entire world (yells) You guys challenged me to make edible candy fidget spinner

I have a whole bunch of candy here and at the end of this I'm gonna be making the first ever world's sourest fidget spinner and I'm really nervous 'cause two things are gonna happen I'm probably gonna knock out a tooth trying to bite into it and also, it's gonna be so sour, like this, I've got malic acid, guys, you know what's gonna be goin' down And I have no idea why you think I'm gonna be good at playing with fidget spinners, but I mean hey, let's give it a try Three, two, one, go (rock music) Now it's time to get rid of the card,

And now the part you've all been waiting for, yes, I will be spinning this every single time I begin a new section and right now we are gonna be deconstructing the fidget spinner, so RIP buddy, I've had a great time with you but we just pop this off here Don't they look like balls inside of there, what's up with that Umm, how does this work, do you? (clatters) I think I broke it Let's see if it works without the covers on it Hey, it actually, well wait wait wait

Do these actually do anything here, these little ball things on the end, I'm gonna pop these out, just kinda curious, let's see (spins) I think it has no weight so it probably stops a lot sooner, yeah So, oww (blows) I sound like a plane when I'm doing this (laughs) This next part is gonna be one (clanks) Most scientific things I've ever, that's like a bottle flip challenge

I'm breaking so much stuff (beeps) And shout out to Stephen Cheer because I would've had no idea how to make these molds, make sure you guys go check out his video, the link is gonna be down in the description below But basically you take these two different colored putties, mix 'em together, and then you have one minute to put it down and then put the fidget spinner on it, make a mold of it, and then you can turn it into candy That's what's gonna happen, it's gonna be magnificent, and I'm gonna try not to mess this up All right we're taking this (mumbles) boop boop boop boop boop boop boop boop, mmm, mmm

You gotta get this out super quick because otherwise this stuff is gonna go away and it's gonna get hardened and it gets very very very hard Okay here we go woop, bam, boop Yep, mix it all together, yooey! That's like makin' edible slime again (coughs) I'm not sed to workin' with a time constraint on these sort of things, just kinda get to mess around But now I literally have 60 seconds to mix this all together, otherwise it's gonna harden and then the whole thing will be ruined

Gonna go baker mode on it, oh yeah, la la la la Grrr Oh boy It's actually to getting a lot harder to mold and squeeze now so I think it's startin' to harden now, so now we're gonna place on the plate Gonna remove, oh no there's stuff on the plate

So we're gonna roll it now into a ball Perfect, here we go, we're gonna take a place down here, just kinda flatten it out (clangs), great! Now we're gonna take the fidget spinner, oh we gotta pop this out, yay All right here we go, gotta push the fidget spinner in here (whimsical orchestral music) All right, and then I think you kinda wanna mold the edges close to it, that way you kinda get a nice like fidget spinnery look

So it's been 25 minutes and this thing now is really solid It looks really squishy but you guys can put this in the microwave, it won't melt and only the candy will melt So we're gonna pop out the fidget spinner now Yay, that's the mold right there (children cheering) To kick it off we're gonna be tasting the rainbow, with some skittles right here

So I think what we do is we take the skittles I'm gonna get roasted so hard in the comments for how I just opened this bag of skittles Like that's not the way you open it All right gonna kinda put 'em in there Now time to pop this into the microwave and create a beautiful fidget mold, once I rearrange it all, so let's do that

– [Man] A few moments later – These skittles did not work out, there's actually more like an egg that cracked, but you can very easily crack this, watch This did not work, there is no way that I could fidget spin one of this Just not gonna work – [Man] Time for a cool fidget spinner trick

– Spin, flip, catch, drop, another spin, hooh! Flip, catch, drop, flip, catch, caught (beeps) Now this fidget spinner, even though I don't like it a ton actually has these things which keep it in place So I made a mold of it, you know the feeling you get when something is gonna work? Well that's the feeling I have right now Jolly ranchers (clatters) Let's go

You guys, I told you this was gonna work I think this is it, here we go three, two, one Yes, this looks so good Okay now, the moment of truth We have put now the fidgety spinner wheel, whatever the heck it is that makes this thing work and then we're gonna see if we can spin it

Ooh, I'm nervous but very excited The moment of truth Will it spin, three, two, one Yo, it works! Guys, we did it, it finally worked Oh my gosh I'm so hyped

This is like so, so, so, cool And now it's time for the first ever fidget spinner lick test, here we go Yep, this tastes delicious – [Man] Time for a cool fidget spinner trick, again – This just seems like a bad idea

(splats) Ow Yeah that actually could get hurt That that this is that that really hurt And we're gonna start off right here with one fidget spinner and then we're gonna get another fidget spinner going on top of it And let's see if we can get one more goin' on top of this, there's no way

Yeah! (cheering) Between the bean boozled challenge or starburst I think more of you guys suggested starburst would work and then the bean boozle challenge would probably fail I am not on my a game when it comes to throwing things and catching things today And that wasn't even a throw, that was a drop But um, let's go, yeah, I'm joking, yay, yay Whee! All right we're gonna crack open, gonna crack open some Starbursts

– [Man] One eternity later Oh that was so difficult All right we're just gonna, perfect But now I have to color code it, unwrap all of these, which can get kind of boring So we'll just fast forward until the part where I have it all made, yeah

All right let's see if it worked Oh dude, this worked out so well! Oh my gosh Now the true test to see if it can truly fidget spin But first I have a challenge, I wanna see if you can subscribe to this channel, turn on the channel post notifications and give this video thumbs up in seven seconds Here we go seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, done

If you could do that, comment down below keyper squad right now Let's see if we can pop it in here (dramatic music) (groans and sobs) Fail, we were so close, what happened I'm so upset right now It's all about movin' on though, gotta stay positive and let's make this next one the best one

– [Man] Time for a cool fidget spinner trick, again again Two fidgets at once I see these people with finger strength they're like (yells) and it's like it spins like crazy I can't do the thousand mile per hour finger spin I need the two hand, yaiy

We're gonna try with the bean boozled challenge And first I'm going to try some beans and just see how this goes (rattles) (chomps) (yells) Horrible, I got all the worst ones Help me, okay Well that was terrible

So now we're gonna add these in here I can smell these ones are all bad and now we're gonna add these in, microwave 'em and let's see if this fidget spinner works I gotta mention, out of all of em so far This one I gotta say is not the prettiest, but I mean it kinda works and this thing smelled so bad when I was microwaving it It was horrible so if you do this at home, be warned

It's gonna smell terrible So now we have part of of the fidget spinner which we insert over here Here we go and then we have part two of the fidget spinner here and they do not appear to be compatible with this mold it all Let me see if I can get this though, oh my gosh Here it is, the moment of truth

See if it will spin I mean this is not as satisfying as I wanted it to be I wanted the (low pitched moan) But there's definitely room for improvement, and luckily we're not done yet because we still have the most sour one in the entire world With that one, I have so much faith that it's gonna work But first, we'll take a bite of this one, just kind of try it out

Ah Yeah, nope – [Man] Time for a cool fidget spinner trick, again, again, again – Ow It's so hard

Ow, my lip We're about to make the sourest fidget spinner in the world but first I wanna give a huge shout out to the keyper of the week, Ash If you wanna be the keyper of the week, check the description at down below and right now it's time to eat the sourest fidget spinner in the entire world I brought the one and only Warheads so here we go (tape scratching noise) Let's open these up and then we'll microwave 'em

I'm not lookin' forward to this Yo this one actually turned out so cool The other ones were all a solid color but this one looks tie-dyed, there a ton of little holes on it And this one looks sweet, kinda innocent, but it's not This is gonna be intense, and what we're gonna do right now we're gonna pop this in, it's so close to breaking

I have to hold it upside down, otherwise there's no way it's gonna work, it's so close to breaking, how do I do this One finger balance, if this doesn't work, nothing will Three, two, one Hey, the sourest fidget spinner in the entire world I'm gonna take a bite of it, three two one

(gasps) Oh my gosh it's so sour (beeps) In the extreme sourness I forgot to add the malic acid so for those of you guys who are like where's the malic acid, there's the malic acid Oh (beeps) – [Man] Time for a cool fidget spinner trick I'm sorry, again, seriously? – Hooh

(crashes) The one trick I really do wanna get where you toss it up and then you catch it in the other and then you go back, oh and then you, that's part of the trick, I promise And then we'll try one last time here, ugh Egh, ooh and then back again, oh (clatters) (rock music)

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