What's up you guys? You wanna see some magic? Yeah! Alright, cool Check it out

So, here, what you're gonna do is pull out or actually, have you ever seen a card scam before? No No

Ok I'm gonna do — okay Ok, I'm gonna do your first card scam no money involved but check it out This is how this works, This is all memory, so go like this with your fingers We have the ace of spades and this will be your card okay, so just hold onto that right there and then my card will be the ace of clubs so a little bit lower And how this works, alright I'm gonna switch these cards out You won't even feel this happen Alright, this happens crazy fast, you ready? There's one rule about this, this is all memory Let go! 🙂 All memory, it's all good! You've got the ace of spades, I've got the ace of clubs You cannot turn the cards over

This is all memory, watch Are you holding? A little bit looser Ok

Right there, watch Go one, two Now, did you even feel that happen? No, No okay That- That's how fast it literally happens See, I got the ace of clubs And I'll just turn it over, watch you've got the ace of spades

And I'll teach you how this works, okay In case this ever happens to you, I'll teach you how to defend against it Basically, what- What the scam artist does, I'll take the ace of clubs and basically what I'm doing is I'm pushing this card in and then pulling and then pulling this card out And that right there, that's the move, this I think I've been doing this for about two years now It's every day of my life, practically I have no life is what I do

So, what we're going to do is, this time memory only I've got the spades, you've got the clubs Memory only, you guys can help her out Spades, clubs Watch

One, two, three, four Four switches Memory only Don't turn 'em over Which one's on top? The clubs or the spades? You can help her out

Uh, clubs Clubs on top The clubs on top, Spades on bottom Turn 'em over WHAT?! Oh my God! How is that possible?

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