– What's up, it's Collins Key and welcome to my new video Now, for today's video I've got some special guests who are going to be joining me

First of all, everyone please welcome the beautiful Merrell Twins Hey! (clapping) Hello, say hello And actually, you know what, instead of just having the Merrell Twins, I've got one more special guest I thought he jumped out already Everyone please welcome my little brother, Devan Key

– [All] Yay! – What's up? – How are you? We've got the whole squad assembled and today we're going head to head challenging each other right now It's going to be the Key Bros versus– – [Both] The Merrell Twins – [All] Yay! – We are going to be doing the candy cane taste-testing challenge; so basically we had a third party, my dad, go out to the store and buy a whole bunch of different flavored candy canes We don't know what flavors these candy canes are One person on each team is going to be blindfolded, the other person is going to feed them the candy cane and that person has to guess what flavor it is

Whichever team guesses, I like your interpretation– – We were demonstrating what you were saying – I like it; so whichever team guesses correctly first, that team wins that round Whichever team wins the majority of the rounds, they win the overall challenge And the prize is a giant Pez Santa Claus What? – It's a musical– – Musical? – [All] Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

– All right, okay – Is there a sample? – No sample The winner gets to discover the wonders of the musical dispenser Also they win this legit lightsaber right here I don't want to do just an ordinary candy cane taste testing thing, I gotta take it up a notch

We're combining the candy cane taste testing with the Bean Boozled challenge How the Bean Boozled challenge ties into all this is that whichever team guesses incorrectly, they both have to eat, I'm pointing at you guys, they both have to eat one of the Bean Boozled beans – You're either gonna get a good flavor or a bad flavor – That's really going to mess with your tastebuds for the rest of the challenge, so that's basically how it works Also, I'm doing a giveaway on my channel right now where I'm giving away iPads, GoPros, free merch, so if you guys want to enter that, all you gotta do is be subscribed to my channel, comment down below All the rules for the different giveaways, I'm doing giveaways on Instagram, on Twitter, link to that video

You guys can enter, sure The link to that stuff is down in the description and down below so check it out Without further ado, what do you guys say we jump in to the Candy Cane, Bean Boozled challenge? – Yeah, sure, let's do it – Yeah! Ladies, you get to decide first: which one do you want to do? – This one – No

(laughs) – We wanna do this one – Let's do one over here – Okay which one do you wanna do? – This one – No – Take a look at the flavor

– Wait, hold on – You don't taste it – Open up your mouth; three, two, one, go – Bubble gum? – No – Are you gonna guess at all? Smell it, what does it smell like? – It's gotta be bubble gum, there's no other way

– It's not bubble gum! – Pizza? – What does it smell like? – Dude, smell it – A peach, a plum, a strawberry? – Banana – Nooooo! First of all before you put it on, we've gotta do our Bean Boozled thing – I'm not ready for this – I'm not either I'm doing two

– Noooo! – Mine tastes really good, like toothpaste – It's not toothpaste, it's earwax – Why'd you do two? – I felt dangerous – I went with one and I made the right decision – I'm a little bit nervous

– I'm nervous too Three, two, one – Chocolate

– Caramel – Licorice – Wooooo! – Noooooo, what, already? – Man! – Yeah! – I love that one I'll take the green one, which I think is booger – Booger is disgusting

– I already know it's gonna be bad – I can't tell – It's gross, I can smell it (laughter) – I swallowed mine whole – It smells like jalapeno

– Note to anyone out there, this is not a good food for a date at all I'm gonna go for this one here No pressure but we are doing terrible right now – Three, two, one, go – Strawberry, cranberry

– Grape? – Yeah, she said grape! – What is it? – Grape! – Are you for real? Did I really get it? Grape is one of my favorite flavors – No! – All right – Do not eat two, do not eat two – I'm going for two (horn blaring) – My throat is not allowing me to swallow

– Plug your nose and swallow – They both plugged their nose (retching cough) – I think our lucky streak might end Oh, Devan, you're screwed bro – One, two, three, go

– Good luck bro – Licorice, twizzler – You can't just stuff it in my mouth – That's what you did to me (laughter) – Is it raisins? – The first part of the word is "butter

" – Buttermilk? – Oh! Root, or butter beer? – What? That's Harry Potter, bro! – Butter pret (choking laugh) – Like hop – No! – Dude, get it! – Butter bunny? – Hop – Hop

– Hop – To? Butter to? – Like when your jumping, you're playing hop – Scotch! Butterscotch! – Oh my God! Noooooooo! Noooooooooo! – He's crying – I'm not crying

whoah! – To make things fair, we'll take one – Really? – Yeah – They are the real MVP

Open it up first – I got toothpaste – That's the best one! – Collins, take my advice do the grass – Alright, I'm going for grass You got another blue one? – But there's three

– I'm taking grass, I'm going easy on myself – I can't do it, I can't do it This is vomit! – You would get vomit on your first try – It's stuck in my teeth I'm okay

Put the next flavor in my mouth – Three, two, one go! – Go go go go go! – It hurts right? – Fruit rollup fruit? – No, It is an actual fruit I think – Is it? – Kumquat! – Kumquat? – But it has the word fruit in it? – I think it is a fruit – Dragon fruit? – No – The word is hard! – Broccoli fruit? – Cactus fruit, pear fruit, avacado fruit? Because avacado is a fruit

– There's not an actual fruit in the name of it – No, that's a bad hint This word, it's a feeling – Happy fruit, sad fruit, angry fruit! Terrible fruit, horrible fruit, depressed fruit! – Tropical fruit! – Romantic fruit! – It's along that line! – Love heart! – Love fruit! – Come on, come on, come on! – Romantic fruit, date fruit, date fruit! – No, no, no, no, no! – Romantic wedding fruit! – No – Meant to be fruit? The one and only fruit? Wedding ring fruit? – Have you actually heard it said before? – The first letter of the first word is "P" – Pear fruit! Pineapple Fruit! – It's not another frickin' fruit! – Perfect fruit – Come on, close – Passionate? Passion fruit! Yeah! Wooo, yeah! Sorry, I think we just got too lit – Here you guys go, have fun – Oh, I got peach – Yay

– I got frickin dog food – She's like: it's a feeling I was like: annoyed fruit; she's like "that's how I feel" – First point for the – For the Key bros Okay – [Together] Yaaaaaa! – Here we go: three, two, one go – Pear – No

– Give it back to me – Um – Oh, I got this! Nope

– Pear? – No – I thought you got it – Pineapple – Yep – Is it? – Yep, it's pineapple

– Doesn't taste like pineapple! – Yeah it does! – We're back to the beans – Oh man, that didn't work – Ha! – We can cut that out, right? (beep) – Oh, God – What'd you get? – Booger or somethin – Toss it

– Ew, boogers (retches) – No – You got skunk? (coughs) – Oh! – Sorry, you got a breath full? – You coughed right in my face – My breath is horrible right now – Hey now! Three, two, one! – Blueberry! – No

– Toothpaste! – No – I know it but I don't – Yeah bro, you know it, come on – Oh, root beer – Oh my! – Root beer float

– I'm not gonna take off my blindfold right now cause I'm actually crying Oh God – No! No, no, no, no! – Yep, yep, yep, yep! – I'm not taking that one, I'm not doing it – You are taking this one! – We got either popcorn or rotten egg – I am not doing that

– I am not doing skunk It is either vomit – Mine's either earwax or (retches) – I can't tell if I got peach or vomit – I got a good one! – I got vomit, for sure

– I'm good (mumbling) – They know what color – I know what it is – We'll change – You guys kept it the same You kept it the same

– You guys are good – They kept it the same again! – Dude, you know me so well! – I didn't see the flavor – Go – Blueberry! – No – Green apple? – Blackberry – Raspberry

– Yeah, yeah! – Oh yes! (cheering) – Wow, dude Calm down there – One, two, I don't even want to know what I can smell it from my breath and it smells like stinky socks – You swallow it? – Uh huh

– Wow – High five – We need a palate cleanser, that's what we need – Three, two, one – Come on bro

– Blueberry? – Raspberry? – Oh! Cotton candy! – Yes! – The tables have drastically turned as the challenge has progressed – I want the brown one! (arguing) – The other one's either peach or something else – The brown one's canned dog food – Chocolate pudding! That's what I got – I got barf again

– You okay? – I'm just perfectly fine – If you do not get this one, you are not my brother Devan – Okay, ready? One, two, three, go – Cinnamon Cinnamon is my absolute favorite thing ever

– And mine too! – It tastes exactly like cinnamon too Accurate, taste-wise – Not quite – Cinnamon is more spicy – Rotten egg, or buttered popcorn

– These are so gross – Buttered popcorn! (cheering) – High five Veronica – What just happened? Oh my gosh! Three, two, one – Lime – No

It's something that comes out of, wait hold on – Whoah! – Beans, beans the magical fruit – The more you eat – Tutti Frutti! – Yeah! – Come on, let's do this! – We had to give them a big hint, so should we? – No, I got, no! – Canned dog food – I got grass, which I'm okay with

– No, mine's probably earwax – No, it's rotten egg (retches) – Rotten egg or buttered popcorn – I got dog food again – I gleeked

– You gleeked? What is that? Let me swallow first Surprised myself with it – You know when you open your mouth and spit comes out uncontrollably? – Yeah – That's what gleeking is – Really? I knew there was a term for it

– One, two, three – Blueberry – Green apple? – Close – Apple Cinnamon? – Listen to what they're doing – Apple

– Apple pie – Apple tart – Sour apple! – Yes! – Green sour apple! – What is it? – Sour apple – I've never heard of a sour apple – Oh no! – I got chocolate pudding just now

– Canned dog food I can taste it – This is so delicious – It's chocolate pudding – Gotcha

– This is the final round, a free for all for bonus points Three, two, one, go! – Strawberry? – Orange! – Yeah! – We didn't even get it in our mouth What are you doing? – I can't find it – They won – Oh man

Orange is really good – Let me break off a bit at the end Are we doing this? (slow jam) – Lady and the Tramp – If you guys enjoyed this video, give it a big thumbs up for encouragement and comment down below and let us know what is your favorite holiday thing to eat? Make sure you guys subscribe to my channel, there's a massive giveaway and you got to be entered to win the iPad (retches) The iPad mini, or a GoPro, or free merchandise

Be sure to check out the video on all the rules so you guys can win all that stuff See the video on Merrell Twins channel – You guys should go check that out – Ugly Christmas sweater – Trash can, trash can! (spitting) Be sure you subscribe to the Merrell Twins because they're awesome

Of course, the rightful winners of the Pez Santa (cheering) And the lightsaber (Santa Pez playing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town") – [All] Santa Claus is coming to town

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