BACK TO SCHOOL Guys Vs. Girls Challenge + Giveaway 2016 | Collins Key & Jessie Paege

– What's up, it's Collins Key, and for today's video, I have something very special planned (Collins whooshing) (Jessie snapping) – Whoa! Yo, guys this is crazy

I've never actually been teleported to someone else's video for a collab, 'cause as you guys can tell, this is not my background, right here – Very Jessie Paege – This is my friend Jessie So, first of all, if you guys haven't already subscribed to her channel, go do that right now We put her links down in the description

And also, we did a video over on her channel We're gonna put the link right over there So, after this video, go check that out But for today's video, since it's that time of year, it's getting close to back to school, we are doing guys versus girls back to school challenge Whoever wins the majority of the rounds, that person wins this challenge

They get to make the loser do something very embarrassing on their SnapChat We're gonna have the video of that at the end of this, so make sure you guys stick around to the very end – Oh, my gosh, really? I'm scared (both laughing) Squad, all right We are going to kill the like button and just, you know

– Yeah, annihilate it The way she said it was so soft and gentle, like, we're gonna kill the like button – Kill it – While I'm like, "Yo, we're gonna go at this like button!" No, yeah But if you guys want us to do a messy challenge video together, let us know by liking this video, and if this video gets enough thumbs up, then we will do a video where we get super, super, have you ever done a messy video before? – No, but I will ruin the pink hair, and that's saying a lot, 'cause this is my everything

– Oh, my god And I also wanted to let you guys know, I'm doin' a giveaway, and we're actually doing a giveaway together, so for my channel, right now, I'm giving away a MacBook So, if you guys wanna win a MacBook, all you have to do is like this video, comment down below what's you favorite video I've ever posted, and you must be subscribed to the channel But to enter the giveaway that we are both doing together, we are giving a way an Instax Mini 8 This is a Polaroid camera

We're giving away this Polaroid camera, and also we're giving away Polaroid film, as well The winner not only will get the camera, the Polaroids, but also some signed Polaroids of just us – Our faces – Chillin', our faces See, if you guys wanna enter into that, all you have to do is just follow us on Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat

Our Snap codes are right over here on the screen I'm gonna put all of our links down in the description below That's all you have to do to enter into this giveaway And now, without any further ado, let's jump in, and this is the boys versus girls back to school challenge I'mma juggle these things to start this off, 'cause we need energy

– Oh, my gosh, you're so good – Let's get this started Round number one, a friend of ours put a whole bunch of random stuff in these backpacks, and hidden amongst them are three things that we have to find Scissors, a pencil sharpener, and a glue stick, and whoever can find all these items first, they win round one Three, two, one, go! I shouldn't a zipped them closed, okay here we go

– Hey, hey, hey! (Jessie clapping and laughing) – What? Yo, I'm not gonna say my friend rigged this or anything, but my friend has rigged this What just happened? – Actually, I have a secret power, no I'm kidding – Hey, I'll take the loss I'll take it, I lose round one, so – Sorry

– Congratulations, you win round one And a fun thing to add is that every round you win, you get to put on one of these apple stickers 'Cause, I guess, you give a teacher apples – If only I was healthy enough to eat one of these (Collins laughing) – So, you get your first official apple sticker

Awe, so cute That is round number one Let me actually find my freaking pencil sharpener now It's got be here somewhere Oh, there we go, at the bottom of all the pen's the sharpener

So, for round, we've made such a mess For round number two, whoever can sharpen their pencil the most in 30 seconds, they win that round, so Set timer for 30– – [Siri] What was that again? – I didn't even start yet Set timer for 30 seconds – [Siri] Okay, your timer is set– – Oh, gee, it's going

(Jessie yells) I need to figure out a system for this – Oh, gees – I feel like I'm breaking mine, okay Whoo Oh, we only have 10 seconds left

This like a wrist workout, man, ow Three, two, one, and stop (Jessie laughing) Okay, what happened? (both laughing) I think it's kinda clear who won this, no there's no technical difficulty – Me, obviously, yeah This is clearly a great, oh gosh, help me

(Jessie laughing) – So now we are tied, and now I get my very own apple sticker, and I'm going for the– – Put it on your cheek – For you I don't know if I can do it Upon further reconsideration, I don't think, it doesn't work for me So, I'm gonna be baller with it

– Wear it like a man – Come at me, bro, come at me For round number three, we have to put as many loose leaf papers in these paper protectors as possible in 45 seconds Whoever can do that wins round three and will take the lead, so here we go Hey, Siri, put 45 seconds on the clock for me, will ya, fam

– [Siri] Okay, I found this on the web for put 45 seconds on the clock for me will ya fam – [Both] Will ya fam – Will ya fam, no – Isn't that – Okay, let me do it again Hey, Siri– – [Siri] Sorry Collins, I didn't get that – Oh, shady Hey, Siri, 45 seconds on the clock

Do it – [Siri] 225 (Collins laughing) – Hey, Siri, 45 second timer – [Siri] Done, I love a good countdown

– All right, let's go, let's go – Oh, my gosh I feel like I'm gonna fail at this miserably – It's stressful to do I'm assuming you don't do a lot of– – In, in! Okay, there we go, boom, one

– Oh, wait, you have to go one in each? – Yeah, one in each – Oh – Oh, you're trying to put 'em all Oh, I see how it is Where's the opening of this, there we go

– Okay, I'm not winning this at all – Here we go (Collins panting) I need one more! – Wait, ah, where's the opening? Okay (Collins exhaling) Just go, no! Kay, how many did you do? – One – One, okay

I got two So, I'll take round three I get one more apple That was the most stressful thing of all time Trying to get them open was so– – Right? It was like something about it was cringey

Like something about putting it in there was like eh, like nails on a chalkboard – Cringey is the best word to use to describe this I'm going green apple for this one, and I'm gonna do matching, bam Round four, let's get it And we're going on to round number four, and this one here involves locks, because you guys know you have locks on your locker

So, for this challenge, whoever can unlock their lock the fastest wins So, here's what we're gonna do Locks on the table – Here, we'll mix it up first – Oh, okay, okay

You good? – We're all good – Hands on the table Here we go, three, hands on the table Two – Sorry, I had to flip my hair

– Two, one, begin Um, it is– – This is my workout for today – 14 What was the last one? Eight – Bam! – No! – Oh, yeah

– No! – That's 'cause– – Wait, mine didn't even – You were homeschooled (Jessie laughing) – Ho, ho! We are tied now, going into round number five

The tie-breaker round Whoever wins this round gets to have the loser do something super embarrassing on SnapChat So, first of all, pick an apple – I wanna keep it consistent – Awe

(Jessie mumbles) This really is boys versus girls – Game time – Girls like, on the cheek, it's so cute I'm like, "Man patches with my apples" All right, here we go

This is the tie-breaker round, and for this last one, we have to make a sandwich Fully complete the sandwich We don't have Ziploc bags, so we're gonna put it in one of the page protectors And then, you have to seal it, oh why is there lettuce in here? (Jessie laughing) And then you have to put it inside of your lunch box Zip it all the way up, and whoever does that first wins the final round

Loser has to do some embarrassing things on SnapChat We'll put the video of that at the end of this challenge – Oh, my god – Three, two, one, go! But that tear, doe – Oh, I would do anything for the carbs

– This is making me hungry, too, 'cause I haven't eaten all day, yet – Oh, really? – All right, there we go Tasteful amount of mustard, not too much – Um (Collins groans) Whoa, my tomatoes

(both laughing) Just squeezing it? There we go, bam, tomato Ah, what else do I need on there? Lettuce, okay No, no So, I'm good, okay, here we go, boom – No, no, no, no

– Yes – Ah, ah, ah! He's missing cheese – No! – And guess who has the cheese? – No, give me the cheese Give me the cheese! This is unfair, okay – That's my slice

– Ah, no (Jessie laughing) And you threw it so far, too All right, here we, no, no, no, no, no, no Okay I lost my tomato

Bam, I won! Yes! – No, you have to zip it! You gotta zip it! – Wait you can't zip it – Yes, you can – Wait, zip, no, no, no, no Wait, wait – Yes, whoo! – No, that was not zipped up

That was the exact same time – Wow Well, that went zero to 100 real quick So, I think – That was a tie

– 'Cause that was a tie– – Look what I did – We're both, for this, gonna do embarrassing things on our SnapChat – You said you didn't eat all day Do you want this? – I'm good I'm good

So, right now, we're 'bout to do some embarrassing things on our SnapChat But, yeah – Should we say what we're both gonna do? – Oh, I tried the mustard, that was gross (Jessie laughing) – I believe in mermaids! And you should, too! – If you haven't already added us on SnapChat, you are missing out on fun things just like that So, make sure you guys go add us right now

– This now on us embarrassing ourselves – Yeah, so go add us on SnapChat, 'cause you do not wanna miss that Make sure you guys go check out the video that we did on her channel I'm gonna put the link right over there Also down in the description

Subscribe to her Right now, I have to go teleport back to my home, so bye! (Collins snapping) – Well, this is awkward Hi, welcome to Collins' channel, and Jessie Paege is taking over, dun, dun, dun (high energy music)

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