Best DIY Prank Wins $10,000 Plus How To Do Funny Magic Tricks & Slime vs Food Challenge

– I've got 5000 – I've got 5000

– And whoever makes the best DIY prank wins $10,000, right now, let's go! New challenge you have to try the exploding milk jug prank Boom alright, milk carton's emptied out, that's step number one Next step, got the balloon here so here we go (blowing air) – This is gonna be really messy bro Is that gonna fit in your bottle dude? – Alright for this prank gonna add some color in here, so it's gonna add some little drops, here we go

Dude, it's working! Wait, what are you doing? – I'm filling it up – Next step, we got the shaving cream – Do you hear that? – What is going on? Oh, snap – Whoa – Dude, it's gonna get all tie dyed on the inside

– Dude, that looks awesome – Oh my gosh bro, yours is just like a sack of orange juice – It's a winning sack of orange juice Now, I have to just twist it up, and then I have to tie it off I'm gonna win this challenge

– I don't think so – Next step, I'm cutting open the bottom of my carton I'm gonna use these – Oh my god I'm gonna blow! – What? – Dude, this is so full it's literally about to pop It looks so wild

– That looks so cool – And dude look around bottom bro Gotta let a little bit of air go This is going well, this is going well, uh-oh (screaming) Whoa I added a lot in here – Wow

– Hold up, if you thought you had a cool water balloon bro you have nothing compared to this thing, dude This is awesome! Alright next I'm gonna twist mine off like this Here we go, seal it, and now we've got to mix up all the shaving cream and all the colors So here we go, it's really gonna mix it around like this, oh man! – This is much harder to cut then you'd think – Dude, it's super bouncy too, this is awesome! (yelling) – And done, alright! – You're already done? – Yep I'm done, the bottom is out, and what's your next step? – Oh no, dude I wrecked the side

(blowing air) – Yo, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey – It worked, got the bottom off, and now I gotta fit this ballon inside this milk carton, so – Good luck I got my next step is to put this balloon– – I gotta squeeze it like this a little bit – in here

– Here we go, like this, a little bit of a squeeze I think, I gotta empty this out a little bit So here we go, just going to be very careful here – It's going in, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay Now, I'm gonna try and turn it around

– Wait how's it going to work it's supposed to be on the other side? – My hand is very squished right now – I think it's– (balloon pops) (both scream) – Oh man – What just happened? All the shaving cream like stayed in the exact same shape even though there's no balloon around it, what? Wait this means I have to start over, which actually is kind of perfect, because I think there's a better way of fitting the balloon inside the top of it Then get a balloon gonna put the balloon inside like this – I think I got it

– You got it? – Yeah! (triumphant music) – That is such a struggle – I got it! (laughs) – Wait, that looks so weird – Okay, wait a second – Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh It's not going in my balloon

Is it filling up the balloon on the inside? – Wait dude what are you doing? – I can't tell it's just all popping out – No it's not, at all, not at all (yelling) (tense music) – Well I dunno what to do– – Why are you bringing it towards me? – What do I do, what do I do, what do I do? – No dude, dude, what are you doing? (both screaming) – Maybe if I let the top go, hopefully there is enough in there, so here we go (both yell) – Aye ya yay – I'm sorry man

(yells) (laughs) – I'm gonna grab out the little belly button of the balloon, is that what it's called, the belly button of the balloon? I get it across the top of the bottle Yep, yep, there we go, there we go, perfect! I see what you mean, it's really hard to screw this thing on man Boom alright top is on – Now, it's time to– (splash) Oh! – Oh man! – And done – And now the moment someone opens this, it's going to burst out and go everywhere! So you get to comment down below, whose do you think is gonna work better? We'll be testing these at the end to find out who's gonna win the $10,000

You challenged us to do a coffee slime prank, so let's go – First up, I'm adding in some coffee – And I'm gonna make a fluffy slime, to kick it off So here we go, gonna add in a whole bunch of glue – Next up for the fluffy slime, we got a new ingredient, we got some soap

– So, we're just going to shoot some soap in here like this Soap is kind of fluffy, right? You get all the suds and everything, so – Yep, yep, yep, I'm adding in the activator – We've never actually mixed coffee and slime together, so how does it feel? – Just like water and slime actually – Alright next up we're just gonna add some food coloring in and this is always the most pretty part of it man

'Cause it looks so cool, when stuff adds in – Oh, yeah – Mine looks like an art challenge, and time to mix it all up so here we go We're going to go in here like this and just whoa, dude this is going to be the craziest fluffy slime I've ever made man Look at all the tie dye right now bro, this is super cool! You should just put that in your cup and start getting your drink ready

– Alright – So I guess we go in with the hands, and this is probably gonna go everywhere let's see – Oh man! – Oh that's so satisfying! – Yep, yep, yep – It's like a clean sheet bro, okay – Pat on the back

– I would pat you on the back right now, but – No please don't – I definitely thought with all the colors I added, it would turn out a lot prettier, but right now, it's definitely looking like a sludge – What kind of coffee is that? – It's a Dumbo coffee, it looks like Dumbo Like a little trunk, it's like (mimics elephant trumpeting) – Whoa, dude, dude, dude! I'm making slime over here

– It looks like an elephant – But It looks like an elephant – I know I get it – Hold it up there – It's stuck, it's stuck

– Okay here you go, are you ready? I'm just gonna drip it in – Yep, yep, yep, sorry! – Devan, dude, it's coming down, bro, I need you to get it It's just stuck There we go, okay, there we go! – There ya go – Food coloring time, we're going to add a little bit of blue

Next up, I'm gonna add some yellow – First layer of slime is done You know what, this actually looks kinda like a blueberry drink So this is not as bad as I thought it was For my coffee slime, I'm not gonna use the actual coffee

I've got a different idea, I've got some coffee beans here – I would not advise this Collins – Why not? – You know what man, you do you – I absolutely will, oh this is perfect You know what, first I should add the glue in

So here we go, we got some clear glue Flowing just like that, nice Alright, there we go perfect And next up we're gonna use the coffee grinder See Devan didn't do this, 'cause he doesn't have authentic coffee slime, whereas I do, right now, so here we go

– Mine was literally right from Starbucks bro – Alright I'm gonna add in the coffee so here we go Gonna do a high pour you know very fancy like No, that, that's enough, that was not high enough Coffee's in now it's time to mix it up, so here we go, gonna go in with the hands, oh boy! – This looks like some cheese

– Why are you gonna put cheese in your coffee? Is this like a Not Yo Cheese coffee? Alright next I'm gonna add in the activator right now Yo the coffee beans were definitely the move This looks so cool, there is no way you can win, bro This is winning slime material right here You've got to admit it, Devan

– Dude look at mine – Alright, this slime is done So now I've gotta get my cup, three, two, one, pick up the cup, down, and oh boy Uh-oh, this is not working well, this is not working well Here we go, just gonna go in like this

– Oh geez – Get all the top of the hands, and get it popped in there like that It's usually not on the outside of the cup That would usually get a poor customer review, but this is a different process here And for right now that should work and I'm onto my final slime

– I'm adding my second slime into the pancake art bottle – Wait that means you gonna be doing coffee art So now we're just gonna add in all the food coloring right here like this, and now we're going to mix it up So we're gonna use this here and just mix it all up Oh bro, it looks like a sunset

This is like the most pretty sunset of all time – Whoa this is some thick stuff, dude – Wait why are you decorating the inside of it? I'm really concerned, this might not be coming together at all and I'm concerned it could be the coconut milk I thought it was a stroke of genius, it might be a stroke of bad luck – And done

– You made all that slime, just for that little bit right there? – Yes I did, that's how you clench the win bro – Well, right now, I'm clenching the L, bro this looks more like a whole bunch of cobwebs, than it does an actual slime – Wow – Alright this slime is all fixed up and now I've got one last thing I wanna do, which is mix up these two slimes together

Three, two, one, oh man – Oh wait why are you mixing those? – Woah that looks super crazy man Oh boy, I wanna mix the blue slime and the other slime, and just do it mid air like this It's just a one little mix like this, here we go Boom, and then just swirl it on the top just like this

Alright time to add in the final slimes, and this is really where the artist gets to come out, and make this thing look beautiful Here's the big reveal Ready, Set, Go! – Ready, Set, Go! (triumphant music) Ta-da! – Ta-da! – Dude – Whoa bro, that looks so good – Whoa yours looks great too dude

– Thank you, man, but now I understand what you were talking about with the topping, using it as art on the inside You get to vote down below, who recreated the drink better? We'll be testing them at the end to find out who's gonna win the $10,000 You challenged us to do the edible iPhone prank, so let's go First step, we're gonna be adding some honey, and the next step we're gonna be adding a whole bunch of peanut butter here, so here we go Big ol' scoop of peanut butter

– Wow, dude that's a lot of everything I only think we need a quarter of a cup – That's 'cause you're making a regular iPhone, Devan I'm making the iPhone plus, plus, plus, plus, plus MAX It's bigger than a desktop computer

– Bigger than a desktop, smaller than a rug – Next up, we've gotta mix up some peanut butter and honey And I could do this with a normal spatula, but it's peanut butter and honey, I wanna use my hands, so here we go, oh man! This feels so wild! – Wow – I finally got my quarter cup mixed – Why would you use your hands? – Yeah 'cause I gotta go man

(laughs) It's not a good reason, but it's true I think this all just turned into like a super creamy peanut butter, man (air bubbles releasing) It's the honey, not me, just relax okay – Next up we go on a date I mean we grab some dates

– (laughs) I was like, what? – (laughs) And we get some almonds – Well I guess that you're all now going on a date with Devan So, you're probably going to do a pancake art challenge, 'cause that's all Devan does in his free time – What, that is so not true! – This has gotta be the creamiest peanut butter I've ever seen so now we're moving on to the next step We gotta squeeze this out, oh, dripping down the side

Devan, you want to lick it off? – What, no I don't – Alright, we got my dates just gonna put them here – Oh hey, we're going on a date with Collins, now – Yeet, the best way to start off a first date is to yeet You gotta get a couple of yeets, then go at a yeet, a fleet, a deet and a seet

(glass shatters) (laughs) – Next up I have to mash up my almonds – Wait usually I would be doing this, what, it looks like roles have been reversed here today Bro we haven't even gotten to the mess yet – Ah, ah, ah, ah! – Bro who are you right now? – Next up I add the oats – And do not try this at home, but I'm just gonna dice up my almonds just like this

Roles are kinda being reversed right now, because usually you would be the one using this, and doing it in a very civilized way but I think I'm actually getting some great chunks of– – Yep but not today! (pounding) – Oh my gosh, time to add the peanut butter and honey to this, and this is where it really turns into the treat So, oh man now I'm just gonna mix all these things up together, oh boy – This was all fun and games, now it's time to focus – What do you mean wait, wait, focus? What you weren't focused? – Like the samurai, calm and focus – And on my side of the table man

You're taking up a lot of space right now Devan, your elbow – It's all part of the focus – You're gonna get your elbow in my peanut butter, bro My peanut butter's coming real close to your elbow – I can barely hear you! Now it's time to roll it out

– Wait, I am so confused, I'm on like a completely different step Next up, I need to change the color of my mixture here, so we're gonna add some of this in here This is activated charcoal So now we gotta mix these up into it, so here we go Oh man, it's really starting to work bro

They're kinda like busting open in weird ways, here we go – Yeah, they totally are – It's all about the wrist strength, man – You would be so good at the Hedgehog Game bro – Oh man, like Whack-a-mole

In hindsight I really should've broken open these capsules individually 'cause right now I think there's just a whole bunch of whole ones in here, just waiting to burst at any second – A whole bunch of whole Now it's time to add my peanut butter and honey Like that, yeah – Dude you're splashing me with your peanut butter, bro

I gotta say now that the color's changing it no longer looks as appetizing I've never eaten a charcoal energy bar before, so this is gonna be a first experience, you know – This got really hard, really fast, dude – I've made so much there's no way this is gonna be an iPhone, so I'm doing an iPad (triumphant music) So here we go, I'm gonna throw it in my mold right now

So here we go just gonna lift up a big chunk of it, and then just gonna put it in here on the inside – You know what, I'm gonna actually add some more honey to try to help it out – Oh can you add some to mine please? That would be really helpful actually – Yeah sure – You're welcome

– Thank you, see even when having a competition over $10 000, we still help each other out That's enough Devan – Yup, ah-hm – That's enough, dude – What? – That's more than enough

– Okay – Alright here we go, just gonna use the edge here really cleverly – Collins you're dripping some honey – Don't judge my process, it's mine I gotta say man this is actually gonna be filling up the mold perfectly

– It's good and mixed, and now it's time to roll it out on a pan – We gotta test to make sure that the top of mine will close so here we go, just gonna see if goes Three, two, one, ah perfect You know when you show up to school, and you gotta give a little presentation you go, yep it's right here on my iPad Is yours almost done? – Yep it's almost done

– Right next up, we gotta pop these things in the fridge, and let 'em freeze up a little bit Alright we got them out of the refrigerator, and now it's time to paint up our devices First just gotta undo mine a little bit Hold on it's just a little stuck currently, sorry I can't even get it apart right now

(Groans) Oh! (banging) – Collins, did you just lose this? – Nope – I'm gonna use my phone as a guide actually – Alright just gonna keep pressing this down here Next thing we're making some cashew butter, so here we go Now it's time to color these in, so here we go

Gonna dump this into my piping bag, oh! – What, piping bag? – Oh my gosh, that was not at all how that was supposed to go man – Alright I've laid down the foundation, now it's time to spread it out I'm hoping I don't get any hairs in mine – Why? – 'Cause I'm using a brush – Yo yours looks just like an iPhone, and absolutely delicious

Here we go the big reveal – Three, two, one – We've got a 5 second subscribe challenge, we wanna see if you can the subscribe to the channel, and turn on the channel and post notifications in 5 seconds You ready? Here we go Five

– Five – Four – Four – Three – Three

– Two – Two – One – One – Done

– Done – If you can do a comment down below, Keyper Squad, right now Ready, Set, Go! – Ready, Set, Go! – Oh! – Oh! – Dude it turned out so good! – Yep that looks great, Collins – Thank you Devan You challenged us to make the Jelly Egg Prank, so let's go

It's very important you wanna poke one hole in the top and a bigger hole in the bottom Once the holes are poked, there's basically a magic trick you can do with the egg, you can empty it super fast just like this Check it out, three, two, one (eggs squelching) Whoa man just like that, you can clear out your egg without cracking it open, and this is gonna be very important for the prank I'm surprised you haven't run out of breath yet man, that's crazy

– Lungs of iron (metal clings) – It looks like a little head It's like the egg is now a little person Now for the color of the jelly, I'm going to be using Spirulina I'm gonna put this in my little masher right here

– And I'm gonna use blueberries – Alright so let's, oops that is not the Spirulina – I don't know if this is a good idea dude – You gotta powderizer bro, dude Mine is already starting to come off man, I can– – I'm so nervous

– Alright gonna fill these things up with water, and next up we're gonna be adding in the color Alright that should be about good right there – Oh, oh, oh, it's splashing – Oh my gosh dude, that like worked immediately – Yeah

– Put a little bit in like this, whoa there is like a giant green cloud right now It looks like an evil potion Next up we're gonna add a quarter teaspoon of agar agar So here we go, oh wait that was a lot Well there we go we just gotta kinda do it

– Wait that's not a quarter teaspoon – Once this heats up, we'll be putting this inside the egg, and turning it into a jelly egg Now the best part time to fill up these eggs with this jelly So here we go, gotta suck up this good juice right here – I think I got it

– Alright here we go, let's get a ton of it out Got enough of mine in here perfect Wait what are you doing? – I don't know dude, it's malfunctioning – Alright time to add in the jelly, here we go Three, two, one

– Three, two, one Alright here we go, gonna fill this thing up, just like this, here we go, is yours going in? – Mine's working, dude (splats) – Oh! It just popped open bro – What just happened? What? – Oh no! – You just blasted me in the face The eggs filled up with jelly, and you get to comment down below

Which one do you think is gonna look crazier? We'll be testing these at the end, to find out who's gonna win the $10,000 You challenged us to make a cactus, you can literally eat so right now let's go First up we're gonna be dicing up some cashews and do not try this at home – The goal is you gotta go nice, fine and precise, use one finger as the axis point – Dude this is a game changer, bro

Devan, you're like a chef, man – Yeah like a Masterchef, bro – You should start your own restaurant A pancake art restaurant We've gotta get these things finely diced up, so we're gonna use our food processors here

– Yo dude, it's like a little avalanche Three, two, one – Three, two, one (whirring) – Woah, we should have done this from the beginning man, this way faster than what we were just doing – I think we're done

– Now since this is the base of the cactus, we're gonna be adding some matcha powder here to make it all green – Oh no, it turns green immediately, bro – Next up we're gonna add in some oats and some milk Aim is on point did you see that, bro? – Yeah, it didn't splash or anything – Alright here we go

Next up I'm just gonna get the hands in here – Ugh! – It looks like a chunky green tea milkshake – Ugh! (laughs) To make edible dirt, we've got some bread, and my guy looks like you just woke him up from a nap, he's like, get off my lawn kids Next up we're gonna chop these things up, so here we go That's first up

– Stop with the bread, dude – It's bread on bread, bro – Dude, okay, alright (grunts) Well first step is you gotta get your container here And then thank you Collins, you're filling up my container

– Gotta get all these pieces in crumbs of bread, bro – I will definitely win this, because of all of your help – Within a matter of seconds, I have created the dirt What would have taken you a lifetime Say hello to my little planter

(triumphant music) I'm going to use this thing as my cactus base – You're using the little one? – Nope (buzz) Big planter it is, I'm gonna make a huge cactus – That's what I thought – So first up I'm just gonna pack some bread down in here just like this

Yo wait a minute, yours looks like real dirt, man Like yours actually looks, – Thank you – like what it's supposed to Not that mine looks any different Alright here we go just gonna– Oh no! – What? – I cracked open the side of my planter

Now it's time to shape the cactus – And I'll be using this pretzel as the skeleton – The issue is if you use a pretzel, it's very easy to break that skeleton, so I'm gonna be using this Next up we're just going to cover this thing, and fully mold it in my cactus So here we go there's a little pretzel stuck on the side, we gotta get that outta here, you're weak pretzel

And now it looks more like a Christmas tree Alright, I'm gonna give my little cactus arm over here, so it's like yes, here we go – You know what, I've got a vision for mine – Here I've got an idea, so what we're gonna have to do is we're gonna have to give him a little bit of a belly right now – I feel like I'm making an oven mitt, rather than a cactus

– Alright we're gonna give my dude a little hat right here So he's gonna (laughs) the new evolution of the bucket hat Gonna add a mouth for him so here we go A little mouth right here like this Yours is more like a tombstone than a cactus right

What's going on? – Hold on Collins, what is that? – This is my cactus, his name is Gafoam – You named him, already? – He's like, oh ya boy! (laughs) – Who would mistake that for a cactus? – That is crazy, bro yours looks just like a cactus So here's the big reveal Ready, set, go! – Ready, set, go! – Ta-da – Ta-da! Dude yours looks really good, but mine, it's got personality So you get to comment down below, who do you think won this round? We'll be testing them at the end, to find out who's gonna win the $10,000

You challenged us to make a disgusting pie prank, so let's go – I'm starting off by cooking the ground beef – I'm gonna add the oil in right now – Alright, I'm gonna let this cook and now I'm on to cutting up the onions – Bro I am gonna start crying for real right now, man

This is very, very, very strong in smell – No dude you're crying 'cause you're about to lose this challenge (air horn) – I'm gonna slice up my onion Oh my gosh my nose is burning right now This is the prank right here, the prank is to get you with your nose burning

And do not try this at home How much more do we have to chop these up, dude? I can't tell if it just got into my eyes or if they're just starting to water 'cause of the smell But like that burns – Time to add it in – This is no joke

Oh my gosh, I'm falling apart Oh my gosh, I'm falling apart – And if it weren't bad enough, it's time to grab the garlic now – Bro it burns! (screams) Alright here we go I'm just gonna add these in I can't see anything

(screams) – What? (screams) – Next up we're gotta get the garlic, here we go Just gonna slice like that, here we go Boom like that, I'm like, totally gone right now – You look intense He doesn't do well with tickling and onions

– Yeah tickling, that's even worse How do I break these cloves up? So let's see, if I just pull a clove, there we go – Yep – Do we just put the whole clove in there? I'm gonna try a different way of smashing up my garlic so here we go, just gonna go with a little clove here – Oh, oh, oh, oh you're splashing it everywhere, dude

– This is actually working really well, here we go, this is good enough – Yeah for you – And now it's time to add in the meat Here we go, just gonna get a little chunk right here – Yeah paprika

– Oh that's a big spoonful, here we go, I'm just gonna add that in Wait, you've got paprika? Just gonna add a ton of paprika right now I want this to be completely paprika flavored, that's part of the prank for me Once people are done eating my dish, I want them to be like, paprika! – Alright just a dash of salt next – I'm gonna add a dash of my Morton salt, there we go

The combination of the sodium and paprika's gonna make them go, saltapapika! (laughs) Dude and this is coming together so well, it looks really delicious until you remember it's got a ton of salt and paprika in it Next up it's time to make the strawberry topping so we're gonna add some beet into some potatoes and mash these things up Gonna add in the potato and the beet and see if it mixes at the same time, you ready? Three, two, one – Two, one – Oh dude

– Did it work? – Yeah – Yeah It's crazy how quick the beet changes the color of these potatoes, man The only thing that gives this away right now is the smell but other than that, this looks really, really close to a strawberry topping, bro The strawberry topping is done and now we've gotta add in some Worcestershire sauce

If there's one thing I learned about cooking, it's whenever you find a good ingredient, you wanna add as much of it as possible – Words to live by – And now to finish it off, I've gotta add in some breadcrumbs – Alright time to add in my wer-ser-shier sauce Worst, wor-cest-er-shire

– This is looking perfect, man See no measurements, no nothing 'Cause I'm a chef genius, I've got a secret ingredient I'm gonna be adding in right now, Devan Oh no, that's about all of it – Did that work? – This is how you come up with innovation, this is how you create three Michelin Star dishes, right here

Michelin Star people, review this – I'd say that gets a three star – I could not agree more (record scratches) – Yeah, what, no – What was that look? – Definitely a three star

Nothing, nothing – We've gotten back our crust and now it's time to construct the meat pies – I dunno whose looks worse, dude (laughs) – I think yours does – Mine's got a very distinctive look to it, if you know what I mean

Now it's time to add the topping and finish this thing off Yo these are a perfect replica of pies so right now, the big reveal, so here we go Three, two, oh, yeah, – Three, two, oh wait – Oh yeah, if you wanna win a 15 minute video call with Devan and I, text the word, PRANK to 81800 right now So pause the video, text the word, PRANK to 81800, you'll automatically be entered in to win And let's see how this looks

Ready, set, go – Ready, set, go – Ta-da! – Ta-da! – Dude that looks absolutely perfect You get to vote and comment down below, who recreated this dish better? We've got the pranks, we've got the $10,000, – What? – and now it's time to test all these pranks to find out who's gonna win all of that money And this is the one I'm most excited for, 'cause we're gonna be seeing which one makes a bigger mess

And the thing about this prank is, think about it, you go in and grab some orange juice, you open it up, you expect to fill up a glass of orange juice but instead it's like a magic trick It just like bursts out, starts levitating in the air – Yep, alright here we go Three, two, one – Three, two, one

(shouts) What? – I've gotta say, from a mess perspective, that definitely checks the box, man – (claps) Beat that, bro Three, two, one – Three, two, one (shouts) Dude

– What? (shouts) – Man, it's like a weird snake just popping out – I dunno dude, I think I won – Yeah, you definitely won on that one – Time to test the edible Apple products right now – Oh hey, hey, can you hold on one second, – What? – I'm on the phone

Alright, sorry, what were you saying? – Yeah but that's just you got your edible iPhone, dude – What, really, you could tell? – So off the bat, I think mine looks pretty saucy, man – I mean, mine though I think it looks pretty close I mean, it's got the home button, the camera, everything, dude

– So now to find out how they taste, this is really what it comes down to right now – Yeah so we gotta switch Oh, yours is really gooey Three, two, one Woah

– It taste really good, right, right, right? – And these almonds are so hard – Well I can't control the density of almonds Three, two, one – Two, one How is it? – I'm mad

– Why, yes? – 'Cause it tastes really good – Yes! – I'm not even mad, bro you totally won – Well thank you – We've got the coffee slime prank – And this will be judged only on one thing

– How cool your yellow slime looks – Yeah, what? – I gotta mix mine up, though you know, to make it look all good And the second part of the criteria is who has better mixed slime? – What? – Dude, all the coffee just came right out What happened when you mixed that into coffee slime? – Whoa! It's like water – Turned to water

I think it's gonna ruin my other one – Even when it's mixed up, yours looks way cooler than mine Well, I guess you won Time to test the jelly egg prank and on this one, we'll be judging three things How does it look on the outside? How does it look on the inside? And how does it taste? First of all Devan, I think mine looks pretty amazing

Wait a minute, what was that? – Oh nothing – No turn your egg over, bro – There's nothing on it – Turn your egg – Fine, fine, I know

– Oh, snap Three, two, one – Three, two, one Oh, I think I need to crack mine – Oh, it's the perfect split, bro

– Dude mine looks like an iceberg, bro – I think– – I think mine won – Yeah yours, – For sure – wins on the inside – The tie breaker is whose tastes better

'Cause imagine someone breaks this open, gets extremely confused but goes you know what, I'm gonna try to taste it You want them to have a little bit of a nice surprise Three, two, one – Two, one Mine doesn't taste like anything

– Ha! – What, mine tastes fine? I think I won that one, dude – Yes! Okay, we're onto the next one – Alright – Time to judge the edible cactus's and we're basing this off of two things How close to a cactus does it look? And number two, how good does it taste? – Which I have to say right off the bat, that doesn't even pass as a cactus from a distance

– I'll give it to you, yours does look– – Thank you, yes – A tiny, tiny bit more like a cactus – What a tiny bit? – How about this I try yours and you try mine? – Alright, I'll take a bite of yours first – Be careful, you knocked his mouth off! – I'll take an arm off – Don't take his– – Why? – Just take a bite of him like a normal person

– I don't care what you say, I'm taking off the arm Three, two, one – What a weird bite – So much matcha That's really pasty, dude

– Here we go, three, two, one – How is it? – Oh, oh – Really good, right? Whoa, wait, what are you doing? That's yours – I need some dirt Whoa

– What? – It's not bad at all – It looks like I won this, dude – You took this round but right now we're onto the next one We've got the meat pie prank and we'll be judging it on two things Number one, how good does it look? And number two, how bad does it taste? Let's cut out a slice of pie

Mine's like rock solid right now, man – It's a testament to the strength of your pie I don't know if I did a good cut, man – At least because it's rock solid it's staying together in one piece very easily (shouts) – What? Oh yeah

– Oh my gosh, dude – That looks so good, bro – Yes – Alright, let's see about mine here Oh! – That totally passes

Alright, so based on looks – It is a tie, you can see one of these – Sure, sure – And know that's a cake Alright Collins, you don't have to work anymore – So as the tie breaker, it all comes down to which one tastes worse

We have to switch pieces – Man, dude – So I mean, this is a great prank You would see this thing as a nice little piece right here and then take a bite of it It's gonna taste very different than what you would expect

So Devan, I'll take my bite first, three, two, one – How is it, is it gross? (mumbling) Dude, does it actually taste good? – At first it is really confusing 'cause you expect it to be sweet and it's like, not at all But then, you actually made a really good tasting meat pie – No! Ready, – I feel so bad for you, man – Set, go

– And all of the salt I put in there, too – Whoa, that's a lot of salt – There's a whole bunch of salt, Worcestershire sauce – I don't taste anything else – There's also a whole bunch of cocoa in it

– Why would you do that? – I'm sorry and also the paprika, you can't forget about the paprika, bro – I think you won this one, dude – Awesome, alright, cool And now we're onto the next one Alright, so the next thing we're going to be doing– – Whoa, whoa, hold on, one second, one second

I'll just do my hair real quick – Who brings a blow dryer to film a video? – This is supposed to be working – I don't know what you're doing with that, that is never gonna work, alright, right now we're on– (whooshing) (hip hop music) – Bro this is a nice blow dryer, I like this thing (coughing) You okay there? – Are you kidding me? Alright, well right now let's find out who won the $10,000 Bro I am definitely getting you back

Whoa, okay, scared me there for a second Now it's time to announce the winner of the $10,000 – Yep – So Devan drumroll please (drumroll) And the winner is

– And the winner is But first – Oh yeah, we just launched our brand new Keyper club and if you become a member, you'll get exclusive access to live streams, merch discount codes, custom emojis, loyalty badges and exclusive content you can't see anywhere else So click the top link in the description to join right now It's only 499 a month and let's see who won the $10,000

You ready? And the winner is – And the winner is Devan, yeah! – Devan, yeah! (clapping) That's right, it's me – Congratulations, bro Nicely done, your pranks were, – Yes – Oh my gosh

– Whoo! – So Devan what are you gonna do with all of this money, bro? – I'm gonna put it right in my retirement account – You know what, I respect that And comment down below what is your favorite food you would love to see us use, – Whoo! – in a prank video Click right over here if you wanna see another video, you've got five seconds, here we go Five

– Five Four – Four Three – Three

Two – Two One – One Done

– Done Love you – Love you Bye – Bye

– One glass of orange juice coming up Just tell me when – Thank you, appreciate it – Here we go – And pause

– No, Devan, Devan, dude – Yep It's a pause challenge, bro – Un-pause me Devan, dude un-pause me – I can't, I'm sorry, and play, alright

– Dude, it's all done, now it's all done

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