– What's up guys? It's Collins Key And now today I am really excited because the Penguins of Madagascar have recently recruited me to help them make the world's longest dance video

This is gonna be based on their new dance, the Penguin Shake, and you guys have been commenting and asking me forever to do a dance video, so we're finally gonna do it today So give this video a thumbs up if you're excited and ready to see me dance Let's get the Penguin Shake Oh What? (laughs) But for real, let's get to the dance

("Celebrate" by Pitbull) ♫ Mr Worldwide ♫ Let's celebrate ♫ One ♫ Two ♫ One two three four ♫ I ♫ Just wanna celebrate ♫ I ♫ Just wanna celebrate ♫ Tonight ♫ We making history ♫ I ♫ Just wanna celebrate ♫ Turn it up ♫ Turn it up – Now if you guys enjoyed that dance be sure to give this video a huge thumbs up and also right now I want you guys to go to penguinshakecom so you can learn the full dance, and you can also join in the world's longest music video with me And to see the rest of the Penguins' untold stories make sure you guys go see Penguins of Madagascar It's gonna be in theaters on November 26

I know I'm gonna go see the movie for sure, because those penguins man they're just like, they're just so cute Like I want a pet penguin now Like a little pet penguin Oh he's so cute Mom, I want a penguin! I want a little pet penguin for Christmas! (laughs) And she's like, "What?" Let me know in the comments, if I was a penguin what would my penguin name be? Don't forget, of course, to subscribe to this channel

See you guys next week Peace

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