Celebrities FREAK OUT over Magic | Collins Key (REACTION)

(screaming) (laughing) (screaming) – Oh my god! – What's up? It's Collins Key and today I'm here for day 2 at the ACM Party for a Cause Festival The stage is happening right over there, but today I'm in the creators studio powered by Cracker Barrel doing even more magic for more celebrities

Also want to let you guys know that I'm doing a huge giveaway right now here on my channel giving away a Macbook, GoPro, Instax camera If you guys want to enter into that let me know by liking this video Also comment down below, what is your favorite video I've ever posted and, of course, you must be subscribed to this channel Right now guys, let's get started First of all, do you guys believe that we're all connected? – Yes – Sure – Do you believe that like, we're all connected? – Yeah, 100%

– Yeah, for sure – On some level as human beings – For sure, yeah, no doubt – (Collins) Hold out your hand like this for me I want to try something with you right now to kind of, like, test this

So what I want you to do is hold out your hands like this for me You get to just pick one of his hands Point to one of his hands right now That hand, alright great So we'll use that hand you can drop that one

Okay, I'm going to use a Sharpie, I'm going to draw a little "x" on myself right now – Okay – You can just make, like a loose, go like this Yeah there you go, okay Yeah? Get a shot of that Alright, here we go, here's what's going to happen

– What's going to happen? – Take this "x" right here, I don't know if this is going to work or not, but watch You have the "x" right here and if I just (suspenseful music) Pinch it

– No You're lying – I'm just going to try to pinch the "x" Grab it right off and look at this That's where the connection comes in

I'm not going to touch you, but watch One, two, like that – Oh man, do I flip it over? – (Collins) Turn over your hand (laughing) (inaudible) – What is happening? – Is it in here? – (Collins) Turn over your hand (screaming) – No! Oh my gosh! No, no, no

My gosh, what? – I'm not going to touch you, I want you to turn over your hand – No, I'm not doing it If there's an "x" on my hand I'm walking away – (Collins) Turn over your hand – I'm scared

(groans) What is wrong with you? What in the world is happening? (screaming) – Oh my god! – (Collins) Now – Oh my god! That's crazy! (laughing) (inaudible) – I'm not going to touch you, I want you to turn over your hand (screaming) – What on earth? How did you do that? How did you freaking do that, like I'm serious – (Collins) It's crazy, right? – What the (bleep)? How? What? – How did that just happen? – He didn't do anything with my hand, that's the things, it's like what happened?

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