Actually, I want to try something with your uhh, can I try something with your h hairbands yeah sure alright cool that's a huge hairband what the heck okay, it's all good does any of you like have a bill or something? just like one dollar bill erm

no aha awesome cool! ok, let's check out ok we got a bill and here we go we got the paperclip of doom so here it is, hold on to this two for me and what I'm going to do is I'm gonna use these two hairbands and uhh, you gonna see what's called like the linking metal rings right? yeah yeah they 'ting' then they link together yeah this is kinda of like the budget version of that but the goal is still the same right? its still tryna get uhh the two bands to link together and so basically how it works here we go, we're just going to take it, and right here in the middle just watch we go one, we go two, right there three, the two bands actually linked together ha ha ha watch it they really linked, see right here oh yeah yeah alright here we go and check this out i want you to do is to pinch on the hairbands, and they kinda of just drop back and fourth yeah it's like that, yeah ok let's go right there Ha Ha ha alright here we are going to try something else we'll use the bill, this time so what i want you to do is erm you got it right there we're gonna use these two hairbands to create basically like a metaphor ladder almost you have the top of the ladder second step, third step, then you got the bottom of the ladder so take the bill unfold it once for us, yeah yeah just like that take it over here and the paperclip the ends together ok there's no way to get the bill off haha haha it dosen't like me ok there you go awesome just like that perfect so the bills they are on the top now the goal is to get the bill to actually melt down to the second step so check this out watch go one, two, here we go watch OH!!!! HAHA watch, i will do it again, one, two, watch three OH! haha what i want you to do is here for thr last one, can you block the bill? this way here I want to show you See the bill is clearly on there keep holding and watch me one, two OH hahahaha! it's like that all the way down to the bottom, you can take off the paperclip it's still on there everything right? yeah, then take out the bill and just here are your hairbands yeah thanks, i will take the paperclip keep the money thank you yeah hahaha so i run and say ha! I got your bill!

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