– Yeah, yeah (crowd talking) So now it's impossible to duplicate this card

So check this out right here Take your eight Put it like halfway in the middle right here

This is where it gets crazy Watch this card right here It'll find your card that's in a card watch One, two, melts all the way off the top right And it goes all the way through the deck

And look at this find your card and you signed the front of it So watch if you go through, one card has a bite out of it Do you see that? – Who did it? – Right – That's the card I thought – You picked the card you signed it right? Okay

– What? – And that's not even the best part, look at this What happens when you eat something, where does it go? – Stomach – Stomach right? Well this is a cannibal card so watch this This right here, watch – Oh

– It's inside of this card – No it's not – Look at this – Okay, I don't like this now I'm afraid

– Pull it out, pull it out pull it out take it all the way out It's really in there, yeah take it all the way out Here's a little bit more here Make sure it fits that card exactly

– I have to go – I don't like this, I don't like this – Crazy, right? (techno music)

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