– What's up guys, it's Collins Key and welcome to the Thursday vlog We're already laughing and the video hasn't even started yet

Back by ridiculous popular demand, you guys have been asking for me to do another vlag Vlag? What! Asking me to do another vlog, another legendary collab with one of my best friends in the entire world, Madison De La Garza Yay! – Shh, it's okay – Okay – I've been insanely excited, we've been planing this for a long time

I'm sorry I don't show emotion very well – I am beyond excited to be shooting this collab right now For today's video, we are going to be doing the Bean Boozled challenge I'll edit so they're like tam-tam-tam It'll be crazy, all right

(mumbles) How the Bean Boozled challenge works, is basically, there are a ton of different flavored beans and each bean has an identical match One tastes like liquorice, the other one tastes like skunk spray and whoever gets the most amount of nasty-tasting flavors, that person looses and the other person gets to tweet something off of their account And make sure you guys stick around to the end of the video to find out what the embarrassing tweet is, but without further ado, let's just jump right into it Our server is Devon, so Devon please bring– – [Devon] I'm not your server – Yes you are, come on over here

– [Devon] I'm not your server – Our waiter– – [Devon] I chose to be here, people – First flavor we're going for, we're going in hard, this one's either a liquorice flavor or a skunk spray Ladies first, you get to pick out your first flavor of beans and they're all identical, so we don't know Here we go

– My heart is actually pounding right now – Really? – I'm not kidding, I'm really nervous – All right, here we go, three, two, one, go Oh, God, I got skunk spray I'm literally crying right now

It's probably on my breath now too, this is nasty Note to self, if you're ever gonna make out with a girl, never eat this jellybean, or if you want to break up with your girlfriend, eat this jellybean and then you're like, hey, how are you? – Life hacks with Collins – The next one is either going to be chocolate pudding or canned dog food One, two, three, go Again, I got to eat it fast

– You know what, maybe it was canned dog food Or it might even be chocolate pudding I can't even tell, I don't know what's wrong with me – Your nose has no taste at all In music I mean

This is disgusting – The next one is toothpaste or berry blue – I actually kind of want to eat toothpaste – Honestly, we deserve a break right now – Really

These ones look really pretty too, I like these – That's like your eyes – What my eyes taste like? That was weird, all right, go – Toothpaste – They taste really good though

They actually really do – It's like a palate cleanser – Next one is going to be caramel corn or moldy cheese One, two, three, go – Definitely moldy cheese, that's fun

Okay, this is great This is a fun time, yeah – Yo, who makes this, who figured out what moldy cheese tastes like, that's what I'm really concerned about Next one is either bugger or juicy pear I feel like bugger is gonna be ultra-salty

Sorry, too far? – You did not – Go – I can't tell – I can't tell either Either barf or peach

– I know how bad this is, and I'm just waiting for it to happen – Three– – Please don't make me do this Collins – Two, one, go What is this? Oh my God Keep it together, keep it together, stay cool, stay cool

I don't think we did enough flavors just then, I think Devon, you need to come over here, bring the tray with you, we're just gonna start eating them We're just gonna start eating them This is just the crazy bonus round, look at this, look at all those beans Go for it, just start eating beans – No, please

I have a coconut – Yay! Bugger or juicy pear? – That's bugger – Juicy pear – That's a bugger – I'm gonna take a handful right now

– You're not gonna do that – So many Are those like– – Am I the only one eating them? – Stop it, stop it – Either skunk or liquorice Three, two, one, go

– I still have coconut (screaming) – Bro, are you okay? – I need all the blue ones – I need the blue ones – You can't take all the blue ones – We both got skunked, bro

– I literally feel like I'm gonna throw up – I can smell the skunk, too – Oh, my gosh – Oh, it's rancid – I don't taste the skunk, though

– Yeah, I know, we smell it, though, we smell it – Devon! – Dude, you're gonna die – I hate this game – If this video made you laugh or smile, give it a thumbs up, a little bit of encouragement would be nice Comment down bellow, what do you think is the nastiest flavor of jellybeans? Maddie and Devon's social media links are in the description down below, so be sure to follow

Not really sure who won this challenge, I think we both lost equally, so we've each got to have at each other's accounts and here are the tweets I don't know why I laughed Maddie, you get to make me disappear right now, here we go – What, how do I do that? This is a big deal for me, okay? – All right (laughing) – Sorry, that was really stupid

– Oh, my favorite people ever, I hope you guys enjoyed the video, see you guys again soon, bye! Fudge

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