CUPCAKE ART CHALLENGE 2! Learn How To Make Star Wars Solo Avengers Ready Player One DIY Pancake

– [Both] Cupcake challenge! – [Devin] Boom! – Whew, my gosh you challenged us to another cupcake art challenge and right, now let's go! – Is it good? – Oh man this is good – For this round, as you can tell, we've got way more cupcakes, so right now we are making Wreck-It Ralph

– Whew! I dropped it First thing, we must assemble the shape of Wreck-It Ralph – Yes – So we're gonna go boom Ba-da-boom-boom-boom-boom Now, it's time to decorate Wreck-It Ralph

Shouldn't have done that I was trying to be like Wreck-It Ralph, and just like break the internet, ya know, but nope Two eyeballs, bam Oh man, he looks very upset right now (laughs) I will give him a big ol' mouth

He'll be wrecking some food with his mouth Oh gosh, it looks so scary! (exaggerated moan) – Alright, got two of his shoulders done – Dude, what the fu-? My dude's got massive teeth Wreck-It Ralph has got buckteeth Oh look at that nice shirt

– Alright, here we go We got arm number one Boop I don't want Devan's (tube squeaks) You good? Oh there it goes again, dude (Electronic music) Yo, yours is looking, not good, Devin – Haters gonna hate – I'm not hatin', I'm just, Yeah, I'm hatin'

Because that was my spoon Well, I'm gonna get a spoon right now, so whoo-papa! Bam! A spoon Man, it got stuck to the spoon It's just coming straight off my cupcake – See, only a skilled spoon handler can handle this

So much concentration is taking place at the moment – I can tell Collin just went quiet – Very true, I live with him (electronic music) – Yo, no, no, no! Dude my icings running out

– Oh no! – Please, can I finish the hand? Please, please, please, please, please yes! Made it, bam! Now, time to detail his hands and feet, because we need to get some fingers We got to have him do hand signs, like yo what's up, peace – Whoa – His eyes are like so close together He can only see one thing I gotta give my guy some toes, some big ol' toes

Look, he looks like a duck with some like flippers or something Man, I did not get the toes right – Oh, no! This is even worse! Oh my goodness! – Yo, that's actually low-key kind of terrifying – Alright, so now I have to go in and add the nose No! No! – That is not working! (aggravated puffs) – Hopefully it falls in the right spot

No! – Dude, you got it on his eyebrow You can't have a nose on the brow Replace it – Yep, oh! Congratulations – Wow! That looks really bad

Yo! The big reveal, here we go Three, two, one! Ta-Da! – These are the Wreck-It Ralph- I think I may have nailed this round, but you get to comment down below and let us know who you think won so right now, guys, it's on to the next round For this one you challenged us to do Mario from Mario Odyssey Alright, go! – Okay, what do I, Oh! (zip sound) Dude really! (laughs) I think I'm gonna go pink with his face – Pink? (vocalises) – Next up we got some baby blue, oh my gosh! This stuff looks really cool

This is like jelly, almost Yo, Mario looks like he's buggin' He's got his hat on like, he's like, 'ah' What's great about mine is that from this angle you got Mario with a hat, some eyes, but from this angle, he's a terrifying monster – So scary! – It looks like one of those little Goombas, bro! – Oh, you're so right! – Bam, we got a little nose

We gotta do his mustache Aw man, it just looks like a mouth! – [Collin] He's got a massive uni-brow – Alright, here we go Gonna give Mario some pink sideburns Boom! Booooo

– Are the sounds necessary? – The sounds are absolutely necessary – Do, doop, doop,-doop, do, doop – Now time for the buttons! 'Cause as you guys know, Oh, the top is still on What? Button number one – That's a massive button, bro

Wait, his overalls are like, straight down (laughs) (sneeze) – We got big ol' beefy arms Woo Mario's been lifting! – Meow We got to give him some, oh no! I dropped my top Yo, dude, what are you doing to that mouth? He's like (growl)

And now, after every great art challenge, (electronic music) And now it's time for the big reveal Here we go! Three, two, one, Ta-da! I did my best That's all I can say We'll be eating these at the end of the video but right now, it's on to the next round This is one of the most requested ones and you wanted us to do Moana

So right now, let's go! I've got edible flowers, by the way? – Alright (crunch) These are edible? Bro (cough) – She's got this like a green wreath around her head Nailed it on so many levels We're gonna get some flowers in the top, bloop! Boom! (clap) oh! Awesome! Alright, now we gotta add the whites around the eyes

– Oh no, I misplaced one of the eyes (gasp) – I know how I'm gonna use detail like no one else has ever used detail before (high-pitched screech) Sucks in this round! – Oh no, my Moana looks super angry – Yo! – What have I done? She's like side-eyeing you right now She's like 'huh'

– Well, because she sees that my Moana's got a way better eyelashes (airhorn) (electronic music) – Alright, the crown is done now, and (clap) time to flower it up Alright, two little nostrils And then give her a big ol' happy smile, though What are you doing with the cheeks? – A little bit of blush! She's got a little bit of rosy cheeks

– She has sideburns, bro! – She does, don't hate! Everyone's special and different Yo, you know how people say they have pearly white teeth? – Yeah? – I'm gonna give her literal pearls for teeth – Alright, here we go I'm going around the perimeter of my cupcake I don't think this is really working out

Bro, she's looking like a pirate now! (high-pitched 'what') Boom, locked it down Mine is completed – And, boom! Locked it down – Alright, here we go The big reveal

Three, two, one, wait! – Sorry – Our 5-Second Subscribe Challenge – Okay We want to see if you can subscribe to this channel – Alright – Turn on the channel's post notifications in five seconds Are you ready? – [Both] Five, four, three, two, one! Done! – Alright let's see what these look like, Ready? – Now we go

– [Both] Three, two, one, Ta-da! – I think I nailed it, but you get to comment down below and let us know who won – Mine's more like a wonk, wonk, wonk, right? Than a tah-dah – You wanted us to do Jack Jack from the new Incredibles movie We're gonna speed run through this one because you know Jack Jack is like "pow, whew, whew" (squeaking) Hand in, hand in, hands on, hands on (squeaking} Alright – Okay, time for his hair

Bro, you have ten seconds left – Ten seconds! Ten! – No! Nine! – No! Eight! – No, no! Seven six, five, for, three, two, one! Done! – The big reveal! Three, two, one, Tah-dah! I was trying to make Jack Jack on fire because you know he goes like (screams) and he bursts into flames Is that his hair? – I tried to do his hair That's so, that's actually pretty awesome (beeping) So, you get to comment down below who won this round, and right now we are on to the next one

On this one you challenged us to make Pikachu, and right now begin Oh yeah Oh that's nice This is called the cup'm roll Man it just took all my icing off

If mine didn't look raggedy before, boy, boy! (loud grunting) squeeze See, Devon only does one toothpick at a time This is called the double toothpick wa-fananza It's where you take two toothpicks and you go whew, double time Oh yeah, oh, oh look at that technique Now that we've got the base layer crusted – Yes Time to fill it in

Okay, so we're gonna go eyeball number one – [Collin] Here we go – [Devon] He has really wide eyes, oh no! His entire eye came off! – Alright, cool So, here we go Now we've gotta get some eyebrows on my man Yo, his brows are thick! Pikachu is an electric little dude, so I'm gonna add some lightening to him (electric zapping) (laughing) I thought it was going to look so much better than it ended up looking – It looks like spider man attacked him

(laughter) (squirt) webbed him – Yeah Oh, oh, and done! Awe! Alright, now I've gotta add the, – Awe! Dude you've ruined it You're gonna make it worse! – Awe! – Alright, here it is the big reveal Are you Ready? Three, two, one, Tah-dah! You get to comment down below who won this round This is a toss up, so guys right now we're on to the next one For this one you challenged us to make a character from the new avengers movie and you're gonna have to figure out which one we chose

So, right now begin Alright, so I'm gonna go for the color green, which will give you no hint at to which one I'm making – I think it does Collins – Nope He's got bad skin, he's aged very quickly Anger, ages you quickly? So, I've got to give him some angry brows

Anger – Anger (roaring) – This dude looks super, duper, duper angry – I'm sorry, but the grinch is not in the avengers – The grinch? No this dude would not steal christmas He would smash christmas – Oh yeah, I have no idea who this is

– No clue What else can I do to distinguish (gasp) (ping) I'm gonna need some more cupcakes Hold up Bam! Alright, there we go I got another green! Yeah boy! Woo! – I've never seen someone so excited about green before

– This is coming along saucily The most important part about my character is the muscle definition Here we go, Bam! Look at that line Now I've gotta give my little dude some fingers Oh, there's a finger, another finger Boom!, I'm locking it in

– Oh my gosh (electronic music) – Dude, I'm blown away, that is the most incredible cupcake you have ever made Which is saying a lot Here it is, the big reveal – [Both] Three, two, one! – Wait a minute first the three second like challenge

We wanna see if you can like this video in three seconds Are you ready? Here we go Three, two, one, done! Let's take a look Three, two, one, Tah-dah! (laughs) It's the Hulk flexing like this – What? – You get to comment down below who won this round, and right now, we are on to the next You wanted us to make Chewbacca from the new solo movie

We're doing this as a speed round So, right now go! – This is going to be incredible dude – Oh no! – I'm gonna use only sprinkles for this cupcake dude – How is that sticking to the cupcake? You're getting sprinkles everywhere! Look at that (Squeaking) (hornlike sound) – Did I do it? Oh, oh, oh look at this it's actually kind of working

– But if you shake it a tiny bit, (blowing) (sobbing) (squeaking) Locking it in! – Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa bro! I haven't even done anything yet – What have you been doing? (laughter) – I just did his fur – It looks like mold – What are you doing? – All of the time is up so you better go quick – Okay, wait

Sike! Swap! 15 second bonus – 15 seconds, no way! – You have to fix it up! – Oh my gosh! Eye ball, eye ball, mouth, and pink, pink, pink, pink, pink, pink – Why didn't you finish this sooner dude? – Dude, why did you switch them like that? Okay, and done Well there's that Dude, I have no clue how you switched them, but you get to comment down below who won this round I'm just extremely confused right now, and I guess we're on to the next one For the final round we're doing a freestyle – Yep

– And you're gonna have to figure out what it is we're making in real time (laughter) So right now, let's go Alright, so we've got these, boom! Mine is going to be fan-fl-la-la-ipping-tastic (horn sound) Oh yeah Boom-ba-do-bop-da-bing-bop-boo

– Oh no – Are you messing up? What are you making? – Ah, there we go – That looks like a giant 'S' – For what, Shrek? Next up is the red – Oh yeah boy

If you can figure out what mine is right now I will be blown away because you don't have much to go on at all at the moment – I am making the border around my 'S' (grunting) – Why does it look like lip gloss and not actually, it doesn't look anything like frosting at all – I just have to fill in the rest – Done! (sigh) Alright, there we go So, Devan reveal what is yours

– What did you make, like several brains? – What? No! Dude mine is like the visor from ready player one, when he's going through the oasis – I made the superman 'S' – Great! We're gonna be eating these coming up right now and you get to comment down below who won this round And right now its time to feast on some cup cakes Now for the moment you all have been waiting for

Time to try all these delicious looking cupcakes We're going to end with the most beautiful Mario of all time Before we eat them comment down below what are some other characters you would love to see us make a cupcake version of We're beginning with Moana because there's a lot of different textures We've got little pearls on mine, some eyelashes, some flowers for the hair

– Some terrible flowers though Those were whew! – Yeah These are going to taste really interesting Three, two, one – I'm getting half of a flower, but I'm getting some great cupcake (clapping) – Oh yeah

Oh man this is so good – I don't know how I feel – It's so good Next up we're going for Pikichu – Oh yeah! – Mine got electrocuted, so my Pikichu looks absolutely crazy – Dude I never really took a good look at mine, mine looks terrifying

– He looks mildly disappointed at everything in life He's like (whining) Three, two, one! (moaning) – Awe man, uh, uh, uh, I got his eye – So, mine taste like a slice of goodness man It's just that the cupcake is so soft and nice, and like fluffy, and then like good sugar

– This one's a really fluffy cupcake – That one's delicious Before we eat the Hulk, let's try Jack Jack because he's kind of like a superhero of sorts – This is not Jack Jack bro – That is so Jack Jack

– I don't what this is – I'm gonna get a big bite of the blue Ready? Three – Mine is just all black – two, one! (electronic music) (moaning) (mumbling) – Alright on to the next one – Alright, now it's time to eat my hulk and your iron man – Dude, I kind of don't want to eat this

– It looks absolutely incredible But, I definitely won Let's go for this, you ready? I'm gonna take a big bite of his big mouth – Oh no! Half of his face came off – That's so, how could you do that? This is a scary look, it's just about to like bite into this man

– His mouth looks like a brain again Three, two, one! (moaning) His eyebrow ahh Dude you've got it all over your face (muffled voice) You what? Yeah, that's a good idea to use one of the arms – Before Mario, time to eat Chewbacca Why did you put so many sprinkles on here? – That was the whole idea man

– Alright you ready? Three, two, one! – Oh! (moaning) Oh my goodness, it's so good It has like whole another crunchy flavor to it (moaning) – Great job man – You did a great job too (muffled voices) Really fluffy – Now the final one, Mario – Awe Dude! – So Devan, I'm just gonna eat yours

I'm gonna take the bottom half, you take the top – Click right over here right after this to see another video, but let's take a bite out of this You ready Devan? – Yep, I'm ready Alright, here we go Three, two, one! Oh bro! You take a bite out of the other side and I take one out of this side

(moaning) (muffled voices) Five, four, three, two, one, done Next time Bye! (Beep) Dude, you're in my space, Devan – I'm sorry – Mario's been hitting up the barber shop – Barber shop

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