Back To School Magic Trick REVEALED | Collins Key Tutorial

– What's up, it's Collins Key and for today's video I am going to break the magician's code And I'm going to teach you a super easy magic trick that you can do for all of your friends when you go back to school

And basically, you're gonna make your friends think you literally learned to become a wizard over summer break Now, for this, I need a Muggle to join me My non-magical little brother, Devon Key – Hey, what's up – That was quite an entrance there

– Yeah, I was ready for school, you know (laughs) – Is that what you think? That people go back to school like that? – Yeah, just like that – I don't think that's how people go back to school, Devon But for this magic trick, all you're going to need is just paper – And by the way, this is not my backpack, so, yeet

I didn't like that backpack – I guess not So this right here is step number one and this is the super secret setup for the magic So you do not do this in front of people This is the private setup

You take off one piece of paper Here we go, put this over here And now you're going to crumple it up into a little ball And this right here is about to become palmy Take the paper like this, put it in your fingers, boom

That's called palming And if you hold it like this from the front they can't tell that anything is in your hand That's like little crab hands – Yeah, little pincers (laughs) – But secretly, you have this piece palmed in your hand

And that's how you start off Don't let anyone know that this piece is in your hand So here's how you start the trick Come out with your pad of paper Remove one of the pieces of paper

Perfect, we don't need this anymore so, yeet! (laughs) I've never yeeted anything that hard in my entire life, so (laughs) Okay, so what you're gonna do is you're gonna take a piece of paper – Yeah – And you're gonna tear it like this – Okay

– And then tear it again, just tear it as many times as you want And this is what you do in front of your friends And they're all gonna think you're literally just tearing up a piece of paper Now, you're going to take all the pieces – I'm doing bad at this, alright

– And then you're gonna crumple them all up into a little ball The more crumpling you do, the better, yeah You gotta crumple them up just like that – Yeah, okay – Alright, here we go

And you have two pieces here Put them into both hands like this Come on in close for me, come on in close So here's what's going to happen, this is what's on right now You have torn up pieces right here secretly hidden in your hand, boom

Full piece of paper that no one knows about So this right here is what you're gonna do is you're gonna move the pieces around like this, bam It's going to take a little bit of practice, so now you have the torn up pieces right here, full piece of paper here Audience has no idea what's going on Your friends, they're totally clueless to this

So for the next part you're gonna actually take out a magic wand I have a magic marker (laughs) Take the magic marker, wave it over the pieces like this And then you don't need it anymore so yeet! And then (laughs) And then now do whatever your magic gesture is Take those torn up pieces that they think are all torn up You open up those pieces and now it is fused into a full piece of paper – [Both] No way

– You can now hand this piece of paper out for examination I don't know what that was And you are good to go Only issue you have is if they ask to see your hand – Yeah

– Cause if you unwrap your hand they're going to see you have a whole bunch of torn up pieces Unless you're a magician If you're a magician, you just kind of, like this And then check this out Take all those pieces

Open them up – [Both] No way – So this video blew your mind, if you guys want a magic reveal part three let us know by liking this video, comment down below, what is your least favorite subject in school? And of course, please subscribe to my channel, that'd really mean a lot I will see you guys again all very soon Yeet

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